Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner


Cut down the maintenance cost of your car.

Stop spending too much on going to your car dealership for your car’s maintenance and start using the Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner!

he Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner is formulated to remove harmful deposits in your catalytic converter for better engine performance and to avoid clogging reoccurrence. It helps reduce hydrocarbon emissions and gives better fuel efficiency so the environment and your pocket are always safe.

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Product Description


Better Engine Performance:
Deposits the substances that are clogging your converter to improve the performance of your vehicle.

Avoids Clogging Reoccurrence:
Helps to limit future containment buildup to help you cut down on maintenance costs.
Reduces Hydrocarbon Emission:
Lower your vehicle’s dangerous hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50% for a safer environment.

Better Fuel Efficiency:
Reduces the carbon buildup in the catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and cylinder heads which results in better fuel efficiency.
Engine Safe:
Safe for gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and even for flex-fuel vehicles.


Pour bottle of Converter Cleaner into tank & drive until tank is almost empty
Refill gas tank
Drive on highway and side streets for around 50 miles to re-calibrate on-board computer (OBDII)


Ingredients: Acetone, Isopropanol, Xylene
Net Weight: 120ml

1x Engine Catalytic Converter Cleaner


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