The Biggest Dropshipping Trends of the Summer Holidays

June 19, 2021 eCommerce TipsEntrepreneurs

Summer is one of the most anticipated seasons on this side of the globe. What with the lengthier days, beautiful weather, parties, and whatnot. But it comes with a toll for dropshipping businesses. A lot of trends have to adjust to match the demands of the summer season. The thing is, most folks will not be spending a lot of time on their computers ordering a lot of things. Those who find the time to order for stuff will be focused on summer-based trends that help them enjoy the summer season.

If you are looking to keep your dropshipping business thriving during the summer season, you might want to focus on the products most folks are looking to get their hands on. Thankfully, we have been able to compile some of them in the rest of the article. Read on.

Twinkle Lights

There are two types of Twinkle lights that you can add to your dropshipping offerings for summer. First, there is the one that comes with a string that can be wrapped around a pillar. Then there is the one that comes like a curtain that you can hang on a wall or used as décor. Regardless of the type, twinkle lights are great for parties and private events, and since that is all the summer is about, the demand for them is about to skyrocket. So act fast!

Magnetic Car Sun Shade

Many folks get on road trips during the summer season because the weather is excellent for traveling and stuff. But then there are the UV rays and heat from the sun that can damage your vehicle. So most folks who want to travel prefer a magnetic car sunshade that keeps their cars safe from heating up. The car sun shades also protect people from harmful UV rays. This summer, there will be much demand for them, especially as people might want to experience some sun after the COVID-19 restrictions and all.

Pool Beer Pong

The summer heat makes drinking beer a very pleasurable pastime, so there is bound to be an increase in the demand for pool inflatable products. The weather is hot, so it’s only natural for people to take dips in pools/beaches and enjoy a game of beer pong while they are at it. Pool beer pong is a big deal during the summer, and you want to tap into the market for the products.

Crop Tops 

What’s the point of working hard at getting a summer body if you cant show it off? Summertime is the season for crop tops. First, it is hot, so most folks will want to wear as little as possible. Plus, many folks have been putting work at the gym and watching their food intake so that they can get that summer body. In both cases, the crop top is a natural choice, and they come in so many variations that you can never go wrong if you choose to add them to your summer offerings.

Playful Beach Towels

Summertime and the beach are inseparable, and a trip to the beach is incomplete without a beach towel. There is a range of beach towels to explore, so you might want to stock as many as you can lay your hands on. It is a must-have accessory for the summer. In addition, it should be a must-have product for your summer drop shipping offerings.

Flat Sandals

Like beach towels, flat sandals are another excellent summer product you should stock up for the summer. It is the summer, and the flat sandal is the best footwear to explore this season. It often comes in a range of bright colors and eye-catching designs and is perfect for a day in the city or a stroll along the beach.

Your Marketing Techniques Will Have To Change

It is one thing to stock up on the products that folks will give an arm to get in the summer, but if you don’t market your offerings the right way, you may not make enough sales. Therefore, you’d need to adjust your marketing strategy during the summer. A great way to go about this is to incorporate social media into your marketing. Using social media ads and Google Shopping will get your products out there since more people will spend time on social media than on other sites. Use great product photos and deploy hashtags effectively. If social media marketing is not your alley, you can contact influencers in the fashion niche or contract the right professionals. It is well worth the investment.


Regardless of the argument about how summer affects the dropshipping business, you can still make the most of the summer season if you know how to go about it. Understanding and adjusting to the dropshipping trends described in this article will prepare you for a great summer season.

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