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During crowdfunding campaign, the backers who support a project also want something in return; a little appreciation of their efforts is not out of line. This is where crowdfunding fulfillment comes in. Crowdfunding fulfillment is the last stage of any crowdfunding campaign; it involves fulfilling the promises made to backers.

With all the excitement of launching a crowdfunding campaign, crowd funders often forget to plan for fulfillment. This is one of the biggest mistakes one could make in crowdfunding and can affect the success of the campaign.  Here are some things you need to know about crowdfunding fulfillment:

Fulfillment Planning

Crowdfunding fulfillment is so important that preparation should start long before you even launch your campaign. You need to calculate and have an idea of cost, how much work, or time everything will take beforehand. As a crowd funder, what kind of rewards do you want to give your backers, think about the essential features you must have on them, and the cost of one. Also, try and estimate the manufacturing and shipping costs of these rewards to your backers accurately. With this, crowdfunding fulfillment gets easy when you reach the phase.

Keeping the Rewards Simple

Imagine your rewards are in the form of t-shirts. Getting four different t-shirt designs on six colors of shirts with varying locations of print can be a bit complicated for your backers and even time consuming for you – the crowd funder. If you want to offer four sizes, with six colors, and three different designs – you are now on the hook to get 72 different items rewards. While variety is the spice of life, it’s best to make everything simple for yourself and the backers. One or two variables is often straightforward for backers to choose from, and also make your manufacturing and delivery time faster.

Duties and Taxes

Charges such as import duties and taxes need to be carefully mapped out and considered. Shipping the rewards to your backers can not be free, when you ship something to another country, you or your customer may be asked to pay additional duties and taxes before the shipment is delivered. These charges can vary per country; this is why it is necessary planning for them. Also, you should consider informing overseas customers that they may have to pay these fees to their local authority during claiming. Luckily, many online resources and calculators can be used in calculating all these costs, with multiple countries options.


This is another essential part of crowdfunding fulfillment that is worth knowing. The sooner you understand your needs, the easier it becomes to make designs, packaging decisions, and incorporating packaging costs into your budget. Yes! Careful packaging can even lower the cost of your shipping at times. If your product can be folded or disassembled in such a way that the quality is not affected, it will fit in a smaller package, thereby lowering shipping costs. Also, items should not be too tight or too loose; if they are too loose, extras like goodies and bubbles can be added to fill up space.  How about the price of the package itself? The price of packaging can vary according to size, design, and materials. All these should be taken into consideration for your crowdfunding fulfillment.  

Staff and Warehousing Costs

You can either do crowdfunding fulfillment on your own or give it out to a fulfillment company to handle on your behalf. Whatever the option you are using, you’ll have to pay for these costs in one way or the other. If you are going to be handling the fulfillment, then you need to consider factors such as staff costs and warehousing costs since you will probably have to hire few people and a place to store the products before shipping.

Knowing Which Countries You’ll Be Shipping To

Most crowdfunding platforms are global, and people from around the world support most successful campaigns. Donations from around the world are where you can get more inflow, and at the same time, where you can really lose money when it comes to delivering your rewards. This is why you need to know which countries the rewards will be shipped to when it is time for fulfillment. When you know the countries you will be shipping to, it helps in projecting and budgeting costs for shipping locally, and internationally.

Calculating Shipping Costs

This deals with having prior knowledge of your shipping costs before fulfillment even begins. Some factors and shipping options may influence shipping costs; some of these factors are dimensions and weight rules, transit times, rate, shipping methods, and many others. Calculating shipping costs involve taking into consideration all of these factors, and finding an estimate for the shipping costs of your rewards, then putting this estimate in your plan or campaign budget.

Safety Margin

Simply put, this process involves mitigating against various risks in order to avoid disappointment during crowdfunding fulfillment. Challenges during production, unexpected issues can come up. To be on the safer side and maintain your backers’ trust, adding a safety margin is necessary. This can be ensured by adding extra cost or time to your budget to cater for any unexpected situation.

Because crowdfunding fulfillment comes last doesn’t make it any less important. In actual fact, it is a crucial phase of crowdfunding. Without it, a crowdfunding campaign cannot be said to be completed. Crowdfunding fulfillment can be an exciting phase if done well, and luckily, above are all there is to know about it!

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A crowdfunding project is deemed finished only when every backer has received their rewards; this is why crowdfunding fulfillment is known as the last and important part of the crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding project owners often forget or take this important phase of crowdfunding like a pinch of salt, which shouldn’t be so. Taking crowdfunding fulfillment lightly may lead to an unsuccessful campaign if the backers that supported you throughout the campaign didn’t get any rewards in return. When dealing with crowdfunding fulfillment, effective planning and management are needed. Below are some of the tips in managing crowdfunding fulfillment and shipping for your backers’ rewards:

Consider the Reward Fulfillment Solution from The Start

One of the most common mistakes crowd funders make is not considering fulfillment costs, shipping, and other contingencies associated with fulfillment from the start. Many times, the results of this action are not always good, as crowd funders may find themselves in a bad situation when there is very little money, and time left for them to ship rewards to their supporters.

Get the Rewards In

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This deals with the process and cost of getting whatever rewards you want to give your backers from the production site, or wherever you’ll ship it from. If you are getting these products or rewards from a manufacturer or supplier, then ensure fees like freight fees, inbound shipping, and production cost are included in your plan.

Storing Products or Rewards

After you must have gotten the products or rewards from the manufacturer, where will you keep them until it’s time to ship? Or probably you are the manufacturer of these rewards, where are you planning on keeping them.

Although storing products might not be a biggie, especially if you are giving out a small batch of rewards, as you can easily store at your home. But it might become an issue when it comes to large scale storing. Therefore, whatever the method of storing products, it is best to consider this factor, and include it in your plan.


Careful planning is also needed when it comes to packaging your products and getting them ready for shipping. The kind of packaging to be used varies and mostly depends on the kind of products that is being shipped. Items shouldn’t be too tight or too close, especially if there are fragile items.

A small space that can contain extras like bubbles or popcorn can also be added to the packaging. Also, when packaging, be sure to include packaging costs such as the packing items cost, label costs, and the labor costs involved in the packaging process.

Know Where You Will Be Shipping to For Your Backers

All your backers might not be from the U.S or the country you are. Sometimes a good percentage of your backers might even be from another country. To manage the fulfillment and shipping for your backers effectively, you should have an idea of the countries you’ll be shipping to. You can know this at the point where the backers are providing their support. Knowing which countries your backers are from will help you in having an idea of the cost of shipping to the various countries, which you would have added to your campaign budget.

Calculate Shipping Costs

Image result for Calculate Shipping Costs"

To manage a crowdfunding fulfillment campaign, you need to have an idea of your shipping costs. Many factors come into play when determining shipping costs. A few of the factors are transit times, rate, shipping methods, weight some others. Considering all these factors give one a better shot at managing crowdfunding fulfillment and rewards shipping. In light of this, consider estimating your package weight and size, estimate your number of packages and also estimate shipping from & delivery to locations.

Buffering Time

Cost is not always constant. A particular material being sold today at $5 might not be the same price next tomorrow. If it is being sold at $5 during the crowdfunding period, and the price changes when you’re about to start getting the items for the fulfillment, what do you think will happen? Don’t you think this sudden change in price will affect your budget?

This is why it’s always good to consider adding a buffering plan to your time budget. Unforeseen circumstances like change in price, change in shipping costs, or sudden scarcity of an item can often cause a delay in delivering your rewards to your backers. Adding a buffer time, and planning upfront will help you in managing the fulfillment and shipping to your backers.

Meeting Up with The Delivery Date

If you’ve considered and added some buffering time to your schedule, you most definitely will meet up with the delivery date. But, the most common fulfillment issue is still meeting up with the delivery date. A delivery date missed is a setback in the trust which the backers have for you.

Therefore, to manage your backers’ rewards effectively, figure out the most conservative date you think the rewards can get delivered and add one or two months to it. This makes sure you still have time to deliver in case of any unforeseen circumstances. You are just mitigating against risks. Should everything go smoothly, and you can deliver much earlier before time, don’t you think your backers would be happier and surprised at how fast you deliver?

There you have it! A good understanding of crowdfunding fulfillment and shipping is key to avoiding costly mistakes. This is why you need the above tips to manage effectively. Effective managing of your crowdfunding fulfillment and shipping for your backers leaves both you and your backers happy after the campaign.

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Crowdfunding fulfillment, as the name implies, is the fulfillment of the promise made by you during your crowdfunding. Once your campaign is done, you’ll need to get back to your backers by delivering back to them the fulfillment of the promise made during crowdfunding. Some people find this process somewhat difficult and complex. This has cost the goodwill many crowd funders had built up over time or during a successful campaign.

Proper planning beforehand, however, can mitigate all the risks or pressure involved in the fulfillment process. In fact, this preparation should start long before you even launch your campaign. This makes the crowdfunding process simpler.  Below are some ways to make crowdfunding fulfillment easy:

Budget Your Crowdfunding Fulfillment

As mentioned earlier, the crowdfunding fulfillment process should start long before you even launch your campaign. During the process of setting up your crowdfunding campaign, there’s a need to ensure that you are including some of the rewards costs you will need within the funding goal. Budgeting everything beforehand is essential because crowdfunding fulfillment is often forgotten by some people, especially those new to crowdfunding. If proper budgeting is not made, the outcome might not be favorable, as you may have to find the funds to fulfill promises made elsewhere.

Postage and Packaging

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Postage and packaging are other two important things not to forget when preparing for your crowdfunding fulfillment. Many crowdfunders make big mistakes by not including these costs in their funding goals costs. Postage and packaging costs can quickly add up when you are starting to fulfill your rewards to your backers. In light of this, it is important always to check the cost of sending your rewards beforehand.

Buffering Time

Talking about unforeseen circumstances that may arise during your campaign. It is crucial to know that costs over time can increase, and sometimes estimates aren’t always accurate because of some unforeseen circumstances. Most times, people don’t factor this into their plan. Some things are, however, inevitable. Therefore, you need to add in some extra cash -though not too much-loved in your budget to cater for these unforeseen situations, rise in production costs, changes in shipping, materials, and others.


Yes!  Careful packaging can even lower the cost of your shipping at times. During packaging, you need to choose your packaging carefully. Items should not be too tight or too loose; if they are, you should find a way around it. Instead of making a package too tight, leaving an inch of wiggle room for some things like bubbles or popcorns is a better idea. 

Consider Import Customs

Well, rate is not constant, and it changes for bringing items into a country or out of the country. This makes it rate very hard to predict. Although most of the time, it is your contributors’ responsibility to make sure these items are legally receivable into their countries, and they also incur any import taxes associated with the items to be received. However, it is right giving a heads up to your contributors to avoid any surprises when they receive the notice from their carriers or post office.

Simplify What You Are Offering

Image result for Postage and Packaging"

Maybe you are planning on giving out clothing as rewards to your contributors for their support. You don’t want to make the mistake of getting four different t-shirt designs on six colors of shirts with varying locations of print. Although this is possible to do, however, have you considered how expensive and costly this could be?  What’s more? It can be time-consuming and complicated for some contributors to choose from. The less complicated you make things, the easier it is for contributors to decide and check out quickly. It’s good to offer flexibility to your contributors, as it shows how much you appreciate and recognizes their backing. However, you need to ensure it doesn’t affect the whole purpose of the campaign.

Make Plans to Meet Up with Delivery Date

The most common fulfillment mishap is missing the estimated delivery date. You don’t want to miss the delivery date because it says a lot about trustworthiness. Especially when it comes to supporters that have backed you up. Figure out your most conservative delivery date estimate, and then add one or two months to it for your public estimated delivery date. This added date gives you the opportunity to cater for contingencies and unforeseen circumstances. Also, most backers will accept delays of up to three months as long as you’re getting them informed by posting relevant project updates and responding to their questions.

Consider A Crowdfunding Fulfillment Company

Some companies – Fulfillment companies- do all these tasks discussed above, and some others. Almost 90% of crowdfunded projects used some kind of fulfillment service or software to help them ship their rewards. These companies specialize in helping small businesses, start-ups, and crowdfunding campaigns meet their budgeted fulfillment needs. They take up all of your crowdfunding fulfillment responsibilities, from product receipt and storage, to packing, to packaging and shipping. This can save you some time for other things.

Recognizing the supports and efforts made by your contributors to your crowdfunding is very important. Crowdfunding fulfillment is the last but most important element of the crowdfunding process. You should ensure that it goes smoothly, by producing, packaging and posting their reward without any trouble or unexpected cost to you. By following the above tips, you’re ensuring smiles on everyone’s face.

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After a successful crowdfunding campaign comes the crowdfunding fulfillment. This stage involves the manufacturing or any way you wish to get the rewards for your supporters, packaging, and shipping out the rewards. It is the last and crucial stage in crowdfunding. There is a need for careful planning, to ensure you don’t end up draining your funds, or sourcing for money elsewhere to get the rewards for your customers. Below are some tips to ensure a successful crowdfunding fulfillment:

Incorporate Fulfillment into Your Plan from the Beginning

Behind every success, there is proper planning. Building your fulfillment details into your crowdfunding plan from the beginning helps a great deal in ensuring a successful fulfillment. Details like the weight of the item you’re planning as rewards, dimensions, designs, packaging, shipping, and some other things should be mapped out from the beginning.

Calculate Shipping Costs

To ensure a successful crowdfunding fulfillment, you need to have an idea of your shipping costs before the campaign begins. In light of this, all the factors that may influence shipping costs need to be considered. Also, research all shipping options, like rates, transit times, shipping methods, and dimensional weight rules, which most times differ by carrier. The idea is to do your due diligence and come up with an accurate shipping cost for every reward you’ll be offering your supporters.

Know Which Countries You’ll Be Shipping To

You are not expecting supports from only the people in your country, are you? In fact, the most successful campaigns are supported by people from around the world. Donations from around the world are where you can really get more inflow, and at the same time, where you can really lose money when it comes to delivering your rewards. When heading into your crowdfunding campaign, ensure you know the countries you’ll be shipping to, and determine the necessary dimensions and costs for shipping 

Calculate Postage

Some crowdfunders often forget or fail to include this cost in their plan. Postage costs can quickly add up, and the unbudgeted extra costs can affect your whole plan. One reward item that you thought would cost a few dollars may end up costing more.  Therefore it is important always to calculate your postage cost to be on the safe side, which in turn ensures you deliver your fulfillment without having to complain to your supporters. 


Image result for Packaging"

There is also a need to make sure your rewards packages are chosen and packaged carefully. Ensure the packaging you choose is not too tight or too loose, durable, and large enough. When it is not too loose, and just large enough, there will be little space around to add extra bubbles or cushioning materials to offer extra goodies, and still protect your item. 

Add a Safety Margin

Manufacturing challenges, unexpected issues or unforeseen circumstances may arise during the course of any project; it is necessary to mitigate against these risks to avoid delays, and disappointing your supporters when it is time for crowdfunding fulfillment. To mitigate the risks, you should factor in extra budget that will cater for situations such as an unexpected increase in material costs, a rise in production costs, and many others.

Calculate the Import Duty and VAT Tax

Well, some of these charges that come with your rewards will still be paid by your supporters during claiming. Therefore during your campaign, it is necessary to remind overseas customers that they may have to pay these fees. By doing this, you are showing transparency in your campaign. There are online resources like import and export duty calculator that can be used in line with this purpose.

Plan for Staff and Warehousing Costs

You can either take on the crowdfunding fulfillment on your own or give it out to a fulfillment company to do for you. If you are going for the DIY, you need to consider factors such as warehouse space and costs, staff on hand to package and ship the rewards. Also, their wages, and some other related factors. However, if your crowdfunding campaign involves a whole lot of people, then consider getting a fulfillment partner or a company that will help, and also take note of the cost of their services.

Simplify Your Offer

In order not to get choked up with unnecessary costs, there’s a need to make the rewards you will be offering your backers as simple as possible. If you are planning on giving out a particular item as part of your rewards, don’t make the mistake of getting it complicated. When an offer is not simplified, production and distribution tend to take time. Simplifying your rewards is one good way of completing your campaign on time, and having a successful fulfillment.

Crowdfunding Fulfillment Company

If your crowdfunding campaign is a large scale one that involves many people, then getting a fulfillment company for the fulfillment process can help in making the whole campaign a success. They take up all the fulfillment responsibilities that you have, such as production, packaging, storage, and shipping. Almost 90% of crowdfunded projects used some fulfillment service or software as the companies make the crowdfunding fulfillment easier, and less stressful for you.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips for successful crowdfunding fulfillment. The fulfillment period can be an extremely trying time for crowdfunders. To have a successful crowdfunding fulfillment, you need some great tips to help in making the process smooth, and above are some of these tips. Proper packaging, mitigating beforehand all the costs you may likely incur during the campaign, meeting your delivery date, and constant update for your backers will help a great deal in making your fulfillment a successful one.

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Although there are many e-commerce websites these days. However, Shopify remains one of the most popular out there. Many people are rushing into it, because of it being economical, user-friendly, and its other amazing features. Considering the number factor, how do you now build a successful one? Below are some essential steps to building a successful Shopify dropshipping business:

Choose a Niche

Most successful dropshipping businesses today are niche-specific. This means to build a successful Shopify dropshipping business; one needs to be as specific as possible when it comes to choosing a niche. You tend to have a better chance at success because most energy is focused on the area. Therefore it is important to choose a niche you are very much familiar with, a niche that you know all the ins and outs, and a niche that you love or have passion for.

Find Products to Sell

Just like identifying a particular niche, there is a need to try and do that with the products also. Picking random products limits the chances of success and sales. Before picking any product, thorough research should be done to ensure you choose a profitable product that is high in demand by various consumers or customers. By performing thorough competition research before picking products, you’ll get a better chance at success in the dropshipping business.

Set Up Your Shopify Account

After deciding on a niche and products to sell. The next step would be to set up the platform where all the things you have planned would take place – the platform being the Shopify. The first step in setting up is to visit the Shopify website and create an account. After creating an account, the dashboard of your store shows up with its features and settings for modifications if need be. In addition, you should also add a domain name. Many people don’t like the default option URL of Shopify, buying a new domain, or connecting an existing domain are better options.

Look For a Supplier

When the store has been set, you need to find a supplier that will supply you with the products you will be selling in your store. Looking for a supplier, in this case, is no joke. Remember, it is drop shipping, and this supplier would be the one handling the products from the warehouses down to your customers. Therefore it is important to find a reputable supplier that is verified. Also, make inquiries about their storage facilities, shipping methods, delivery time and other related questions

Design Your Shopify Dashboard

The dashboard is where you’ll be running the whole show. Hence, the need to ensure it is designed for efficiency and effectiveness. Luckily, Shopify has a variety of themes that can be used for the design job. They serve as the layout, and to use them –  the left-side of your Shopify dashboard is the option for “Online Store,” under this menu, find and select “Themes.” Themes are the starting point for further customization. From there, you can use your images, rearrange the layout, and choose your fonts and colors.

Write Product Description

Product description gives an overview of the product; therefore, it needs to be attracting and catchy.  Many times, product description needs to be changed from the default to a better one. While changing, use keywords in the title and description, and make the descriptions more engaging. Customers connect with an engaging description easily; with this, they can know how the product solves their needs.

Set up Items Collections

Simply put, item collection is a way of categorizing the products to make them more discoverable by the customers. When you group your products into collections, it makes it easier for the customers to find what they are looking for in no time. Examples of these collections are grouping according to “Product Type,” “Sex,” “Age,” and some other categories.

Customize Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

The next step towards building a successful Shopify dropshipping business is customization.  One of the ways to customize your store is to add some vital pages to it. Pages such as the FAQ page, About Page, Contact Page, Shipping and Returns, and other necessary pages. You can create pages by clicking the “Pages” button on the left-hand side of the menu of Shopify backend.

Add Payment Methods

Towards the end is the payment set up methods. Being in the business means you want to make some money, and when the money comes, how do you withdraw the funds? The funds can be withdrawn into your account by using the payment options available. You can add or make changes under settings by clicking “Payment Providers.”

Market Your Business

Well, how would a business make sales and profits if there’s no marketing? This step is purposely left to be at the end because after creating an enabling environment for business, then the main goal – selling and making profits takes place. Marketing is an essential aspect of any business. In fact, your competitors are continually marketing too. This makes marketing critical when building a successful Shopify dropshipping business.

There you have it! Above are some steps juiced with all the necessary elements and tactics that you need to know about building a successful Shopify dropshipping business. By following and applying all the steps in this article diligently, surely you can build your store and start selling in no time.

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As an entrepreneur or a business owner, you don’t really have to be involved in all these process flow. With Shopify dropshipping, you’re free from inventory management headaches. When your store sells an item, the order is sent to the supplier, who then ships it directly to your customers. You don’t have to touch the product, and you only pay for what you sell. Here are some guides on how to dropship on Shopify:

Find Your Niche or Products

One of the biggest hurdles most new Shopify dropshipping businesses face is picking a niche and products to focus on. The first step or one of the steps in the planning of a successful Shopify dropshipping business is to find the niche that suits you. This involves in-depth knowledge of what you’re selling and recognizing your target audience. Many times, it is recommended to choose a niche that you have passion for. Remember, if your customers have any questions regarding your products, they might likely ask you first.

Naming Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

Since you have probably found a niche by now, another step would be the naming of the Shopify dropshipping store. When choosing a name for the store, it is essential to keep it simple, creative, and it must be memorable. The name of the store must be formed in such a way that it helps in its own way to attract customers. Also, business name generator can be a great tool in creating unique names for the store.

Create A Shopify Account

Now it’s time to register an account with Shopify. To create an account, head to their website and click the “Get started” button. Once you enter your email, you’ll be prompted to set a password and name your store (which you have done this before). After you submit, there will be a few forms to fill out. Also, Shopify will ask a bit more information like if you’re already selling a product and your address.

Add Products

The integration of apps like Oberlo has made adding products easier. To use the app for finding products, you can click the “Products” button on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Then select “More Actions,” and click “Find more products to sell.” Upon making the clicks, the app interface will show up where you can easily search for products and their suppliers. After the selection on the product page, you’ll see the supply and shipping cost, along with a pricing field in which you can input your retail price. When you’re done, click the “Add product “ button, and the item will be added to your store.

Editing Product Details

Go through each product, and edit its item details to a personal description. This is why it’s good to understand and have the knowledge of most products you are selling. Some products are stuffed with different keywords, and they need modifications. Editing the product details makes it more appealing and shows the originality of the store.

Designing the Store

When it comes to designs, Shopify does have a lot of options. You can visit their online store, and go to the theme section to see some selections. If you see anyone you desire, installation is not hard, as you can click on the listing and then the Add to theme library button. It is crucial to choose the theme for your store wisely, and be professional about it.

Adding Pages

Yes!  These pages are vital for any online store. With these pages, visitors or customers can know all there is to know about your store. These pages are the about page, contact page, shipping and returns, FAQ page, among others. To create these pages, click the “Pages” link on the left-hand menu of your Shopify, then click “Add Page.”

Adding a Domain

The default URL for any Shopify store is But does it look appealing? After setting all your store up, it is a great idea to add a domain name. By doing this, your store name appears more professional, easy to remember, and appealing. Adding a domain is quite easy with Shopify. It can be done in the domain settings under “Online Store” on the left-hand menu of your Shopify backend.

Setup Customer Support

Nothing can be compared to effective customer service. There will always be questions from your customers. If a customer needs more details about a product and couldn’t find it in the store, his next action might probably be contacting your support. Therefore, you need to make yourself available to customers always. A contact page can do this job, while you can also leverage tools like ZenDesk for this purpose.

Setting Up Payments for Your Shopify Dropshipping

The essence of the whole store is to do what you love and of course, make some money from it. To set up the payment, go to your main Shopify settings, and then to the option of Payment providers.

By default, Shopify connects your store with PayPal Express Checkout, and all payments are matched with the associated email address that you used when registering with Shopify. If this email is not what you would like to use for payment, it can be changed by deactivating and activating back. This action prompt you to enter a different email instead. In addition, Shopify allows the option of third-party payment providers.

There you have it! Above are the ultimate dropshipping guides needed to start and make a wave in the Shopify dropshipping business. Getting the best results from your Shopify dropshipping business requires following the right procedures. Choose a niche, choose a name and create a Shopify account, and make all the necessary settings. When all these steps or process flow are adhered to correctly, you’ll be able to run a profitable Shopify dropshipping business in no time.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about the Shopify dropshipping business. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We guarantee you excellent services.


Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platform on the planet. Over half a million entrepreneurs already use Shopify to run their businesses, why? Well, the answer is not far-fetched. People are making a lucrative amount from it. With the vast number of people involved, as a drop shipper, some tips to overcome the competition is a great idea. Below are the revelation of dropshipping on Shopify secrets that you can apply to your own business to boost your chances of success:

Choose the Right Niche

Never dive into any niche! This secret is golden, and many drop shippers are not aware of this. To be successful in Shopify dropshipping, you need to choose your niche carefully and wisely. The advice is to choose a niche in which you are very good at.

Understanding all the rudiments about a niche gives you the prerequisite knowledge needed in dealing with your customers’ needs and questions. The right niche gives you more sales, with repeated customers. 

In addition, another secret when looking for the right niche is to do thorough research. Find out everything you can about the niche and products and see what people have to say about them. Take note of the bad reviews; if there are many bad reviews, you may consider choosing a different niche. You don’t want unhappy customers, do you?

Focus On Marketing

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business, and it brings in the customers who’ll buy the products that you’re offering in your store. Without any form of marketing, how do you intend getting customers? And if customers are not there, how do you intend to make sales or profit? With a competitive market like dropshipping, it is essential to make sure marketing is done effectively as it helps in building a successful dropshipping business. 

Specialize In a Niche

Jack of all trades, master of none. This phrase is not advisable when it comes to dropshipping. Most successful businesses today that deals in dropshipping have one thing in common; they specialize in a certain or a particular category of product or niche.

A jack of all trade in dropshipping on Shopify might just be doing a lot of things without expertise in a specific area. On the flip side, being an expert in a particular niche set you aside from the competition, communicate more effectively with your customers, and it makes your brand a known figure for a specific area of specialty.

Choose the Right and Quality Suppliers

Another factor that can determine the success of your dropshipping on Shopify is the suppliers. Anything good is hard to find, especially in a saturated market full of different suppliers, both sham and real. Suppliers are the ones to supply your business with products. Therefore it is vital to make sure your suppliers are quality ones for the sake of your business and your customers.

Be Professional

There are so many people jumping into the dropshipping business nowadays. What will make you different from them is the level of professionalism you portray. When dropshipping on Shopify, one secret most drop shippers don’t know is that you need to make your brand official and be professional as much as possible.

An example of where to show this level of professionalism is when contacting suppliers; suppliers want you to sell their product, and at the same time, want you to take care of the consumers the products are going out to. You are serving as their second voice. As your reputation is at stake, so is theirs.

Keep an Eye on Your Competition

Yes! Always keep an eye on your competitors, especially those in the same niche as you. People have discovered that dropshipping on Shopify is a profitable business. Therefore, the market is full of different people, applying a variety of methods.

Competition isn’t a bad thing; there are lots of things to learn from the competition. But it is important to know that this competition must be a healthy one. Try and look at what products your competitors are selling, how they craft their description, the quality of their blogs, and some other necessary things. Then, make the necessary modifications wisely.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Service

Your customer service strength is another golden secret. One of the best ways to gain and retain customers while dropshipping on Shopify is to provide outstanding customer service. Customers are always first in any business because the sales and profits depend on them. If your customer service is not excellent, do evaluate and revive it. Go the extra mile in ensuring your customers gain optimal satisfaction from your products.

Deep Knowledge of Your Products

Sell what you know; know what you sell. When dropshipping on Shopify, it is crucial to make sure you sell products that you are knowledgeable about. A deep understanding of everything about your products gives you an advantage when researching or trying to order.

Furthermore, having a deep knowledge of your products makes it possible for you to know the things customers are looking for in a particular product or what they want. This gives you a better chance to get exactly the products your customers will not have complaints about.

Also, choosing products you already know makes it easier for you to craft a catchy description that best describes the products. You can also take product photos that show all the necessary details that are important to you and your customers.

There you have it! Above are some secrets to success when dropshipping on Shopify. Just like every other platform, achieving success when dropshipping on Shopify requires a lot of work. However, by following the tips above, there is a great chance at success for your dropshipping business on Shopify.

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Amazon dropshipping has come to stay, and there’s a possibility of making a good income from it. However, there are quite good numbers of people currently into Amazon dropshipping these days, and many are still joining the already competitive market. With several people becoming drop shippers every day, it will be really difficult to make headway- if one is not very smart and equipped with the right tools to excel in the ever-competitive dropshipping business.

To be successful in Amazon dropshipping business, one needs to work hard and work smartly. Below are some essential steps that can help in building a successful Amazon dropshipping business:

Create an Amazon Seller Account

Well, this is the first step in starting any dropshipping business. To start an Amazon dropshipping business you need to create an Amazon seller account. Generally, there are two types of accounts in Amazon dropshipping: The individual account, and the professional account. Sellers that are new to Amazon dropshipping can create an individual account. Professional sellers, on the other hand, need to pay a monthly fee of $40.

Have a Solid Plan

How does one build a successful business without a good and solid plan? What’s a business without a plan?  Dropshipping business needs detailed planning to succeed. With the website and product in place, another important thing is to develop an effective business plan to work with. A business plan that captures everything from reaching out to the audience, getting suppliers and products, partners, and competitions.

Choose the Right Niche

Do what you love most!  When choosing a niche in dropshipping business, a good way to choose is choosing what you love, what you are actually interested in. Some people do make mistakes of diving into anything or niche they see with the mindset of figuring it out as they go. However, this is not advisable. Though it may work for some, it is vital to choose a niche that you are knowledgeable about and can easily answer customers’ questions. While selecting the right niche, it is also essential to consider and seek some factors such as attractive profits and low shipping costs, which are very important.

Craft a Well Detailed Title and Product Descriptions

In dropshipping business, once you find the items you want to dropship, then it’s time to list them on the Amazon marketplace. While listing, it is important to craft a well detailed SEO-Optimized Amazon titles and descriptions. Long and detailed descriptions are known to be rich in keywords and always rank better on Amazon. Also, all other details like the refund policy should be clearly stated.

Aim for a High Seller Rating

In Amazon dropshipping business, having a 95% or higher seller rating improves the likelihood that you’ll appear in organic searches. Appearing in organic searches translates to high turnover. Also, it’s essential to have a high seller rating as customers will be more likely to trust drop shippers with high ratings. High seller rating gives a seller an edge over those with lower ratings.

Research the Competition

These days the dropshipping business is known to be a competitive one. Therefore there’s a need to research in order to beat others in the race. Most profitable niches definitely have individuals and professionals doing so well in the niches. To beat them or get up to their level, you need to work hard and up your game too seriously. Research on some of the things other people in the niche are doing, try, and incorporate it into yours as well. Be smarter about yours. With good research can a seller be successful in the competitive Amazon dropshipping business.

Choose Your Supplier

Choosing suppliers for your dropshipping business is another step that needs to be handled with care. Working with the right supplier can really help your business in becoming a successful one. It is essential to be at the back of mind that a wrong choice of supplier can be the end of a business. Diligent work should be done when choosing a supplier. Consider factors such as reputation and how effective communication is with the supplier. In addition, a supplier can disappoint; they might not have that same product you want to get again. It is wise to consider having multiple suppliers to avoid disappointing your customers.

Market Your Business

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business. Every business needs marketing. Therefore, proper and effective marketing is essential for a dropshipping business. With a competitive market like a dropshipping business, all other competitors are marketing, so why won’t you? To build a successful dropshipping business, it is vital to engage in marketing. Marketing can be in the form of Facebook advertising, SEO, email marketing, and other social media marketing.

Be On The Look Out For Trends.

Trends!  What’s in vogue currently?  Or what are the products making people go crazy?  A seller that wants to build a successful Amazon dropshipping business must be able to know this and act on it. If a particular product is trending, then it is best to find and put it on listings. If you want those crazy sales, you have to work for it, and if people are not looking for what a drop shipper sells, then it is a dead business.

There you have it! Above are a couple of essential tips for building a successful Amazon dropshipping business. Building a successful Amazon dropshipping business requires a lot of effort and consistency. By following the tips above, you can establish a reputation for your Amazon dropshipping business.

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Amazon is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the world. It is also an innovative brand that has adopted different strategies to improve sales and become a household name worldwide. It is not surprising, therefore, that it has become one of the biggest platforms for dropshippers.

Dropshipping on Amazon is an awesome opportunity for anyone to benefit from the incredible benefits of dropshipping, leveraging on Amazon. Are you interested in this opportunity? Do you want to start dropshipping on Amazon but have no idea of how to start? We will briefly discuss everything you need to know to get started.

What Does Dropshipping On Amazon Entail?

Dropshipping general involves listing your products on your website without holding any physical inventory. When orders are placed, your supplier ships directly to your buyer. With Amazon, things are a little different. The company has a policy that explicitly states that ‘purchasing products from an online retailer and having that retailer ship directly to customers is not allowed.

What you can legitimately do is to use the ‘Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. This allows you to purchase items from retailers and have Amazon fulfil the order. We will get into how you can do that but let’s look at the major benefits first.

Benefits of Amazon Dropshipping

It is possible that you already understand the benefits dropshipping offers but it is important we briefly discuss them here. The major benefits of Amazon dropshipping include:

Fast Shipping Time: Customers generally want their purchases at their doorsteps as early as possible. Amazon can do this better than most marketing channels. Dropshipping on Amazon will help you get your orders to your customers faster and improves customer satisfaction.

Large Potential Customers: One of the biggest benefits of leveraging on Amazon is a large customer base. As at the last reported period, the company had 310 million active users. With such a channel, you can reach several people who are interested in your products.

No Warehouse Cost: This is one of the biggest benefits of the dropshipping business model. You don’t have to own or run a website as Amazon has you completely covered. This also means that your running cost will be minimal and there is zero risk of incurring losses due to damages.

Lower Ad Spend: While you can run ads on Amazon to promote your products, the platform is friendly to dropshippers who don’t have so much to spend on ads. The Amazon marketplace receives serious organic traffic and you can align your business to benefit from this by optimizing your page. You also set your ad cost.

Top-Notch Suppliers: Some of the world best suppliers can be found on Amazon. Dropshipping on the channel gives you access to these top-notch suppliers from around the world. This means you can easily sell some of the best products from Europe, Asia, America and other recognized markets. The phrase ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ also improves the legitimacy of your products.

Downsides to Amazon Dropshipping

Since we have discussed some of the benefits of dropshipping with Amazon, it is only fair that we talk about the downsides. The only major issue with Amazon dropshipping is the fact that it only works via the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program. This means that dropshippers cannot purchase from other retailers and have the retailer ship directly to the customer. Everything must go through Amazon.

How Do You Start Dropshipping With Amazon?

Getting started with Amazon dropshipping shouldn’t be a big deal. Here is how you can go about it:

Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform: Shopify is an excellent option to consider. It allows dropshippers to add Amazon as a sales channel to simplify order management.

Sell the right products: Amazon has a list of eligible stores as well as the sort of products that are restricted on the platform. You have to sell products in approved Amazon niches and play by their rules to qualify as a seller.

Create Amazon Seller Account: While it will attract monthly subscription and a few additional fees, owning a professional seller account is important to dropship on Amazon. It shouldn’t take you long to create the account once you are entering the right information on Amazon Seller Central.

Get Approved In Your Product Category: Depending on the niche you apply for, you may need approval before starting your Amazon store. The requirements are not often too strict and you can easily get approved when you do your homework well.

Set up Your Amazon Account on Shopify: Connecting your Amazon seller account to your e-commerce store is the next important step after approval. It is very easy to do on Shopify. Just click on Sales Channels and select Amazon, which will normally be first on the list. Add channel and connect to Amazon.

Create Product Listing: You can create product listing by following the steps: click create listing> select product> this product is made by another brand. You can search for the product, once found, click select and publish to get the process completed. It is important that you let Shopify track inventory levels so that your customers don’t order products that are out of stock.

Promote Your Amazon Store: While you can benefit meaningfully from Amazon organic traffic, your store will perform better when you promote it. Amazon ads are not too expensive and can meaningfully boost your sales.

Dropshipping on Amazon can be very rewarding. It is quite different from regular dropshipping and you have to get it right to succeed. This guide contains basic information on how you can dropship on the platform. It should get you started but never relent on getting more information to succeed with dropshipping on Amazon.

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Dropshipping on Amazon isn’t nearly as easy as it’s made out to be. Well, it is always the same with every business. It isn’t always smooth and rosy; the market is highly competitive, and when several charges from storage- to shipping – to handling set in, sellers might find it challenging.

However, it is essential to know that even as competitive as an Amazon dropshipping is, few drop shippers are still able to make a lucrative amount of profit from it. With the right mindset, tools, and some secret, dropshipping can be a great and dependable source of income for people. Below are some secrets that are worth knowing about Amazon dropshipping:

Find and Focus On A Niche

One secret most people don’t know is not to delve into any niche. To be successful in Amazon dropshipping business, there’s the need to choose a niche one is very good at carefully. If you choose a niche you have very good at, and understand the products, the chances of success get higher. Try and look at your personal experience and think of the items you’re good at finding deals for or what intimate products would people prefer to buy online instead of going to a store?

Optimize Your Listings and Improve Labeling

This is another big secret; there are so much that better pictures, better keywords, better titles, and better descriptions can do. Also improve on the packaging and labeling, and make them look professional.

Getting More Reviews

Many positive reviews translate to a trustworthy and reputable business. If customers see many positive reviews, they will be convinced to a large extent that the business is trustworthy, and are likely to buy from you. By advertising, you can let your family and friends know of your Amazon dropshipping for a start; they can help by buying and leaving a positive review. Also, online forums specific to your niche and social media can be targeted to get more customers and positive reviews. Which will help your dropshipping name greatly.

Ensure Great Customer Service

Customers are always first and right. One great success secret about dropshipping business is customer service. Efficient customer service can do a great deal in business. It can set you aside in your niche when customers feel they are valued and important to your business. They tend to stay and come back for more of your services. If the customer service is not top notch, evaluate and revive it to see remarkable changes and success in your dropshipping business.

Test your Products

If you want to do right by your customers, why don’t you have a test of your products first? The secret is a drop shipper should be able to know or have some knowledge about what they are selling. If they don’t, how do they ensure their customers are getting the right thing for their money? If you want to be responsible to your customers, then you need to know what your products look like, so if they have a question about it, you would be able to provide the right answer. Products samples are good examples used in knowing details about products.

Sell What’s Trending

Another secret about success in Amazon dropshipping business is following up with the trends. Yes!  What are those trending products? Those are the products a good drop shipper needs to capitalize on and take advantage of. They provide a great avenue to make more. In dropshipping business, it is vital to always keep an eye out for products that are on the rise and trending. Luckily, the dropshipping business is flexible, and it allows switching to any trending products as you wish.

Find the Right and Quality Suppliers

One factor that can determine the rise or fall of the dropshipping business is the supplier. A good one can help the business, while a bad one can hurt, and the bad ones are usually everywhere. Quality dropship suppliers with high-margin products are hard to find. Quality suppliers manufacture the products themselves or buy directly from the manufacturers, meaning a drop shipper gets quality products and with less unnecessary middlemen charges.

Find a Chance to talk face-to-face

Yes! Finding the time to have a chat with people in every line of dropshipping business is another way to grow and learn. Trade shows are a great place to start. With trade shows, one can connect with legitimate wholesalers and manufacturers to do business with. Examples of the trade shows are ASD, and Canton Fair.

Make It Official

To be successful in Amazon dropshipping business, there’s a need for your business to get an official label. This can be made possible by getting a tax ID or EIN number. In dropshipping business, real and reputable wholesalers don’t sell to small unofficial businesses. These legal requirements make it easy to know a genuine supplier from a fake one.

Automate It

The drop shippers who rely on manual processes will definitely get outsmarted or outsold by other drop shippers. Automation in dropshipping business helps in every way to reduce the stress and effort while still yielding maximum results. A dropshipping software like auto lister can source items from different e-commerce platforms and dropship Amazon products. It is important to know that to be successful in dropshipping business, you must automate as many tasks as possible. By doing so, you don’t waste your time, or have to hire employees, as your business grows.

For every successful business, there is a hard work and secret behind it; and there you have it! The secret to success in dropshipping on Amazon. By making use of these top secretes, you can achieve lots of success in your Amazon dropshipping business.

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