Retailers don’t manufacture their merchandise, they get it from somewhere. Yes! From the wholesalers. The wholesalers are usually the ones that make the products and then sell to the retailers for their use, then the retailers sell in bits to their customers. 

Buying wholesale products may not be an easy play at times, especially when you’re new to the game. However, with the proper knowledge on buying these products, you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever. Let’s look at everything you need to know about how to buy wholesale products.

What Merchandise Do You Sell?

The first thing we feel you should know is the merchandise you’re planning on selling. Yes, think about it. What do you want to sell? Will you be selling a wide range of items or you’re planning on a specific niche? Be sure of the answer to this question because you have to choose wholesalers that sell what you need, and you have to make sure these wholesalers’ products offer is in line with the kind of store you run.

Finding A Wholesaler

If you want to buy wholesale products, then you need to find the people that sell them. The wholesalers or the wholesale suppliers! Well, finding them can sometimes seem like a difficult task. However, it isn’t that hard, you just don’t know where to look at yet.

To find wholesalers, look at where other retailers gather. Trade shows and industry events are also good places you can get one. Also, there are online market places like Alibaba, eBay, where you can find a whole lot of wholesalers and retailers.

Picking A Wholesaler

When you find wholesalers, your next concern might be picking one or a few out of many. If you’re just starting your retail business, you will likely need smaller orders. So, you should consider buying further down the chain to get those smaller orders. Why? Well, it is important to know that as a product passes hands, the price goes up.

Is the Wholesaler Reliable?

Moving on to the wholesalers. In most businesses, there’s always a need to find a reliable partner, isn’t it? When buying wholesale products, you need to make sure your wholesaler is reliable. You shouldn’t work with people you can’t rely on. Remember the wholesalers have a role to play in the success of your business. A wholesaler who delivers late, or shows up with damaged or defective items aren’t good for your business.

How Is Their Knowledge About the Product?

This is one of the vital things to look at when buying wholesale products. Imagine a wholesaler not having a strong understanding of the products they sell. It’s going to be a huge disaster. When you have a wholesaler with a vast knowledge of the products they sell, not only will you be able to share information with your customers, but it also gives you the chance to make sure you know you have a partner who stands out in quality and performance.

Does Their Customer Service Meet Your Needs?

Every chain of business needs good customer service. An efficient and effective customer service that you can easily reach at any point in time is what we are talking about. Find out if the wholesaler has a reliable team that you can easily reach when needed. Most times you’ll need answers to some questions, and if their customer service is not effective enough to give you these answers, then it doesn’t make sense.

What Is Your Price Point?

The merchandise you bought from your wholesale suppliers for reselling is what brings money into your business. That means the amount of money you spend to get the merchandise helps determine how much you profit when you sell it. Therefore, take note of your price points when choosing a supplier, make sure you can get pricing that allows you to hit your desired profit margins.

Sales Tax

Talking about taxes, you don’t have to remit sales tax on items you’ll resell if you show the wholesaler a resale certificate. This certificate is used in purchasing goods that you will resell or will be a part of something you sell. The resale certificate proves you’re not buying the wholesale merchandise for personal use but to resell them. If you don’t have the certificate proof, you will have to pay a sales tax.

Wholesale Pricing

It’s called wholesale for a reason. The fact is individually sold retail products are sold for more money than the per-item price of wholesale products. When buying wholesale products, you do not pay the market price. You’re buying in bulk. Hence, you pay a lower wholesale price. Also, a product can have different wholesale prices between two buyers.

For example, a retailer who purchases 10,000 pairs of shoes will pay a lower price per pair than another retailer who buys only 1,000 pairs of the same shoes. The rule is, the more goods you buy, the lower the price per unit will be.

Wholesale Agreement

For any wholesale purchase, there’s usually an agreement to sign. Before entering into a wholesale agreement, it is important to read and understand the term of your wholesale purchases. Some of the items that might appear in your wholesale agreement are minimum order sizes, details about discounts, delivery schedules, return policies.

There you have it! The wholesalers have a role to play in the success of your business, and figuring out how to buy wholesale products is a crucial step in knowing how much you can actually make at the end of each sale. Well, above are the things you need to know, and at this point, you shouldn’t have any problems with buying wholesale products.

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Wholesale products selling on Amazon involves buying items in bulk from manufacturers and reselling them to customers on Amazon. This model allows you to maintain absolute control of your business, provides you with scalable opportunity growth, forge a relationship with top brands and is highly cost-effective.

Tons of wholesale product sellers take to Amazon to put them on listing. Many of them make serious cash in return while others do not. The former is utilizing the right approach while the latter is not. In this post, we have listed effective guides below on how to sell wholesale products on Amazon. Read on to find out more.

Choose the Right Wholesale Products

Before you venture into wholesale selling on Amazon, you have to have an inventory of products that will be sought-after on the platform.

On your checklist, ensure they are manufactured by prominent and recognizable brands, have great potential for sales, products are greatly demanded and they are not sold by Amazon itself or other top sellers.

You can do some digging on Amazon to find out products that are popularly demanded by are not always available. Each search category will give you an idea on the wholesale product to have in your inventory. 

Adjust Pricing to be Competitive

It is customary that before online shoppers purchase a product on Amazon, they will have to compare the price from different stores. You will be doing your business great disservice if you fix the price of the products above the competitive range.

If you are starting up you should figure out how much your competitors are selling their products and fix the price of yours to beat theirs. You can use Amazon’s ‘Match Low Price Feature’ to bring yourself up to speed pricing competition of your products.

Display Products with High-quality Images

In online shopping, today use of images is an effective technique to appeal and sway the opinions of prospective buyers to make purchases. The use of this content allows buyers to gather information about the product you are offering.

The quality of the image should be as high as possible to enhance the viewing experience. Any use of poor quality images will not assist you in making the right marketing of your products.

Ensure that you use an authentic image of your products, instead of images downloaded from the internet, and adhere to Amazon’s image guidelines to establish trust and strong relationship with your customers.

Utilize the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

The Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is an AI-centric innovation tool that enables Amazon buyers to discover the products sellers sell on Amazon. This effective tool lends you a leg up to drive traffic to your product page and stand out from your competitors.

This feature displays the ads of the product you are selling in the search result and product pages. It makes your product more discoverable and boosts sales. The Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a cost-effective approach as you only pay according to the number of buyers that click on the product ads.

Describe Products Correctly

On Amazon, the description of the products in your listing is imperative to tell customers what they should expect after purchase. When putting out the description make sure that they rhyme exactly with the actual features of the wholesale products. A slight difference between the features of the products and the description will attract account suspension warnings from Amazon.

In addition, you could draw yourself negative reviews that will lead to low traffic and returns. Always make a conscientious effort in seeing what the products descriptions are done accurately.

Ask for Product Reviews

It is not unusual that Amazon buyers leave feedback on the product page after making a purchase. Amazon has a selling guideline that requires sellers to create room for product feedback and reviews. Failure to do these may lead to the banning of your account.

Moreover, product reviews can help you to boost sales. According to Amazon, products reviews can increase the sales of the items up to 15%. When prospective buyers read up the reviews of the products in your listing, they will be informed whether to go ahead with the purchase or not. Make an extra effort to avoid or reduce negative reviews. Bad reviews can hamper the propensity of you making great sales.

Offer Customer Service

One of the veritable ways of beating your competitors on Amazon is to offer outstanding customer service. A customer enables you to show customers how empathic you are win their loyalty and drive up sales. Some of the best customer service practices include answering swiftly to their questions resolve customer issues calmly and professionally and provide solutions to their concerns. Amazon closely monitors the way you respond and resolve customer issues. This gives you an edge in winning favors from Amazon and making great sales.

Utilize Keywords

To make your products more visible to buyers the use of keywords is greatly recommended. Keywords are phrases that are related to buyer’s search queries. You can find popular keywords related to your product using the Amazon Keyword Tool. The good thing about keywords is that they make you more discoverable on both Amazon and Google search engine.

There you have it! Above are some tips for selling wholesale products on Amazon. Selling wholesale products on Amazon is a highly lucrative venture. However, it is important that you do it the right way to have any chance of achieving success. Start selling today by implementing the techniques discussed above.

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Now that you have discovered the product to deal on in your e-commerce business, you need a supplier that will provide you with the product’s inventory. Without a reliable supplier on hand to avail with the inventory of the products, it will be a struggle.

Nevertheless, finding a rusted supplier that we provide you with the online wholesale products you want is no easy task. In this post, we are going to look at the different ways you can find them.

Identify the Kind Supplier You Want

Before you set out in search of a supplier you have to identify the wholesale products to be supplied with. Develop a prototype which you will use to convey what you need to the supplier. If you want them manufactured and supply in the small quantity you can go for a small supplier or go for a big name supplying company if you want them supplied in huge quantity. Ensure that the supplier will meet up with your demands at the right time.

Ask For Recommendations

When you are looking for a reliable and established supplier you should let the people around you know about this. Talk to your friends, family members or business associates. Business people can help you refer you to suppliers they have worked with and trusts. During your search for suppliers, you will come across many that will not offer what you are looking for. You can ask them to refer you to a supplier that offers you what you want.

Trade Shows

Trade shows is a place to visit to find a supplier whose services are tailored to what you the items you need to stock your e-commerce store. At trade shows, there are different booths with unique sold items displayed for the buyers to see. You can visit the booths to find a supplier that will offer you the wholesale products you are looking for. This is also a great way of surveying what your competitors are into and the trends to keep up with.

Start Price Negotiation

After you have found a supplier it’s time to sit down at the table and reach a price agreement. Different suppliers have varying prices of offering you their services. Negotiate a price that will suit your budget. Do not be afraid to haggle. At first, the supplier will appear unyielding to what you can afford but with persistence and bargaining strategy, you will have them supplying you with wholesale products at a cost within your budget.

Discuss with the Supplier

It is important to work with a supplier whose ethics matches that of your business. Whether you have found your supplier by word of mouth or on the internet, invite them to a table discussion to meet face to face and relate to them what you want. You can use the avenue to enquire from them about delivery process and time, the products in their inventory, quality and how the wholesale products are stored.

Leave out Middlemen

The main aim of finding a supplier is to contact them and hear from them directly. Using the help of a middleman to find a buyer can rob you of this. Also, not using a middleman cuts down the cost of finding a supplier. Some middlemen might not be honest with you about a supplier because they want to swindle you of your money. Leaving them out enables you to meet the supplier and have a firsthand experience of their efficiency.

Ask For Samples

A supplier telling you that they have and can supply you the items to stock your online store with is not enough. Before you reach an agreement with them, you should request for a sample. The reason being that you would want to test, and feel the quality of the selling item and ensure that it meets the standard you want. Avoid suppliers that won’t oblige to giving you samples of the wholesale products.

Check Online

Apart from word of mouth or recommendation from friends suppliers are now using the websites to create awareness of their services. You can search for reputable suppliers on the internet through search engines such as Google.

Visit their websites and check if they have an inventory of the items you want for your store. Read reviews from their previous and current clients on their website to see if they are authentic.

Determine the Minimum Supply Order

Whether you are into dropshipping or other e-commerce businesses, you have to ensure that the minimum order of the supplier is manageable to you. Every supplier has a minimum order quantity of wholesale products that they supply. It is best to ask them from the onset to know if in consonance with your business.

What Out for Scammers

Suppliers that have no reputation and are out to rip you off isn’t what you want for your business. Ungenuine suppliers do not have a website, have no items inventory and may not ask you about your business tax details. You have to keep an eye peeled out for these scamming alerts to avoid getting scammed.

Suppliers are important in the distribution chain of e-commerce businesses. There are genuine and Ingeninue suppliers out there. It takes adhering to certain guidelines to avoid the bad ones when searching for a reputable supplier. Now that you are armed with this knowledge you can begin now to search for a real supplier to start your business.

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