Sleeping Bag Hoodie Poncho


Get warm and comfortable with these wearable outdoor hoodie blankets!

An extremely versatile item, this Sleeping Bag Hoodie Poncho is a must-have companion in when spending the night under the stars and in the great outdoors. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also helps you stay dry no matter how humid it is. Additionally, it can be your comfort blanket on cold, winter nights when your feet can’t get warm no matter how many times you adjust the heating.

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Product Description


Insulated with hollow cotton inside to keep you warm on cold nights
Durable, ripstop, and water-resistant nylon fabric
Compact when folded to save backpack space
Lightweight to easily carry around
Can be used as a ground cover when outdoors
Designed with a hoodie and a pocket
Comes with a carry bag


Compressed Dimensions: 13.3in x 7.4in
Expanded dimensions: 78.74in x 55.12in
Weight: 800cm
Material: Nylon and hollow cotton



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