Dropshipping Service

How it works?

Step by step on how our dropshipping service works.

Step 1

Shop access

Step 1

You authorize us to see your orders

You sell your items using any eCommerce platform and you authorize us to see your orders.

All you have to do is to give us access to your online store via this email address: info@fulfillman.com.

We will connect our app to your store, and this app is only for our use to print the shipping labels and manage your orders.


Step 2


Step 2

Fulfillman balance

No more restricted accounts or verification process!

At Fulfillman you will have your own balance to maintain.

We’ll use this balance to buy your products. In order to avoid delays please keep your balance always positive.

You can pay using Payoneer, Paypal, Transfer Wise (Credit/Debit card) and Wire transfer.

You can also pay with Credit card directly from our website via Payonner integration.

If you don’t have a Payoneer account, You can Signup from our link and earn $25:


Step 3


Step 3

We do the shopping for you!

Our team is expertise in sourcing the best quality items with the cheapest rates in the market.

No need to keep inventory because everything is drop shipped.

If you have hot products that sell really fast, you have the option to store inventory in our warehouse for free!
We can purchase items of the best quality directly from manufacturers; AND, our prices are 5-10% cheaper than Aliexpress!

You sell many items within one order?
No Problem! Fulfillman makes orders Bundling for you!


Step 4


Step 4

We check products quality

Our team specializes in checking the products quality and we make sure the product is compatible to your satisfaction.

However, in China there are many qualities of one product, in order to avoid complaints. We suggest shipping samples of your hot selling products to your address via DHL to ensure the products quality and check that it satisfies your satisfaction. As better the quality of the product the higher is the price.


Step 5


Step 5

We ship your products

We ship your products worldwide through our FAST Private Line shipping or any other carrier! Express shipping is also available through DHL & FedEx. This is a big advantage compared to Aliexpress that ships only within USA. You can Increase your market to millions of new potential buyers from all over the world.
We can also customize boxes and packages with your brand logo and even add business cards. You can keep track online to stay updated on shipped orders because the numbers are updated automatically.


Step 6

Keep Updated

Step 6

Customer dashboard & customer support

All information about the orders we purchased goes straight & automatically into a shared automated Google sheet, You will have a Dashboard there you can follow everything, you don’t need to update or do anything in this sheet – only follow up.

And we always provide you the best support:

Easy communication and immediate response Via Skype! 

Support ticket system for any issues with shipping and orders.