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If you are an e-commerce brand or you own an e-commerce store, you must have known about some e-commerce marketing strategies. However, the question is to which extent do you know them, or to which extent is their capabilities. Below are some essential tips to revolutionize your e-commerce strategy.

Know Your Target Audience

Like it or not, knowing your target audience remains a vital key to running a successful e-commerce business. This strategy allows you to have an idea about what your customers like, how much they earn.

When you know all there is know about your target audience, you will know what they like in terms of delivery, and customer service, and how to further improve on it, should you be lagging. Knowing your target audience is all about having ideas on how to satisfy their needs effectively.

Use the Power of Customer Feedback

Feedbacks serves as a tool with which one can use to improve their services. Remember, your customers’ opinion matters a lot; they are the one that buys from your store after all. Therefore, always ask the customers for feedback.  The fact is feedback is the only way to know if customers are enjoying your services.

If they like your services, you’d know, and if they don’t, it gives you the opportunity to make corrections and improvement. Ways of getting customers feedback are – posting surveys with questions about how good they think your services are, using a feedback box, which can be added to the site and following up via email as soon as customers received their products.  

Know Your Competition

You need to get to know your competition if you’re going to survive in this e-commerce business. There are no two ways about it, knowing your competition is as vital as knowing your customers. It would help if you did the spying work. Of course, it isn’t to steal their work, it is to know what’s that thing that they are doing, and you are not. If you can know this, you can now incorporate it into your own business in a more improved way.

Embrace Video Marketing

The fact is videos have been known to be more engaging and interactive. Reaching out to customers through engaging product videos would be more effective, and it helps you to strike the right chord with your customers.

When making videos for marketing, you can base the videos on things like your brand stories, the product videos, FAQs- or based on testimonials from some of your customers. You can also embed videos from social media sites like YouTube to your product page; it enhances the page and attracts more customers to your business.


This marvelous work of technology is starting to replace humans as regards conversation with customers. Remember, your customers want prompt answers to their questions or worries. But how do you keep up? Especially if you have customers from different parts of the world.

This is where Chatbots can come in to help you. They can easily identify and respond to customers’ needs. You don’t even need to use many resources on them. With just fewer resources, chatbots will be solving problems in lesser time with no need for human supervision.

Enhanced Payment Methods

Quick and secure payment gateways have been known to shoot up conversion rates and decrease cart abandonment. Your payment page or gateways are an essential part of your store, which needs to be as smooth and effective as possible. When payment gateways are smoother, the rate of customer engagement is higher.

There are numerous payment methods out there; getting them all is not a bad idea as it allows your customers the opportunity to choose their preferred method. Also, having multiple payment methods still wouldn’t be enough if they are not simplified as simple as possible for the customers.

Advanced Product Search

This is another tip to revolutionize your e-commerce strategy. If customers don’t find what they are looking for as quickly as possible, chances are they will exit. However, advanced product search work against this action by the customers. The idea behind this is to provide results based on previous explorations.

Also, voice search has become a growing trend in the digital world, reports have shown that 20% of Google search queries were made by voice, and this percentage will rise to 50% by 2020. This means it is now vital for you to optimize keywords and make it more conversational. Image search is another growing trend; e-commerce businesses can also integrate image search in their mobile apps and websites to improve customers’ experience further.

Personalize the Buying Experience for Customers

There’s a need to make your customers feel homely and welcomed to your store. If customers visit your store, and they feel like your store is built in such a way to helping them pick out the perfect product, chances are they will stay and keep coming back, which will, in turn, put you in an excellent position amongst the competition.

What are the ways by which you can personalize customers’ experience? You can use name personalization in your emails to them, or welcome them back to your store with a personalized name. You can also recommend products to them based on their previous purchases. This way, they feel special that you are concerned about their needs.

There you have it! Above are some great tips to revolutionize your e-commerce strategy! From having a good knowledge of your customers and competition to leveraging tools like feedbacks, chatbots, and advanced search tools. Your e-commerce strategies just got better!

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Determining the actual price or pricing strategy for your dropship products may not be as easy as you think. You don’t want to be too high or too low. If you feel the need to maximize your profits by increasing your prices, it may result in decreased sales volume. Also, if you lower the prices so you could sell more in volume, then you may be making less profit.

Now, the question is, how do you avoid all these imbalances. How do you find the perfect balance of how to price your dropship products. This is what this article is about to solve. Below are some of the pricing strategies for your dropship products:

Fixed Markup

This pricing strategy is quite simple. It involves setting out a profit margin that you want on all your products. Fixed markup comes as percentages. Therefore, if you want a 25% markup on all your products, this means if you have an item you bought for $30, you would add $7.5 to the price of the product when selling it. It is easy and simple to use; however, the amount of profit you will make depends on the retail price of the product you’re selling.

Tiered Markup

This pricing strategy is best used when you’re selling different types of products. With tiered markup, you can tweak your markup percentage based on the overall price of the item, which in turn allows individual product pricing. For instance, a 20% markup on a $600 product will be $120.

When you add this markup to $600 to make $720 selling price, it seems to be on the high side, and may even be way too much compared to your competition and what your customers can afford. However, you can use a 50% markup on a $10 product to cover your costs. 50% markup is $5, which sounds feasible.

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

Also called MSRP, this pricing strategy is for the people who would like to find a safe middle ground to pricing. It’s all about staying safe and making a profit after all. Not too high, and not low, the strategy keeps you out of the race to the bottom.

Your product’s pricing is according to their worth. What’s more? You can also pair this strategy with discounts to advertise your products, and compete with people who may have lower prices.

Psychological Pricing

You might be familiar with this, ever come across a product with a price of $89.99? It’s a way of playing with human psychology. There’s this belief that an uneven price looks cheaper than a price with a full number.

Another example is that of a variety of items. An item categorized into three (3), say “Basic,” “Medium,” and “Large.” To bring psychological pricing in, you could say the prices are $1.49, $4.49, and $4.99, respectively. Now, the basic price is so low that people will think it’s not good enough, and they will want to go for more.

But then, they look at the medium and large, and they see how close the price is. At this point, they would think or conclude to go for the large since it’s just a difference of 50 cents in price. Why not go, all-in? The truth is the medium is just a decoy. Most times, they won’t go for it!

Competition-Based Pricing

Competition based pricing is more like spying on your competitors to see how they go about their pricing. The idea behind this is to offer your products at a slightly lower price than theirs. This way, you steal their sales. There are many tools built for this purpose; some of them are Prisync and DSM tool.

However, there is the need to know that other online stores are leveraging these tools too. When they get a notification that someone beats their price, chances are they will lower down their price too. Sometimes, competition-based pricing is like racing to the bottom where everyone loses their margins, and at a point, no one would make a profit.

Bundle Pricing

One interesting advantage of bundle pricing is it sets you apart from your competition. This pricing strategy can be seen everywhere, as online store owners are using it to pad profit on low margin items.

You can bundle your product pricing by adding accessories to larger products. For example, if your store sells shoes, many stores do the same. However, you can set your store apart from the competition by creating a bundle where you sell shoes, with socks, and shiners. 

Free Plus Shipping

Simply put, free plus shipping is the act of selling your product for free, but indirectly using the shipping cost to cover the loss.

Have you come across Facebook ads that say, “I’ll give you an ebook for free; you just need to pay for shipping only.” Most times, this pricing strategy is used by influencers or stores to sell books so they can move people into their funnel, and sell something on the backend.

You can use this pricing strategy if you would like to do same thing as selling something on the backend. If you don’t plan on selling on the backend, then this method may not be suitable for you. The goal of free plus shipping is to get people to your store so that you could sell something else for them.

There you go! The ultimate pricing strategy for your dropship products. As shown above, there is no singular pricing strategy for your dropship products; there are many. You can try them all out and choose the ones best for your business.

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Face masks are popular tools that are used to limit the spread of viral infections. They can also be called surgical, procedure, dental or surgical masks. They are characteristically loose-fitting and have straps that allow them to be worn around the face covering the nose and mouth. In this period of the COVID-19 viral infection, face masks are among the things that can prevent the spread of the disease. Here, we will take a look at some of the benefits of wearing face masks. Also, we will provide you with face mask recommendations to choose from.

Benefits of Face Masks

Some of the benefits of wearing face masks include:

Glowing Skin

To keep the face glowing at all times, there should be proper blood circulation. Face masks can aid in the circulation of blood around the face, which is necessary to keep the facial skin glowing. Facial masks with a mint in its formulation inspire the expansion of blood vessels in your face to boost blood circulation. You will be left with a skin tone that is more revitalized, refreshed, and glowing. When next you come across a minty facial mask, do not hesitate to pick up one to enhance the appearance of your face.

Remove Dirt

Another benefit that accompanies wearing the face mask is dirt removal from the skin. Masking that contains Bentonite can unclog skin pores. The skin has a buildup of dead cells that will lead to clogged pores if not removed. Clogged skin can lead to skin conditions such as acne or pimples. Once the bacteria that is clogged inside the skin pore begins to grow, the skin is petty with blemishes. A face mask will help you remove the dirt that piles up on your skin and eventually clogs it. You should wear face masks to unclog skin pores and keep them healthy.  

Prevents Contraction and Spread of Diseases

Amidst the pandemic widespread of the novel virus, COVID-19, one of the gears that are highly effective in the prevention of its spread is the face mask. Though it is being touted by some quarters as ineffective, it is to an extent. 

The virus can be contracted from the droplet from an infected person getting through the nasal cavities or mouth of an uninfected. Masking can help one become conscious of not inserting their hands into their nose or mouth. This way, one can prevent the contraction and spread of the virus.  


Face masks have therapeutic properties that improve the overall appearance of the skin. Some face masks are infused with essential oils that are skin stimulating to make it healthier. Having healthy skin makes you have a relaxed mind and body. You will have great skin that you will be proud to boast of. 

Face Mask Recommendations to Protect Yourself

Before you walk into any store to get a medical mask, it is pertinent to know which one to aim for. There are various face masks you will find on the shelves but we are going to discuss two that are very effective, especially in protecting yourself from the COVID-19. Read below to find out more about them.

KN95 Face Mask

The KN95 face mask is a disposable face mask that is made of high-quality material. The mask gets its name from the fact that it blocks up to 95% of particulates. The mask cannot only protect you from airborne particulates but is also highly comfortable to wear. It is designed practically for personal and medical use. Users can wear them on daily use.

  • Perfect for outdoor activities and daily use
  • Made of soft, safe, and high-quality material
  • Elastic straps and loose-fitting for comfort
  • Adjustable nose clip for different nose sizes and face shapes

OP Mask

Image result for OP MASK 3 layer protection

Made of high-quality materials, the OP mask is one that is designed to offer users optimal protection against particulates. It is made of skin-friendly filter cloth and has three layers of purifying dust to give users multiple protections.

  • Perfect edging
  • Three layers to offer optimal protection against dust and related particulates
  • Easy to maintain
  • Protects against dust, contaminants, and allergens
  • Easily adjustable straps
  • Loose-fitting and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and nose sizes
  • Made of safe and high-quality material


How to Wear a Face Mask

  • Before touching the masks wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer or with running water and soap
  • Remove mask from its box and be sure there is no tear or hole on its surface
  • Figure out which side of the mask is the top
  • Determine which side of the mask is the front. The colored side is the front and should face away from you. The white part should face inwards, in contact with your skin.
  • Hold the mask by the ear loops and place the loops around each ear
  • Get the mask to your nose level and place the ties over the crown of your head and secure using a bow
  • Pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin


There you have it! Above are some face masks benefits, recommendations, and how to wear them. In a time where the world is being rocked by the novel coronavirus, using a face mask can help you prevent contracting it. Going for either the KN95 mask or OP Mask will be a great choice. You can visit our website today to purchase a face mask to help keep you safe.

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Dropshipping is a model of e-commerce that has come to stay. The number of digital entrepreneurs taking on the dropshipping is increasing by the day. Given the low cost and lack of need to have an inventory of products, the dropshipping business is becoming more popular.

It is not every online entrepreneur intending to go into a dropshipping business that knows the dropshipping platform to start, especially given the plethora of dropshipping platforms.  We understand this situation and this is the reason we have decided to write on a few of these dropshipping sites. Below, we will explain to you the differences between CJDropShipping and Fulfillman.


CJDropShipping is a Chinese company created in the year 2000 that offers dropshippers a broad range of dropshipping services including keeping inventory of products in warehouses, the fulfillment of orders, product sourcing and shipping of products. CJDropShipping ships products to over 60 countries and has an excellent support team.

Despite these benefits, they offer to dropshippers, CJDropShipping has its downsides. One of them is that it is not user-friendly. Many users will not be able to figure out how it works, as the user-interface is complex. This may lead to a lack of proper communication with the support team when the need to contact them arises. Dropshippers because of this may not be able to communicate effectively with buyers when it comes to issues resolutions, customer service and many more.

Another con of this dropshipping platform is that they do not send receipts or invoices automatically. Invoices or receipts can still be sent only upon request. This can dissuade buyers from making regular sales on the platform, as they will opt for those that send an automatic receipt.

These drawbacks of CJDropShipping make it a not so friendly business partner for many online entrepreneurs in this modern age.


Fulfillman is one of the leading providers of dropshipping with efficient and complete service for dropshippers. Why is this? Let us find out.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

In a bid to expand your business to various and new territories, Fulfillman can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. The designs on both platforms are easy on the eyes and have the navigation buttons well laid out. This allows for easy communication with the support team and buyers.

Keeps You Updated

In the dropshipping business, information about the order is highly pivotal to enable you to customize your services in the best way possible. Information about the purchase and fulfillment are shared with the dropshipper throughout the transaction. To be sure that you are effectively updated, information about the order is stored in an excel file. This can be highly beneficial for you to facilitate an increase in sales in the dropshipping business.


Do you want a brand logo on the packages you are offering? Fulfillman does the brand logo on packages, custom boxes, business flyers and more. This package branding will go a long way in distinguishing you from your competitors and making your brand unique to your targeted audience.

24/7 Customer Support

On a dropshipping platform, the need to lay a complaint to the support team of the provider by the seller may arise. On Fulfillman, the support team is always available to offer consultation or estimation on any issue that concerns you. The support team is highly reliable and efficient.

Cheaper Packages

The items purchased on Fulfillman are of the cheapest rates. The prices are 5-10% cheaper than the items on Aliexpress. Not just that they are cheap, they are of the highest quality. These are vital selling points that you can use to increase order placement and income generation.

Easy Access to Information

After creating a Fulfillman account, the information about the sales, sold items, pending orders, the number of items in inventory is displayed on the dashboard. Such a feature is essential to enable you to make a more well-thought-out and informed decision to boost sales in the dropshipping business.

Quick Delivery

Delivering ordered items quickly is one of the veritable strategies of spurring the growth of your dropshipping business. Fulfillman offers one of the best, new generation and quick delivery services in the delivery company in China. This they do to help you improve relationships with your buyers.

Third-Party Logistics

When it comes to third party logistics, Fulfillman is there for you. Fulfillman offers one of the best, most efficient and reliable third party logistics in the dropshipping business. A robust 3PL warehouse management system has been developed to enable you to fulfill orders most effectively and efficiently.

Product Sourcing

In case you cannot source products by yourself, Fulfillman can do it for you. Products of cheapest rates and great quality are sourced for you and included in your stock. This gives you more time to work on other areas of your business.

Product Images

Images are highly important in the e-commerce business. Do you want high-quality images of the items in your inventory to display on your e-commerce platform? Fulfillman has in-house photographers that are ready to offer you high-quality images of the items in your inventory within hours of receiving.


If you an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer or dropshipper, you will have to take advantage of the reliability, efficiency, and ease-of-use that Fulfillman has to offer. Fulfillman makes the handling of the dropshipping business easy for you. This will give you an edge to maximize your asset and create a strong foothold in the e-commerce business.

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With all the information all over the internet, dropshipping may seem easy. However, it isn’t that easy, especially if you don’t have the factual information to make the journey an easy one. There are a lot of reasons that could hinder the success of dropshipping or why one may not find dropshipping business profitable; most of them are relatively technical problems.

One of them is choosing the best ecommerce platform that will suit your dropshipping business. Get it right, and the chances of succeeding in the business will be high. Below are some of the best ecommerce platforms and their features for your dropshipping business.


Image result for WooCommerce

Reports have it that WooCommerce is the most widely used ecommerce platform out there. Thanks to its easy installation process and being a free platform, its market share is more than 28% in overall ecommerce platforms. It doesn’t require a high form of technicality at all.

The platform is user-friendly as it comes with the simplest of GUI interfaces that a newbie in dropshipping business can understand. It is built on WordPress, and this is why it is a popular choice among bloggers. It allows them to add multiple add-ons for free easily.

Talking about support, the platform has a large base of designers and developers who are ever ready to provide answers to all your needs. The support system is excellent, there are also loads of material on the internet regarding WooCommerce.

As mentioned earlier, the platform is built on WordPress, so users of WordPress can easily install WooCommerce as a plugin without having to pay anything. It is completely free!


Hosting around 500,000 ecommerce stores and dropshipping websites, Shopify remains one of the best ecommerce platforms out there. With Shopify, almost everything about your dropshipping business becomes easy. It has a plugin, Oberlo, that can make product import as easy as pie, the same with the fulfillment process.

Shopify seems to be the best in terms of user-friendliness. It is so easy to use, as you can just sign up and start adding products to your store immediately. Also, it has templates with pre-populated pages and add-ons for the easy set-up of your dropshipping store.

Its support system is great; there is an around the clock email, phone, and chat support system. Also, there is a forum where all the users can come together to get help. In terms of price, Shopify is not free. The platform has three plans, with the price ranging from $29 to $299.


Image result for Magento

On the scale of how they are being used, we can say Magento is the second most used ecommerce platform out there as it hosts thousands of ecommerce websites. While the first on the scale – WooCommerce – is relatively easy to use, Magento is a bit complex to use, and may not be the ideal choice for newbies.

It is more suitable for developers, or people with at least basic programming knowledge. This is why most of the dropshippers using this platform are developers or have hired developers on ground. Magento is user-friendly, so does its design. Although a bit advanced, anybody with basic programming knowledge could use it to create their ecommerce store.

The support system is excellent too. It has a large base of developers, designers, and the Magento officials ready to offer support to the newcomers. What’s more? There are multiple off-Magento channels like YouTube channels, forums, blogs where users can get help, tutorials, and materials in case of any problem while developing their dropshipping store. It is a free platform that can be launched by anyone with little help.


Image result for BigCommerce

BigCommerce is another great platform worthy of being on the list of best ecommerce platforms for dropshipping. Currently, the platform host over 52,000 websites, with more than 50,000 being small businesses and 2000+ enterprise companies. The setting up process on BigCommerce is straightforward and quick, and the user interface is friendly and straightforward. 

Talking about the price, BigCommerce is more affordable than the likes of Shopify as it doesn’t charge any transaction fee. However, they offer basic packages like that of Shopify, and the price range is $29 to $250 for small business, while you may need to contact BigCommerce support for enterprise companies.

Most of its themes are free, and customization is easy. The support system is topnotch; there’s an email option, chat, and phone option. Also, there’s a forum of BigCommerce users for any challenges.


Image result for OpenCart

OpenCart is more like Magento in terms of functionality. They share many similarities – open source, free, more advanced, and of course, more suitable for people with at least basic programming knowledge than the newbies.

OpenCart is a free platform; therefore, it includes lifetime free support and free software updates. Although, due to it being a more advanced platform, users that are not very good with programming may need to hire website developers and designers to build their store, which may be pricey.

Some of its features are the multi-currency support, integrated payment gateways, detailed sales report, unlimited products and categories, and some other tools that will benefit your business. Their support system is top-notch too, you can contact the support team through email, and there’s a forum to ask other members and developers for help, so it isn’t that hard even if you are a beginner.

There you have it! There are many amazing ecommerce platforms out there. The one you will go for may depend on what you are looking to get from them. Luckily, above are five (5) best ecommerce platform with all their features explained!   

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The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in recent times. This rapid growth in this industry has brought huge competition between the merchants. Only the wise and the best survive in a competitive market; this is why you have to keep up with the best of tips, tricks that can ensure fast growth. Here are ten e-commerce tips, tricks, and trends to ensure fast growth in E-commerce.

Video Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, using video for it is one of the best ways of making it a success. Who doesn’t love watching videos? The act of video marketing has been proven to work wonders and very effective in engaging customers. Therefore when marketing your product, ensure it’s a video-based thing. Also, by embedding the video from social media site like YouTube to your product page, it enhances the page and attracts more customers to your business.

Voice Search

Reports have shown that more than 20% of Google search queries were made by voice in lieu of text, and chances are this percentage will rise to about 50% by 2020. This is why you need to brace up and prepare for this new trend. Focus on tailoring your product descriptions to the words customers are likely to search with. The more polished up they are, the better they’ll sound when read aloud by virtual assistants like Alexa, and Siri.

Display Icons That Show Your Site Is Trustworthy

Nobody wants to do business with an unreliable person, not to talk of a website that looks sketchy. Displaying icons that show your site credibility is one good way of making fast growth in this competitive industry. One of the first things to do to ensure the credibility of your site is to make sure your website is secured. A website that’s not secured is a turn off already for customers. Also, you can display the security badges your website is using for your visitors to see.

Use Photos for Customers Testimonials

A visitor interested in one of your product will likely check the reviews page, and the testimonial page to see what other buyers need to say about they bought from you. It’s a great way to show proof of concept. However, a message from a nameless face or faceless person might not cut it. This is why you need to make this page much better by adding a photo and including the person’s full name and title when putting up their testimonies on your testimonial page.

Go mobile

Several reports have shown that over 40% of mobile users have bought something online. Another interesting fact is that over 63% of millennials shop on their phones. This says a lot about the need for your e-commerce website to ensure mobile functionality. It needs to be optimized for mobile devices and not just for computers only. With 63%  of millennial shopping on their phone, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing money, my friend.

Work Closely With Social

Social media is the heartbeat of your business. How it beats will determine how much sales you’ll be making. Social media gives you a glance into the lives of your customers, which can help you know ways to serve them well. Also, your customers are on various channel or market places to search for their favorite products; this shows the need to market your products and services on all available marketplaces or channels.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Upselling is the act of making or encouraging customers to spend more than they had initially intended, while cross-selling involves the technique of making customers spend more by purchasing a related product to what they bought already. To make crazy sales and ensure fast growth in this business, you need to upsell more and cross-sell more. If you sell shoes, you can upsell by giving them a discount for buying two pairs instead of one. You can cross-sell by selling socks along with the shoes.

Leverage AI-powered Chatbots

The visitors or customers want prompt and accurate answers to their questions. It gets more challenging to provide these answers when you’re offering your services to a different part of the world with a different timezone. This means you have to stay online 24/7, but is this possible? This is where AI-powered chatbot comes in to simplify things for you. They can answer countless customers at a time, with no need for human supervision.

Spice Up Promotions for The Holidays

The holiday period is a good time and a small window of opportunity to make massive sales.  People are looking to spend more money during this period, and luckily for you, chances are the shopping malls will be jam-packed already, people will find it more convenient to shop from home. It would help if you used this to your advantage by ramping up your promotions during this holiday period and giving your best offer.

Simplify Your Online Payment Method

Now, this stage usually the last stage of any buying process. Reaching the checkout page doesn’t mean the customers will complete the checkout unless this page gives a smooth and easy experience. Reports show that 70% of customers abandon their carts, and the reason is likely due to the hassle they encounter at this stage. Therefore, simplify your payment methods, offer a hassle-free checkout process, and make sure you have multiple payment gateways. 

There you go! As the world and the e-commerce industry evolve, you need to follow suit because the competition is quite huge. The above tips, tricks, and trends will help significantly in ensuring you stay atop of the competition and ensuring the growth of your business.

If you want to discover more about our services, contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that give complete client satisfaction.


Basically, the process of dropshipping can be highlighted as follows:

  • Customers order a product from your store
  • You (store owner) contact the supplier with the order information.
  • The supplier fulfills the order and ships the product directly to the customers.

Now, you might have been wondering if this business is really a profitable one. When you don’t have to store, pack, or ship products to customers, you’d want to know if it’s profitable because, indeed, it really sounds somehow. However, the answer is a positive one. This article will do justice to how you can determine if dropshipping will be profitable for you.

Settle for a Niche

Niche selection plays a vital role in the dropshipping business. This act plays a significant role in determining whether you’d make a profit in dropshipping. They say if you don’t sit down, think, and settle for a niche you’re passionate about and know about, you might just be committing business suicide.

When selecting a niche, always ensure that the niche you selected is a profitable one, and you know all there is to know about these products. Ensure there’s a high demand for the products in this niche. The competition market shouldn’t be very high, and if it is, make sure it’s a market you can get into, and beat the competition.

Most times, you’d have to settle down the line for a sub-niche; this way, you set your brand apart to a specific product. The clearer the niche, the higher chance you have of beating the competition.

Competition Research

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t sit down and think in this line of business, you might just be committing business suicide. It’s a multi-million dollar industry, with the crazy competition, imagine how the competition will be. This is why you mustn’t go in blindly; you need to do extensive competition research before venturing into any niche.

It’s not like you can’t just go into any niche; however, it’s an act to ensure you’re on the safe side. Remember, you’re not the only dropshipper that will be in your niche, the secret is they’ve done some background work too. In fact, they’re still doing it, so why shouldn’t you?

To research and beat the competition, check other websites and see their structure, the reviews, customer service, and how their stores are being run. Of course, it isn’t to steal their work, but to have a cue and work on beating them.

Find Reputable Suppliers

Chances are your suppliers will determine whether your business will be a success or the opposite. After settling for a particular niche, you need to find suppliers, reputable ones, and not just ordinary ones. Remember, they’re the ones to handle all the storing, packing, and shipping products to your customers.

Imagine the kind of damage an unreliable company could do when they deliver bad or defective products to your customers. Unfortunately, there are lots of them out there. One way of finding a reputable one is by careful examination of their website, customer reviews, feedback, and ratings. 

Determine Your Profit Margin

Profit margin is the percentage of total revenue left after all costs, taxes, and expenses have been deducted. It is simply a way to know how much profit you’d be making on every sale. To determine your profit margin or if a niche would be profitable, you should understand the concept behind the common margins for products in your market.

Low margins are associated with high volume products like electronics because many are sold with just little profits from each. High margins are associated with low volume products; they have fewer sales but higher profits.

You can also use keystone pricing to determine your profit margin. In this case, you simply double the wholesale price you pay. Although it may be too low or too high at times, for instance, a recliner of $500 doubled will be too high for customers while doubling the price of a $6 T-shirt is not.

Market Your Brand and Products

How you market your products also have a say in how profitable your dropshipping business can be. As mentioned earlier, it’s a competitive market. If you’re just starting, it may not be wise using paid advertising. However, email marketing and social media marketing are affordable and effective options you could try out to find customers and see how profitable the business can be.

Know Your Shipping Costs and Sales Tax

Knowing your shipping costs and necessary taxes is another way of determining if your dropshipping business will be profitable. Your suppliers will charge you shipping costs, and when they do, it is then left to you to make your shipping costs reflect by adding it to the price, or you’ll be cutting into your profits to pay for it or probably running at a loss.

Before confirming an order, always ensure you have an estimate of the shipping cost, or something close, this is what you’d charge the buyer or your customers. Factors that affect and can help you in estimating shipping costs are destination, product weight, dimensions. If you don’t get your estimates right, chances are dropshipping will not be profitable in the long run for you.

There you have it! Above are some points to note when determining how profitable the dropshipping business is. Yes! The industry is a competitive one. However, it can be profitable if you know your way, and above are some excellent ways to go about it!

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A business where you sell products to customers without having to touch or do any inventory, shipment, or delivery of orders. If you’re a newbie to the world of dropshipping, then you might be thinking of ways to go about this business. One of the things on your mind would be the question of how to build a website for the dropshipping business.

Luckily, this article will do justice to this question. We’ll be talking about the necessary steps for building a dropshipping website, popular templates, and plugin tools you’ll need to download.

Select A Niche

It might not seem directly related to website building, but this stage is vital before you even start your website building. You need to know and understand what you’re getting into. If you don’t, chances are you’re going to miss it later.

The advice is to select a niche you’re genuinely interested in. A niche with products that you’re passionate about, and know almost all there is to know about them. When selecting a niche, it is essential to make sure people are actively searching for the product and make sure the products appeal to impulse buyers.

Determine Your Ecommerce Website Builder/Platform

E-commerce website building has been made easy these days with several online platforms/companies ready to give you a ready-made template that will only need small tweaking on your end. Different companies have different features for you.

The one you’ll choose may depend on your budget, or the features you need on your website. Some of these e-commerce platforms/companies are Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, WordPress, Magento, Weebly, and few others.

Get A Domain Name and Hosting

Simply put, a domain name is your website name. It is the address where Internet users can access your website, and it appears on the address bar of their browsers when searching for your business online. Therefore, you’ll need to get a name related to the type of services you’re rendering.

When registering for a domain name, it is important to keep it short and simple. Hosting comes after getting a domain name; it guarantees the visibility of your website on the www (world wide web). GoDaddy and BlueHost are examples of and the most popular hosting providers.

Building the Website

After choosing the Ecommerce platform of your choice, and registering for a domain name and host, the next line of action is the building process. No matter the platforms, they will all require you to open an account with them and choose the desired pricing plan. After which a store will be built for you automatically. Which you can then edit to your taste.

Below are some of the processes involved in the building of website/customization.

  • Theme Selection: Most of these platforms have loads of themes (free and paid version) for you to choose from. You can choose any and start editing.
  • Structure: Yes, the platform you choose will likely provide a layout for you. However, you will still need to build and restructure in a way that suits you, putting your customers in mind. You don’t want them to find it hard navigating. You can also research the competitors in your niche, to see how exactly their websites are structured.
  • Logo: The placing of your website logo.
  • Content: What will be placed on the website in terms of text and images.
  • Pages and Categories: This will most likely be done for you by the platform you’re using. However, you can add more pages if you need be. Most ecommerce sites have categories and subcategories for different product variations. Your structure should be in a way that every category has its page.

Some other essential things to be added to the website are additional widgets, security details, blog pages, plugins, return and refund policies.

Finding a Reliable Supplier

In dropshipping, suppliers are the one to store the products and ship directly to your customers. If you’ve got no supplier, or an unreliable one, your website is as useless as a trombone in a gunfight. To avoid this, ensure you get a good one. AliExpress, SaleHoo, Doba are some of the best.

Adding Products to Your Website

Now, to the main attractions of your website. After finding a reliable supplier, there is a need to add their products you would like to sell in your store. Luckily, most of these platforms have functions or plugins that allow you to do a direct product import to your website.

Editing Product Descriptions and Images

After adding these products, you might want to edit the descriptions and images to the ones that set your website apart. Remember, the same product description given to you will be given to another store owner selling the same product (if you’re using the same supplier).

Therefore, there’s a need to edit these product descriptions to your own words. Also, you can edit the images, and add the ones that you snap by yourself, and the ones that depict the product well.

Dropshipping Website Templates/Designs

You can get your website templates or designs from:

  • Shopify theme store
  • Theme forest
  • Colorlib
  • TemplateMonster
  • Magento/Weebly
Dropshipping Plugins

Below are examples of dropshipping plugins:

  • Alidropship
  • Oberlo
  • Mailchimp
  • Plugin SEO
  • Social rabbit
  • Dropshix
  • Alidropship Woo

There you go! Building your dropshipping website is easy, only if you know how to go about it. Above are the points you need to know for creating your website. Also included are where to get dropshipping website templates and some of the popular plugins available.

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As a store owner, you should know how vital the checkout process is. Have you ever been shopping online, and you get to the checkout page, and find the cart cluttered? How did you feel? The fact is, many customers or visitors often press the exit at this point when they feel confused about the page.

After customers have gone through your store and added whatever they would like to add to the cart, payment is next. Therefore, if you get nothing else right with your online, although we hope not, make sure you get your ecommerce cart design right.

Here are some Ecommerce shopping cart design best practices you to ensure higher conversion on your store:

Keep the Cart Page Sharp and Uncluttered

Buy, Shopping Cart, Keyboard, Online, Shop, Sale

As mentioned earlier, cluttered pages often discourage visitors. Only include what’s necessary on your checkout page for a smooth process, things that can clutter the page or make it look too busy should be removed from the page.

Researches have shown that 28 percent of US shoppers found the checkout process was too long, and many other respondents gave reasons that can be addressed by paying more attention to your checkout page.

When a visitor or customer gets to the checkout page, they should see something clean. Some things that clutter the checkout page include social media buttons, continue shopping buttons, navigation buttons to other areas of the site.


Transparency in the sense of the total costs a customer will pay. Always be as transparent as possible about total costs, including all extra charges customers may incur. Surprise additional costs like extra shipping fees or unexpected taxes are one of the top reasons for cart abandonment. Therefore, be transparent and detail all costs on the cart checkout page.

Include a Well Detailed Product Summary

Ordinarily, a user should be able to do a quick review of the key information relating to their order on the cart page. To get that high conversion on your store, you need to effectively detail the products a customer is about to pay for. It is essential to know that this information should be brief and concise, so your customers won’t get distracted with unnecessary information.

You should include details like the precise name of the product, a summary of specifications (size, color, capacity, etc.), the quantity (which should be modifiable), order number, product price, total price, shipping details, the available payment options, confirmation that items are in stock at that time, data privacy and security elements, and any other necessary information.

Make Call-to-action Buttons Leap off the Page

With cart design, your call-to-action buttons are important; they are probably the single most crucial element on the page. As each time a user clicks them, they’re a step closer to the final purchase. Ensure the CTA is eye-catchy for a customer to click the offer, and it should be easy to understand. Use a simple, clear message in a button with inviting color focused on the customers to take action.

Leverage Exit Intent to Prevent Cart Abandonment

Probably you notice that some of your customers vanish before check out, you can use exit intent to curb this. If you could preempt their departure with a last-ditch effort to convince them to buy, how would that boost conversions? This is where Exit-intent pop-ups come in.

They are activated when the mouse cursor moves towards the back button or exit cross on the browser or tab. When they pop up, you get the customers to make another decision rather than taking the easy option of hitting the ‘escape’ button.

Use the Option of Live Chat

The live chat option is another excellent idea to leverage. Sometimes, customers abandon their carts due to confusion or not having their concerns or questions answered. This is why you need to include the live chat option on your cart page to prevent this.

It will help you to build trust and remove any final reservations in the customer’s mind. Also, this option is an excellent way of gathering (and acting on) customer feedback to improve the user experience since you have all the history via the chat logs.

Provide Multiple Payment Options for Customers

Image result for Multiple Payment Options

Researches have shown that about eight to ten percent of users abandoned their carts because there weren’t enough payment options. If you’re a store owner, and you have customers around the world visiting your store, then you need to include multiple payment options on your checkout page since different payment methods are being used around the world. Visa and MasterCard only may affect your conversion rate.

Show Your Security Credentials

After the inclusion of multiple payment options on your store, people still need to trust your store and your cart design enough to input their credit card details. If they don’t, or they’re having doubts about something, they might leave. Highlight your security credentials by including Trustmarks on your checkout page. 

Ready to increase conversions from your cart? There you have it! The above are some of the e-commerce shopping cart design best practices that you need for higher conversion in your store. The cart checkout page is such an important part of a store; this is where a customer lands after checking your store, and about to purchase a product. The information and designs on it should be clear, catchy, and easy to access.  

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Mobile phones and tables are now the order of the day! Their adoption as a platform for e-commerce is no longer something one can take lightly. Researches have shown that they do not only account for more than half of all e-commerce traffic, but also exceeds desktop as the number one source of Google searches. This shows a lot of e-commerce sales are actually happening on mobile devices.

Now, since the use of mobile is evident, this means people (web designers and store owners) need to start thinking beyond the scope of the desktop when it comes to e-commerce projects. The trend is clear, and we’ve all seen how mobile is dominating. Let’s see the ways by which we can optimize for mobile e-commerce.

Choose a Mobile-friendly Shopify Theme

If you are using a premium theme from Shopify, then you’re on the right track as your store should be able to translate from desktop to mobile in an excellent way with everything beautifully done.

However, if you decide to try some theme customization, ensure always to check how it looks on both large and small screens because often when the customization is being done on a desktop, people forget to consider the mobile side.

Also, if you want to do more and give a true mobile shopping experience for your visitors, you should check out a few themes specifically designed for this purpose. Handy and Reach Shopify themes come to mind.

Ensure a Smooth Checkout Experience

We all know the checkout page is an essential part of any store. Even on desktop, the experience here must be good enough to make a customer pay. Add-to-cart buttons must be displayed in front and center on your product pages. You don’t want your customers getting lost while navigating through your store, do you?

As your customers browse through your mobile store, what they click should be what they get. Your “add to cart” button should place the product in the customer’s cart, subtly let them know it’s there, and allow them to continue browsing. Ensure you do everything you can to make the checkout process as smooth as possible.

Make Sure Clickable Elements are Tappable

Yea, you use a mouse to click on desktop while you tap on mobile. Come to think of it, are the clickable elements easily tappable? Remember, a finger is larger than the mouse pointer. Most times, the element being tapped on will be obscured by the finger. Therefore, be certain elements that need to be interacted with are big enough and have adequate spacing on small screens for easy tapping.

Do Something about Your Store’s Load Time

Of course, we meant lowering the load time and not adding to it. The rate at which a site load is directly related to the number of traffic and even the number of sales gotten at the end of the day. If your online store isn’t loading quickly (like 0.5-2.0 seconds fast), you’re losing traffic and, ultimately, sales.

It is important to know that as soon as your store’s load time spans over three seconds, the probability of a user leaving immediately jumps up. The reason for increased load times is not farfetched, as images and videos have been known to be the main culprits.

You can test the load time of your store by using a tool like Test My Site by Google. If you notice the load time is getting more than 2 seconds, you should consider removing some images or videos. Another good way to go about this is to embed a video link rather than hosting it.

Check Out the Forms

Check whether the forms/field labels are still visible while using a mobile.  Does the user-view zoom inappropriately when the user taps on a field to enter text? Also, check out the field types, and ensure that the appropriate keyboards are triggered for each field on mobile. For instance, the number keyboard should trigger a number field, same as the standard text keyboard for a text field.

Prioritize Your Shopify Navigation

Shopify enhanced nested navigation comes to mind, as it allows Shopify merchants to organize their front end menus in a simple drag and drop way. With so many navigation options, people often build menus that feel too webby.

Although it might not be so evident on desktop, it’s more likely to be obvious and can cause problems on small screens like mobile. Edit the mobile menu in the backend of your Shopify store to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Minimize Text on Product Pages

Another step towards optimizing for mobile e-commerce is having a minimal text on the product page. Your store’s product page on desktop may be beautifully and carefully designed, but this doesn’t translate to a great mobile experience. Ensure always to keep the information about your products on the product page concise and straightforward.

Don’t bore your customers with unnecessary information. If possible, cut down your product descriptions to include core information only. This stops your customers from having to scroll down your page.

There you have it!  A beautifully designed desktop page doesn’t mean a user is going to have a wonderful mobile experience. Since people are now browsing and buying more on their mobile devices, there’s a need to make sure the mobile e-commerce platform is fully optimized to serve these purposes. The above tips are what you need to do this optimization.

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