Waterproof Solar Powered Outdoor Patio Wall Decor Light

With this innovative product, your home will be brighter and more beautiful!
Runs automatically, with no battery or electricity needed!
Brighten Up The Outdoor Areas Of Your Home!

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Product Description

Provide bright lighting to your garden, patio, or front yard with the help of Sola Bright. The Sola Bright is not only powerful, but it also helps keep everyone in the home safe during the night.
With its durable build, the Sola Bright is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It also comes in a sleek design, making it a great addition to your modern home.
Key Benefits
Place Anywhere – Its wireless design makes it easy for you to position the Sola Bright wherever you need powerful lighting. This makes the setup extremely hassle-free!
Solar-powered battery – Never worry about having to run to the store for new batteries since Sola Bright pulls its energy from the sun. It collects power during the day and shines brightly at night.
Indestructible – Expect the Sola Bright to brighten up your home for years to come due to its durable build. No matter the weather, Sola Bright will stand strong.
Compact and lightweight – Our Sola Bright will never get in your way due to its compact body, making it perfect for outdoor spaces of all sizes. It also projects light from top to bottom, providing you with bright lighting all night.




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