Seal Timer Food Container-3PCS

Homelife preservation storage.
Renovate the refrigerator, easy to take, easy, and more convenient.
If the box does not smell, keep it fresh.

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Product Description

Built-in partition, draining and keeping fresh in one step. A smooth surface is easy to rinse and clean.
Timekeeping storage box. Optimal material, layered storage.
NOTE: Cannot be used in dishwasher and microwave.
The refrigerator storage box comes with a drainable filter basket and a collapsible divider. You are free to organize and compartmentalize food. Fruits and vegetables can also be washed in a separate drain basket. Collapsible dividers in food containers separate salads, vegetables, and fruits, preventing food from squeezing each other.
Made of high-quality eco-friendly PET material, BPA-free. The durable high-quality clear case is scratch and corrosion-resistant and has no odor. With 360° transparency, you can know the food stored in the container without labeling.


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