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Do you know that website visitors, customers, and shoppers are more fascinated with a store that contains high-quality imagery and beautiful product photography? It is often said that the perceived value of a product is most times judged based on how it is shown. The same rule goes for a brand. The credibility of your business and the apparent value of your products are often judged by the quality of your imagery and product photography.

Furthermore, displaying your products using high-quality images can be the charming difference between no sales at all and a high rate of conversion. This, therefore, means that having high-quality pictures of a product can go a long way in raking in profits for a product, company or brand.  Having high-quality website images and stunning product photography is enough to convince your customers to click the “order button”. In this post we will be taking a look at the benefits of product photography.

What is Product Photography?

Product photography offer sellers the opportunity to showcases their products using images. The product photos will help make the products attractive so that they entice potential buyers to purchase specific products. Product images not only tell the buyer of the quality of your product but also show transparency and trust.

Product photography has become a major part of advertising for brands including catalogues, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads and company websites when selling products direct to consumer. A good product image will engage buyers and convert that engagement to profit.

Benefits of Product Photography

The quality of a product photo reflects your brand image, creating the infamous first impression.  The quality visuals will enhance every buyer touchpoint.

They Build Your Brand:

If your goal is to form long-term relationships with your customers, then quality photos are one of the most important tools to achieve that. Putting up product photos shows professionalism, value, quality, diversity and innovation.

Promotes Silent Communication Between You And Consumers:

A quality photo tells consumers what you are offering is trusted. It tells a lot about what you are offering. Use photos to show important information about your products.

Sets The Right Expectations For Potential Buyers:

In addition, product photography tells potential buyers the size, length and quality of the product. Do not add unnecessary filters as it will only tarnish your brand in the long run.

Keeps You ahead of Competitions

It keeps you ahead of the competition, especially when you are not the manufacturer or sole distributor of a product. When you have quality visuals, you show consumers that your products are more detailed and better than those sold by your competitors.

Types of Product Photography

The different types of product photography include:

Simple Studio Product Shots

This is just showing the product clearly to tell the shopper what the product is made of and what it looks like.

Product Grouping

This is a way to include the multiple variations of a product by putting them together in a photo. It could be different shades of lipstick or different colours of hats.

In-Context/Lifestyle Action Photos

This shows your product being used in its intended environment, in a manner they were designed for or alongside complementing products. Lifestyle action photos tell a story and give a lot more creative freedom. For example, you want to advertise running shoes. You can take a photo of a track athlete outdoors, taking a morning jog.

Photography Guidelines

During the shoot, make sure you document as much as possible. Things like the distance between the camera and product, angles, and lighting setup will help you build consistency over time. Consistency is vital when building and maintaining a brand. However, ensure that you take not of the following:

  • Colour Palette
  • Saturation
  • Focal Length
  • Shadows
  • Composition
  • Location and Context

Are You On A Budget? Don’t Worry, We Got You Covered!

Now the problem is that not every store owner can afford a professional photography studio session, especially for businesses that are just starting up. So here are some DIY product photography tips that will help you take compelling product photos without blowing your budget.

What You Need:

A Camera:  You can get a reasonably priced professional camera (DSLR) to take photos. A phone with a good camera can also do the trick but you need to make sure the lighting, exposure and styling need to be good. Photo editing in post-processing would make the product photos come out much better.

A Tripod: This will allow you to set up the camera in a position to get the best angle for the photo.

A White Background: A pure white background tends to give life to the photo and makes the product the centre of attraction.

White Bounce Cards Made Of Foam Board: Foam board brighten up the photo and removes shadows from the background.

A Shooting Table: A small table to place the product.

Tape: To secure the board but clamps can also work in this scenario.

The Right Room: A room where you can get as much natural lighting as possible. This could be traded for a light tent.

Lights:  You can opt for natural light provided by the outdoors or a well-lit room or you can use artificial lighting that can be gotten from candles, bulbs or a fireplace.

Also, remember that the editing process is also required to make the photos stand out. Just try not to overdo it so as not to be seen as selling below low-quality products. You can check out Pixar, Canva, Snapseed and Motor.

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To find the right wholesale products to sell as a dropshipper is not quite as simple as strolling through your local mall. Without certain ideas of where to start from, you may end up losing proposed profits or completely losing your capital.

There are some points that you’ll need to take into consideration when searching for wholesale products to add to your store’s inventory. These ideas will help you choose the best types of products that will definitely help you start making sales. Let’s go into details, starting with:


You need to figure out is which wholesale products will sell. Seeing as you can’t rely on your personal demands, the best way to determine what to sell is buy examining buyer behaviour through Market research. This can be done through the use of

Search Engines: such Google Keyword Planner, Yahoo Bing Keyword Search, Ubersuggest etc. If you search for “Dress shoes” these tools may suggest “Brogues” or “Oxfords” to help you narrow your search

Online Market Places: Once you’ve made a decision on what to sell, you can check what most people have bought from eBay and Amazon

Ads: You can run ads and polls on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to a selected target audience to know how well that item will be received

A lot of consumers shop online, so you can track buying behavior such as what they are looking for, where they buy, and how much they are willing to pay.


Here we will look at three main sections. The Upsell/Bonus value, Perceived value and Customer Encouragement.

The Upsell/Bonus Value: An “upsell” is a product you sell along with the initial product. Fastfood restaurants have perfected this by selling a plate of chips with a bottle of soda. You can sell a Phone and add a bonus of screen guard and phone casing at the checkout.

Perceived Value: It is best to sell an uncommon or peculiar product than something anyone can see while taking a trip to the mall. Like a neck Phone Holder or a Stainless steel straw. Since there is no perceived value of these items, you can set this item at a quite profitable price you want.

Customer Encouragement: The best wholesale products to add to your inventory are the ones were people cannot or prefer not to buy only one. You can purchase an uncommon item and set it at a reasonable price and people are more likely to load up their carts with 2 or 3 or such items, thereby increasing your profit.


Strong relationships with suppliers who can provide them with high-quality wholesale products at an affordable price point will be extremely necessary to achieve your goals. There are a few things you need to watch out for while choosing a supplier.


Firstly, you need a supplier who has a system in place for tracking inventory. A good system will allow you know the availability of wholesale products at all times. This will help to prevent dissatisfaction of customers through inability to deliver goods because they are out of stock even though they have already paid for the purchase. So you need to make sure an inventory monitoring system is in place and available to you.


I don’t need to tell you how important communication is as a dropshipper. The supplier needs to be easy to get in touch with. When dealing with a foreign company you need to take into account physical distance and language barriers because they can result in issues when it comes to coordinating deliveries and/or processing returns.


It is best to test a supplier before adding their products to your store. Make small purchases and check their delivery time and how the order is handled. You can have them deliver to different address just to be sure that they are not bogus and can handle orders in a professional manner. It might seem like a waste of time but it could end up saving you Time, Money and unnecessary headache in the long run.


You have to take into consideration not only the price of the product but other charges that will be incurred such as handling and delivery fees.  You need to find the best deal you can get for your products because if your costs are too high, the profit margin may not be worth it. Luckily most wholesalers give discounts and other incentives for large orders.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips to help you choose the right wholesale products for dropshipping. For the success of your dropshipping and ecommerce business, choosing the ideal products are very essential. With the tips provided above, you can select the ideal wholesale products for dropshipping. Nonetheless, always ensure that you have everything in black and white before you commit to anything especially when it comes to wholesale products authenticity. Always authenticate the product before purchase. 

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Many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the dropshipping market to earn huge incomes. They do this by selling the right products. These products are highly demanded, unique price range and are unavailable in brick and mortar stores.

In this article, we are going to share with you the 10 best products to deal with this 2019 in dropshipping.

Mesh Running Shoes

Whether is a beginner or a professional, comfortable and breathable shoes are desired by athletes. The Mesh running shoes are designed to offer athletes comfort, breathability, and durability. The shoe is fashioned using organic materials that are long-lasting. They are soft, light and has minimal wear and tear, which means you can keep them for long.

The mesh shoes are one of the most demanded athlete shoes in the market and are scarce to find.

Deshedding Pet Gloves

This is a product that is highly sought-after by feline and puppy lovers. The glove has silicon pointed edges and elastic material on the opposite side that enables users to give their pets the most comfortable rubs on their back.

They are hard to find in brick and mortar stores. You can find them on Alixexpress or Amazon or China suppliers. The item is made of organic materials and is very durable. You can help make it available to pet owners.

Phone Lenses

Phone lenses are important phone accessories in today’s world. Smartphone owners want to capture a better image of their memorable moments and this has led to a huge demand for the product over the years. It has remained one of the most outsourced items by outsourcing stores. This is a feature that you can exploit to make huge gains.

You can collaborate with suppliers on e-commerce stores like Aliexpress or Amazon to make it available for photo enthusiasts.

Manicure Milling Drill Bit

Just about everyone manicures his or her nails. Women manicure their nails to appear neat and attractive and men do the same. This set of product offers so much than a tool to enable users to trim their nails. It comes with various tools to help trim and polish the nails to keep them neat and attractive.

This product is accessible on Chinabrands and My Sweety House. Add this item to your inventory and make a fortune.

Bohemian Earrings

Earrings are fashion accessories worn to enhance and glamorize one’s looks. It is a product that is highly appealing to women. The Bohemian Earring is beautifully designed and has unique details. Market its features to your audience and you will be smiling to the bank very soon.

This is a product that is hugely demanded and will always be in trend. Find a supplier and determine your price. Put them on display on your e-commerce store and you are good to go.

Smartwatch Accessories

Smartwatches are highly demanded fashion, business and personal reasons. They are equipped with innovative features that will enable users to live a smart and active life. This has majorly been the driving force behind its recent demand.

Its use is envisaged to increase in the next five years. Tapping into this opportunity is a way to generate enough revenue from dropshipping given the logical reason its demand is going to grow in the future. Contact suppliers today to have them in your inventory.

Reused Shopping Bags

Bags are accessories that women cannot do without. Whether they are going to the grocery store, work, and event or church they like being in the company of their handbags. It is not every woman that can afford a new bag; therefore, they go for reused shopping bags.

Reused bags are eco-friendly and durable. They are better than plastic bags that pose a threat to the environment. Given the increasing awareness of the environmental issues caused green gases and human activities, reused shopping demand is growing and this is a product to invest in at this time of the year.

Cotton Clothes

Cotton clothes are soft, comfortable, and breathable and just about everybody loves them. The high demand for this item on Aliexpress lends credence to its increasing admiralty by fashion enthusiasts.

Cotton clothes are predicted to grow more in popularity in coming years. Mostly demanded during summer, it is not fashion wear that is likely to disappear soon. You can invest in this niche by offering beachgoers and gym-goers affordable cotton wears who would love to be in relaxing and comfortable wears.

Muslin Blankets

Muslin blankets also known as swaddle blankets are breathable, soft and lightweight. They are made of finely woven cotton fabric. In recent years, they have been experiencing skyrocketed popularity. If you are considering going into the dropshipping business, you should consider adding the muslin blankets to your store’s inventory.

There are muslin blankets with different styles, patterns, materials and sizes that you can invest in. There will be a growing demand for this product as long as people long for cozy and breathable wears.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are nice and profitable products to have in an inventory for any dropshipper that will be going to the health niche. They are light, cheap and are versatile workout tools. There is low availability of this item for users and you can capitalize on this for profits.

There you have it! These are the products to start your dropshipping business this year and make money online.

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Now that you have discovered the product to deal on in your e-commerce business, you need a supplier that will provide you with the product’s inventory. Without a reliable supplier on hand to avail with the inventory of the products, it will be a struggle.

Nevertheless, finding a rusted supplier that we provide you with the online wholesale products you want is no easy task. In this post, we are going to look at the different ways you can find them.

Identify the Kind Supplier You Want

Before you set out in search of a supplier you have to identify the wholesale products to be supplied with. Develop a prototype which you will use to convey what you need to the supplier. If you want them manufactured and supply in the small quantity you can go for a small supplier or go for a big name supplying company if you want them supplied in huge quantity. Ensure that the supplier will meet up with your demands at the right time.

Ask For Recommendations

When you are looking for a reliable and established supplier you should let the people around you know about this. Talk to your friends, family members or business associates. Business people can help you refer you to suppliers they have worked with and trusts. During your search for suppliers, you will come across many that will not offer what you are looking for. You can ask them to refer you to a supplier that offers you what you want.

Trade Shows

Trade shows is a place to visit to find a supplier whose services are tailored to what you the items you need to stock your e-commerce store. At trade shows, there are different booths with unique sold items displayed for the buyers to see. You can visit the booths to find a supplier that will offer you the wholesale products you are looking for. This is also a great way of surveying what your competitors are into and the trends to keep up with.

Start Price Negotiation

After you have found a supplier it’s time to sit down at the table and reach a price agreement. Different suppliers have varying prices of offering you their services. Negotiate a price that will suit your budget. Do not be afraid to haggle. At first, the supplier will appear unyielding to what you can afford but with persistence and bargaining strategy, you will have them supplying you with wholesale products at a cost within your budget.

Discuss with the Supplier

It is important to work with a supplier whose ethics matches that of your business. Whether you have found your supplier by word of mouth or on the internet, invite them to a table discussion to meet face to face and relate to them what you want. You can use the avenue to enquire from them about delivery process and time, the products in their inventory, quality and how the wholesale products are stored.

Leave out Middlemen

The main aim of finding a supplier is to contact them and hear from them directly. Using the help of a middleman to find a buyer can rob you of this. Also, not using a middleman cuts down the cost of finding a supplier. Some middlemen might not be honest with you about a supplier because they want to swindle you of your money. Leaving them out enables you to meet the supplier and have a firsthand experience of their efficiency.

Ask For Samples

A supplier telling you that they have and can supply you the items to stock your online store with is not enough. Before you reach an agreement with them, you should request for a sample. The reason being that you would want to test, and feel the quality of the selling item and ensure that it meets the standard you want. Avoid suppliers that won’t oblige to giving you samples of the wholesale products.

Check Online

Apart from word of mouth or recommendation from friends suppliers are now using the websites to create awareness of their services. You can search for reputable suppliers on the internet through search engines such as Google.

Visit their websites and check if they have an inventory of the items you want for your store. Read reviews from their previous and current clients on their website to see if they are authentic.

Determine the Minimum Supply Order

Whether you are into dropshipping or other e-commerce businesses, you have to ensure that the minimum order of the supplier is manageable to you. Every supplier has a minimum order quantity of wholesale products that they supply. It is best to ask them from the onset to know if in consonance with your business.

What Out for Scammers

Suppliers that have no reputation and are out to rip you off isn’t what you want for your business. Ungenuine suppliers do not have a website, have no items inventory and may not ask you about your business tax details. You have to keep an eye peeled out for these scamming alerts to avoid getting scammed.

Suppliers are important in the distribution chain of e-commerce businesses. There are genuine and Ingeninue suppliers out there. It takes adhering to certain guidelines to avoid the bad ones when searching for a reputable supplier. Now that you are armed with this knowledge you can begin now to search for a real supplier to start your business.

Contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


Amazon is a giant e-commerce platform that is offering drop shippers the ground to of selling their products worldwide. Associating with the popular name, Amazon is one thing and knowing how best to make the best use of this platform is another. Let us look at the techniques you can employ to start dropshipping on Amazon.

Choose a Niche

Before you start dropshipping on Amazon, you have to choose a product to sell. Extensive research on Amazon for the products that are selling most is essential to choosing a niche for your dropshipping business. Keep an eye peeled out for products that are highly sought-after on Amazon.

It will be best if you do not go for a product that has been sold by top brands. Reason being that it will be difficult to compete with them especially as you are just starting in the dropshipping business.

Go for the products that are mostly searched as the more they are searched generally by users, the higher the chances of them coming across your product.

Have Inventory Available

The ability to deliver bought products to customers as you are starting your dropshipping on Amazon plays a key role in determining how far you go. Customers’ satisfaction is paramount, which is partly guaranteed when  you have an inventory of products available for a timely delivery. This is done by ensuring that each of the products is in stock.

Late delivery can have a huge negative impact on your market reputation. It could lead to bad reviews and ratings. This, in turn, could turn potential buyers off from having any dealings with you. To avert this from happening, you have to ensure that your inventory is up-to-date.

Offer Quality Products

One of the huge mistakes e-commerce beginners make is competing for price. Many put every aspect of the brand at risk by locking horns with top brands for price. It is only top and well-established brands that can afford to engage in the price competition and still come out unscathed.

When dropshipping on Amazon, you should place great emphasis on quality. Offering top quality products to buyers is a great way to build your reputation. Being reputable and trustworthy is one great way to attract buyers and build a loyal follower base. Always ensure that the products listed on your store on Amazon are of great quality to satisfy your customers.

Evaluate Buyers’ Expectations

Buyers on Amazon places a huge emphasis on the quality of the product you have to offer. They expect the quality of the product delivered to match up with its list features listed on the auction listings. Due to this, it is important not to offer them a product that does not conform to the features you had promised.

Find a supplier that will not switch inventory without letting you know. Make it known to them you will not want them to deliver an item that varies with the features on the item’s listing on Amazon.

Find a Supplier

Just before you start listing products on Amazon, you have to make sure there is a supplier at hand that will be willing to supply you with the items. You can search for suppliers online or ask around from business associates to find the right supplier. They should have an inventory of the product you are dealing in and the capacity to deliver them to the consumers.

Failure to find a supplier that meets these requirements will not bode well for your e-commerce business. Finding a supplier that will support your goals is vital to ensure your dropshipping success.

Start an Ad Campaign

Now that you have secured a niche and a supplier, you need customers looking to purchase. Every other effort to set up e-commerce counts for nothing with customers. A great way of attracting prospective buyers is running an ad campaign on social media.

The social media today poses so much benefit for entrepreneurs that they utilize it in building their brands. Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram has a huge audience can lure to their website to purchase sold items on Amazon. Doing this will allow you to increase sales and customer base.

Consider Low Shipping Costs

Notwithstanding that, it is your supplier that will bear the responsibility of shouldering the costs of the shipping, it can repel prospective buyers from buying from you. High shipping costs means a high price of the items. Find an item that is of top quality and still has a cheap shipping cost. This will even give you the option to offer free shipping and take care of the cost to attract more sales.

Regulate the Pricing

After you have found a product to sell and is making great sales, you may be tempted to up the price. Do not get greedy to overprice your products and scare buyers away. At the same time, do not offer too low prices for the products. Buyers might think that the under-priced products that are yet to get reviews and are too cheap to match up to the promising features. Therefore, finding the right price when dropshipping on Amazon is essential to making sales.

There you have it! Above are some insightful tips for dropshipping on Amazon. Amazon is a known name amongst online shoppers in the world. As a dropshipper, you would want to make the best use of this platform without wasting any time. These tips above you will enable you to run a smooth dropshipping business on Amazon.

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Dropshipping is unarguably one of the hottest business models of the century. It is relatively easy to start with very little capital and can be very profitable. There are lots of people that have made millions from dropshipping and many more are joining the party on a daily basis. 

While dropshipping is an incredibly efficient business model, success is now a little bit harder than it used to be. With several established brands and new entrants to compete with, anyone that wants to succeed with dropshipping must be willing to learn every day.

There are so many websites and blogs with lots of information about dropshipping. Getting the best information can be difficult, depending on where you are searching. It is important, therefore, that you follow the very best websites and blogs for accurate and up-to-date information. Here are the top ten dropshipping websites and blogs to follow this year (2019):


Shopify is popular as an e-commerce platform. It is one of the best and highly respected by dropshippers. Shopify has an awesome blog that you can learn a lot from. Following the blog will give you access to some highly important information that can push you to success. The Shopify blog covers a wide array of topics on business ideas, how to grow your sales, founders stories and others you will find helpful as a dropshipper.


WoodDropship is a dropshipping software that enables users to import products directly into their WooCommerce store from AliExpress. This free software is incredibly helpful to individuals that are new to dropshipping as it makes the entire process easier. WooDropship also has a blog with lots of incredible contents that will help anyone succeed in dropshipping. Different areas of e-commerce are covered including marketing, pricing, and customer support. The quality of the information you will find here is another reason to trust WooDropship.


Oberlo is a popular Shopify app that makes dropshipping easier for users. The app lets dropshippers find good products from reliable suppliers and import into their online store with just a few clicks. It is an excellent platform, which is why most dropshippers use it. Oberlo also has an awesome blog that can inspire any serious dropshipper to success. The blog offers several top quality contents on different subjects including success stories, dropshipping guides, marketing, and other interesting topics.

Drop Ship Lifestyle

This is one of the best individual dropshipping blogs. It is managed by Anton Kraly who has more than 10 years of experience in dropshipping and e-commerce. The blog was created to teach ordinary people how to leverage on dropshipping to build their careers as entrepreneurs. There are tons of useful information (articles and videos) in this blog covering such subjects as drop shipping tips, strategies, and case studies.


AliDropship is a powerful plugin that is used by most WordPress e-commerce website owners that want to dropship from AliExpress. It is an incredible plugin that makes dropshipping easier for users. AliDropship has a beautiful blog that you can follow for inspiration and tips on how to achieve success as a dropshipper. They mostly provide helpful tips but you will also find success stories and case studies.

Dropshipping Reddit

Reddit is an incredible forum with lots of great minds contributing to a wide variety of topics. There is a community of dropshippers on Reddit with more than 30,000 members. Joining this community will let you benefit from different people who have got years of successful dropshipping experience. You can find several good answers to questions that have been bothering you. You can also ask questions and receive advice from some clever minds with experience.


SaleHoo runs one of the biggest wholesale directories on the internet. It is a viable platform for new dropshippers to start their online stores, using one of the good website templates they offer. It can also be the perfect product sourcing tool for dropshippers as it connects them directly to suppliers. In the SaleHoo website, you will find important and general advice on how to succeed as a dropshipper.


Modalyst is a marketplace that makes product sourcing easier for dropshippers by connecting them directly to suppliers. It is a great place to find premium products for your customers with ease. A highly reliable platform, Modalyst also has a blog that provides dropshippers with the latest news and helpful tips on how to run their e-commerce business. The blog has lots of fresh contents on how to start and grow a dropshipping business and other e-commerce ventures.

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands offers a directory where you can find reliable dropshipping companies and suppliers. The directory updates its list of certified wholesalers every month, letting you find all kinds of products for your customers. Like other top platforms, Worldwide Brands has a blog where dropshippers can get the latest news and tips on dropshipping and e-commerce in general. The only issue with this website is that you may have to pay more to get the most helpful tools.


ShipGooder is a great website by all standard. It is designed to help users save money and time by comparing shipping rates in real-time. This free website has received rave reviews from numerous users who are most excited about the user interface and the amount of money they can save. Though it is friendlier to the everyday consumer than e-commerce businesses, it is still a great website for beginner dropshippers.

Dropshipping can be rewarding when you are ready to put in the effort. The websites and blogs featured here will provide the right resources for anyone that wants to succeed in the e-commerce space. You can follow the ones that appeal to you and implement what you learn to increase your chances of success.

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Do you have a drop shipping or e-commerce website and is looking for a wholesale supplier to provide you with products? You have thought well to read this article, as it will help you understand how to deal with wholesale suppliers better.

There are tons of suppliers delivering different products to various industries. They all have different times of product delivery, product portfolio, customer service, price and so on. Due to these, choosing a wholesale provider that will work for you involves well-thought-out processes.

Read on to find out the processes involved in collaborating with a wholesale supplier for your e-commerce business.


In e-commerce or drop shipping business, the delivery time of the products to their final destination is very important. Late delivery of products to your buyers is inimical to the growth of your business. A wholesale supplier that does not deliver bought products on time does not enhance customer relationship and business growth.

In finding a wholesaler, go for one that understands the importance of early delivery of the product. Better still, partner with a wholesale provider that has an automated supply system and products tracking. These ensure that products requested are delivered immediately.

Ask for Samples

Before reaching an agreement with a supplier, it is important that you request for a product sample. Many wholesale suppliers do not supply samples but do not worry about that. There are still other suppliers that will happily oblige to tendering a product sample to you once it is requested for.

The product sample enables you to get a firsthand experience of the features that you will easily relate to costumers. Besides, as you test the products you may find the ones you do not like. Regardless of how cheap or costly they are, you will get to find if they have the qualities, you are looking for.

Buyers finding out themselves that the product does not have the features and quality just like you described to them is bad for business. Such can be prevented by cross-examining the products and ensuring they have the features you want.

Customer Support

When an issue crops up does the wholesale have a customer service you can reach for assistance? Customer service is important to keep your eyes peeled out for in looking for a wholesale supplier. Not just any customer service but one that is 24/7 available.

On their website, do they have a live chat or support line? How responsive is their customer service? These are the factors you should have on your checklist when sourcing for a wholesale supplier. Ensure that you are working with a product supplier that will there when you need their assistance with an issue.

Check the Price

Just as there are many wholesale suppliers, there are also different prices they offer for their partnership with e-commerce owners. This price is determined by geographical location, production cost, shipping distances, etc. Finding a price that is favorable to you determines your profit margin.

Contact the Supplier Directly

The main essence of this pointer is to forge a working relationship directly with the person that is in charge of the supply chain. It is important to have a first direct contact with the supplier to know more about them. It is not bad if you decide to call them on the phone to strike a deal but the problem with this medium of communication is that you could speak to a wrong person.

A one-to-one meeting with a supplier lets you know more about them, their services and develop a healthy working relationship. You will get to find out if they have what you need or not and stand a change of striking a better bargain.

Search Online

The web today houses lists of online wholesale suppliers. You can perform a basic search through search engines, such as Google. Streamline the search queries as you get deeper find the supplier and product you are looking for. Use the name of the product you are looking for as a search query. This will help you discover the wholesale supplier quicker.

If a friend or relative recommends a particular wholesale provider to you, you can go online to look them up and verify how authentic they are. Online platforms such as Aliexpress, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy has a repository of wholesalers you can choose from for your business.

Trade Shows

Trade shows attract wholesalers of various products. This is a place where you can meet with different wholesalers to find one that will stock your online store. At the trade show, you will have the opportunity to visit as many booths as you want and partner with a wholesaler whose items fits your online store.

Ask for Recommendations

Apart from researching wholesalers on the internet, you can ask online business owners to recommend a supplier they have worked or are currently working with. While you look for a wholesaler, you could ask some suppliers that do not have the item you want to recommend you to another reliable supplier. A product manufacturer is also in a good position to suggest some wholesalers to you that are reliable enough to stock your online store.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help you choose wholesale suppliers for your online business. Considering these factors when searching for wholesale suppliers gives you an edge to finding one that will enhance the growth of your online business. Not every supplier is going to meet your demands but that should not deter you from searching for the right one.

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Fulfillment warehouse operations involve processing and packaging of manufactured products by third-party logics (3PL). Managing fulfillment warehouse operations entails supervising the product inventory, storage, distribution, packaging, and shipping. In other words, it implies enhancing the efficiency of the warehouse operations. Monitoring and improving warehouse operations are pertinent to ensure that you run a successful dropshipping business.

In this write-up, we will walk you through the tips to employ in improving fulfillment warehouse operations.

Check the Quality Control

To ensure that the products in the inventory are in excellent condition it is vital to carry out quality control on each one of them. Allowing your customers to perform the quality control themselves will not bode well for your business. The conditions and accuracy of the products are to be examined to ensure they are in perfect shape before shipment.

Deal in Quality Products

Investing in high-quality products is important in enhancing fulfillment warehouse operations. Quality products that are on by the staff at the warehouse do not break which in turn boosts productivity.  Investing in a cheap product may appear a cost-effective and profitable way to run a fulfillment warehouse but, in the long run, it will not be so. In running a fulfillment warehouse in monetary terms, quality products save you time, money and enhance productivity.

Carry Out Maintenance

In fulfillment warehouse operations, machines are bound to breakdown at some point. This could affect productivity negatively when it breaks down unexpectedly. Proper functioning of the machines and increase and maintenance of productivity can be ensured by scheduling maintenance plans. Inspecting the machines ever so often ensures that problems are detected and repaired. The problems are identified before they become too serious and expensive to repair. Create your maintenance schedule plan to have your machine inspected and maintained regularly.

Adopt Information Technology

There are innovative technologies rolled out that you can utilize in the inventory management of a fulfillment center. These technologies function regardless of the size of the warehouse. Information technology helps you record the production, packaging, and movement of an item around the warehouse. The fulfillment warehouse operation management system can be used to track order and record stock shipment to the customer.

The technology helps you generate data and analytics that can be used to gain insights on how to run the warehouse operations better and grow your business.

Delegate Functions

The management of the stocks produced accounts mostly for the labor cost in warehouse operations. During the picking, packing of items, which are eventually returned for processing, the bulk, weight, and distance, determines how quick they will be manufactured. The closer the proximity of the picked-up item is to the processing area, the quicker the production will be. This saves time in producing and making a product available in the inventory.

Invest in Real-time Inventory

Having a real-time inventory keeps you informed of the number of inventory you have available and the supply chain performance. This is done irrespective of the time and location. How do you keep a real-time inventory? Get a cloud-based software system. A cloud-based software system gives you access to automate your inventory. The inventory becomes optimized such that you will be notified on inventory that has fallen short of the product safety standards. This goes a long way to increase efficiency and profitability.

Put in Place Safety and Standard measures

The warehouse should not be made a deathtrap for workers. A fulfillment warehouse that is not safe for the employees, especially the poorly trained or inexperienced, could lead to accidents and injuries. These could lead to litigation from the employees and subsequent covering of their medical bills. Indicate the danger and safe zones to the employees and make the warehouse safe to enable them to become highly productive.

Besides, you will extend the lifespan of the warehouse, machines, inventory and more. It is cheaper to keep the warehouse safe than fixing after it is damaged.

Seek the Assistance of an Expert

The counsel of an expert that is experienced fulfillment warehouse operations could go a long way to assist you to optimize yours. An expert in the supply chain, especially a leader in the third-party logics industry can give you the leg up you need to run fulfillment warehouse operations smoothly.


Attaching bonus to work performance of the workers boosts their input and efficiency. As long as the objectives and task are clearly stated, morale, employee satisfaction, and loyalty are taken to a new level. Ensure that you make the target known to employees in their units and incentivize.

Warehouse Design

The layout of the warehouse has a way of influencing inventory management and productivity. Designating an appropriate space for each activity ensures efficient workflow. Allocating insufficient space for each activity affects the other in one way or the other. Insufficient storage space of the stocks can lead to error in accounting for the goods purchased and taken out of the inventory. Even when a stock is misplaced, it could be difficult to track. This could take enormous time and energy to locate. Organizing your warehouse in a way that it creates an environment for effective workflow.

There you have it! Above are some insightful tips to improve warehouse operations. The benefit of improving fulfillment warehouse operations is that it gives you a chance to grow your business. It ensures that the inventory management system is in place. This saves time and helps businesses become more efficient and profitable to its owner.

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What is drop shipping? The drop shipping business model is one of the vast ways of making money on the internet by entrepreneurs. Many online entrepreneurs are beginning to invest in the drop shipping industry because of how profitable and easy it is to run the business.

Many e-commerce startups have not engaged dropshipping because they have little or no idea of what it entails. For this reason, they end up not investing in it. In this article, we will be throwing light on what is drop shipping? The benefits, as well as other vital things you should know about drop shipping.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a business venture and online retail fulfillment that does not require you having an inventory of products you are dealing on. The e-commerce store rather gets an order for an item and passes it to a third-party supplier who then delivers the item to the doorstep of the customer for you. This means you do not have to have worry about the stocking the products.

This model of business is mostly common with a single large order of a product. The merchant profits from the difference between the sales price and the wholesale price of the product.

Dropshipping is different from a standard retail model such that the selling merchant will not be involved in the manufacture, packaging, and handling of the product. You are sort of acting as the intermediary between the supplier and the customers.

Dropshipping is a business structure that does not require a brand owner having an inventory. Once a good has been ordered for, your supplier delivers the product, from their stock, directly to your customer.

Now that we have explained what is drop shipping, let us take a look at some of the benefits of dropshipping.

What Are The Benefits Of Dropshipping?

Some of the benefits of drop shipping include:

Low Capital:

One of the rewards of the dropshipping business model is that investors will not have to dole out huge capital to set up an e-commerce store. This is unlike traditional retailers who have to invest huge capital in purchasing inventory. The responsibility of shipping the purchased products lies on the third-party supplier.

The huge amount of money that should have been used to build up a stock of items can be channeled into other areas of the business.

Instant Selling:

in the traditional retail model, advertisement of a product cannot be done before its arrival into the inventory. The selling merchant has to ensure that the item is available before the ad campaign kicks off. This is to ensure that there will not be any hitch in delivering the products after purchase. For this particular reason, there is a delay in sales.

The drop shipping business does not require the physical presence of the items in the merchant’s inventory before advertisement and sales commence. A sample or photo of the products from the supplier is enough to enable you to get started immediately.

Sales of Huge Variety of Products:

One of the factors that contribute to the limitation of the sales of products by merchants is the inventory space. The less spacious the inventory space the less the range of products offered is. Dropshipping ensures that you do not have to worry about where to store the products you are selling. An inventory is not even needed in the first place. You can simply list the different sizes, models, and colors of products you are dealing on, on your e-commerce website.

Huge Customer Base:

The internet is crawling with a huge amount of users. Having an e-commerce website for drop shipping avails you the opportunity to expose your products to a bigger audience. This, in the long run, assists you to expand your market and customer base.

Lower Risks:

One of the challenges selling merchants deal with is the handling of the products in the inventory. For brick-and-mortar retail stores, they are often left with the task of preventing damage of items in stock. This costs them additional money to actualize this goal. In the dropshipping business, the seller does not bother themselves of handling the products, as they do not have an inventory of the products.

You can invest in a product without the need to test the waters. You will not be bothered if the product will eventually be sold or not as you do not have their inventory.

Less Effort:

For someone that has little time or resources, running a drop-shipping store will not be a problem. A dropshipping store is easy to set up and does not demand the input of a huge amount of your time or resources. You can run it from the comfort of your home or any place of your choice. The majority of tasks can be automated while you invest your time in other areas of the business or your personal life that demands attention and personal approach.

Increase Cash Flow:

Since there are low risks and no inventory of the products, investors in the drop shipping make great profits. The products are only distributed from the supply chain to the consumers after they are paid for. In addition, the cash the nature of the drop shipping avails to you enables you to invest them in the marketing strategies and subsequent increase of customers.


The drop shipping business can be run from anywhere and anytime. This is possible as long as there is an internet connection. The internet connection enables the sellers to communicate with the suppliers and customers. It offers flexibility to respond faster to their customer and make quick deliveries.

There you have it! Above, we have been able to explain what is drop shipping, and the benefits of drop shipping. The drop shipping business model is quick, easy and costs less to start. You will not need an inventory, which contributes to huge capital required to start a retail business. To invest properly in the dropshipping business, you have to choose a particular niche that you are interested in. Invest until you have established yourself before you can diversify into other niches. Also, choose the right supplier that will hand packaging and delivering of products to your customers.

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In the dropshipping business on your e-commerce store, visitors need to be converted to loyal customers. If you are not making great sales on the Shopify e-commerce store, this article is just for you.

In this post, we will share the top ten ways to make improvements on your Shopify store, win customers and increase sales.

Design Your Website to Look Appealing

Making a great first impression is pivotal to winning a loyal customer in a business. In the drop shipping business, a top-notch website is a great way to impress the website’s visitors. It determines if they stay or not. A poorly designed website scares its visitors and does not do well in reflecting the website user experience and quality of your brand. A website that is designed to permit easy navigation by the visitors, in turn, makes you reliable and authentic.

Choose a Niche

Choosing a particular niche is essential to be successful in the dropshipping business. Concentrating on a particular niche allows you to focus on delivering quality product and services. Invest in a product you are passionate about, as this will make you pay close attention to the detail in branding and marketing. As a starter in the Shopify marketplace, you can start with a particular niche and diversify as your business grows.

Assign the Right Price to Your Products

Many entrants into the Shopify dropshipping business make the avoidable mistake of underpricing their products in a bid to outwit their competitors. The dropshipping business structure does not create room to make enough profit with this kind of strategy. Expenses are made and products are sourced close to the wholesale prices. Rather than underpricing the products, the value of these same products should be increased. This ensures that you win the trust of your customers.

Add Customer Reviews to Your Website

It is normal for visitors of your Shopify store to have doubts regarding how authentic your products are. One way to quell their fears is to add customer testimonials, ratings and reviews to your Shopify store. The customer reviews entail a description of the product and service you rendered to previous buyers. If it is satisfactory, the prospective buyers will be motivated to make a purchase without any doubt. Ask your previous customers to drop a review stating their user experience of your product and website.

Attach a Phone Number to Your Shopify Store

People are afraid to patronize a Shopify store if that lacks any form of communication with a buyer. These prospective buyers will be parting with their money and they want to be guaranteed that they will be getting what they are paying for. A phone number on your website enables them to call you if they have any question pertaining to your website or products. It assures them that they will be getting what they paid for.

Deal With the Right Supplier

Trust is essential to growing your dropshipping business. In order to build trust, you have to ensure that your customers get top quality products and that they are delivered within the shortest time possible. The supplier deals with the production of the goods. They also have the responsibility of delivering the products to the doorsteps of your customers within the timeframe specified on your Shopify store.  Therefore, it is pertinent you deal with a trustworthy and reputable supplier that will ensure your customers see you as reliable.

Run Social Media Ad Campaigns

The social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, has an innumerable number of people that you can expose your brand to. This means that out of the billions of social media users, you will likely get a satisfying number of visitors and customers on your Shopify store. You can tailor your ad according to your targets, audience, and budget. If you manage the ad campaign on any of the social media effectively, you will be growing your dropshipping business in no time.

Get a Photo of the Product from Your Supplier

In the dropshipping business, many suppliers will be willing to oblige to giving you a sample of the product you are dealing in. Being in possession of the sample allows you to take a higher quality photo of the sample. It also enables you to write a better description of the product and adjust properly to other marketing materials.

Be Ready to Handle Return Issues

The dropshipping business is not free from issues just like every other business. Problems such as damaged items during delivery, lost shipments are seen in managing a dropshipping Shopify store. When there is a return of items owing to its damage during delivery be sure that you see that it is taken care of. Draft a policy with your supplier to any of these dropshipping issues is avoided.

Add Various Payment Options

Many potential customers visiting your Shopify store will not be using the same payment method. When the payment option provided on your website does not suit them, they leave in search of a suitable store. Some payment options you could add to your store include PayPal, Stripe Atlas, or Apple Pay.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips for easy wins in your Shopify store. Dropshipping business is a lucrative venture that requires minimal investment requirements. Apart from this, investors need to put in a lot of effort to spur the growth of their brand. These tips discussed above will help any entrepreneur make easy wins on their Shopify store.

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