Panoramic RearViewer


Prevent Vehicular Accidents Due to Blind Spots!
Enhance your viewing range instantly with the Panoramic
TeamViewer for safer driving. A practical popular automotive
accessory that is compatible with most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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Product Description

Increase Vision With Wide-angle View Design
Due to the enhanced view, it helps eliminate blind spots
when driving to keep you and your family safe on the road
Clear Imaging With Antiglare Night Mode Function
Eliminates distortion. The rare metal titanium reduces strong
direct light from behind to ensure safe driving at night.
Ideal for daytime and nighttime driving.
Simple Operation & Easy Installation
No special glue or screws required. Installs in seconds
without tools. Just directly clip the rearview mirror onto your
existing mirror and adjust it so that you can see the rear fully.
Applicable To Most Vehicles
Made of quality glass material it is lightweight with high
definition and anti-dazzling advantage. Suitable for cars, pick
up truck, SUV, minivan, tractor, trailers, sedans, and even boats.
Material: ABS Plastic + Glass
Size: 300mm
Style: Convex Curve
Color: White
1 x Panoramic RearViewer



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