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Many people are drawn to dropshipping because of the freedom it offers. It is one of the easiest business models and can be very rewarding in the long run. Becoming a successful dropshipper may not be as easy as it used to be before, but the business model is still potent and profitable. The entrepreneur just has to realize that a lot has changed in the last few years and align their practices with what works now. Fulfillman and SourcinBox are among the two platforms used for dropshipping.

In terms of success in dropshipping currently, it is all about automation. There are different tools that can help dropshippers run their businesses better, and knowing the right ones to choose is what matters most. Among the companies making waves in the dropshipping industry are Fulfillman and SourcinBox. The two are recognized platforms used by many dropshippers, but they have notable differences dropshippers need to know about. Here, we will compare the two platforms to provide readers with adequate information to make informed decisions.


Established in 2016, Fulfillman is one of the new ecommerce platforms changing the game in dropshipping. Within a few years of operation, the company has established itself as one of the leading providers of dropshipping services to clients in different parts of the world. It is recognized for its holistic and efficient approach to dropshipping that makes business operations smooth and easy for dropshippers.

In under five years, Fulfillman has been able to attract so many dropshippers. We have noticed that many informed entrepreneurs are switching to Fulfillman for their dropshipping business, and the company continues to make necessary improvements to cater to their needs and that of their customers. Here are some of the major reasons Fulfillman is attracting more dropshippers:

Excellent Desktop and Mobile Platforms

Fulfillman entered the dropshipping industry when the need for mobile optimization became a critical issue. The company created one of the best platforms for both desktop and mobile users. Over the years, it has kept its platforms in excellent conditions to support all desktop and mobile users, making it easy for dropshippers to conduct businesses with any device of their choice.

Product Sourcing and Quality Checks

Fulfillman helps its customers to source products in China. The company is located in one of the most strategic industrial areas and have access to some of the best manufacturing companies in the country. They are able to source products at the best prices for their customers. In addition, they offer quality checks to ensure that the products meet the set standards.

Product Branding

Many dropshippers also prefer Fulfillman because of its product branding services that do not attract extra charges. Dropshippers who want to grow their brands understand the importance of product branding. Fulfillman happens to be the best in this regard.

Fast Shipping Services

Customers want to receive their products as early as possible after purchase. Fulfillman is one of the companies that make that possible in the shortest possible time. They use the fastest shipping method to get the product to the doorstep of your customers in the quickest time. This is beneficial for dropshippers in many ways.

Unsurpassed Customer Support

This is one factor that distinguishes Fulfillman from the other top-ranking dropshipping platforms. Over the years, it has distinguished itself as the ultimate champion when it comes to customer support. The team is available 24/7 to help dropshippers handle any problem that arises. This makes the experience of dealing with the company exciting and fulfilling.


SourcinBox is regarded as one of the top dropshipping agents offering a number of services for dropshippers. The agency boasts of offering a 100% free app that lets dropshippers access some of the most important services they need to run their business. Overall, it is an impressive agency that excels at the services it offers.

SourcinBox is a Chinese dropshipping agency with a difference. Over the years, it has attracted many dropshipper due to some important factors. Here are some of SourcinBox services and reasons it is loved by some businesses:

Sourcing and Quality Check

Just as the name suggests, SourcinBox is a good sourcing agency. They are strategically located in an industrial area where they can source quality products directly from manufacturers. They also check product quality to ensure they meet the necessary standard.

Purchasing and Warehousing

Like most Chinese sourcing agencies, SourcinBox will purchase and warehouse products for dropshippers pending shipping. The warehousing is also done free, which is normal in dropshipping.


SourcinBox is also involved in order fulfillment. They are also fast with their fulfillment services as orders are fulfilled within 24 hours of order placement.


We have tried to compare Fulfillman and SourcinBox in a fair manner. From the important information we have provided, you can tell that the two companies are different in some important ways. While Fulfillman is a complete dropshipping platform involved in all aspects of dropshipping, SourcinBox is a sourcing agency that offers extra services. For established dropshippers that have a standard to maintain, Fulfillman is the better company. In addition to the qualities mentioned above, it is involved in product photography, its packages are very affordable, and the team will keep you updated. Real ecommerce entrepreneurs will benefit more from the Fulfillman than SourcinBox.

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Dropshipping can be very profitable, and dropshipping can be fun at the same time. It all depends on getting it right with so many things from supply to order fulfillment. One of the major determinants of success is getting it right with your partners, including suppliers and fulfillment companies. Fulfillman and Zendrop are among the best dropshipping platforms used by many entrepreneurs.

At the moment, there are several dropshipping platforms that it will be difficult for most entrepreneurs to choose one. It is very important, however, that you choose carefully in order to make things easy for you and your customers.

Best Dropshipping Platforms

To be honest, it is hard to specifically point at any dropshipping platform and declare it as the best among the rest. Certainly, there are platforms that are much better than others, and there are some that have been so terrible that most of its users have jumped ships. It is better, however, to always compare platforms and choose one that beats the other in keys areas.

One of the platforms that are becoming very popular among dropshippers is Fulfillman. If you have been following trends closely, you will know that people are abandoning several other good platforms to join Fulfillman. This has prompted several comparisons, and we will try to compare Fulfillman and Zendrop right here.

Fulfillman and Zendrop

Fulfillman and Zendrop are both dropshipping companies that help ecommerce entrepreneurs from all over the world to automate different processes from sourcing to order fulfillment. The two platforms have good ratings, but there are differences you need to know about.

Before getting down to actual comparison, we will briefly discuss each company to give you an idea of what they do and what they stand for.


Fulfillman is a company that is located in the Zhejiang Province of China, involved in global fulfillment and dropshipping services. The key services offered by the company include full order dropshipping, china sourcing, Amazon FBA services, Crowdfunding fulfillment, product photography, as well as video marketing services.


Zendrop (previously called Silkroad) is a company that was founded as an alternative to Aliexpress and bigger ecommerce giants. It can best be described as an ecommerce solution for dropshippers with custom packaging and automated fulfillment. The company is also involved in private labeling.

Fulfillman vs. Zendrop: Which is Better?

From all indications, Fulfillman seems to be a better company than Zendrop. During its early days, Zendrop was hyped by some gurus as a top alternative dropshipping platform that can overtake some big shots in the industry. In some aspects, it lived up to the expectations and attracted many dropshippers. Some of its prominent features include auto fulfill orders, branded invoicing, and a free plan that will let users get up to 50 orders per month for free.

Besides the free plan, Zendrop offers a Pro Plan, where users can pay $49 per month and enjoy unlimited orders as well as several extra features and services. There is also a White Glove ‘Plus’ Plan that offers a lot more than the Pro plan, but the price is not stated. You will have to call them to know how much you will have to pay.

Coming back to Fulfillman, this is a complete dropshipping and order fulfillment solution. They can source your products, fulfill the items, ship the package through a private line, and keep you updated about the entire process. While sourcing your items, Fulfillman will quality-check to ensure that your customers are never disappointed with what they get.

Major Reasons to Choose Fulfillman over Zendrop

As we have tried to explain here, there are several wonderful things about Fulfillman that makes it the company of choice for most dropshippers. Here are the major reasons to choose it:

Fast Shipping

While Zendrop offers fast shipping, Fulfillman is definitely the best when you need your items to be delivered as fast as possible. They ship via private line directly from China, which is the fastest means of shipping overseas.

Worldwide Shipping

Zendrop is focused on US fulfillment, and this is a key area for international dropshippers. It is easier, faster, and more cost-effective to ship to international destinations with fulfillman. Your item can be shipped to any country in the world.

Efficient Branding

If you need your items to be properly branded before shipping, Fulfilman is the right company to work with. They can also take care of your logo, flyers, business cards, custom boxes, etc.

Transparent Pricing

This is where Fulfillman beats most competitors. The company’s pricing structure is very transparent. It is not like the beginner package offered by Zendrop where your orders are limited and more will attract some costs.

Efficient Communication

Fulfillman keeps open communication with users at all times. This makes it possible for issues to be resolved as soon as possible. You will get an immediate response to any question via Skype.

Convenient Return/Refund Policy

It is also easy for your customers to return products and get refunds when you are working with Fulfillman. As mentioned earlier, the company checks every item for quality compliance, which makes returns very rare.

Excellent Customer Service

Fulfillman has a solid customer support tradition that is better than what Zendrop and most other platforms offer. You can have peace of mind when dealing with them.


From all indications, Fulfillman is a better dropshipping platform than Zendrop. The reviews from verified users will collaborate with the points we have raised here. If you are considering picking one from the two, we will strongly recommend Fulfillman.

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Ecommerce is booming more than ever. More people are beginning to understand and appreciate the convenience of buying things from reputable online stores, and smart entrepreneurs are taking advantage of it to build brands and make money. As more people learn about the advantages of ecommerce and jump into the ship, competition becomes tougher in the industry. To stay relevant and grow, entrepreneurs must stay up to date with the changing business climate. Shipping is one of the critical aspects to keep an eye on, and ePacket is the new king when it comes to shipping from China. But how long does ePacket take from China to the USA? In fact, what is an ePacket from China? We will answer these and a few other critical questions you may have right here.

What is ePacket?

ePacket is one of the most popular shipping options offered by third-party logistics providers in China and Hong Kong. It resulted from an agreement between the United States and Hong Kong/China postal services to boost trade between the two countries. It was formally announced by the United States Postal Service in 2011.

ePacket allows for fast and affordable shipping of light packages. It is a major improvement on the China EMS, which was the only affordable option to ship consumer products from China to the U.S. It has given merchants and ecommerce entrepreneurs competitive advantages. It also gives consumers peace of mind as they can easily track their packages from China. You should know that ePacket is now supported in more than 44 countries around the world.

How does ePacket Shipping Work?

From the name, it is easy to tell that ePacket was designed to improve ecommerce. The shipping service works in an efficient manner to ensure that consumers receive their purchases faster without having to pay exorbitant fees. It is offered by merchants in most marketplaces like AliExpress, Oberlo, and eBay. Once a particular package meets the requirement, most merchants in China and Hong Kong will offer ePacket shipping.

Packages for ePacket shipping cannot exceed 24 inches in total length. Again, the total length, height, and thickness of the package cannot exceed 36 inches. In terms of weight, a package for this shipping option cannot weigh more than 4.4 pounds. Additionally, the value of the package should not exceed $400.

What Are the Major Benefits of using ePacket Delivery?

From what we have discussed so far, you should know that the primary benefit of ePacket is fast delivery of light purchases from China. If you have been attentive, you can also tell that affordability is another major benefit. Ecommerce entrepreneurs and their buyers enjoy cost and time efficiency as the biggest benefit of the shipping service.

Another major benefit of ePacket shipping is the free return on any undeliverable items. Merchants and their customers can be sure that they will not incur additional expenses for any undeliverable. This can even strengthen their relationships. End-to-end tracking at no additional cost is another important benefit users get.

How Long Does ePacket Take To Deliver From China To USA?

To the question most people ask: how long does ePacket take from China? Like other shipping options, delivery time varies. The average ePacket shipping time from China to the United States is 10 to 20 days. The major factors that will affect delivery time are the destination of the package, customs, holidays, and other unforeseen delays.

It should be noted that the 10 to 20 days mark is for China to United States only. The time may be slightly longer for other countries, depending on the factors mentioned above and how the package is being routed to the proper facilities before getting to the customer.

How Do You Track an ePacket? 

Online buyers understand the need to track their purchases, and ePacket shipping makes this possible for no extra cost. If your package is still in China, you can use EMS to track it. When it has entered the United States, you can track with USPS. If you bought from reliable ecommerce places like AliExpress, you can view the order details to know the status of your package.

What happens when ePacket tracking is not working? Then, you can use third-party tracking services. Some of the most reliable services include Package Mapping, AfterShip, PackageTrackr, and 17TRACK.

Who Can Use ePacket?

Basically, anyone can use ePacket. If you shop from China or Hong Kong, and your package qualifies for ePacket, you can use the service and enjoy the benefits. Whether you buy from AliExpress, Shopify, Oberlo, or less-known merchants, you can use the service, as long as your item qualifies for ePacket shipping. In addition to regular customers, dropshippers and other ecommerce entrepreneurs are benefiting from the uniqueness of ePacket shipping.


From all indications, ePacket is an exceptionally brilliant shipping solution. It makes it easy for consumers to buy from China and receive their packages in the United States in time and at an affordable cost. As stated here, it can take between 10 and 20 days to get the package delivered to the U.S. Even if an item is undeliverable; it will be returned at no extra cost.

For more information about us or if you will like to know more about the products and services we provide, give us a call today at Fulfillman. We provide a wide range of services including Drop Shipping services, China sourcing, Warehouse fulfillment, Third Party Logistics, Product Photography, and many more. Our trusted professional team will be on ground to speak with you and discuss your available options. With us, you are certain to get quality and excellent services that give 100% customer satisfaction.


Is CSV dropshipping still useful in 2020? Dropshipping is an incredible business model that has made several millionaires in just a few years of existence. While many have made millions, some others have not been so lucky. Actually, some have failed in dropshipping because they refused to adopt the best strategies and conduct their business the right way.

Dropshipping the right way entails using the best available methods of getting things done. Knowing that the industry is evolving, it is important that dropshippers stay updated with developments. This doesn’t mean discarding old methods for the latest craze in the industry.

CSV dropshipping has been around for a while.  Many have been questioning if it is still useful in 2020. In all honesty, we can say that CSV dropshipping is still useful in 2020. You can still dropship using CSV, and we will discuss just how you can do it right away.

What is CSV File Orders?

CSV file can best be described as a kind of bulk dropshipping order that can be exported together for processing. It can be used by clients to place dropshipping orders and can also be used by dropshippers to process such orders. We will go over how this can be done. But just know the procedure may differ a little bit, depending on where you are shopping from and the system your seller is using.

What the Client Can Do

For a client, the following process can be followed to do dropshipping with CSV:

  • On orders, you should select a list of orders you wish to dropship.
  • Next, you should click the ‘Submit DropShip button. This will generate a CSV file that may be based on a GenericCSV template, depending on what is being used.
  • After generating the CSV file, you can send it to the supplier to initiate dropshipping. It is also possible for the client to mark the same list of orders as shipped using Bulk Update.

What Dropshippers Can Do To Import Orders

Dropshippers can use the CSV file sent by clients to process their orders, but they need to import it first. There is an ‘import’ page to do this.

Shipping Confirmation

Depending on the service being used, shipping confirmation can be pretty straightforward in CSV dropshipping. When orders are shipped with ActionShip, for instance, a Generic Ship Confirmation file can be generated under ‘Reports.’ You will need to choose ‘Shipment Reports.’ You will find that only ‘Generic’ orders will be included in the report.

From the shipping confirmation file, you can get everything you need to track the shipment. Shipping status, postage costs, tracking number, and a few others can be communicated to the other party through the shipping confirmation file.

Uploading Shipping Confirmation

You will need to upload shipping confirmation if you are using CVS dropshipping, and the dropshipper sends a ‘Generic Ship Confirmation’ file. You need to migrate to the ‘Upload Drop Ship Result’ link and open ‘orders’ page. This method can be used to confirm any bulk dropshipping option. It works smoothly even for bulk orders coming from giant sources like eBay and Amazon.

Customizing Dropshipping Template

Depending on the services you are using, there may be conditions for customizing your dropship template if you are running a dropshipping business. Teapplix, for instance, will charge between $300 and $700, depending on the complexity of the CSV template. You may have to provide some information to get a quote for template customization. Here are some of the major information you may be asked to provide:

  • A clear specification of the CSV as well as sample
  • You may need to indicate if you want to test the CSV on your own, or you will want the service to do the testing for you. When you need the company to test the CSV, you will have to grant them access in due time.
  • You also need to state the validation rules needed for the CSV. You need to indicate whether all orders should be included in the dropship CSV, no matter what, when you select a list of orders. Two good examples of sample validation: (a) don’t include orders that have no selected shipping method, (b) don’t include orders to international destinations. Indicating these early will help to ensure that you get the CVS you really need.


Dropshipping tools are amazing when you get the right ones and use them correctly. CVS dropshipping is still relevant and useful in 2020. It becomes very important when you are scaling your ecommerce business and want to save yourself some time. It will also save you some money in the long run.

Even when you are handling orders in their hundreds or thousands, dropshipping with CVS makes things faster. It may not take you more than 10 minutes to export your orders and send to your supplier. It is also possible to negotiate special pricing with your supplier when using this method.

Contact Us today at Fulfillman in case you will like to know more about our dropshipping business. Our services are affordable, reliable, and highly professional. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and excellent dropshipping services.


Chinabrands reviews for dropshipping, why exactly are people moving away from the platform? While some people will give you one thousand reasons dropshipping is no longer viable, thousands of people are still coming in and making waves with dropshipping. To be honest, dropshipping is still the best retail fulfillment method and ecommerce businesses still have a lot to benefit from it.

Dropshippers understand the need to use the best dropshipping platforms. The experience your customers get, to a large extent, depends on how their orders are handled. This, in turn, depends on the dropshipping platform you are using.

When it comes to platforms that provide popular product lines, chinabrands is one of the well-known ones. A few years ago, it was a very attractive platform. In recent years, however, people are moving from Chinabrands to Fulfillman and other platforms. This has a lot to do with Chinabrands reviews.

Why People and Leaving Chinabrands for Fulfillman

As hinted in the paragraph above, Chinabrands reviews are steadily becoming negative. Actually, it is on the verge of hitting the rocks. The platform has frustrated dropshippers and customers in the last two years to the extent that its rating has dropped to 2.0 on many review sites. In Trustpilot, for instance, bad (1-star) rating stands at 60%. When you see more than half of the users (or former users) saying that a platform is horrible, there is no need to argue positively on their behalf.

In comparison to Fulfillman, Chinabrands is actually a terrible service. Here are specific reasons dropshipers are dumping chinabrands:

Insufficient/Poor Product Stock

Customers are often frustrated when they pay for products only to find out that the product is out of stock. Chinabrands reviews is very poor when it comes to restocking. They will continue to display products that are out of stock, and when an order is placed, it may take weeks before the shipping is initiated. Again, they have been accused of putting up wrong descriptions, which confuse and deceive dropshippers. Overall, they can make dropshippers lose money and their customers.

Poor Quality and Broken Products

Poor Quality

Poor quality of products is a problem in many ecommerce websites, but it seems that Chinabrands is worse than most in this regard. There are several complaints about shoppers receiving broken or cheap products that are nothing compared to the pictures, specifications, and features of the products they saw before making the order. This practice erodes buyers’ confidence and can ruin an ecommerce store. Dropshippers who don’t want to drown with Chinabrands are leaving to protect their reputations.

Slow Delivery

Customers are often excited when they can get the products they have paid for as soon as possible. Chinabrands make this impossible in most instances. The company has become notorious for delayed shipping and late delivery. There are complaints about products remaining in facilities for weeks and sometimes more than a month before shipping. That is not what customers want, and it can affect business relationships in many ways.

High Cost of Shipping and Zero Transparency

High Cost of Shipping

It is becoming increasingly expensive to buy from Chinabrands due to the high cost of shipping. The products may be listed at affordable prices, but once you buy, you will be shocked at the cost of shipping to products to your doorstep. There are instances where postage costs far outweigh the cost/value of the product. Another major problem with Chinabrands is that there is no transparency in their fee system. Some dropshippers are shocked at the number of hidden charges they will be forced to pay after placing orders. Many times, the dropshipper ends up losing money and customers.

Problems with Cancelation and Refund

Canceling an order can be difficult, if not impossible, in many cases. There are cases of clients waiting for months to get their products shipped. When they decide to cancel the order, they are shocked to see that it won’t work. Even when products arrive in bad shape, getting a refund is impossible in most cases. It appears they are just set out to rip customers off.

Terrible Customer Support

Terrible Customer Support

For most people, this is the straw that breaks the Camel’s back when it comes to dealing with Chinabrands. The company sucks at customer support, and this makes dealing with them frustrating. The auto-response service is unhelpful and very frustrating. After-sale support is nothing to write home about. It is so slow that you will prefer you never bothered with it. Sometimes, emails are completely ignored.

Why Fulfillman is the Right Alternative

With several other dropshipping platforms, why move to Fulfillman from Chinabrands. Here are the most important factors dropshippers choose this platform:

  • The website security and privacy policies are excellent
  • Affordable shipping to overseas destinations
  • Pricing is transparent
  • You can be sure of fast, accurate delivery
  • Adequate product stocking and fast restocking
  • Excellent customer support.

Successful dropshippers use platforms that make transactions smooth for online store owners and their customers. Over the years, Chinabrands has proved to be terrible at this. It is no longer secret that dropshippers are abandoning it for better platforms. We also know that Fulfillman is one of the reliable platforms dropshippers are moving to. If you are considering the move? Do it with full confidence as it can easily turn things around for your business.

If you want to discover more about our services, contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent Dropshipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that give complete client satisfaction.


Dropshipping, as a business model, cannot survive without digital marketing. This is the truth many failed dropshippers refused to accept or take seriously. To get people to notice your online store and buy what you are offering, digital marketing is critical.

Recognizing the importance of digital marketing is never enough. You need to adopt some strategies that will get you customers, especially if you are operating in a competitive niche. Here, we discuss eight digital marketing strategies that can help you sell more and grow your dropshipping business.

Integrate Instagram

There is something about Instagram that makes it one of the most attractive apps in the world. It is safe to say that most of your current and potential customers are active Instagram users. The platform is a great place to engage with them and make them buy more of your products.

Instagram is not only a place to connect and engage with customers. It is also a great place to connect with other brands and influencers that can help promote your business and get you more sales.

Run Budget-Appropriate Facebook Ads

Facebook has seen several changes that make it a little harder for businesses to organically connect with potential customers. This doesn’t mean it is less influential than it used to be in the past. You just have to restrategize to make the right impact on Facebook. It is still the king for social media marketing.

One of the major reasons brands have been embracing Facebook even more than before is the fact that ads are highly customizable. It is easier and more effective to target the right audience through Facebook. Once you understand your audience, the next important thing is to determine what is perfect for Facebook ads, based on your budget.

Take Video Content Seriously

We all know the power of audio-visuals. From recent data, it is clear that watching videos online is becoming extremely popular among most people. Video content has become the most effective way to reach most people, and you need to embrace it fully to grow your dropshipping business.

As a dropshipper, you can easily make videos of your products and use for selling and promotional purposes. In your video content, you can easily leave active links that will lead your audience to where they can buy the products featured on the video. Videos also rank better in Google these days. You may be able to get more traffic from search engines.

Blogging and SEO

There are several misconceptions about blogging that make many dropshipers miss out on the opportunities it offers. Some erroneously believe that blogging should only be focused on what someone is doing; like a diary. This is misleading. You can blog about your products and niche.

Blogging can get you lots of traffic if you implement SEO. You can blog about your product in many ways, talk about how to use them, and even compare them. You can even publish buying guides in your blog and attract online shoppers to your shop. Research your keywords and use them properly to improve traffic and make more sales.

Grow Your Email Subscribers

Email marketing is still a great way to keep your loyal customers close and sell to them on a consistent basis. Growing your subscribers may not be easy, but the results you can get from email marketing should spur you. By promoting your newsletter, taking blogging seriously, and offering your customers some perks for their emails, you will succeed at growing your subscribers.

In addition to growing your email subscribers, you have to improve your email campaigns. You need to understand the occasions that are perfect for sending emails, as well as how best to craft your emails. You can spice things up with exclusive promo codes and free gifts.

Take Retargeting Seriously

Most customers will not buy your products the first time they stumble upon them. When they are ready to buy, they may find it a little too challenging identifying your brand from that of several other dropshippers. This is where retargeting comes in.

This is a somewhat simple strategy that involves targeting visitors who have previously visited your website. It is the best way to display relevant ads to them in a manner that will make it easier for them to buy from you what they are ready. It is a very effective strategy.

Try Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Marketing

It is important that you maximize every transaction you get as a dropshipper. Upselling and cross-selling are some of the most effective strategies to do this. The first involves recommending a slightly more premium brand than what the customer is originally considering, while cross-selling involves selling additional products to the customer who has bought or is about to buy your product. Both techniques should be combined into a single strategy.

Build Trust for Your Brand

To experience real growth as a dropshipping business, you need to build trust for your brand. This doesn’t come easy. You will need to prioritize selling high-quality products and maintaining superb customer support. You can also add customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials to your dropshipping website.

Are you ready to build your dropshipping business? It is time to learn new digital marketing strategies and implement them. Here, we have discussed some really simple strategies that work perfectly for dropshipping businesses. Adopt them and remain consistent until you get the big change you deserve.

For more information about our services, contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent and top class Dropshipping Services, Warehouse Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. An amazing experience awaits you.


When it comes to selling online, pictures are king. No matter how well you describe an item, buyers are majorly influenced by pictures. This makes product photography critical to your success as an online entrepreneur.

There are several important things to know about product photography. In this post, we will make things simpler by discussing things you should avoid and things you should do. Irrespective of what you are selling, these are five dos and don’ts of product photography:

Do What Works For You

This is a golden rule for individuals who have been selling online and has found what works for them when it comes to photography. If you haven’t done that, you have to keep trying until you find the perfect formula. You may find out that your pictures are better with a specific camera, or they are brighter when you take them outdoors. You don’t want to be just like everyone else. Stick to what works for you and what brings the best result for your business.

Do Check Out Others Photos

As much as originality is important, you can learn a lot by checking out what is working for other people. Consider some of the biggest players in your niche. What are they doing differently? By observing with keen interest, you can note a few things you can change to make your photos better. This doesn’t mean you should copy others. Copying is rude and will eventually shrink your creativity. Just get ideas from the best and improve your shots.

Do Use the Necessary Equipment and Accessories  

A good camera handled the right way will get you good product photographs that will sell your products. A poor camera will produce a poor photograph, no matter how good you are as a photographer. It is also important that you use a tripod or a mount. Even if you have very steady hands, using a tripod will make taking photos easier for you. It will also enhance the quality of the photo as it eliminates the chances of losing sharpness.

Do Take Advantage of Image Editing

A simple edit is important to enhance your product photos. It can be a little adjustment of brightness or highlight. There may also be some dust or something that needs to be removed. Don’t assume that a picture is perfect just the way it is. Try a few minor edits and compare the copies with the original image. You will always notice a little enhancement. That little enhancement can make all the difference by arousing customer’s interest in a product.

Do Take a Variety of Pictures for Each Product

It is very hard to convince customers with a single image of a product. Even two to three images can hardly sell a product online. You should take multiple photos of a particular product in different positions. A minimum of five images is required to convince most people. You should take a lot more than five and choose the best ones. The images shouldn’t be too similar. You should have the main image, a scale image to show relative size, and a variety of others to show details.

Don’t Use Your Smartphone Camera

There are actually lots of smartphones on the market with incredible cameras. Those cameras may be great at taking wonderful images, but you should depend on them for product photography. The images may look great on your smartphone, but they are never of the right quality for your website. Invest in a standard photography camera. It doesn’t even have to be too expensive.

Don’t Depend On the Built-In Flash

The built-in or direct flash in your camera may be great, but they are not just reliable for product photography if you want the best photo quality for your website. The direct flashes are the most unflattering light for products, and you really need to up your game when you need quality images to sell your products online.

Don’t Use a Distracting Background

The background of your images can also play a huge role in convincing potentials customers to either buy or abandon your products. A bright, uncluttered background is always good for product photography. Avoid distractions in the background. It is better if your product is the only thing on the image.

Don’t Use Filters or Over Edit

Earlier, we emphasized the importance of editing your product photos. However, it is important that you don’t take it too far. Adding filters is a no-no. Try to keep the image as original as possible, even with your light editing. You want the image to look as close to what they look in real life as possible.

Don’t Add Graphics/Watermarks

This has been a debatable topic for a while. Some feel it is important to protect their photos from being copied, and they believe the best way to do that is by adding watermarks. The disadvantages of adding graphics and watermarks far outweigh the advantages. They cause distractions and may appear too salesy.

Product photography is essential to business success when you are selling online. High-quality and professional product photos will get you more sales. You don’t have to pay someone to shoot them. Following the tips here, you can do better and discover what works for you in due time.

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Ecommerce has been on a steady rise in the last half decades. Dropshipping, which is a business model under ecommerce, has also become very popular in the last few years. Without mincing word, dropshipping and ecommerce currently present customers with the best way to buy what they need. It is expected that they will drive more sales in the future.

Just as they are changing the way people buy, dropshipping and ecommerce are evolving at the same time. Different players are adopting different strategies to take their businesses to higher levels. Here, we will discuss some of the trends in the sector that drive long-term sales strategy:

International Markets

Most dropshippers and ecommerce entrepreneurs are looking beyond their local markets. What is the point of limiting yourself to your local market when most of the products you are selling to them are not produced within your locality? Buyers are becoming accustomed to cross-border purchases. There is a real opportunity for businesses to expand to international markets to drive their long-term sales strategy. It is truly time to crank up the heat and take advantage of the opportunity.


With new technologies, the world of business is moving faster than it has ever been. To make your processes smooth, automation is inevitable. Automation simply means completing tasks with as little human intervention as possible. It presents several advantages to dropshippers and ecommerce business persons. Thanks to artificial intelligence/machine learning, automation is becoming easier and more efficient in ecommerce. It is significantly making dropshipping more efficient.

Progressive Web Apps

From what has been happening, it is clear that the future is mobile-first. With new powerful mobile devices being launched regularly, consumers find it easier to do most things with their smartphones and tablets. This includes online shopping. Businesses operating online are beginning to understand the importance of optimizing for excellent mobile experience, and one of the best ways to do that is through progressive web apps (PWA). These deliver engaging, mobile-friendly user experiences. By delivering an app-like experience to all users, PWAs will help you sell more without further investments or any sort of complication.

Headless Commerce

There are changes in the basic architecture of ecommerce websites that are yielding meaningful results too. Headless commerce is a trend that involves decoupling the content management capabilities of an ecommerce solution with the front end solution. The basic thing this does is to enable the online sellers to publish content and deploy to any device in an optimized manner. Again, this offers the business owners to choose different frameworks, according to what a particular team requires. Customizing the experience to suit different teams make things flow easier and drive long-term sales strategy indirectly.

Omnichannel Brands

Many ecommerce business owners are beginning to look beyond the online store to find other means of engaging with their customers and delivering the ultimate experience they need. This summarizes what omnichannel brands are all about. Realizing that customers need more attention than just presenting them with the products they need may need/want is just the first step towards operating as an omnichannel brand. Take relevant steps to be where your customers are and engage with them in ways that will make your brand stand out. This will keep your business top of the mind of your customers and drive your long-term sales strategy.


Self-service tools and functionalities will fast-track the purchase process, irrespective of your niche or industry. While self-service is not really a new concept, it is becoming a trend in many ecommerce websites. Online businesses are realizing that many users will prefer to explore the helpful materials available to them before getting in contact with sales teams. Sales services can be facilitated in many different ways. Investing in helpful content like step-by-step guides and FAQs can go a long way. When buyers find buying from your website easier, you can be sure of retaining them and attracting new ones.


Most businesses are beginning to appreciate the need to deliver experiences that are tailored to meet customer’s specific needs. This, in turn, is helping most of these businesses improve sales and break new grounds. While this works best with B2B ecommerce business relationships, it can also build customer loyalty in B2C relationships. It is all about emotional connections with your customers.

Artificial Intelligence

We’ve previously mentioned artificial intelligence and machine learning when we discussed automation. There are other ways to get them involved in dropshipping and ecommerce businesses. They are very helpful in customer support as well as in product recommendations.

Data and Analytics

Most ecommerce businesses are making good use of data. It is no longer secret that collecting and processing data is essential for long-term growth. Data and analytics are beneficial for all kinds of businesses, including small dropshipping ventures. Aggregate data from all relevant sources and analyze. The reports can be used to make strategic decisions that can impact long-term sales.

Things are changing rapidly in the ecommerce industry. Smart business owners are adopting various trends that improve their overall outcomes. The nine trends discussed here can drive long term sales strategy when implemented properly. Make relevant changes, and watch your online business blossom in the coming years.

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Dropshiping is unarguably one of the most remarkable things that have resulted from the internet and our new way of life. It is a new business model that allows smart entrepreneurs to take to ecommerce with little resources and still make headways. While the benefits are enormous, dropshipping has inherent challenges. As entrepreneurs, dropshippers are expected to handle the challenges that come with the business model. Here, we will discuss seven of the commonest challenges associated with dropshipping and how you can overcome them:

Supplier Challenge

The first major challenge most people face in dropshipping is the challenge of finding reputable suppliers. There are so many producers and sourcing agencies that can serve as your suppliers, but you need to be on the same page with them on the details of the relationship. You need to find reputable suppliers that can be consistent with the quality of their suppliers.

It is somewhat easy to find suppliers in almost any niche you choose. There are numerous resources that can help you with the search. Just make sure you choose a supplier that can meet your needs. Consider such factors as supplier fees, order minimums, expert industry knowledge, and scalability.

Running Out Of Stock

This can happen when you are already in business. It is one of the commonest problems and is more prevalent in certain seasons. This challenge also affects businesses that have only one supplier most. You may not experience the full consequences of running out of stock if you are working with a very big producer and order Fulfilment Company. When you run out of stock, it is important that you inform your customers as early as possible, even as you find alternative means of fulfilling their orders. Having more than one supplier is advisable.

Delay with Order Processing

When customers buy something from your ecommerce website, they expect their order to be processed as soon as possible. Most customers don’t understand that the speed of processing the order, most of the time, is not in your power. There are instances you will experience delay with an order you have already placed with your producer. Such delay may create some sort of tension with the customers as they wait for their tracking code. Don’t let it linger. Once you don’t hear from your supplier 24 hours after placing an order, get in touch to sort it out. When you make inquiries, you will know, at least, why the order is yet to be processed and how much longer you have to wait. Pass the information to the customer to pacify him/her.

Supplier Transparency and Compliance

You are the face of your business, and your customers will hold you responsible for the quality of the goods they receive when they buy from your store. Now, you are hardly involved in the production and packaging of the goods you sell through dropshipping, but you are still responsible for them. One way to handle this challenge is to have a strong service level agreement (SLA) with your suppliers. You need to clearly state what you expect from them in terms of compliance with the agreement. The consequences of violating the SLA should also be spelled out. Take every complaint raised by a customer seriously and find ways to ascertain that your suppliers are always adhering to the SLA guidelines.

Shipment to Wrong Address

As awkward as it sounds, some orders are shipped to either the wrong address or addresses that don’t even exist. That is another major challenge you may have to handle as an ecommerce entrepreneur. The best way to handle this problem is to ensure that address mistakes don’t come from your end. It is necessary that you double-check the address you send to the supplier for each order. You should also hold some sort of proof of any shipping address you supply.

Products Returns

This is something you can’t escape in ecommerce. Most often, it is never your fault since a third party is always involved in dropshipping. You can’t also make all the rules here. Suppliers have different ways of handling returns, and you must find ways to communicate that clearly to your customers. Just know that your customers will come to you and not the supplier. Spell out the return policy on your website clearly. Put in every necessary effort to make the process smooth for your customers too.

Managing the Numbers

From inventory to billing, you will find out that managing the numbers can be really challenging, even in dropshipping. Pricing is another important factor when it comes to getting it right with the numbers. Obviously, you can’t handle everything about numbers the processes will throw at you. The right thing to do is to invest in the appropriate technologies for these. Automating each process will make things easier and give you the time to focus on making important decisions to grow your business and attend to other important issues.

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In the last few years, holiday sales have increasingly become a virtual thing. While there are many who still prefer to go down to shopping malls and department stores for their holiday supplies, most people have accepted the new way of doing things – which is online shopping.

The digital transformation in holiday shopping habits have been massive in the last five years, but there are good reasons to believe that it will be super-charged this year. The coronavirus pandemic has affected the retail industry in many ways, and most people are now willing to shop online.

Knowing that holiday sales are going to be massive in 2020, ecommerce entrepreneurs need to be ready to take advantage of the opportunity. How do you do that? You need to prepare your online store appropriately. Without further ado, here are specific ways to prepare your ecommerce store for holiday sales 2020:

Evaluate the Overall Store Experience

You need to realize that customers have several options when it comes to shopping online. The holiday season is a busy period for everyone, and buyers will be quick to abandon your store and go elsewhere if they don’t like the experience. You need to start by evaluating the overall user experience and taking significant steps to ensure that customers have the best user experience in your ecommerce store. You may need to upgrade the infrastructure to handle a surge in traffic, update your third-party integrations, and improve the speed of your site.

Create Mobile-Optimized Experience

More people are shopping with their mobile devices, and you need to make the process easier for them. Creating a mobile-optimized experienced is very important, and you may need to involve some experts. You can start by implemented AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which can meaningfully improve the user experience for mobile users. Your ecommerce store must also be easy to navigate on mobile so that customers can find with they need with ease. Images, CTA buttons, and hamburger menu must be the right size, also.

Help Customers Find the Products They May Need

You need to make it easier for holiday shoppers to find what they may need for the season, and there are several ways you can do that. You can start by creating new product collections that are perfect for the holiday season. You can also add a search bar and filtering options to make it easy for customers who prefer to peruse a store before making a purchase to find what they need. To make shopping at your store more exciting, you can add holiday promotions that are irresistible.

Add Clear CTAs and Minimize Clicks Whenever Possible

As hinted already, many buyers have a lot to do during the holiday season and will not want to waste time and get frustrated just because they want to shop online. Any unnecessary clicks in your purchase funnel can be a major turnoff for most buyers, so you need to take care of them as early as possible. Try to minimize clicks as much as possible; you can even take shoppers directly to checkout flow by including Buy Now buttons that skip the shopping cart.

Automate Selling, Shipping, And Fulfillment

This is also a good time for automation. There will be a surge in traffic, and it will help if selling, shipping, and fulfillment of orders are automated. If you are certain you can’t handle shipping and fulfillment, you can outsource to third-party logistic providers. When you automate selling, shipping, and fulfillment, you may have access to a simple dashboard where you can compare shipping rates, print labels, manage orders, reconcile shipping bills, and many more.

Be Strategic With Holiday Marketing and Promotions

Most of your loyal customers will likely buy more this season. You will also get a lot of new customers this holiday season if you play your card well. You need to market smart to get the results you need. This is not the time to start trying different new things. You can achieve more by concentrating your marketing budget on tried-and-true channels. You can also try some keywords and strategies that worked during 2019 holiday sales.

Optimize Customer Service and Support for the Season

As mentioned earlier, there will certainly be a surge in traffic as more people will shop for holiday supplies online this year. Your customer service and support need to be ready for that. It is time to invest a little more, as that can determine customer satisfaction and how your business will fare during and after the season.

Offer Diverse Payment Methods

By supporting different payment methods in your ecommerce website, you will make your existing and potential customers more comfortable and confident to buy from you. This will also boost your sales now and in the future.

2020 has been an eventful year. The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every industry throughout the world. Ecommerce retailers have been affected too, but there are indications that the coming holiday season will be interesting for online sellers. You need to prepare your ecommerce store for the season, and we strongly believe that the points above can be very helpful.

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