6 in 1 Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern With Fan


【Bright Lantern Flashlight】
Whenever you need the light, our 6 in 1 Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern With Fan is ready for you to provide dependable light no matter where you are.

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Product Description

【Function Of The Fan】
Highly spotlight windy and light, folding Fan Cooler Outdoors.
【Ceiling Fan With Lights】
This low-profile ceiling fan features a bright LED Lamp, which makes it a basic gear for both indoor and outdoor use, perfect for camping and bedroom.
【3 Kinds of Power Supply Methods】
Solar, 5V DC USB charging, 3 AA battery to supply power. The red light next to the DC input is bright means in charging, (include DC charging line) Making sure you have light with you at any time.
【Solar Charging】
【USB Charger For Emergency】
【Bright LED Lamp】
Using 6 class led lamps for high energy saving light of soft shadow light and light cup light of high-quality high reflectivity.
Material: ABS
Bulb: LED
Power of Lantern: 6W
Power of Flashlight: 1W
2*18650 Rechargeable Battery
Battery capacity: 18000mAH
Product Size:8.27″ x 3.94″ x 6.89″ / 23.9 x 8 x 18.4 CM
Item Weight:400g
Application:Camping Lighting & Charging & Fan



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