3-in-1 Eyelashes Tools Mascara Shield Applicator Guard (2PCs)

No messy mascara makeup, you can also wear false eyelashes easily with this tool.
This eyelash tool, which is made from high-grade and environment-friendly material, uses a two-sided eyelash comb that enables you to apply mascara on without the mess of getting smudges and drops on your eyelids.
3 In 1: each eyelashes tool combines the upper eyelid apron, lower eyelid apron, and eyelash together, the eyelid apron can fit your eyes well, and the comb can help you during the process or after

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Product Description

Easy to use: The eyelash tool is made of resin material, it is light to carry and has a smooth surface for easy cleaning of the tool.
Step 1: Place the mascara shield on the eyelids.
Step 2: Fix it along the root of the eyelash, then apply the mascara.
Step 3: Use the eyelash comb to comb each eyelash from the root to the tip.

Curved comb design: we designed the eyelash tools with a curved comb which can separate the lashes and fix the eyelash; You also can use the comb after applying a coat of mascara for natural looking
Multi-functions: an essential tool for make-up, you can use it to paint the top or bottom lash, the mascara will not stain periorbital skin with the tool, and the comb will promote a natural effect
With 3-in-1 Mascara Shield Eyelash Tools you can save both time and effort in your makeup routine — curling your ashes and wearing mascara.
Protects and perfects your eye makeup
Tidy up the lashes
Prevents smudges and drops
Easy to use and carry



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