Montessori Story Book

Did you know children copy everything you do?

If you pick up a book, your child will do the same. Simple as that. But since your little one can’t read yet, we’ve come up with a great solution. With the Montessori Story Book, they can act all grown up while actually growing up.

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Product Description

They’ll develop their mental and motor skills while being entertained for hours.

Two Montessori Story Books placed on a table, one is showing the front page while the other has different decorations.
Today’s toddlers can use a phone before they can talk.
We know it’s easy just to put a phone in your kid’s hands to calm them down, but it’s the worst option. They get addicted to screens quickly, and it’s almost impossible to get them off later.
Screen time should be minimal and other activities, such as playing with actual toys, a priority.

An opened page of a quiet book placed on a table showing a house, a tree, a wolf, and a Little Red Riding Hood.

What does this toy do for my child?
There are 16 stories/activities in this book that explain the world your little one is living in.
That’s a lot of content that will keep your child engaged for months.
All the stories are filled with various attachable pieces, toys, and gadgets that will develop your toddler’s finger muscles as well as their imagination.

An opened page of a Montessori Story Book showing a boy and a girl at a lemonade stand on.



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