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Working with a reliable China sourcing agent company can be an excellent decision for your business when sourcing products from China. With lots of providers out there, it can be tad challenging to choose a sourcing agent that is the right fit for your business. This is why a lot of people prefer working with reputable China sourcing agent companies like Fulfillman and Top Ease Sourcing Agent.

Besides, we understand the dangers of committing your dropshipping business into the hands of an unreliable or inexperienced China sourcing agent. In this article, we will be comparing two top-rated China sourcing agents – Fulfillman vs. Top Ease Sourcing Agent. The idea is to give you a heads up about who does what to make an informed decision.


Fulfillman recently entered the Chinese sourcing space a few years back. In that time, they have etched a position as a leader of innovation in the dropshipping industry. Since Fulfillman came on the scene, they have shown the rest of the pack what it means to adapt to the trends in the dropshipping industry.

Wonder how Fulfillman got into this conversation about the best sourcing agent in China? Here are a few reasons why you might want to choose them as your China sourcing agent

Excellent Rates

It is one thing to find excellent sourcing services, and it is another to get such services at affordable rates. Fulfillman has found a way to marry some of the best sourcing services in China with rates that you cant find anywhere in the industry.

Product Quality Control Checks Sourcing

With Fulfillman, you can count getting some of the best sourcing services around. This capacity for these services is all thanks to a team of experienced, professional sourcing agents who are part of a network of seasoned China sourcing agents. This means that it is easy for them to get info on where the best products are, which translates to you getting the kind of products you need.

Because they have access to the right people and the right warehouses, they can offer quality control checks to ensure that the products are shipped in good condition.

A Leading Dropshipping Software

One of the innovations that Fulfillman introduced into the China dropshipping space is its software. This tech solution has revolutionized the dropshipping process by simplifying it. The good news is that they keep updating the software, so now they have user-friendly desktop and mobile-friendly platforms that make dropshipping a lot easier to carry out.


Fulfillman also adds product branding to your brands. These branding services are free, so you don’t have to pay a dime to get premium branding that sets your products apart from others in the market. So Fulfillman can help you with improved turnover and significant client retention.

Swift Shipping Services

The Fulfillman understands the importance of prompt product delivery. That is why they have a logistic system that ensures swift shipping services. That way, your products are delivered promptly, and you get to avoid all the hassles and worries that often come with problematic shipping services.

Top Ease Sourcing Agent

Established a couple of years shy of a decade, Top Ease has grown to have at least 1,000 employees in China. It is a leading wholesale sourcing agent company in the China sourcing space with a range of products that you can pick from. Here are some reasons why working with Top Ease might be the best thing for you to do:

Great Insider Information

Top Ease has all the best insider information on the Yiwu Market, the biggest wholesale market in China. So with Top Ease, you know where to get all the best products at really great prices that you can’t get anywhere else.

Sourcing All The Best Products

Top Ease is an excellent Yiwu purchasing agent with a great network of domestic suppliers, having sourced products from China for a while. This extensive network of suppliers and other contacts was grown in the short time that they came on the scene. Having solid working relationships with factories, for instance, has availed them of a variety of merchandise that you can choose from. They have also garnered significant experience in sourcing standards and hard to get products in such a short while. So they can help you quickly source all the best goods from China.

Impressive Exhibition

Top Ease boasts of a massive exhibition hall of more than 10,000㎡.So you have the luxury of viewing nothing less than 100,000 items at a time if you are up for it. The best part is that they update about 100 items daily. So if you are looking for household items, kitchenware, bathroom and cleaning items, electronic products, tools, gifts, and toys (among others), then you should try doing business with Top Ease.

What We Think

We recommend Fulfillman to you because they offer a range of excellent services at the same time. You could even call them a one-stop solution since they can effectively all your dropshipping needs. Plus, they are constantly updating their services, so there is always something new that they have to offer.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


Dropshipping is one of the best tools that entrepreneurs can use for their online business especially in 2022. Ecommerce is a thriving department that will attract attention and can only get better with improved methodologies. You can make a living through this space if only you can follow the right steps to turn your dropshipping outlet into a massive success. The right efforts will take you so far but there are necessary strategies that can make your job much easier for you. In this article, we will look at some useful tips that will lift that dropshipping business of yours into a successful conglomerate. These are 10 must-know tips that you can follow to make a great start to 2022 with massive success in your online business.

Find A Niche

The most successful dropshipping business out there are the ones that have a defined niche. These are products that will give your business that unique outlook that can’t be found elsewhere. In 2022, there are so many products that are already in the market with millions of sellers that are selling the same product. Selling diverse products may seem like a good idea but it’s important that you select that one product that you can focus all your attention and time on. This will make for easy relation to customers who need them.

Select the Right Supplier

Suppliers can either make or mar your business if you’re not careful when settling for one. Some suppliers understand the value you place on making products available to your customers on time, hence they make efforts to compliment your orders as they come. These are the kind of suppliers that will do wonders for your dropshipping business in 2022. You have to remember that you and your suppliers are accountable for meeting the needs of your customers.

Never Under-Price Your Products

As an online business owner that is competing with other sellers, there may be temptations for you to underprice your products to attract customers. That’s a very bad dropshipping decision in 2022. You should always consider profit margins when deciding the right price for your product. As long as you offer quality products and keep a quality customer service that is fast and reliable, you will always attract customers no matter how pricey you think your selling price may be.

Create Attractive Offers for Customers

Online business is full of cliché products and services that most customers will have a hard time choosing from. Therefore, you need to make your product offers to stand out from the entire bunch by creating attractive offers that will motivate your buyers to buy from you. These can be packages that include discounts, wholesale prices, bonuses, and so many others. Offer deals that most of your customers will find hard to refuse.

Order Product Samples

This is a nice tip that enables you to make the right judgment on your product by ordering samples of it. This helps you to have the product experience first-hand, allowing you to gauge your customer’s feelings. It allows you to access your supplier and how well they package and send their product to you as well as delivery time. It’s also an opportunity for you to suggest product improvement ahead of time.

Study Your Competitors

When you have a good and profitable niche, competition is a good opportunity for you to always offer your best. This ensures that you’re on top alert at all times. You also need to study and monitor your competitors. You can check out their websites, their packages, and other stuff that they’re doing well. This gives you a better understanding of the demographic and your target market.

Create a Good Website for Your Dropshipping

Customers are always attracted by great-looking websites. You cannot go far in ecommerce in 2022 if your website is an eyesore because customers will always be put off. It is therefore of paramount importance that you have a good website design that looks modern with an easy-to-use interface that customers will love. This builds their trust in your products.

Provide Awesome Customer Service

Most online businesses are plagued by very poor customer service that customers are always found frustrated. Any dropshipping business that will succeed in 2022 is those that offer excellent customer service. This ensures that you can always attract enough customers and not lose the ones you have to your competition.

Be Active Daily

The success of any dropshipping business depends on how active the entrepreneur is. This is why online business owners must invest enough time in the business especially at the early stage of its development. Spending at least an hour on your online business daily is enough to take you to higher levels.

Marketing is Important

You can never set marketing aside even as an online business owner. This is what makes you enough money because it puts your business out there for everyone to see. This can be done by driving enough traffic to your website using SEO tools and other mechanisms. The summary is that if your website can generate enough traffic that attracts visitors, you’re sure to make more sales than the average ecommerce merchant.


Creating a successful dropshipping business in 2022 is not hard as long as you do the right things and tick the right boxes. Ensure that you find the ideal niche, choose reputable suppliers, and set the right prices for your products. Also, provide an attractive website for your dropshipping business, take time to study your competitors, and deliver the best customer experience possible. By following the tips above and taking advantage of the available digital tools, you can run a successful dropshipping business this year.

For more information about our services, contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent and top class Drop Shipping services, China sourcing, Warehouse fulfillment, Third Party Logistics services, and many more. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A wonderful experience awaits you.


Ecommerce is a constantly evolving industry. It’s a part of a digital world that hasn’t stopped changing since its inception. Not only that, but we use technologies that are growing more complex and useful every day to access the internet. Your ecommerce business and online store must keep up with all of these advancements to remain competitive. This post will provide the most updated and effective ecommerce strategies for achieving new entrepreneurs. Let’s get started!

Create a Positive First Impression

People only take less than a second to decide whether or not they like your site; this is crucial since you only get one chance to make a first impression. To acquire loyal customers, ecommerce companies must be as innovative as possible. The first step in improving the user experience is to invest in the outstanding possible site design.

Also, you can consider using a reputable ecommerce platform such as BigCommerce or Shopify for your store. These systems make creating a logical, clear framework for your online store simple. It’s also crucial to employ the proper popup templates at the right time to impress your customers. You shouldn’t, for example, flood new visitors with welcome popups. Allow them time to browse your site before displaying your deals and offers.

Keep Up With SEO

Engaging and valuable blog content will attract potential clients to your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science of ensuring that your content appears at the top of a Google or Bing search for a related term. Because 90% of consumers never go past the first page of results, SEO strategies are vital. Here are some SEO tactics that can help you increase your inbound search traffic:

  • Provide high-value content and keep it fresh by optimizing your title, URL, and meta-description to hit the keywords that people are searching for on the internet.
  • Reduce the time it takes for your website to load, and register your website with Google and Bing’s webmaster tools for businesses.

Integrate Social Media into Your Business

The heart of your ecommerce brand should be social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help you expand your brand’s awareness and consumer base as long as you put them to good use. Here are some pointers to help you create your brand on social media: Upload daily articles, post weekly live content weekly, engage on competitors’ posts, follow your competitors’ followers and use influencer marketing to your advantage.

Put Your Customers First

Customers are further away from an ecommerce firm, and it is not as accessible as a physical store. Your customers won’t be able to touch, feel, or try on your things before they buy them. While there is no solution for this problem, you can do a few things to compensate.

The fact that buying through a website is simply more convenient than going into a store should be your starting point. That, however, is insufficient. You must demonstrate that you value your clients. You could, for example, charge a fair price for all of your products or provide free shipping. Another method to demonstrate that you value your clients is to provide excellent customer service.

Make Use Of High Quality Product Photography

Gently, humans are primarily visual beings. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than words. Fill your landing page with graphic material to take advantage of this. And, fortunately, this is one of the most simple ecommerce ideas to implement. Continue to upload more images to your website.

Assure Users That Their Information Is Secure

Your ecommerce website isn’t complete until it has a mechanism to protect consumers’ personal information and data. You must also reassure customers that your site is secure, reliable, and equipped with the required privacy protections. You can help your customers relax by choosing a safe platform, keeping track of all of your orders, requesting strong passwords, performing a PCI Penetration test, and making use of an SSL certificate.

Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

Mobile optimization is one of the internet business tips we keep emphasizing. If you’re not creating your ecommerce business with mobile in mind, you’re irrelevant in today’s setting. Fortunately, checking whether your website appears as good on mobile devices as it is on desktops is simple. Google offers a free mobile-friendly test tool that displays your site’s appearance on a mobile device. It also recommends how you might improve your website.

When it comes to optimizing your site for the optimal user experience, consider the following:

  • What will your navigation look like on various devices?
  • Are the checkout, payment, and add-to-cart processes optimized for multiple screen sizes?
  • Is the quality of your images consistent across all screen sizes?
  • Is it possible to click on clickable elements?

Make A Call-To-Action Button and A Sign-Up Button

We can never underestimate the importance of Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons: they increase conversion rates and improve site usability. To be effective, CTA buttons must stand out from the rest of your website. You might consider button size, contrast colors, and placement. You can also use popups to draw clients’ attention to your call to action button.


As a new entrepreneur, this article’s ecommerce tips can help you increase both user experience and conversion rates to make your e-commerce business successful. They recognize important customer touch-points that can make or break a deal.

Do you need help with your ecommerce business in 2022? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent and top class Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives complete customer satisfaction. An amazing experience awaits you.


Dropshipping is one of the biggest trends in modern business because it makes local and international trade a lot easier for the parties involved. With China being the world’s biggest hubs for manufacturing, dropshipping or sourcing products from China is very common. However, there are a lot of barriers: language, logistics, and the sourcing, packaging, and shipment of products. Thankfully a reputable sourcing agent – such as Fulfillman and Yiwu Market Guide Company – can help you navigate all these barriers. In this article, we will take a look at Fulfillman vs. Yiwu Market Guide Company to determine the best sourcing agent in China.


Fulfillman is arguably one of China’s most prominent players on the global dropshipping scene.It offers a wide range of services that are designed to make dropshipping easier than walking in the park. Although it was only established several years back, it is fast becoming one of China’s leading sourcing agents. And it is easy to see why:

Great Dropshipping Software

Fulfillman’s dropshipping software simplifies the dropshipping process and makes it so easy that dropshipping newbies can manage their businesses. It is optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms, so you can stay abreast of your transactions and do all the dropshipping you want from the comfort of your device.

Customized Product Sourcing

Each business concern/individual has a set of products that needs. Fulfillman offers customized product sourcing that meets your particular business needs. They have a team of seasoned sourcing agents that can help you get the best products for your business.

Third-Party Logistics

With Fulfillman, you get access to third-party logistics services that you can count on. This access is mainly because of the 3PL warehouse management system designed to cater to the prompt fulfillment of customers’ orders.

Product Branding

Few buyers are attracted to a drab-looking product that says nothing about what customers can relate with. With Fulfillman, you can count on free yet top-notch product branding services that help make your products unique in the marketplace.

Prompt Shipping of Products

Speed is crucial to the success of a dropshipping. You could lose clients if your products are never on time. That is why the Fulfillman sourcing company ensures that you get your products ASAP.

No Hidden Prices/Charges

Fulfillman is one of the best at providing transparent prices. So if you choose to work with them, what you see is what you get. So you needn’t worry about paying any hidden charges that were not quoted initially.

Affordable Services

Fulfillman has some of the most affordable product sourcing services in the global dropshipping industry. You can get to 5-10% cheaper than the average industry rates offer.

 Great Customer Support

A big part of the Fulfillman brand is excellent customer support. They are believed to have the best customer service team in the global drop shipping space. That is going by the reviews of satisfied customers. The best part is that they continue to offer exceptional customer support over the years.

Yiwu Market Guide Company

Sometime in May 2009, a young man decided to relocate to Yiwu after losing his job at soon started guiding visitors around the Yiwu market, and not long after that, he became a buying agent to many visitors who needed help with their purchases at the Yiwu market

By 2014, the company had grown to more visitors, more return customers, and more teammates, and so by 2020, they had helped more than 500 visitors/buyers globally. Here are some of the services that they offer:

Bottom of Form

Easy and Safe Buys

When dealing with this sourcing agent, you get the services of an expert who helps you source the products you’re interested in before reporting to you(no sourcing fee is charged). This service eliminates any fruitless journeys that you may take.

Miscellaneous Needs Are Met

This sourcing agent can handle hotel bookings, buying train tickets, and chauffeur services from the airport. Other things that they can help you with include:

  • Confirm the final quantity of products
  • Send proforma invoice to you
  • Receive deposits
  • Place orders
  • Monitor production
  • Arrange to warehouse
  • Collect products
  • Quality control
  • Down payments of suppliers balance
  • Inspect container loading(when FCL)
  • Ship container to your desired destination
  • Prepare the paperwork for China customs declaration
  • Release / telex-release customs papers for clearance
  • Sort aftersales issues
Tailored Sourcing Services

With the Yiwu Market Guide Company, you get sourcing services that include:

  • Translations
  • Evaluation of suppliers,
  • Product detail confirmation
  • Negotiations
  • Picture taking
  • Creation of product lists.

Fulfillman and Yiwu Market Guide Company are two amazing China sourcing agent company that make things easy for drophsippers and online entrepreneurs. Going by the services we just described, we recommend choosing Fulfillman for your China sourcing needs. The company offers a wide selection of services that your drophshipping or ecommerce business could benefit from.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


The holiday shipping season is already here; It’s a hectic time for ecommerce businesses trying to fulfill and deliver products. Although the holiday shipping season is guaranteed to be a crazy and frantic time of year for any online business, having the correct fulfillment plan in place may go a long way toward making sure that your order fulfillment process runs smoothly and efficiently – even during the chaos. Without further ado, here are nine fulfillment suggestions for a great holiday season for your business!

Maintain a Well-Stocked Inventory

It’s critical to keep your inventory stocked at all times, especially around the holidays. On the other hand, all holiday season stock should be prepared and kept well ahead of the peak shipping period. Maintain communication with your suppliers to know when they can deliver. Order ahead of time to ensure that you have the things you need before your holiday offers begin; this is also critical for warehouse operations efficiency since it leads to better worker staffing to fulfill tasks. Due to effective inventory management, quick order fulfillment is also achievable. Additionally, estimate the number of orders you received in the previous season and procure stock appropriately.

Provide a Reasonable and Easy Returns Policy

Too many times, online businesses become so engrossed in the holiday shipping and fulfillment process that they forget to create a smart, smooth return policy in preparation for the anticipated post-holiday demand; this is a major blunder. Instead, set a reasonable return policy well ahead of the holiday season and convey it to your visitors on your website and product pages. It’s also a good idea to provide prepaid return tags in all of your clients’ orders.

Have Sufficient Shipping Supplies

Consistently acquire enough shipping supplies far ahead of time, in addition to stocking your inventories well before the peak season shipping season. The last thing you want is for your company to run out of shipping supplies during the busiest shopping season, so always restock. It’s also not a bad idea to get what you think will be a spare to be safe.

Keep Communication Lines Open With Customers And Suppliers

It’s vital to have good communication with your clients, vendors, and transporters. If a shipment of orders is postponed due to bad weather or a shortage of shipping materials, notify affected consumers as soon as possible via mailings, social media updates, and blogs. Maintain constant communication with your suppliers and couriers, and discuss concerns such as shipment deadlines, late deliveries, and inventory levels to avoid miscommunications that could sabotage your Holiday shipment and fulfillment operations.

Be Aware of The Shipping Deadlines For The Holiday Season

It’s also critical to be aware of any holiday shipping dates to maintain track of your fulfillment process. Knowing them can guide you in better preparing your fulfillment strategy and planning ahead of time to make the most of your time and resources.

Enlist the Help of a Third Party To Handle Your Fulfillment

The order fulfillment process is time-consuming, costly, and demands a great deal of effort and meticulousness from your staff, as any other online retailer will tell you. Outsourcing the processes to third-party professionals, on the other hand, can enable you to minimize this pressure and spare your time to focus on sales, promotion, and recruiting temporary staff for the holidays, among other things.

Keep Up With The Latest Marketing Trends.

Your Holiday marketing campaign should start far in before the holiday rush. Launch your promotions earlier to make them known to your target audience through newsletters, digital marketing, blog articles, and paid to advertise.

Prepare Before Time

Once it concerns having a successful holiday shipping season, preparedness is the foundation for success compared to keeping a well-stocked inventory. Always run a stress test on your website ahead of time to ensure that it will be able to manage the influx of Holiday purchases. In summary, make sure your site performs smoothly and swiftly, has an easy-to-navigate layout, and has a seamless checkout experience. It’s also a smart option to remind your employees what’s required of them before the holidays, double and that your website has updated and precise information concerning your delivery and return policies.

Maintain a Top-Notch Customer Service

Customer service is crucial when dealing with the holiday shipping pressure. Integrating chatbots and including a FAQ area on your website are both brilliant ideas. Your customer support agent should also have the necessary training and knowledge to deal with any question that comes their way. You can accomplish this with a centralized system for your site, order processing, shipping trackers. Customer service concerns will be addressed swiftly and efficiently once these systems are linked together.


There you have it! Above are some insightful tips to handle order fulfillment during the holiday season. Often, it appears like everyone, but online retailers are having a good time over the holidays. Thankfully, enforcing the correct holiday shipping strategy and fulfillment plan can make sure that the busiest fulfillment and shipping period runs seamlessly and successfully.

Do you need help with order fulfillment during the holidays? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


Ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular as a business development medium as more companies discover its potential. We can have practically anything delivered to our doors, from books and clothes to supplies and groceries, and usually, on the same day, we order it on our computer or smartphone. As a result, a growing number of brick-and-mortar businesses are launching Ecommerce sites. Many more companies start with an Ecommerce outlet and strategy. Ecommerce has balanced the playing field for firms that have direct-to-consumer business strategies.

Even organizations formed in an omnichannel era must keep track of e-commerce trends to meet customer needs and avoid being overtaken by more agile competitors. So, where do you think Ecommerce will be in a few years? Here are the top Ecommerce trends to watch in 2022 and beyond.

Augmented Reality – the App for Visualizing Purchases

More augmented reality (AR) apps will be available in the future of digital shopping. Customers don’t want to make educated guesses about how a new sofa would look in their living rooms; however, they won’t have to with augmented reality (AR). By using this technology, people will be able to view a live video of the space with the recent change on their phone or laptop. AR is mainly utilized as a tool to match fashion-related products virtually.

Artwork, flooring, and various clothing items are all in this category. Wherever possible, Ecommerce enterprises should use augmented reality to entice shoppers to virtually “try on” products. Eyewear firms, for example, project images of their spectacles onto a customer’s face. Clothing firms virtually fit people into their outfits. This developing improvement addresses one of the most common complaints about internet purchases: not trying the product before purchasing. Of course, it isn’t a perfect application, but it is a significant step forward.

Multi Payment Options

It’s time to think about alternative payment methods if your company only accepts checks or credit or debit cards. Many internet shops now use systems that, for example, allow customers to use other payment plans with no additional fees attached. When clients are ready to buy, you want your checkout system to be quick and straightforward. Additionally, businesses need a strategy for accepting cashless transactions.

Multichannel Customer Care

Customers who have used your services in the past or who are considering doing so in the future may wish to contact you for customer support. But how do you do it? Some people prefer live chat or a phone conversation, while others prefer email, social media, or text. Using chatbot features in your customer service can reduce your stress, and enhance your customer experience.

Increased Competition In Online Advertising.

As Ecommerce grows, more companies are promoting their online storefronts. As more businesses strive for online audiences, you may notice more competition and increased online advertising inventory pricing. Prepare to spend more on relevant keyword phrases and product listing advertisements for popular products.

Smarter Mobile Shopping Apps

People gazing at their phone screens may irritate brick-and-mortar shops since it could signal that the buyer is price hunting or utilizing the brick-and-mortar store as a demo for a subsequent online purchase elsewhere. On the other hand, Smart retailers now provide their own GPS-enabled mobile shopping environments that allow customers to shop in-store or online. A mobile-optimized site and storefront is an essential piece of a great Ecommerce experience for all sellers.

Seamless Online Shopping Experience

Customers will not be able to purchase directly from your website. Ecommerce can now be done through various methods, including selling directly on social media. Customers may purchase products prominent apps like Instagram without ever leaving the app. As a result, consumer brands should spend their advertising revenue on social media.

More Personalized Marketing Strategies

Personalization entails more than simply greeting each consumer who visits your website with “Hello, [firstname]!” Customers demand a consistent omnichannel experience across all channels, which demands personalization. Thankfully, you can provide each customer with a highly tailored and personalized experience using machine learning, smart website features, and online tracking technology. You could even be able to personalize things on a large scale to improve sales even further.

Unique Marketplaces and More Efficient Distribution Channels

For smaller e-commerce businesses, major online marketplaces like Amazon and Alibaba are both a blessing and a problem. They provide a new distribution outlet to a wide audience, but they also bind sellers to the additional fees and costs associated with competing in another business’s marketplace. However, because this trend appears to be continuing, Ecommerce entrepreneurs should assess whether those markets are appropriate for their items and how to outsmart the big boys at their own game.

Fully Automated B2B Transactions

B2B is a significant commercial field. More digitalization will be possible thanks to Ecommerce trends such as automated accounting systems, accounts receivable, reordering products, and fulfilling orders. If you provide services to other firms, be sure you’re using the most up-to-date technology to address their most pressing issues.

Quicker Analytics and Machine Learning For Businesses

Previously, collecting and aggregating data with analytics tools could take quite a while. Many analytics and Ecommerce portals now provide real-time results. You can view how customers engage with your website or ads with real-time data. When combined with machine learning, this data may be used to determine where potential sales are missed, allowing you to reduce bounce rates and cart abandonment.

Prepare for the Upcoming Ecommerce Trend

As you can see, the world of Ecommerce is continuously changing to accommodate the needs of new customers. On the other hand, Ecommerce organizations are developing technologies to automate marketing, production, fulfillment, and other aspects of their operations. It’s critical to choose a modern Ecommerce suite that allows you to develop good omnichannel experiences across in-store, internet, and mobile platforms that support both B2C and B2B to get better results.

Do you need professional help with your ecommerce or dropshipping business? Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We are a reputable service provider of Dropshipping, China Sourcing, Warehouse Fulfillment, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. By making use of our tested and trusted techniques, we can help make your online business a success. A fantastic experience awaits you.


The dropshipping industry is flourishing, with market opportunities appearing daily. If you want to establish a dropshipping business, there are a few things you should think about before jumping in completely. One of the most crucial factors to consider is the type of dropshipping niche your business will operate.

Entering an over-saturated niche without adequate funding or experience can make it difficult for your business to compete against established businesses and thrive. Conversely, finding a unique dropshipping niche is important to create a steady stream of revenue and establish a loyal audience. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the unique dropshipping niches on the market right now.

Gym and Fitness Niche

Fitness and gym equipment and supplies are in high demand. Additionally, if you wish to target a more specific niche, here are some suggestions: Cycling apparel, sports bras, training gloves, running shoes, yoga mats, fitness trackers, foam rollers, knee support pads, dumbbells, etc. When deciding on a sub-niche, be innovative. You’d be amazed at what people spend their money.

Baby Products

More than any other product category, baby items are among the biggest sellers on Amazon (including books). I’ve noticed that parents desire their kids to look unique, so distinctive baby products are in high demand. Plus, many mothers may purchase a different item if they trust it is of higher quality or friendlier for their kids.

Survival Gear

From my personal observation, many people usually seek to purchase survival products. If you have a target audience of survivalists, you can leverage it and sell survival products. What’s more, you can easily use the “survival” keyword to increase your visibility and make more sales.

Pet Supplies

Pet products could be a good option if you want a business that moves fast and products that sells well without being overly burdensome. Many people who have pets but don’t have much time or money on their hands would appreciate products like cat litter or dog food. Additionally, pet owners enjoy making their dogs happy. Ensure that these things are always available for purchase in your store.


The beauty niche can be highly profitable despite the competition with the proper business model. Since beauty is one of those niches where many people are eager to spend money on things they don’t always need, having high-quality inventory and low prices might help you succeed in this market. According to a study by Common Thread Collective, beauty businesses are expected to reach $784.6 billion by 2027; this means that if you want to have a successful e-commerce company, you need to research what the most popular beauty products are on Amazon today now.

Women’s Clothes

Many women enjoy shopping, particularly for clothes. Just walk into any luxury shop in America, and you’ll see people looking for the suitable clothing for any event. A study even shows that the online women’s clothing sales market will be worth more than $37 billion in 2022.

Jewelry Niche

Jewelry is one of those goods that may leave a lasting impact on buyers while also being quite competitive. It’s difficult to tell the difference between a high-quality and a low-quality one. While dropshippers have numerous alternatives and roads to explore, maintaining a concept and a targeted audience can significantly affect your business. The good news is that you can easily sell jewelry online.

Furthermore, it is obvious that many people have just left this market; therefore there are lots of opportunities. With the rise in demand for more individually tailored things like customized name chains and even customized rings, it’s more crucial than ever to communicate effectively and understand your clients. They need to know precisely what they’re going to get.

Gadgets/Technology Niche

People are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and goods that will make their life easier. People can find products that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford through gadgets. When it comes to gadgets, be mindful of purchasing low-quality things, as they are more likely to be returned, which can have a negative impact on your profits.

Furniture and Home Decor Niche

Many people started staying at home after the Covid-19 breakout at the beginning of 2020. As a result, we naturally desire the environment in which we spend most of our time attractive. As a result, the dropshipping areas of furniture and home décor will continue to exist. You can also select from the following amazing sub-niches: Storage bins, drawer or closet dividers, LED lighting, wall shelves, ornamental vases, bean bags, macramé, book stands, walk art posters, home office equipment, outdoor furniture, and so on. Be mindful of the size, weight, and packaging of furniture while making a purchase. Remember that dropshipping or storing some heavy-weight products can be challenging.

Health Supplements

It would be best if you exercise caution with this niche, though. It’s difficult to determine a product’s actual constituents, and anything with health claims could be subjected to FDA scrutiny in the United States and other associations in other countries. This subjects you to legal and other forms of risk.


There you have it! Above are some of the best niches for dropshippers entering the market in 2022. As a new entrepreneur exploring for opportunities in the dropshipping business, starting off on the right niche is crucial. Hopefully, the above list gives you some ideas for niches to look into for dropshipping in 2022. However, you shouldn’t limit your option to this list; instead, draw concepts from it. Best wishes!

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As the holiday draws closer, there are merry times, joyous delicacies, and an elevated desire to give gifts; this could be an enormous chance for dropshipping stores to meet up with your sales target and generate more profit. If you’re ready to maximize sales, here’s how to take your dropshipping store to the next level.

Make Arrangements With Your Suppliers Before The Holiday

Keeping track of your inventory will likely be the most challenging but crucial aspect to manage. If you unexpectedly receive a large volume of orders and your supplier is unprepared, you risk losing consumers or, even worse, delivering a poor customer experience. Order delays, unavailability of a product even if it is displayed on the shop, and poor packaging due to an inflow of orders are just a few examples of how things can go south sometimes.

Create a Marketing Strategy and Budget

Ultimately, it would be best if you focused on the marketing channels that generate the most income for you. During the holidays, you’ll see regular clients shopping from you, but you’ll also gain a lot of new ones. It’s critical to develop an advertising plan and budget before the season starts to maximize the benefits of your efforts. Customers are prone to engage with brands and stores that provide relevant promotions, according to studies; thus, advertising is critical for every business. To appear relevant for the next celebration, your usual advertising strategy should be modified accordingly.

Create a Holiday Theme For Your Website

It’s not only about putting things on sale on the website over the holidays. It’s also about giving customers a great shopping experience so they’ll be encouraged to buy a product and recommend them to their friends. One of the easiest ways to ensure your store is ready for the holidays is to redesign your website with a holiday theme. If you’re in the Christmas season, decorate your store with Christmas trees, candy canes, and red and white colors to make customers connect to the spirit of Christmas.

Run a Load Test To Prepare for Increased Traffic

Increased site views, quick checkouts, overworked servers, and difficulties in third-party integrations can all place a strain on your website during the holiday season. This can cause mistakes or a long load time for your clients, among other issues that can negatively affect their shopping experience and, as a result, your sales. The simplest method to avoid this is to run a load test to check that your site’s servers are capable of handling rapid traffic spikes.

Prepare a List Of The Holidays

We usually suggest starting your holiday ecommerce planning three months before the main day: this allows you to perform all of the required duties comfortably and properly. Consider the festivities and special events that are meaningful and essential to your target audience, rather than focusing just on the holidays that you celebrate. This is essential if you’re selling to buyers from countries different from yours and may have a diverse mindset and ethnicity.

Send Personalized Emails

Emails are one of the most widely used marketing techniques, if not the most widely utilized. It has been used to sell both items and services for many years as a communication medium. Emails are one of the most essential tools to optimize for growing your e-commerce sales as the holiday approaches. That is why a strong email campaign is vital. Your emails should not solely focus on selling your products but also on interacting with your customers. As a result, your emails should be both engaging and relevant.

Analyze Your Stats

You now have a list of events that are most likely to impact your company’s operations. Now it’s up to you to examine your store’s performance throughout the same period in past years. You should consider the following information: Is there a difference in the volume of incoming orders? Is there a stronger demand for specific products during certain holidays or special celebrations? What were the most effective promotional strategies during this period?

Don’t fret if your store is brand new and hasn’t yet gathered any required data. Use a simple Google search to get some general statistics about ecommerce companies in your niche, and use their experiences as a guide. By the following year, you’ll have accumulated enough data to make more informed decisions about holiday ecommerce preparation.

Increase the Number Of Holiday Products Available On Your Ecommerce Store

Use the chance to develop creative sets of things that complement each other, in addition to enhancing your offer with season-specific products. Offer your site visitors a taste of the fantastic products they can include in their carts, and you’ll see an increase in earnings flow in no time. Also, ensure that your customers wouldn’t try to place orders on unavailable products.

Review Your Prices

Undoubtedly, setting prices can largely depend on the consumer’s purchasing power, especially if you already know your customers are price-conscious. It’s not a good idea to raise the price of products expected to experience high demand during this period. You may also try offering special discounts to attract your customers to place additional orders in your store.

Final Thoughts

The holiday season provides a huge opportunity for ecommerce stores to increase their profitability. You may go even further with dropshipping by using creative marketing methods, sales promotion approaches, search engine optimization, and product testing. Focus on customizing your consumers’ shopping experiences with holiday themes and offers, encouraging them to make more purchases. This guide can help you get your store prepared for the holiday rush and welcome delighted customers!

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If you operate an ecommerce or dropshipping business and aren’t seeing much success, it’s possible that your branding needs to be rebranded; this is because branding is one of the most crucial parts of any business, including dropshipping. Here are a few reasons why branding is critical to any company’s success:

  • Others will be able to recognize you more easily if you have a strong brand.
  • Branding promotes the development of trust and loyalty, both of which are necessary for achieving long-term commercial objectives.
  • Branding a company gives it a sense of credibility and professionalism.

If you’re considering rebranding your dropshipping or ecommerce store, here are some tips to get you started:

Enhance the Look of Your Dropshipping Store

It’s not about getting any dropshipping store; you need a professional-looking and inviting dropshipping store; this works with all businesses, including dropshipping businesses through a Shopify site. So, instead of simply selecting a store template and creating a portal for your store, consider the following looking at other popular dropshipping stores, choose the design elements you like from them and incorporate them into your own store. If you can afford it, you can get a professional designer to create customized templates.

Use a Memorable and Attractive Logo

Do you understand why it is critical to name your dropshipping store correctly? It’s because your dropshipping store’s name is what people would use to identify it. Just like your personal name is associated with you. If your marketing strategy is effective, the name will be glued to people’s minds. Every brand has its own logo.

Consider the logos of well-known companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Nike. However, it would be best if you weren’t concerned about cost or time when designing a logo for your company. This is due to the abundance of low-cost and simple logo design options available on the Internet. You can, for example, create your own logo using an online logo maker. With this platform, you don’t require any graphic design expertise or spend a fortune. You can also create your logo in a couple of minutes!

Make the Basic Pages Available

Do you know that many dropshipping stores do not have enough web pages on their site? Making this page available can help enhance trust and give your business a sense of credibility, which is what you need when you are trying to build your brand. No customer food wants to trust a store that doesn’t provide a refund policy, neither would they want to get involved with a store without a customer care or support team. You don’t need to stuff your site with plenty of pages; however, there are a few fundamental pages you should have;

  • Contact/Support page
  • About Us
  • FAQs
  • Shipping Policy
  • Terms of Service and privacy policy
  • Refund Policy

Make Use of Fonts

Don’t be contented with the default fonts on your online store. Explore with different fonts and see the font that works best for your brand. Note that fonts can have a psychological effect like colors; so it’s vital that you pick the right fonts for your brand.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

A brand’s customer service is crucial. If you want people to return to your dropshipping store and become loyal to your brand, you must strive to offer a positive shopping experience. One thing you can do to achieve this is provide excellent customer service.

According to several experts, customer service is the new brand; this is because in today’s Internet-enabled world, consumers are overwhelmed with options when it comes to brands. As a result, if you fail to match your clients’ expectations or provide poor service, you risk losing a lot of revenue. Instead of worrying about your personal pockets, start thinking about your clients; this will undoubtedly assist you in launching and maintaining your dropshipping business.

Pick a Color Scheme and Stand with It

Each brand has a model book that outlines the design guidelines. This model book also contains information about a specific color scheme that must be used all over. Coca-Cola, for example, uses a color palette centered on the color red (it’s even in the logo).

Additionally, Walmart’s color scheme consists of orange and blue. Choose a color palette that fits your concept when creating a brand for your dropshipping store. To do so, you’ll need to know color psychology and possibly conduct some research on your own.

Use Storytelling to Your Advantage

Companies have traditionally attempted to market products/services via promotional events, advertisements, and other marketing strategies. However, on the other hand, fast-thinking businesses have begun to recognize the value of storytelling. Rather than emphasizing the features/benefits of their products, the brands focus on genuine consumers who have transformed their lives as a result of using them. People engage with brands on a more personal basis with this approach.


Rebranding your ecommerce or dropshipping business may be just what you need to take your business to the next level. Above, we have provided you with some excellent suggestions for branding your dropshipping business. Try them out, and you’ll notice a significant difference in your business operations.

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You’re probably aware of Chinese New Year, often abbreviated as CNY, if you export products from China. Despite the fact that CNY is only a week-long, many industries and companies close approximately ten days before the holiday to allow workers to return home.

It’s possible that your supply chain has already faced the CNY. If so, you’re aware that when it concerns planning for manufacturing and distribution disruptions, Chinese New Year is at a level of its own. If this is your first time dealing with the Chinese New Year, let us assist you in keeping your supply chain on track and reducing any negative consequences. To help you plan for Chinese New Year and avoid supply chain delays, we’ve put together a list of ten essential tips:

Be Aware Of What Takes Place during the Chinese New Year (CNY)

You will prepare better once you know that China closes down practically everything for the Chinese New Year and that nothing will leave China at that period. Orders must be shipped before the Chinese New Year, and remember to plan for inventory to last them throughout the holiday. CNY cannot be avoided; it occurs every year, and it usually requires planning and preparation to minimize disruption.

Plan Ahead Of Time

It’s vital to start preparing for China’s major holiday. When you plan early, you get a more effective supply chain. Assess your previous sales history, create an estimate and work with your suppliers to effectively plan for the holiday.

Establish a Trustworthy Relationship with Your Manufacturer or Supplier

Developing a great relationship with your Chinese supplier or manufacturing partner from the beginning is vital. When it concerns order fulfillment and shipment before the CNY, Chinese factories are under a great deal of pressure, and if your brand is the newest at their factories, your products will likely be the last thing on their list. If you’re collaborating with a manufacturer, ensure they’ve handled the CNY rush before.

Make a Forecast That You Can Use Before and After the Holiday

Your store will have enough stock on hand to last you through CNY and after if you can estimate how many products you’ll need for the first three to four months of the following year.

Stock Up On Supplies Ahead Of Time

If you already know how much product you’ll need in the first half of next year, you can start ordering even more now to compensate for any orders that won’t arrive until March of the following year. To manage inventory and avoid over-ordering merchandise, you’ll need an accurate estimate and historical sales data.

Deliver Shipments To The Port At Least Ten Days Before The Ship’s Departure Date

If you’re in charge of your shipping from China to your stores or customer’s doorstep, arrange to ship with steamship lines long before the Chinese New Year. Steamship lines are usually known for exploiting the Chinese New Year period, when there is a surplus of cargo waiting to transit the port before everything closes down.

Implement Vendor-Managed Inventory

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) is a business strategy in which a vendor and a customer agree on an order quantity for a product. The vendor will help the customer save money by ensuring that the required level of inventory is retained by ordering more effectively and making the right during seasonal demand and market fluctuations.

Get a Backup Supplier

Consider collaborating with a manufacturer that has operations outside of China. It will help you diversify your supply chain, plus it’s also logical that your manufacturer may be able to find a backup provider in the event of a shortage over the Chinese holiday. Materials could, for instance, be bought in China and delivered to Vietnam for processing and packaging. Note that Vietnam celebrates its Lunar New Year holiday on the same day as Chinese New Year, known as Tet. On the other hand, Tet usually lasts no more than a week.

Establish a Quality Management System

You wouldn’t want a shipment of items with quality concerns to arrive just before the Chinese New Year. When a factory is running at full speed and trying to push products out the door and meet up with orders, quality can sometimes come second; this is yet another instance where having a reliable source or manufacturer can be quite beneficial. Creating a quality management and inspection system in place will greatly minimize the chances of a shipment being delayed because of quality concerns or delivering defective items to a customer.

Make Arrangements for After the Chinese New Year

You should not only plan ahead of time for the holiday but also thereafter. If there is a labor shortage, it may take weeks, and even months, for the factory to return to the usual production level as new employees are hired. Using the forecast and having an additional inventory available can help you get through until the factories are back up to full production capacity.


Understanding how the Chinese New Year holiday works is one aspect; another thing is to plan effectively to avoid any unfavorable consequences on your supply chain. We hope that the tips we’ve given above will help you plan accordingly and reduce the pressure that comes with the CNY.

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