The Ultimate Guide To Product Packaging

October 27, 2021 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Several factors affect how a customer sees your brand, and the product design packaging is one of them. Product packaging comes down to how your product is displayed, and it is firmly tied to the customer’s viewpoint. Choosing a look that is modern and clean for your product will most likely leave a good impression.


What Is Product Packaging

Product packaging creates the outer part of a product; it also includes choosing the right colors, material, graphics, and fonts used in wrapping, a can, bottle, box, or any type of container for storage, sale, use, and distribution.


Questions You Need To Ask Before Designing The Perfect Package

Below are questions that will positively affect your product design

  • Who is your target audience? Understanding your target audience helps you to know what they want from your product.
  • What should regular people think of when they see your product? Your product design should reflect the kind of product you want to sell. For example, natural design for an organic product.
  • What are your competitors currently doing? Understanding what your competitors are doing could help you create a unique product design that will help you stand out.


Information Of The Product

Some information is tailored to your product; some of them are:

  • Brand Requirements: in cases where the product represents an already established brand, you need to ensure you have gathered the required information, such as the colors, fonts, and logo.
  • Content that needs to be added to the product packaging: for some industries, there are some basic things that you are required to put on your packaging for legal reasons; some examples of these things include imagery, written copy, and required marks.
  • Budget: the budget for package design is broken into two parts: one-time costs and per-item costs. One-time costs include items you pay for once, while per item costs are things you continually pay for throughout the design process.


Types Of Packaging

There are three types of packaging, and each one of these packagings allows you to tell a part of your story.

  • Outer Packaging: this is the first thing a customer sets their eyes on when they see your product. It is what shields your product from external factors. This could involve the shopping bag the item is put in at the store or the product’s box.
  • Inner Packaging: this is what helps to keep the product safe in the outer packaging. This might be an airtight bag that helps preserve the product’s freshness or tissue paper that prevents the item from getting scuffed or jostled.
  • Product Packaging: this is what most individuals think of when packaging comes to mind. The bottle with a label, the toy box came in the wrapper of a candy bar, and the tag on the garment.


Choosing The Most Suitable Type Of Packaging

  • The Product: you have created a fantastic product, and people will most certainly love it. All you need now is impressive creative thinking to take your product to the next level! If your product is solid, then a unique carton that best portrays your product’s image is required.
  • The Competition: you need to closely look at your competitor’s weaknesses and make them your strength. If your competition puts soap in nylon that easily gets destroyed while in transit, then your packaging needs to solve that problem.
  • The Budget: if you are going to sell a product probably worth $10, then you should not spend as much as $2 on the packaging. Remember always to put yourself in the shoe of the ideal customer.


Printing Technique

Picking the material you want to use is essential, as it might impact the printing process. Below are the most frequently used printing techniques:

  • Offset Printing: This printing technique allows for high retail print quality and high color contrasts.
  • Flexo Printing: this provides a faster turnaround time, is less expensive, and provides lower quality results.
  • Digital Printing: it is expensive, used for folding labels and cartons, and is inappropriate for bulk printing.


Package Design

You already know what fonts, graphics, and colors you want to include to create a perfect package design with all of these mentioned above. It is also compulsory to ensure that the colors you want to use are optimized for printing purposes. Whether or not you choose to use photos should be an informed and careful decision.

If your product is luxurious, then a product photo might take away the excitement and mystery of a simple box. No matter how original or beautiful your package design is, it will not grow your customer base if it does not portray what is beyond the label.

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