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Nobody is above mistake, and mistakes are bound to happen in any business, including dropshipping and e-commerce. In fact, mistakes in dropshipping and e-commerce are not only found with the cases of newbies in the industry, but even the seasoned and the most successful entrepreneurs in this industry have also had their share of the mistakes.

However, they are successful today because they found their way around these mistakes. In this guide, you’ll learn about nine mistakes dropshipping and e-commerce entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them.

Picking a Wrong Niche

Your niche is vital, and one of the keys that determine how successful business would be. Some entrepreneurs got it wrong from the start by choosing the wrong niche. When starting a dropshipping or e-commerce business, niche choosing is one of the things that need to be done carefully and intelligently.

To choose a niche, it must be a niche you have passion for and very knowledgeable about. You can even determine how good a niche is by leveraging the likes of tools like Google Trend.

Putting All the Eggs in Just One Basket

Now, these eggs are investments, and putting them all in one basket means putting all the investment in only one market or promotion method. Promotion is critical for any business, including dropshipping and e-commerce.

While you can use paid ads and influencer market as the promotion methods, some entrepreneurs, sometimes make the mistake of going for only one. The solution, however, is for entrepreneurs to go for as much as possible, and diversify when promoting their store.

Using Too Many Suppliers

While it’s good to diversify in promotions, or even using more than one supplier in dropshipping and e-commerce, having too much often cause problems. Since it’s good to have more than one supplier as dropshippers get to compare prices and do not always need to close the shop because a supplier can’t deliver a particular product, they tend to go for many suppliers they do not necessarily need. It can be, and would be stressful managing them all together at some point. So, it’s better having them ‘not too many. ‘

Fulfilling Orders Manually

While it’s manageable to fulfil orders manually when you’re just starting, it would be a big mistake doing it manually when your orders are much. You might be able to process just ten orders manually if you only need to process 10. But if you’re to process hundreds or thousands, then doing it manually would be a drain on time and resources. Entrepreneurs should instead leverage automation to fulfil their orders as there are many tools available for this purpose.

Copying Other People’s Facebook Ads

That moment when you feel your content isn’t good enough, and you carbon-copy other people’s Facebook ads. While it’s good to see how your competitors are doing their thing, carbon-copying their thing is very bad for your business. A big mistake that if continued, could limit one’s chances of success in dropshipping and e-commerce. The solution is to provide original content, captivating images, and other elements that stand out.

Website Structure

Website structure happens to be another ground on which entrepreneurs commit mistakes. Websites that are not well structured often cause confusion and navigation problems for the visitors, which in turn reduces the chances of sales. To avoid this, ensure your store is very clear and neat, with easy navigation. There are platforms you could leverage while building your store, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. can do a great job.

Failure to Edit Product Names and Descriptions

For every product, there’s a name and descriptions from the supplier. However, not making some changes to these names and descriptions can be a mistake. The goal is to customize, create, and make these products as yours as possible. Moreover, you are in the best position to give your customers the best description that won’t confuse them.

Not Reading Product Reviews

What about if the product is appealing and good to the eyes. Even the engagement is great. But there’s something some entrepreneurs often overlook, and that’s in the product review. Not reading products review before putting them on the store for your customers can be damaging to a store’s name. Visual appeal doesn’t always mean a product is great, always ensure you go over product review and see what users have to say about it.

Giving Up Too Early

Sounds like a mistake? Well, it is—a huge mistake from entrepreneurs, especially at the start-up stage. While dropshipping may be easy to enter, staying relevant is where the main task is, as there are a lot of things you’d need to deal with. Most of them have pushed some entrepreneurs back, and they gave up too early. Instead of giving up, take your time to understand and explore mistakes, then put them to good use.

There you go!  When identified, the good thing about a mistake is that solutions can easily be provided or ways to avoid them. In light of this, above are some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make in dropshipping and e-commerce and how to avoid them, to have a successful dropshipping and e-commerce business.

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It’s summer, the sun is shining. It’s hot inside, and music is pumping outside, it’s that time of the year again. Like every other season, summer comes with a new wave of products to sell online. If you’ve been wondering why your competitors keep making enormous sales about this time of the year, that’s because they probably know what to sell during the summer. Today is your lucky day, as you’d see in this article, the top best dropshipping products to sell in Summer 2020.

Retro Sunglasses

Classic Retro Eyewear Sunglasses | Urban Accessory Outlet

Popular, and at the same time important, retro sunglasses happen to be a product many people wouldn’t like to go out without during summer. The ultraviolet rays are one of the concerns of people going out during summer; however, retro glasses solve this problem as it protects the user from these harmful rays. So, these glasses don’t only look good on people; they protect the face too. Therefore they are hot selling products to list on your store in Summer 2020.

Travel Accessories

People travel a lot to see places during summer; more people are planning on hanging out with their loved ones right now. It would help if you took advantage of this period to put on your store some travel accessories like wristwatches, travel kit bag, portable camera, selfie stick for some insta shots, power bank, etc. These products are sure to sell in Summer.


Best Swimsuits to Flatter Every Figure - E! Online

A quick look at Google Trends stats will show you the sales growth of swimsuits every summer. With an increase of 200-300% every year, it’s no news that swimsuits are hot selling products during summer. The reason is not farfetched. It’s just common sense that people will love to go swimming and they’ll need swimsuits for this purpose.

Breathable Trainer Shoes

Another product you should consider dropshipping is breathable trainer shoes. People go out during summer to exercise, or to have a walk, they don’t want to be walking around with sweaty feet, so a breathable trainer shoe solves this problem. Trainer shoes are specially made to comfort people while they’re walking and running.


Top 10 Smartwatch - Best Smartwatches you can buy right now! - YouTube

While smartwatches can sell at any time of the year, they are hot cakes for any target audience, and they can be an excellent addition to your store during Summer. Looking at the fact that about 1.2 billion smartwatches are sold every year, and the trend is still rising. You can’t go wrong by dropshipping this product in Summer 2020.

Ice Cream Maker

When it gets sweltering in the summer, a nice ice cream might be all you need to calm those nerves. Ice cream makers tend to grow in popularity and searches in the summer months. This makes them a must-have appliance for various homes. It could also make a great gift, so you should consider having these products in your store.

Baby Water Play Mat Infinno Tummy Time Mat Baby Water Play Mat, Activity ...

This is another product that will be a good addition to your store in the summer. Parents with babies will definitely want their small ones to join in the summer fun too, and a baby water play mat is just the right play mat for babies.

This product is not just for playing only; it is designed in a way to help kids play and also to engage all of the babies’ senses and help them with their development.

Pool Beer Pong

Pool beer pong happens to be one of the best selling products every summer. Gone are the days when you could only play beer pong in a room or a specific location. Today, you can play it anywhere, even on water.

When everyone is out having some fun time while in the pool, lake, or beach, they are going to need to spice things up with stuff like a drinking game. What’re the better products to use in this case other than a pool inflatable game products.

Summer Dresses

Yes! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people are going to need summer dresses during the summer. A quick look at Google Trends stats will show you how high keywords related to summer dresses are being used. If you want to make some money in summer, you should consider dropshipping classic summer dresses like short sleeves or sleeveless, shapewears, etc.

Bluetooth Speakers

The best Bluetooth wireless speaker to buy for 2020 - CNET

In case you don’t know, most of your targeted audience has their plans for summer vacations already. It might be to have some nice time with family and friends at the beach, or probably to see something new. Now, what’s fun or a party with no music? This is where wireless Bluetooth speakers come in.

These speakers are one of the best and hottest dropshipping products to sell in summer, as many people would like to have one to spice things up when they are having fun during summer vacations.


There you have it! Above are the top 10 best dropshipping products you can sell in summer 2020. Sometimes, it isn’t just about selling products but selling the right products at the right time. A raincoat, winter boot, or hats will probably not sell during summer. But who would live out summer without stuff like a swimsuit, sunglasses, and summer dresses!

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Over 70 percent of online shoppers want their orders to be delivered quickly and at affordable rates. As a dropshipper, you’d want to offer your customers the lowest shipping rates possible to entice them. But this action can also negatively impact your profit margin.

This is why you must be able to reduce your shipping costs, so your customers could get the lowest shipping rates possible without you getting affected. Luckily, we’ve got some tips for you below on how to reduce shipping costs and maximize your profits.

Work with Multiple Suppliers

One of the best ways to get the best price possible in any business is to have more than one supplier. With this, you can easily compare and contrast and choose one that best suit you. The same happens in dropshipping.

For instance, Amazon might have a product that’s going for $2 shipping costs; if you search for other suppliers, you might find another one with $3 shipping costs, or $1.5. So, if the product is right, you’d definitely go with the supplier with the lower shipping costs. Now, this is possible because you search and work with multiple suppliers.

Know Your Representative

Most carriers have representatives that are in charge or attending to customers, negotiating, answering questions, and making the shipping process as smooth as possible for entrepreneurs, their customers.

Although they are sales agents, and the more you ship, the more they benefit; getting yourself acquainted with them is one of the best ways to put yourself in a good place when dealing with the supplier company. Chances are you’d get to have access to good information, resources, and they’ll always give you individual attention when you need help.

Leverage Free Packaging

Making use of free packaging is another way of lowering your shipping costs and maximizing profits. Free packaging, free boxes, and shipping supplies are available for customers from most of the major carriers. You only need to find your way of getting access to them. Getting yourself acquainted with the representatives can help you here. They might have some tips for you or what you need to do in order to have access to them instead of using your own boxes or packaging that might cost you additional dimensional fees.

Know Your Package Sizes

In case you don’t know, most shipping cost calculators consider factors like the dimensions – weight, size, destination, etc. when doing the calculation for the shipping fees. That’s why it’s important always to use boxes that are the right size for your items. Using large boxes for items that could have fitted well into smaller boxes will make you pay more, affecting your profit margin.

Negotiate Shipping Rates

If you’re ever going to do any business and be successful, you must know the art of negotiating. Maybe you don’t know, but the truth is most carriers provide incentives, bonuses, discounts, etc. on the product you’re shipping, especially if the volume is large – you just need to ask and negotiate.

Things are changing every day in the world of dropshipping. If you have a good relationship with your representatives, then you should be able to negotiate any new benefits in favor of yourself. You could also look at the competition (other suppliers) shipping rates to give you an idea of how to negotiate with your current supplier.

Leverage Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rates are great for standardizing the shipping process and helping ease the constant changes associated with shipping costs. The good thing is many shipping companies offer this option. The likes of USPS, FedEx, and UPS even provide flat rate boxes for free, which is a huge saving. Shipping companies set the flat rates by zones or distances the package travels. Your reps would also have more information to give you that could help you leverage a flat rate.

Use Regional Carriers

Using regional carriers is another excellent way to reduce the costs of shipping and maximize your profits. The only difference between regional carriers and the major carriers out there is in their designation. A regional carrier will operate within a small geographic area or a particular region, while major carriers can deliver to a wide range of areas.

These regional carriers offer the same services as that of major carriers but at reduced prices. Therefore, if your deliveries are within a particular region only, you could use a regional carrier’s service to save yourself some dollars.

There you go! No doubt, shipping costs are the biggest challenge for more than half of online sellers, and one major factor that determines the success of your online business is the extent to which you reduce expenses. If you can’t reduce shipping costs, then you can’t reduce your expense. Luckily, the above article solves all the whole worries altogether.  

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Basically, your cash flow is all about your income, expenses, and expenditure, the movement of money into and from your account, or your business. For you to have a good and positive cash flow, more money needs to be coming in than going out. Positive cash flow means bills, supplier costs, wages, investment, and other expenses can be met on time, but a negative one, of course, means the opposite.

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t made things easier, either. For most business owners, there’s a need to maintain and improve cash flow for their businesses to run effectively. This is why we’ve brought you some steps to improve cash flow during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Cut Costs

It’s tough not to try to cut costs in times like this. The pandemic has affected the economy significantly, so it’s natural for any business owner to find ways to cut costs. It’s a good strategy during an economic downturn. However, this must be done carefully.

You could put a hold to that graphic design software subscription of yours to save some cash. You could also cut some high-cost PPC campaigns that gulp capital since they won’t be driving many sales right now anyway.

Liquidate Assets If Possible

You should have noticed the products that sell most during this pandemic by now. During an economic downturn, customers are going to be more careful when buying stuff. The trick is to give some sweet offers. Maybe offer discounts on these products with low demands or group them into a bundle with higher-demand items.

Also, you could take a look at your inventory, and if there’s an asset you don’t really need, you should consider liquidating them. You can so resell to other vendors or even a wholesaler at a discount.

Know What’s Going on In the Supply Chain.

It’s all about staying afloat right now, and you don’t want to put yourself in a situation that you wouldn’t like. Supply chain issues are a huge concern that can throw off your cash flow. You wouldn’t want to pay an invoice to a supplier for goods or services, only to find out that they’re lagging due to significant delays or that they’re unable to get the product to you. This may keep your capital tied up together, and this is why you need to stay atop the situation at all times.

Keep Track of Your Expenses

To improve your cash flow, you need to tackle one of the major sources of cash flow problems: unexpected or forgotten expenses. Some expenses are easy to remember while some are not.

Maybe you would need to renew your business license in a month, or it might even be a quarterly payment to one of your consultants or a subscription that you need to be cancelled.

If you forget these expenses before their due date, and you didn’t take into cognizance that you are going to expend them, it may affect your cash flow. This is why it’s good always to keep track of your expenses.

Leverage Relief Programs

Due to the current pandemic, Government and industry organizations in some countries have been issuing out a large number of loans, stimulus packages, and grants for businesses that may need it. As a business owner, you can access these relief programs and get some funds, which will help you to keep your business moving during this trying time plus improving cash flow. 

Help Your Customers Too

If you want to help yourself by finding ways to improve your cash flow, then you need to help your customers to stay afloat too. Remember, the pandemic is affecting everybody, and not just your business. The fact is it costs five times more to attract a customer than to retain one. This is why you need to keep your customers on board. You can help them by offering discounts, extended payment terms and also reshape your products and services to fit their needs.

Go Virtual

Many places have been on lockdown mode – businesses, organizations, schools, etc. Although these restrictions are vital for public health, it’ll definitely affect the cash flow of any brick and mortar store because social distancing policy is in place, and people are not moving out to buy stuff. However, there is a solution, and it is going virtual. For instance, a fitness trainer that runs a gym can easily offer training sessions via video chat.

Contact Your Credit Card Holders and Lenders

Since everywhere is on lockdown and you can’t move out, consider calling service providers like your credit card company, lenders, cell phone providers, or anywhere you have obligations to make regularly to explain your current situation. After which you can ask them what options are available to you to make payments more flexible.


Above are some steps you could take to improve your business’s cash flow during this COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, it is a difficult time for everyone. However, efficiently managing your cash flow is one of the best strategies you can employ to keep your business running.

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With coronavirus affecting everything and our daily life being disrupted, it gets difficult to know which road to take in dropshipping business. As a dropshipper, you don’t know what action would be the best. Do you hit pause on your store? Or do you continue to take orders and try to fulfil them? Whichever you choose, you must get in contact with your supplier.

Suppliers have always been a vital part of the dropshipping process, remember they are the ones to handle some of the dropshipping processes. So, it just became critical to work with them effectively and ensure proper communication, especially at a time of pandemic like this. Read more on how to work with dropship suppliers during the pandemic. This article contains everything you need to know, from shipping to communication.

Contact or Check-In With Your Dropshipping Suppliers

Ensure you check in on your supplier at least once per week. Coronavirus has made a lot of suppliers to stop dealing. It’s necessary to check-in and makes sure they have started working after quarantine, or if there’s another supplier, they can refer you to.

This pandemic has put the sales of some products on the low side; you can discuss this with the suppliers. You can also talk about which of your products are selling well, and how satisfied you are working with them, appreciation goes a long way in building a strong relationship.

Pay Your Supplier Promptly

Just like you need money, your suppliers need to make money too. This is what keeps their business up and running and why they could do the production and shipping. Therefore, to be seen as a responsible partner, you must always pay your suppliers promptly. In case anything happens that may delay payment, ensure you let them know of the situation.

Give Your Supplier Ample Time to Deliver Goods

While it’s important for all suppliers to deliver products on time, rushing your suppliers sometimes comes at a high price. This is why you need to avoid last-minute orders as a dropshipper; it causes stress on both your end and your supplier.

By not giving them enough time to fulfil your orders, they might try to cut corners to avoid disappointing you, and the end of actions like this is not always good.

Share Insights With Them

You’re the one selling what they are making, sharing insights with your supplier is a good way of maintaining a good relationship. Keep them up to date with the status of your store, changes, new products you’d like to try out, products that are not selling very fast again, special promotions you’d like to do, and many more.

Ask if The Order Is Received And Will Be Fulfilled

If a customer places an order, and nothing is being done at the end of the supplier who’ll supply the order, the results could be terrible. This is why you need to get your supplier to confirm that they’ve received your order and that they’ll do accordingly as expected of them.

Understand The Lead Time

As a dropshipper,  you need to understand the lead time it takes your supplier to ship items.  Some dropshippers will try and cut out a day or two off the supplier’s lead time, but this doesn’t seem right. If your supplier states 6-9 days, you can expect the items to be delivered in 6 to 9 days, and not sooner.

Get Product Tracking From Your Supplier

In your engagement with suppliers, always ensure you get all there’s to get about the product tracking. If your supplier will be sending via ePacket, then tracking is very simple. You could track your item via EMS if your item has been sent out and still in China, or you could use USPS to track if the item is already in the United States. You could also use third-party tracking services like Package Mapping, 17TRACK, AfterShip, and PackageTrackr.

Be Friendly

Talk about small things that add up. Being friendly with your supplier and their representatives is a good thing that helps in maintaining a strong relationship. You don’t just go straight placing an order, take an extra second to ask about them, how they’ve been coping during this trying time. These little things actually add up and could mean a lot.

Chances are a rep you are friendly with today will be in charge of you getting your products tomorrow, and they are going to make sure you get it fast because you’re warm and friendly to them. Also, if there’s going to be a change in their products line n a month, chances are you’re going to know before some people.


There you go! From checking in on them to making prompt payment to sharing insights, and even to the point of being friendly with their representatives. These tips have all you need to know on how to work with dropship suppliers during a pandemic.

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For you to have a successful business, you need to build a vibrant online community that people can tap into for engagement. Building an online community for your business is one way of getting the name of your brand out there, and growing your brand. Reaching out to people and attracting a crowd of new customers. It’s also a strategy that can be used in your social media marketing.

Do you have a booming business already, or you’re just starting? In this article, you’d get to know eight excellent tips to build an online community for your business.

Make Your Business Easy to Find and Simple to Join

What’s a business website or community that people will spend minutes trying to join. Time is money, and people aren’t ready to navigate for minutes, trying to find a link to your business. To grow your online community, you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to connect. Here are some tactics you could use…

  • Place social sharing icons on your site.
  • Place your website address on the descriptions of your social media channels.
  • Also, include the website address and contact info on your business cards.
  • Ensure your business can respond to social mentions and inquiries fast.
  • Give email responses a personal touch.
Lead With Your Passion

It’s your business! You’re the leader, while they are the audience. So, if you’re going to lead, lead with passion. Connect them to your passion and ideas. You can also let them in on your plans for the future. By doing this, your customers or community will feel like part of your business and trust you more.

It is that feeling that you feel when someone asks for your opinion and truly listens to your response. Talk openly about what you’re thinking and the new stuff you want to bring to the business. It’ll help unite and grow a strong online community.

Tell Story and Help Others Connect It to Theirs

Everyone has a story to tell, and there’s a story behind every business. Many stories actually. It could be a story of how unique your business is, or why they should choose your product or service, or hoe you even came about your business or the ideas behind some of your products.

When you tell these stories, it allows your customers to know more about you. Also, while reading your stories, they might need help connecting with theirs. Ensure you help because it helps your online community greatly in return.

Admit Your Mistakes and Keep Moving Forward

Nobody is above mistakes, and no business is 100% perfect. If there’s a defect or an issue with your products or services, you need to be open and honest with your community about it. The thing is people like to do business with those they trust, and by coming openly to admit your mistakes, you’re building trust with your customer base. It’s no trick, when you show the human side of your business, you endear yourself to your online community.

Allow People With Different Views for Discussion

People have different views about things. It might even be about your very own product. This tends to cause misunderstanding during discussions in the online community. As a business and community leader, you have a lot of work to do here to bridge the gap between people’s views and misunderstandings.  Ensure people air their opinions in a very constructive manner so people on the other side can understand them.

Encourage People to Create Content or Share Ideas

Another effective way of building your online community is by encouraging your customers to create their own unique content. It’s an excellent way for your customers to express themselves. After they have created content, you can give them credit by featuring their ideas on your site, as it increases your business exposure in return.

Allow the Community to Contribute Valuable Insights

It’s not a bad idea if your community has a say in your business. They are the ones that will eventually buy whatever service you’re cooking up after all. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to take heed of some valuable insights from your members and listen to their suggestions so you could improve on your products and services.

Let Your Members Educate Each Other About Your Services

This tip is all about building a community where everyone is willing to help out. To build a strong online community for your business, create an avenue for people to teach others about your products, and how to go about using them. This way, you’ll be able to drive new customers to whatever products you’re selling since people are always there to help the newcomers.

There you go! Those are some excellent tips that would be very useful for you in building an online community for your business. Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Those were the words of Helen Keller. So, why don’t you start building or maintaining now with those tips.

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This pandemic has affected and still affecting some online and offline business; even the economy has taken a downturn. This calls for the need to have a business that can survive a pandemic, the one that would still be paying you like there’s no downturn whatsoever, it pays even while you’re sleeping. In this article, we’ll show you how to create an online or e-commerce business that can survive a pandemic.

Create a Steady Stream of Organic Leads

To have a shield and create an online business that can survive any pandemic or recession or economic downturn, you need to find a way to create a steady stream of organic leads. It is through this that you can get a steady income flow. Creating a steady stream of organic leads is not so difficult to do if you know how to. Luckily, we are going to show you how. Three platforms you can use for this purpose are Medium, WordPress, or Social Media.

Just like the way you post pictures on Instagram, Medium ( is a website where you post articles, follow other writers, while you get followed in return. The website gets tens of millions of visits per month, and if you’re very good at what you do and write, you can get about 1-2 new email subscribers per 100 views. Now think of when you have thousands of followers, and how many views you would get. The trick is simple, a CTA at the bottom of your blog post that says something like, “Hi, why don’t you sign up for my newsletter to get more on this” will usually do the magic. Then there’s a link to a sign-up form.

WordPress is not like Medium; it’s basically just your own website. You have to run the website by yourself and create your own traffic. SEO can help you with this. The trick here is to find a keyword or niche with a low volume of people, build your site based on it, and put that traffic you’ll be getting to good use.

You can also leverage social media sites to get your leads. Social media site like LinkedIn is best suited for this. Unlike Medium, where you can only post articles, you can choose to post videos, pictures, and status updates on LinkedIn. The trick here is to make a good piece of content that will garner lots of views; then you tell viewers that there’s a link in the comments to sign up for your webinar right away and drop the link in the comments.

Create a Revenue Stream

Now, let’s get into the process of making money with those leads we’ve gotten from the first step. You could create a funnel for your revenue stream. The funnel is the process flow from where you make a post to when you get paid for it.

Your funnel could look like 1. Blog Post → 2. Email Sign Up → 3. Free 5-Day Email Course → 4. Webinar → 5. Online Course Sale.

It’s simple and very effective. People read your posts or articles; they sign up for your free email course, attend a webinar, where you get to teach something and, in the end, sell out a product or an online course.

Automate the Revenue Stream

If you can generate enough leads and create a revenue stream from them, then you need to make sure you automate the revenue stream. You don’t want to be online and doing webinars all day, do you? Especially when there’s a faster way, the way of automation.

The secret is to have an automated webinar that can run three times a week. Your leads get to subscribe for your email course from your blog post, then to the automated webinar which is going to be shown to them like it’s live, and then your automated sales flow in.

Have Multiple Revenue Streams

Like it or not, all the processes above might not still be sufficient enough to survive a pandemic. The secret is having multiples of those revenue streams. Yes! Five is better than one, right? So far, you do the five the right way.

The reason for diversifying is not farfetched. What if the only one stream you have went down? How are you going to survive? However, with multiple revenue streams, if one is down, two or three can still be paying you.

There you have it! How would you feel if you keep getting different emails, multiple times in a day saying some customers just purchased your course online? Especially in a time like this. You’d feel great and thrilled right. Well, above are the secrets, the ways to create as well as the process that can help your online business survive during a pandemic.

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The meaning of the word payment gateway is not hard to figure out. As the name implies, it is a gateway through which payment is made for a particular product or service. To a shopper, it is that page after navigating to check out. Say you’ve come across a store and you want to buy something from there. After adding it to your cart, you’d need to navigate to checkout to pay, and this is where payment gateway comes in.

For a dropshipper, it’s no news. However, there are many payment gateways out there. To save you from the headache of knowing which is which, here is our list on the best payment gateways for dropshipping and e-commerce.


6 Best Ecommerce Payment Gateways for Dropshipping Stores ...

Obviously, the first name that’s going to come up on any list because it is the most commonly used payment gateway for most e-commerce stores.  PayPal is a widely accepted payment gateway in more than 203 countries, 25 different currencies, and by over 305 million people, as it supports all kinds of credit cards, be it Visa, Mastercard, Citibank, American Express, and more. For you to even start dropshipping, most times, you’d need a business PayPal account. PayPal also has other options available for vendors in terms of integration.


2Checkout is another U.S. based payment gateway that’s available in more than 87 countries, with many Third World countries included.  The gateway supports credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and many other major credit cards.

2Checkout has a simple interface for customers, where all transactions are simplified into different languages and currencies. Another excellent feature of 2Checkout is the ability to integrate with other systems easily; it can combine with online shopping carts or even invoicing systems to help your payment faster.


File:Stripe logo, revised 2016.png - Wikipedia

Although available in over 25 countries, Stripe is a payment gateway mostly used in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia. Stripe has excellent customer support for vendors, and it’s more flexible in terms of more extensive developer tools, which makes it an excellent choice for businesses with developers. With this payment gateway, you can easily bill your customers with no issues, completes one-off payment. What’s more? You can even add a Stripe POP system to your physical store.

Started in 1996 as part of the product of the then Visa, is one of the most trusted and tested payment gateways available out there today. Thanks to its ability to integrate and customize. Although it has less brand recognition, it made up for it in different ways. With, you can now work online and in-person. It offers excellent customer service, and vendors can tokenize sensitive information with little or no effort.


This is another gateway that has its presence in over 40 countries. Skrill is a new payment gateway that has gained popularity in the gateway market over a short period that it started.  Thanks to its low-cost international money transfers that allow people to pay for things all over the world, and scalability – in terms of being able to accommodate all levels of business from individuals to big companies-. It charges 1.9% checkout transfer fees, and it also offers an extension for integration with WooCommerce-based dropshipping stores.


WePay happens to be one of the products of Chase. If you’d like an online payment gateway with fast and seamless operations to your website, then WePay is a good choice. It is a customizable payment solution, with optimal payment experience for both dropshippers and the shoppers.

Although fairly complex, its system gives companies the flexibility and option they need to adapt their operations to their changing objectives. Due to this complexity, the payment gateway comes with the benefit of extensive support and even 100% payment risk coverage. What’s more?  WePay’s payment solution is for both online and in-person sales with its POS solutions.


PaySimple Awarded Marketing Team of the Year by Marketo

The name says it all. PaySimple is a payment gateway that prioritizes product placement and marketing services to drive traffic and conversions via your website and social media channels.  Its flexibility is top-notch as it can accept credit cards and e-check payments across all sales platforms – online, on phone, and in-person sales (POS system) inclusive. Another interesting support from PaySimple is the ability to generate standard and customised reports that can give you indispensable customer insights.

There you go! Above are the seven payment gateways we think are the best for your dropshipping and e-commerce business. You can test with different payment gateways and choose the one that works the best.

No doubts, a payment gateway is a vital part of any e-commerce business. It’s the gateway responsible for all transactions of the store and where all transactions are concluded. So, finding the right, quick, and convenient one is very paramount and a wise investment you could make for the growth of your business.

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It’s been over three months since the Coronavirus started to flip everyone’s lives upside down. Businesses are suffering; jobs are being lost, salaries are being slashed, the economy is suffering. In short, it’s been hell on earth.

Now, we have to practice social distancing, washing our hands, and constant wearing of face masks. The world is really sick. The impact of this pandemic on every country and business have been devastating; with no cure in sight, businesses are now working quickly to adapt to the new normal.

There have been several tips on how to bring business through this pandemic. In this article, we’ll be giving you some other tips on how you could change products and adjust Ad Copy on your online store during this or any other trying times.

Adjust Your Ad Copy

Adjusting your Ad copy is one of the first things to do in order to adapt to a new situation like the one we are experiencing now.  The closing of the traditional stores has opened some doors for e-commerce as e-commerce traffic has now gone through the roof.

The traffic is something else!  People are now queuing on the internet just to get their needs. Most of these needs are what can make life more comfortable during the lockdown. Hence, the need to adjust your ad copy to align with these needs. 

The way you sell products should change now. Instead of selling products as you were before the pandemic, you need to change it and entice customers by pointing out how this product will be useful during the lockdown.

If you sell exercise equipment before, now is a good time to adjust the copy to point out how useful these exercise equipment can be for indoor workouts since your buyers are indoors. You don’t need to stop your ad for products; you only need to pivot to point out how your services can help during this period.

Stop Ads on Low Demand Products

While it’s good to alter ad copy and not to stop it totally, there are some products that aren’t going to be in high demand during this period. So, instead of running ad for these products, why not hit pause on them for some other time.

If you notice a particular product is now of low demand, you should hit pause and try alternative products. Life’s changing, and people are trying to adapt to the new normal. They will be looking to buy products they suddenly have a need for like home office equipment, home gym equipment, or things that could make life easier at home.

It’s easy to figure out, just think about stuff that you, your family, or friends need at home right now, or recently bought, these and related items are items you should sell and do ads on.

Adjusting Product Page Copy

Just as you adjust your ad copy, you need to make some adjustments on your on-page product copy as well. This is where you can make your final push to selling your products. Hence, the need to make sure this page entices, and inform your customers.

You could add a quick note about your business status on the product page; this means you add a line at the top of your product page that tells the shopper whether you are still operating or not, or any relevant information about the status of your business.

Some dropshippers think that informing customers about delays in shipping may deter buyers. However, this is not so, as many have done it without any issue. You can also add new sections to your product page, talking about how your product can be used indoors, and how beneficial your product can be for shoppers this period.

Changing Banners and Home Page

The same way you change ad copy and product page, you need to change banners and some other pages like the homepage on your store too.  If your website has an announcement bar or banner, you can use it to send a message to your customers.

You could use the banner to tell your customers your store is still opened and operating. It can also state that there will be shipping delays. It can also be used to thank customers and show gratitude for their trust in your business. It’ll make them feel valued and part of your business.


There you have it! Above are some tips to change products and adjust ad copy on your online store. The good thing is many of these tips can be done in minutes, therefore taking a few minutes out to adjust ad copy, change product page, or switch banners shouldn’t be any stress compared to the many gains and strong business-customer relationship you’ll be getting.

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There are many e-commerce business models out there, which makes it challenging to choose one to bank on. It may even be more difficult if you are a newbie to ecommerce. However, it is important to know that your chances of success in the ecommerce business most times will depend on the model that you choose. In this article, we’ll be discussing five best ecommerce models for you to choose from in 2020.

Dropshipping via Online Store

If you’re just getting started with e-commerce, then dropshipping might just be the best option for you. This business model doesn’t require you to have so much as the cost of getting started, as you don’t have to buy stock in bulk.

The supplier in this business model takes care of things like the storage facility, inventory, and even shipping. A customer places an order on your store; your supplier is notified. Then they supply and ship the product to your customer.

You only need to set up an online store with the help of platforms like Shopify, list your products for sale, and then use marketing or any other ways to drive traffic to your website and make sales.

Amazon FBA with Your Own Branded Product

This business model involves creating a private label product for your brand and selling it using the medium of Amazon FBA. A private label (or branded) product is a product that carries your brand. You can start this model by sourcing and buying in bulk a generic product from a supplier and ask them to have it branded by printing your brand on it. You can also work with a manufacturer to create a unique product.

After this, you then use the service of Amazon FBA, a fulfilment service, to store the products in their fulfilment centers. They’ll then pack, ship, and also be in charge of the customer service for these products on your behalf. You’ll have to pay Amazon FBA for their service.

 This e-commerce business model is best for people who have money to invest in their business and want to create their own brand or those that want to outsource storage and customer service.

Wholesale Sourcing and Selling Via eBay Or Amazon

Unlike the previous model, this model doesn’t need you to have a branded product. If you don’t want to launch a branded product, but want to make a good profit on an established marketplace, then this is for you.

This e-commerce business model involves you negotiating with suppliers to purchase products in bulk. In this model, you need enough money and confidence to place a large order and to be able to sell it all.  You’ll also get a better purchase price since you’ll be purchasing in large quantities; this will give you a higher profit margin, which means more money on sales.

This e-commerce business model is best for people who is ready to source a large quantity of product, have a place to store their stock, and ready to handle shipping and customer service.

Wholesale Sourcing and Selling Via Your Own Website

This is the model being used by many major retail companies who have significant capital to invest upfront. To use this model, you must be ready to invest a good amount of time and money for wholesale buying.

Here, you source products in wholesale at the cheapest price possible and sell them for the highest possible amount. You don’t need to pay extra fees to any Amazon or eBay because you’ll be the one to build your online store, market, handle shipping, customer service and drive the traffic to your site for sales.

It’s riskier than the other business models in that inability to convert enough customers; you’ll be stuck with excess stock. However, if you have the ability to make sales, the payoff can be really huge!

Selling a Private Label Product via Your Own Online Store

Now, this is the most independent of all the ecommerce business model. Everything about this model boils down to you. It’s your brand, your private label products, and your platform. It’s the gold standard of business model, and you have to shoulder all the responsibility in this model.

This is the ecommerce business model to go for if you’re serious about building a brand and a business that makes serious money. However, to make serious money, you’d have to invest the most money, time, and work.

You’ll need to find a reliable supplier or manufacturer who can produce your branded product, then negotiate a fair price for bulk purchase.  You’ll need to build your website; you can use platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to build, and you get to have full control over the design and branding of the store.


There you go! Above are five proven and best ecommerce business models in 2020. As mentioned earlier, the chances of success in ecommerce business depend on the model that you choose. The more reason for you to have or adopt a model that fits your target niche, time, resources, and you’re your capabilities.

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