What Are The Merits Of Using Order Fulfillment Services?

October 31, 2022 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

According to Shopify, 86% of Fortune 500 companies and 96% of the Fortune 100 use order fulfillment services. If these brands trust their business in the hands of an order fulfillment company, why can’t you? Whether or not you need order fulfillment services usually depends on you and your business.

Additionally, your business can benefit from working with an order fulfillment company if your margins are decent. With the help of the right fulfillment partner, you can take your business to greater heights. Continue reading to discover the merits of using order fulfillment services.

You Don’t Need A Warehouse

One of the merits of using order fulfillment services is that you don’t have to warehouse your goods yourself. Managing your warehouse can be expensive. When you run your warehouse, not only would you pay for the space but everything else that goes into that space.

Easily Integrates With Ecommerce Platforms

Using order fulfillment services also integrates all of your ecommerce platforms for a stress-free solution. Instead of figuring out how to integrate each system yourself, you can hand this over to an experienced order fulfillment company that can help you integrate all your systems.

Having them help you out not only ensures that your system is set up right but frees up your time and money to focus on growing your business.

Order Fulfillment Services helps Negotiate Better Shipping Prices

Working with an order fulfillment company will help you take advantage of better shipping prices. If you’re doing self-fulfillment and shipping 50 orders per day, you won’t have as much negotiating power as if you part of a much larger group shipping thousands of orders per day.

The companies that do the actual delivery want to incentivize having a fuller truck so the more orders you ship the better the deal they’ll offer. Therefore, using an order fulfillment service that’s shipping hundreds or thousands of packages each day will make you benefit from that discount.

You Don’t Have to Hire Warehouse Employees

Keeping an order fulfillment in-house can be expensive and time-consuming. An order fulfillment company takes care of this work for you. They’re structured in such a way that they’ll make your business grow.

They’ve amazing employees that work hard to treat your brand with respect and care. They’re firm believers in doing what you’re best at and they’re good at hiring, training, and managing great warehouse staff.

 Ability to Grow

When your business is in growth mode, the last thing you want is to pull up on the reigns and slow things down because you can’t keep up with fulfillment. The alternative would be to work yourself or employees into the ground to try and keep up. None is a good option. Using an order fulfillment services will give you plenty of runways to let your business take off.

Order Fulfillment Services help Save Time

If you’re still mailing packages out of your basement, then you’re not ready for a warehouse and you don’t have to worry about those costs yet. But how much time is self-fulfillment costing you?

How much time could you use to grow your business? Are you saving any money by doing self-fulfillment? If you’re sending out 20 or more orders a day, it’s high time you upgrade to using the order fulfillment services.

Ability to Go International

Going international can be a hassle as it’s not just getting your product to your customer that’s the tough part; it’s all the paperwork that goes with it too. According to Shopify, one of the bottlenecks of going internationally is dealing with global fulfillment.

Few business owners take care of documentation, customs, and other issues that may occur when dealing with overseas sales. Teaming with an order fulfillment company that has the experience and knows the lay of the land, you can minimize the headache and hassle of going international.

Outside Support

Nobody can be an expert in every area of their business. Sometimes a little assistance can make all the difference. Order fulfillment companies support your business so that you can focus on other things. They’ll give you a supporting hand in the supply chain of your business. They’ll also help you find areas for improvement. Ultimately, they’ll help your business grow.

Takeaway – Order Fulfillment Services May Be Right for Your Online Business

Self-fulfillment can seem a great way to save money but not always. It’s costly and requires a lot of cash to put together a warehouse of your own. Using order fulfillment services can save you time, and money and give you the ability to grow and expand your business. At this junction, it will be best you upgrade to using order fulfillment service if you haven’t.

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