HumidiFire Aromatherapy Flam Ultrasonic Diffuser

Say goodbye to your regular humidifier 👋 and meet…
HumidiFire™ Flame Diffuser
The HumidiFire is probably the best and most affordable alternative to achieve that relaxing feeling you’re looking for from a fireplace.

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Product Description

Better Sleep & Better Skin
Helps prevent colds, flu, viruses, allergies, and asthma. Use any essential oil to promote a night of restful, uninterrupted sleep.
Allow your skin and hair to hydrate and glow with the increased humidity in the air. Alleviate chapped lips, dry eyes, and dry/bloody nasal passages.
Elevate Mood & Increase Focus
Turns fragrances or essential oils into a gentle, fragrant mist to surround you with the fragrance you love.
Certain oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint are great for giving you a critical boost to energy and mood.
What’s special about HumidiFire™ Flame Diffuser?
Because it does more than transform your room ambiance.
Keep your space smelling fresh
Simply add your favorite fragrance or essential oil to promote relaxation and focus.
Automatic shut-off feature Once the smart sensor detects no water it’ll automatically turn off.
Ultra silent & easy to use
Super quiet 30dB helping you fall asleep easily at night.
Portable & Versatile
Its compact and portable design makes it super easy to carry with you.
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