Brand identity is the image, personality, and values that set your brand apart from the others. It is how the world views your brand, and it is critical for every business to have one, a very good one. The reason for every business to have one or maintain one is not farfetched. To succeed in the world of business today, you need to commit to your customers truly. You need to show them how exactly you understand their problems, why they need to solve them, and how your brand is the best option to go to for the solution.

A lot of online content could help you in building this brand identity. However, there’s one that stands out, and it involves using custom animated videos.  In this article, we’re going to show you how to build your brand identity with custom animated videos.

Create a Buyer Persona

The first step in the creation of any brand identity is knowing your target audience. Creating a buyer persona works in such a way that the brand gets to create a detailed character that represents the target audience.  As a brand, you need to learn as many things as possible from your audience to create that perfect representation or character you’re going to use for the animated video.

Some insights you can use are: the average age of audience, location, dress style, how they talk, and any other valuable information you can get.  All of these incorporated into a virtual character will then make a buyer persona that will be used to portray your target audience. This action prompts immediate identification and trust within your audience, as they feel the animated video is about them.

Use a Voice the Audience Can Relate With

Somewhat related to a buyer persona, a voice that the audience can relate with will make the audience feel as part of the animated marketing video, and trust the message you’re trying to pass across.

Therefore, when building a brand identity with an animated video, the brand should ensure they use a professional voice, preferably a voice from the native area the message is meant for. A video that’s intended for Africa audience might not work effectively if an American native gives the voice-over. A voice that feels like them (African) would be much accepting, and the purpose of the video to build brand identity will be well served.

Your Brand Colors and Style is Important

Your brand color is also your identity, and you need to make sure they are in all your brand stuff. Be it the products, pages, website, social media, and other related things pertaining to your brand. Custom animated videos are for your brand; hence, you’d need to apply brand color to it.

When making these custom animated marketing videos, brands should ensure that their brand color can be seen at every point in the video as much as possible. These explainer videos speak directly to your audience and frame the entire perception of your brand.

Choose the Right Animated Video Style

When it comes to animated marketing videos, there are many of them in different styles. It is then up to you to choose the right style for your target audience. There’s whiteboard animations, cartoon, and motion graphic videos.

If you want to build your brand identity effectively, then you need to choose the style that allows optimum character animation and some humor/human approach. This style would be able to communicate your message with great visual quality that the audience can relate with.

Go Social

The brand needs to make these videos social as much as possible. As a brand, if you want to get close and personal with your audience, you need to have a good strategy. Luckily, you have a video now; the next thing is making it be a hit online.

Video marketing happens to be the best online strategy with the highest ROI, and it is the most thriving and cost-effective content on social media. You can build that brand identity fast by using the custom animated video vis-a-vis leveraging social media to get to a large base of your target audience.

Be Authentic

Lastly, if you want to build brand identity and trust with your customers, you need to be yourself. It’s no time to be a copycat; it’s time to show your audience that you’re authentic and unique. You need to be your true self to build a top brand identity and stand out from the competition. Also, ensure this uniqueness shows in the custom animated video your brand makes.


There you go! From creating the best possible buyer persona to incorporating your brand’s color and style in videos to having a voice over that your audience can relate with. You can not go wrong with these tips when trying to build a brand identity with custom animated marketing videos.

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Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular and most visited website on the web? Yea! It is that popular and rich. It has become the go-to website for users who want to watch videos. This says a lot about the way people now prefer video as a means of getting information, and how video can serve as a significant and excellent working tool in marketing.

A lot can be done with video, from engaging customers to promoting brand awareness to introducing products and services, and many more. Video marketing, as the name implies, is the act of using video or incorporating videos into your business to serve as a marketing tool, or campaigns.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Business

Video marketing can do a lot for your business. Here are some benefits of video marketing for small businesses.

  • It increases brand awareness
  • Boosts social media engagement
  • It helps in driving traffic and sales
  • You can use it to launch new products or services
  • Building customer relationships

Types of Video Marketing

Here are the types of videos you can create for marketing purposes.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are videos created to generate brand awareness. They are often created to be used on social media and to drive in more traffic. These types of videos are usually created around the brand’s culture, mission, and vision. They tell the story of products or services being rendered.

Explainer Videos

Just as the name implies, explainer videos are used to explain how a product works. Brands create and use this type of video to explain how their products work and how the audience can benefit from them.

Live Videos

A live video is used to broadcast live to your audience, to engage them in real-time, and tell them about a service. Most of the social networks allow users to stream live video, – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live, or Twitter. It provides the avenue to promote interviews, presentations, and more.

Event Videos

Event videos are the videos created during a business event. A business can hold an event, inviting several other businesses from the industry, a video made for this kind of event can be called an event video.

Educational Videos

This is also called the “How-To Videos.” Brands use educational videos to teach their audience something they want to know. Brands use educational videos to inform their customers or audience on how to get most of a particular product or how to create something.

Demo Videos

Demo videos are just like explainer videos, although they go more in-depth than explainer videos. They are created by brands to showcase their products. They go deeper by highlighting all the benefits a customer stands to gain from a product or service being marketed.

Starting a Video Marketing

Now that you’ve seen the different types of videos and how to use them let’s go through the steps you can take to start video marketing.

Choose Your Target Audience

This is usually the first step in any marketing video creation. Who do you want to see the video? Therefore make sure to define your target audience before making a video. This way, you can tailor the video’s type, content to the needs of your viewers.

The kind of video and content you’d do for people new in dropshipping is different from what you’d do for those that already know about dropshipping but want to learn how to sell clothes.

Identify What You’re Trying to Achieve

Now, what’s the point of the whole video marketing? Is it to increase your brand awareness or sales or drive traffic, or you want people to sign up to your mailing list. Whatever the purpose of the video, you need to be clear about it and match it towards your goal.

Plan Your Video Marketing Budget

You need to check the size of your pocket too. Check your budget and the resources available for this video. Do you want to use the service of a professional videographer, or you want to shoot on your phone?

Choose a Type of Video

Now that you’ve identified your audience and video goal. You need to choose the video format that best suits your goal, and come up with the best video Marketing idea.

The Platform to Publish the Video

You need to decide on which platform you’d like to publish the video. So you could tailor the video to align with the requirements of the platform.

Decide How You Will Measure the Success of Your Video

Measuring the success of a video will depend on the goals you’ve set in the earlier steps. It’s the only way to know the impact of your video and how to improve on them. If your aim is to create brand awareness, then you can measure the success by the number of views, likes, and shares you’re getting.

 Editing the video, publishing it with the best SEO practices, and promoting the video are the last steps in the guide to video marketing. It is important to know that viewers, especially those that would be interested in your service, prefer videos that are raw and authentic over staged ones. Luckily, this guide has all you need for you to give them just that!

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Video marketing has skyrocketed to a level where it is widely accepted and preferable to any other form of marketing. The use of videos as a marketing technique is evident in the rise of YouTube being ranked the second largest search engine in the world currently, just after Google.

Video marketing can do a lot for your business, and one of them is gaining a whole lot of traffic for your website. However, to do video marketing effectively, you’ll need some crucial tips. These tips will help in skyrocketing the traffic your site will garner.

Upload Your Video to YouTube

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It is well known from several reports that more than 1 billion users visit YouTube in a month, and over 6 billion hours of video are being watched during this duration.

Now, imagine the number of traffic you can get with these figures.  This shows the necessity and how important it is to have your content on YouTube.

Create A Great Thumbnail for Your YouTube Videos.

Thumbnails have been known to trigger that “click me” instinct in many viewers. A thumbnail is a tiny picture that acts as a visual title for your video; it is the picture that shows when a video is yet to be played.

Your best chance at getting a potential viewer to click play on your video is by having a solid thumbnail. Therefore, make your thumbnail catchy to draw viewers in, and make sure it portrays the content of your video.

Your First Few Seconds Is Crucial

When making your marketing video, you need to make sure the first few seconds draw the attention of your viewers and make eager to see to the end. The fact is one-fifth of viewers are likely to click away from a video within 10 seconds of playing.

Hence, the need to capture the attention of your viewers right from the start of the video. To get that crazy traffic, you need to value your first few seconds.

Focus on Telling Good Story

Image result for Tell a good story

You need to give the viewers a good reason to watch and not click away on your video. You can do this by telling an outstanding story in your video. Although, the endpoint is making sales, however, don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on sales. A marketing video solely made for sales will fail, rather sell value to the viewers, and see them come back for more.

Create A Clear Call-To-Action

Calls-to-action are those calls embedded in videos that tell viewers what to do. Without a clear CTA, viewers might find it confusing on the next action to take in line with your video content. If you want more traffic to your site, you must make it easier for the audience to find your site; and the way to make it easier is by embedding this call-to-action in your videos. You can use CTA to send people to a sales page, your channels, or other videos.

Mobile-Friendly Videos Rock

Well, most videos are watched using mobile devices. It is just logical to make sure your videos are mobile-friendly. A survey conducted by Facebook found that people are 1.5x more likely to watch videos on a smartphone than on a computer.

Therefore, to skyrocket your traffic, consider using mobile responsive players like YouTube, Vimeo, as they will modify video quality according to the viewers’ bandwidth. In making your videos mobile-friendly, you also need to watch out for the text size because a text that appears big on a TV screen will need to look small on a smartphone screen.

Use Tags

If you’ve ever uploaded a video to YouTube before, you likely know what tags are. If you haven’t, well, it’s quite easy to know. Tags are the descriptive pieces, usually in text form, they are added to your video, so your viewers will understand what your video is all about. Tags can be categorized into four, namely specific tags, compound tags, generic tags, or misspellings.

Optimize Your Videos With SEO

Who doesn’t want better search engine optimization? It is essential to optimize your videos and make them search engine friendly. Getting them optimized gives a shot at getting maximum return from your video marketing, and of course, get huge traffic from it. Get the video optimized by adding the necessary details needed, like descriptions, tags, and relevant user intent keywords.

Write Catchy Titles/Headlines

The saying -When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your one dollar- comes to mind. Yes! Your titles or headlines are that important, and they need to be compelling. There are a whole lot of tricks in writing compelling headlines, such as making a promise on what your videos will solve and tickling the viewers’ emotions.

Share Your Videos

Well, it’s quite easy to understand that the more often your video is shared, the more visibility it will receive. This means to gain crazy traffic; your videos need to get shared with numerous people. You can share these videos across numerous blogs and other social media platforms. Also, a CTA telling viewers to share is a good idea.

There you have it! Based on the audience’s demand for more video-based content, video marketing has been a thing to ensure you do right. With the continuing rise in the number of online viewers, you don’t want to miss the traffic you could garner. Luckily the above tips are what you need to skyrocket your traffic.

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Getting the attention of people nowadays with video is not an easy task. Researches have shown that one-fifth of viewers are likely to click away from a video within 10 seconds of playing. This is why you need the best practices and top tips for ensuring your video marketing campaigns smash your objectives. Below are some top secrets of super successful video marketing.

Make the First Few Seconds Worthwhile

One top-secret about video marketing is making use of your first few seconds wisely. The truth is one-fifth of viewers are likely to click away from a video within 10 seconds of playing. This is why you need to capture the attention of your viewers right from the start of the video. Give them something to keep them yearning for more. A good way to keep them glued is to spark their curiosity by asking questions and using teasers.

Let Your Video Be Full of Life and Humor

Sometimes you need a bit of comedy and humor incorporated into your video to pass an effective message. Maybe your video is dealing with a corporate world; it still doesn’t take away the fact that a little humor shouldn’t be included. Most of these corporate workers have had a busy or boring day.

Don’t you think your video should include humor to enlighten their mood?  Making your video full of life and humor can actually do so much more in getting you that success tag.

Be Story Centered

The idea here is to concentrate on telling an outstanding story, and not on sales. People tend to be very bad at video marketing because they are unaware or feel this secret is no biggie. However, it’s really a big one. They fail because the purpose is being ignored, and greediness has set in. When a customer feels they are not connecting to the story, and all that they need to convince them to purchase is not there, they back out.

To avoid this, you should be story centered, talk about the story, and focusing on the value you are providing to consumers rather than tricking them into buying. If they’re convinced to buy as a result of your story, chances are they’ll be satisfied and still come back for more.

Optimize Your Video with SEO

Before you upload your video to any sharing site, there’s a need to ensure you got the maximum value from it. You can host it on your domain, and you can also embed it to increase the chances of getting more inbound links.

 Also, get the video optimized by adding the necessary details needed. Descriptions, tags, and relevant keywords are things that shouldn’t be missing in your video to have a successful video marketing. 

Include Calls to Action

This is another top secret that will influence how successful you can be in video marketing. When making videos, it is vital to optimize your content with calls to action. Calls to action don’t necessarily lead to a sale, for instance, it could be a call to subscribe to your channel, to follow or like your page, to share with friends, to comment on the video, or probably to check out other exciting content.

Where to Place CTA- Calls to Action in Your Videos

Well, there are three common positions to place your calls to action in your videos. It can be at the. Beginning of the video, at the middle, or the end of the video. Pre-roll calls to action are the ones placed at the start of a video for people to click. Midroll calls are usually between the start and the end of the video. Post-roll calls to action are the ones at the end of the video; it ensures the viewer is highly interested before being presented with the CTA.

Make it Emotional

When making your marketing videos, you need to add spice it up with a tune of emotion. When there’s emotion, there’s a potential to be noticed. Some things are just natural and quicker to get the attention of viewers. Apparently, emotion is one of them. It doesn’t mean you want them to cry, but to adding something that triggers their emotion and get them hooked to the video.

Educate & Prove Yourself

Well, education comes in many forms, and one of the top secrets of a successful video marketing campaign is not to just upload any video, but educate your audience with it. For instance, you can teach your customers how to use your product or service from the video. Also, you can create a webinar to create more awareness for your brand, showcase your industry knowledge, add values to your customers’ lives. All of which, in turn, can lead to more lead generation.

Videos Should Be Directed at Specific Audience

Image result for Video Marketing"

For every video that you’re making, there should be a specific goal behind it. Having a goal and plan will make video marketing a successful one. The secret is to make sure the audience you’re directing your video really needed it. Posting a retirement plan video to a young group of people or community occupied by students would be a wrong move. Know your target market and how to reach them. 


There you have it! Above are the top secrets of super successful video marketing. It is sad to see that when it comes to being successful at video marketing, some video marketers are still not having it easy. Well, it might be because they aren’t informed up to some point. Luckily, the above secrets have dealt with it, and they’re all that you need to be super successful at video marketing.

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