4-in-1 Remote Control Duplicator

The Remote Control Duplicator is the easiest and least expensive way to copy any wireless remote, car key, garage door opener, and more!

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Product Description

This gadget transfers signals to duplicate your existing remote controls so you always have a duplicate remote or key available in case you lose the original.
The device can clone up to 4 remote buttons from the same or different remotes allowing you to carry four remotes in one!
Each corresponding letter (A, B, C, & D) can each open a different remote-controlled key.
You can open your garage door and unlock your car by using one remote control instead of carrying two keys with you.
The seamless infrared connection is secured and safe to use through data encryption.
You can copy any compatible wireless remote key and each password is stored individually.

Working frequency: 315/433
Rated voltage: 12 (V)
Rated current: 10 (mA)
Weight: 19g
Color: Black, Red, Blue, White, Grey

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