Wholesale suppliers play a crucial role in the smooth operation of your online dropshipping business. These suppliers have warehouses and distribution centers. From packaging your products to checking the product’s quality, shipping products to customers, and more, wholesale suppliers handle all these tasks. Hence, it is important to deal with wholesale suppliers diligently and ensure that the supplier never disappoints you.

What’s more, working with the right wholesale supplier can help boost your online business in a huge way! These suppliers can easily get your products on the retailers’ shelves. Likewise, the supplier can offer you lots of other exciting leads and opportunities. Here are some tips for dealing with wholesale suppliers:

Prepare for the Market

Are you ready for the market? One of the mistakes online entrepreneurs make is not getting ready for the market before contacting the wholesale supplier. At times, the market can be unpredictable. Even after your market survey, things can change unexpectedly. Hence, you need to ensure that your products are ready for the market.

Additionally, you should know the right price to sell these products, after considering logistics and all other things. Moreover, if demands skyrocket, how are you going to meet the growing needs of your customers? Remember, the wholesale supplier will only ship the products they have at their warehouse to your customer. Thus, you have to ensure that you are well-prepared for the market.

Inquire About Volumes and Buying Criteria

Furthermore, it is important that you inquire about volumes and various other buying criteria. Some wholesale suppliers only sell to buyers that have the means to purchase the products regularly and in bulk quantities. In case you do not have the capacity to meet the minimum order criteria of the supplier, you will have to source your products lower down the supply chain.

Also, some suppliers expect your online business to meet certain conditions before they can sell to you. Inquiring about the buying volumes and minimum order criteria will make it easier for you to deal with such wholesale suppliers.

Don’t Rely On A Single Supplier! Have Plan “B”

Finding the perfect wholesale supplier for your product gives you a great feeling. That amazing feeling of achievement after you have carried out your research and gotten a great deal on prices. Also, the supplier allows you to order in small quantities. Hence, you don’t have to break the bank.

However, when the demand from your customers increase, the supplier is not able to meet your customer needs anymore. This will be a huge disaster for your business. Suppliers can also run out of stock. This is why you should never rely solely on a single supplier. Thus, when sourcing products of choosing wholesale suppliers, always have a backup plan or plan “B.” In case things go wrong, you will have the peace of mind that you are well covered. You can easily change to another product or start dealing with another wholesale supplier.

Establish Great Rapport

Furthermore, when you are dealing with wholesale suppliers, it is important to establish the fact that you are a very serious buyer. Communicate constantly using the phone and not by emails. After your initial inquiry, ensure that you make contact from time to time. Feel free to ask questions about quantity, specifications, prices, delivery date, and more. 

Constant communication is a great way to build rapport with your wholesale supplier. Make the supplier recognize you as a serious buyer who goes about his business professionally. After establishing great rapport, take advantage of the exciting opportunities and leads given to you by the supplier. In case you are not offered any, be brave to request for one.

Negotiate the Best Price

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As you build relationships with your supplier, you can consider negotiating the best prices and other favorable terms. These wholesalers what you be in business with you. Hence, they are always ready to reduce their prices if you ask for it. You can offer to buy in large quantities to further reduce the prices.

Other favorable terms can include a sale or return clause. This allows you to return any stock that you are not able to sell. Also, you can negotiate hard whenever you place an additional order. Above all, ensure that you always pay on time whenever you increase your order size.

Negotiate Delivery and Payment

Finally, you have to negotiate delivery with your wholesale supplier. Let the supplier understand that you want your products to be shipped to the customer as soon as order is placed. Also, they should give you an estimated delivery time or date after each shipment.

Most suppliers often expect to receive payment after 90 days. Hence, if you do not have enough cash flow to pay for an order or you are unsure if you will sell stock quickly enough, think carefully before ordering in bulk quantities.

There you have it! Above are some tips for dealing with wholesale suppliers. As a business owner, it is important that you learn how to deal with wholesale suppliers. There are lots of stories about wholesale suppliers that deliver poor quality goods or never actually supplied the product to your customers. Hence, when it comes to pricing, quantities, shipping, and more, you simply have to deal with wholesale suppliers diligently.

Furthermore, knowing how to deal with wholesale suppliers for your online business will help to make your online dropshipping business successful. Notwithstanding your years of experience in dealing with suppliers, it is important that you learn how to deal with them professionally and properly. This will help your business to grow, increase profits, and become great.

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Do you have a drop shipping or e-commerce website and is looking for a wholesale supplier to provide you with products? You have thought well to read this article, as it will help you understand how to deal with wholesale suppliers better.

There are tons of suppliers delivering different products to various industries. They all have different times of product delivery, product portfolio, customer service, price and so on. Due to these, choosing a wholesale provider that will work for you involves well-thought-out processes.

Read on to find out the processes involved in collaborating with a wholesale supplier for your e-commerce business.


In e-commerce or drop shipping business, the delivery time of the products to their final destination is very important. Late delivery of products to your buyers is inimical to the growth of your business. A wholesale supplier that does not deliver bought products on time does not enhance customer relationship and business growth.

In finding a wholesaler, go for one that understands the importance of early delivery of the product. Better still, partner with a wholesale provider that has an automated supply system and products tracking. These ensure that products requested are delivered immediately.

Ask for Samples

Before reaching an agreement with a supplier, it is important that you request for a product sample. Many wholesale suppliers do not supply samples but do not worry about that. There are still other suppliers that will happily oblige to tendering a product sample to you once it is requested for.

The product sample enables you to get a firsthand experience of the features that you will easily relate to costumers. Besides, as you test the products you may find the ones you do not like. Regardless of how cheap or costly they are, you will get to find if they have the qualities, you are looking for.

Buyers finding out themselves that the product does not have the features and quality just like you described to them is bad for business. Such can be prevented by cross-examining the products and ensuring they have the features you want.

Customer Support

When an issue crops up does the wholesale have a customer service you can reach for assistance? Customer service is important to keep your eyes peeled out for in looking for a wholesale supplier. Not just any customer service but one that is 24/7 available.

On their website, do they have a live chat or support line? How responsive is their customer service? These are the factors you should have on your checklist when sourcing for a wholesale supplier. Ensure that you are working with a product supplier that will there when you need their assistance with an issue.

Check the Price

Just as there are many wholesale suppliers, there are also different prices they offer for their partnership with e-commerce owners. This price is determined by geographical location, production cost, shipping distances, etc. Finding a price that is favorable to you determines your profit margin.

Contact the Supplier Directly

The main essence of this pointer is to forge a working relationship directly with the person that is in charge of the supply chain. It is important to have a first direct contact with the supplier to know more about them. It is not bad if you decide to call them on the phone to strike a deal but the problem with this medium of communication is that you could speak to a wrong person.

A one-to-one meeting with a supplier lets you know more about them, their services and develop a healthy working relationship. You will get to find out if they have what you need or not and stand a change of striking a better bargain.

Search Online

The web today houses lists of online wholesale suppliers. You can perform a basic search through search engines, such as Google. Streamline the search queries as you get deeper find the supplier and product you are looking for. Use the name of the product you are looking for as a search query. This will help you discover the wholesale supplier quicker.

If a friend or relative recommends a particular wholesale provider to you, you can go online to look them up and verify how authentic they are. Online platforms such as Aliexpress, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy has a repository of wholesalers you can choose from for your business.

Trade Shows

Trade shows attract wholesalers of various products. This is a place where you can meet with different wholesalers to find one that will stock your online store. At the trade show, you will have the opportunity to visit as many booths as you want and partner with a wholesaler whose items fits your online store.

Ask for Recommendations

Apart from researching wholesalers on the internet, you can ask online business owners to recommend a supplier they have worked or are currently working with. While you look for a wholesaler, you could ask some suppliers that do not have the item you want to recommend you to another reliable supplier. A product manufacturer is also in a good position to suggest some wholesalers to you that are reliable enough to stock your online store.

There you have it! Above are some tips to help you choose wholesale suppliers for your online business. Considering these factors when searching for wholesale suppliers gives you an edge to finding one that will enhance the growth of your online business. Not every supplier is going to meet your demands but that should not deter you from searching for the right one.

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