Self Defense Siren


Feeling uncomfortable? Trust your gut. Activate The Self Defense Siren to create a diversion and bring all eyes on you. Pull the Top to start the LOUD siren and flashing strobe light. When you feel safe, reinsert the Top to deactivate the alarm.

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Product Description

Small Device, Big Peace of mind
We Created a Product We Hope You Never Have to Use.
Easy to use
No more struggling with pepper spray or tasers. Just pull the alarm to activate. Anyone can use it, from young children to grandparents.
Peace of mind
We hope that you never have to use her, but you can feel safer knowing that you have The Self Defense Siren on your keychain.
Traditional self-defense tools require you to fight. Designed to deter attackers by creating a diversion and drawing the attention of anyone near you.
Travel Safe
Unlike pepper spray and tasers, you can take The Self Defense Siren with you wherever you go.


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