The Complete Guide to Product Photography

November 28, 2019 eCommerce Tips

A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember that’s just a picture, how about a stunning, great photo? What’s it worth?  Well, I’ll leave you to answer that. Product photography isn’t as simple as pointing and shooting; there are a lot of techniques and tools needed to produce excellent images for your product. Here’s a complete guide to product photography. 


Talking about the main tool with which the shots are taken. You most definitely need the best camera for your product photography. Well, for those that are new to product photography or with limited resources, smartphones with excellent cameras can do the trick. Whichever type of cameras you want to use, the idea is to make sure you invest in great camera for excellent and high-quality photos.

An example is a DSLR camera, which is known as a professional camera. They’re high-end cameras, and they produce the best resolution. It has many features that can help you get the best output possible and also enhancing the pictures. To take excellent photos that will represent your product, you need the best cameras out there.

Use a Tripod

When taking your photo photography, there’s a need for photo consistency, and this is what a tripod can do for you.  While there’s no harm in taking these shots by yourself without a tripod, you’ll agree with us that hands can be shaky, and proper focus on the object can not be attained when the hands are shaky.

The results of a camera not stabilized is not always good, as they can sometimes come out as blurry images.  Tripod, however, is a tool that can stabilize your camera to ensure the best photos are taken with consistency and preciseness.

Shoot a Variety of Images

When you shoot not just one, but a variety of images, your customers get to know what exactly your products look like from all possible angles. For instance, if you have a clothing store, and you’re preparing an item of particular clothing for a shooting.

Consider capturing the clothing alone, then have the clothing modeled on a person. The person can now pose for the pictures to be taken from different angles. This way,  your customers get to know how the back or sides look, and not just the front.

Get a Backdrop

White background has been generally known to give the best results in photo photography. To ensure that you have the best results, you need to get a backdrop. A white backdrop can do a lot for your photos on making them look attractive and professional.

When you take your product photography shots with a white backdrop, there’s a tendency of a significant reduction in the amount of editing you’ll have to do later on. Getting a backdrop is not hard, as you can easily get a basic poster card, or buy an already setup backdrop like Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio.

Know Your Tools

Well, maybe you’re just starting product photography, or you’re an expert. Some tools are needed in photo photography to get that perfect photo. Here are some of these tools.

  • Tape: is used in keeping things in place while they’re being photographed.
  • Pencil and Paper: You can use them to jot down anything you want to be remembered later.
  • Clamps: are used in holding equipment like the backdrop
  • Fishing Line: If you’re into jewelry, you’ll need this tool for holding tiny items up, and keeping them steady.
  • Scissors: you can use scissors for getting rid of loose fabric threads or for cutting the fishing line.
  • Safety Pins: used in ensuring clothing fitness.
  • Iron or Clothes Steamer: Of course, you’ll need to steam or iron your dress before taking the photo.
  • Memory Card: Remember, you’ll be taking hundreds of photos, especially if you have a lot of products. You must have a reserve memory card in place for storing your photos. 

Lifestyle Product Shoot

Lifestyle images bring your products to life. Sometimes some products need more than a white background; they need to be photographed along with other objects for them to pass the best message to your customers. Lifestyle product shoot is another form of product shooting entirely.

It allows you to play around with the photo. When taking a lifestyle photo of a product, you can feature them alongside some other subjects. This way, a potential customer can imagine themselves in the picture.

Product Photo Lighting

Lighting is one of the things that separate a professionally created photo and amateur photography. It is so important in photography that good lighting will improve the quality of your photos than anything else. It is key to creating high-quality product photos, by determining the darkness or brightness of photos, establishing tone, highlighting the textures and colors. Before taking your product photos, make sure everything is in place about the lighting setup.

Take a Photo Editing Class

You’ll need the knowledge of photo editing at some point in your product photography career, except if you’re not planning on doing all the photography by yourself. Taking a basic photo editing class is not a bad idea. Remember, product photography is an investment; taking a photo editing class makes you a professional in the line, and you get to know all that could be done to have that perfect photo. 

There you have it! A proper guide, showing you most of the things you need to know about product photography. From getting the right set of tools to the lighting to exploring the lifestyle product shoot. Proper application of this guide will ensure great photos for your product photography.

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