Are salon and skincare services costly? Say goodbye to expensive salon and skincare services! Create your personal salon at the convenience of your home with the 2-in-1 Spa Steamer.

Introducing the 2-in-1 Spa Steamer, a personal salon and skincare steamer that will not cause you to break the bank! With the 2 in 1 steamer, you can use the premium services of a salon at the convenience of your home. It is also easy to assemble and very lightweight but still salon size! It also automatically powers off when it is dry and safe!

Relax while the 2 in 1 Steamer Facial Steam Therapy opens pores to remove dirt and debris. A quick 5-10 minute session will help prepare your skin for masks, serums, and treatments. Using only distilled water, this is a safe and natural way to cleanse your skin. Our compact, modern design gives you the maximum steam necessary for an in-home spa experience.

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Product Description

Boasting 5 useful features for both the hair and face at an affordable price!

Just add water and some baking oil into the cup and steam for your hair to open pores and promote the absorption of nutrients! This will help to discharge dirt and allow nutrients to be absorbed deep into the roots of your hair easily!

No need for that harmful bleaching that hurts your scalp just to get that dream colour! Use Ion baking oil will lighten your hair colour! This will also moisturise your hair, which means your hair will no longer feel dry and frizzy even after lightening it! In fact, it will feel better and smoother!

Add a small amount of ozone to accelerate the speed of the baking oil lightening your hair colour if you are in a rush! This will also help those with lots of dandruff as it will sterilize the itching by 99%!

For your face, the ion spray will moisturise your skin and regulate the water balance, reducing the formation of blackheads! It is also anti-inflammatory to reduce acne and promotes blood circulation and promotes collagen regeneration which removes ageing skin!

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Posted by Obilion on Thursday, February 13, 2020

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