Gyro Bowl

No More Messy Tables!

Spill Resistant Bowl

Are you tired of letting your children spill their food? This feeding bowl will help you solve this problem for you! We designed this bowl for you and your child. The inner bowl with gyro movement features 360 degrees rotation to keep dry food inside and avoid food overflow. Besides, we added 3 easy-to-carry handles and lids to cover food when not in use.

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Product Description

Bowl Toy for Kids

This bowl is not only perfect for minimizing your child’s confusion, but it also looks like a cool Saturn planet. The kids will love it! Children are picky eaters, and this bowl will at least attract them to eat. The bright colors are so eye-catching.

Durable and Safe

This bowl is made of 100% food-grade material and it is BPA-free, so the bowl is safe for your children. The feeding bowl is durable and will not crack, fade, warp, melt or peel off. It will not change the natural flavor of the food you put in.

Easy to Clean

The feeding bowl is easy to clean. Just wash gently wash the bowl with warm water or put it in.



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