Why I am not making any sales online – 10 common reasons

September 29, 20180eCommerce Tips


Why I am not making any sales online – 10 common reasons

September 29, 2018 0eCommerce Tips

One of the best ways to build revenue these days with a very little overhead is with e-commerce store. Owning an e-commerce store is unique to the extent that you can generate sales around-the-clock without having to expenses or staff required operating an offline business. Research shows that about 205 million people in the United States shops online and almost all of them spends nearly $3,000 per year – but even with this numbers plenty of e-commerce business still find it difficult to make sales. If you’re among this numbers of store owners, we have listed below 10 things that could be the cause of your no sales:

  1. Poor quality images and product descriptions

Shopping online means you won’t have the opportunity of seeing and inspecting a product, this is why you need to make sure your store product images and descriptions are top notches as this is what your buyers will rely on. One of the reasons you might be losing sales or interest in your products is because of your shoddy photos.

  1. Checkout process

Another frustrating experience customers tend to face which can make you lose sales as well is a complex, multi-step checkout process. It’s just like going to a store to buy a sock and finding them out the store as only two registers running and there are tons of people in the line. Eliminate the frustration by creating a very short checkout process.

  1. Missing contact information

This might seem like a regular feature to you, but missing out on it is a red flag for consumers. You’ll have a hard time establishing trust with your customers if you don’t put up this info because your client won’t want to know they can reach you if there’s a problem.

  1. Unclear Pricing

The price issue is yet another reason why you are not making any sales. This might be an oversight or a glitch on your website, but when your customer sees this it can look like a trick to them.

  1. A Mobile Unfriendly Store

Research shows that 80% of those who buy on an e-commerce store, do their searches on their smartphones. So, if your website is not mobile optimized, then you will be losing a lot of customers. People tend to get annoyed and go elsewhere when your online store makes navigation and buying through mobile hard.

  1.    About Us Page Says A Lot About Nothing At All

This is just like your contact us section. When your About Us page tells visitors a whole bunch of nothing about not really anything this might be a leading cause to why your store is not making sales.

  1.   Social Links Are Empty

Visitors often click on the social links and when your store has blank social links this might make you lose sales.  It takes a bit of time to update Instagram, Facebook or whatever social profiles – doing this will surely pay off as it shows you are a real store.

  1. Not Accepting Refunds or Returns

As big as Amazon is, one of the reasons why their sales keep climbing is because of their return and refund policy. If you don’t have this option in your store, it will make you look unreasonably harsh and can show a lack of confidence.

  1. ‘On Sale’ or ‘Out of Stock’

The overuse of discount and “sale” tags on the products of your store will give the impression that everything is cheap. Well, showing items that are sold out can show high demand but when you overuse this feature it can show you run a poor business operation.

  1. The Company Name Is Different From the URL and Logo

Make sure the company name, logo and URL all match perfectly because this is a big deal to visitor perception and if it doesn’t match the URL and the look of the logo and design this will really hard your sales.