Finding the right customers and target audience is crucial to the success of your dropshipping or ecommerce business. Most online businesses succeed because they’ve discovered the right target market for a particular product or service. Also, knowing your target audience makes it possible to tailor your branding and marketing endeavors to your customers. Read on to discover how to find the right droshipping target audience.

What is Target Audience?

A target audience is a class of individuals identified as being potential customers of a business. Target audiences have identical demographic characteristics including, but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Education

Recognizing your target audience as a Dropshipping entrepreneur can help create marketing strategies and determine your key customers. Instead of spending money and resources trying to indulge every consumer, finding your target audience allows you a more deliberate and peculiar outreach to those most likely to patronize you.

Benefits of Finding your Dropshipping Target Audience

Picking a particular audience for your Dropshipping business is a significant form of focus. Targeting means you do not accept the idea of believing the best way to grow your business is by getting every single person in your neighborhood. It allows you to focus your resources on the particular client that is more desirable. Here are some of the benefits of having a target audience for your Dropshipping business:

Optimize your Resources and Time:

Just as restaurants have their ideal customers, the luxurious Japanese restaurant, also has its target market. Finding your target market, that needs your Dropshipping services, will go a long way, to help you properly understand it, and position your business accordingly.

Find an Underserviced Audience

By knowing who your target audience is, you can also discover a different audience group that could be possible customers. By concentrating resources on a particular customer section, a small Dropshipping business might be able to properly serve a smaller part of the market than its bigger competitors.

Cost-Efficient Strategies

It is easier to decide on a media budget if you know your target audience. Rather than buying ad slots across each radio station, you can advertise only in those common with that crowd. You’ll save money and get an exceptional return on investment by following a targeted plan for your Dropshipping business.

Tips for Finding Your Ideal Dropshipping Target Audience

Here are some insightful tips to find your ideal dropshipping target audience:

Get Acquainted With Your Product

The first thing you should do is find out all there is about your product or service. It’s awesome if you already know the advantages you offer. But if not, do not hesitate to spend money and time to know it better and thus better understand your audience.

Establish a Buyer Persona

One of the most common methods for identifying your Dropshipping target audience is using the buyer persona structure. This method is all about knowing who your average buyer is. This includes things such as their interests, age, gender, and so on. A buyer persona is primarily a fictional person that serves as your ideal customer. And therefore, if you focus your Dropshipping target audience on your buyer persona, your advertisements will be shown to people that are similar or identical to your ideal customer!

Know Your Competition

A good way to find out what type of audience your competition is focusing on is to go through their website. Check out the kind of pictures they are using and the tone of their text, as well as the contents of their blog posts if they frequently publish content online.

Write Down Your Marketing Plans

You must ensure that all your marketing plans are written down. It might look cool to have everything in your head, particularly since you’re most likely taking on all the responsibilities, but trust us on this.

You’ll find it easier if you have a spreadsheet to plan all your social media activities and other content. You’ll be able to see how your organic social media posts align with your ads and influencer marketing campaigns.

Test Several Audiences to Find the Best-Performing One

For those who have a larger advertising budget and not enough time, it is obvious that finding an ideal Dropshipping target audience will also work through basically testing several audiences until you find one that yields profit. This is usually called the ‘fast testing method,’ and it’s usually used with social media Ads. However, the strategy is viable on other platforms too!


If you want your Dropshipping business to grow in the long term, you’ll need to have a distinct definition of your target audience and target market. Finding these is a way to ensure that all your works are maximized and that you are getting to people who are more likely to purchase your products. When you are aware of whom you are serving and what their wants and issues are, you can pick better products and create more effective campaigns that inspire purchase.

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Finding the right audience has been a big challenge for many ecommerce business owners. As a result of wrong audiences, a lot of business have dropped down or not been able to reach their potential. The need for knowing your target audience cannot be overemphasized; having the right target will bring great leads and the right fit to your ecommerce business.

Usually, knowing your target audience is like knowing your true friends. A person might have a lot of people they hang out with and take pictures with, but when things hit the rock, they have a particular person or group of persons they can always run to. This is just like knowing your target audience, similar techniques, and advantages.

In this article, we will bring you all the answers you need to find the right audience for your ecommerce business.

Who is a Target Audience?

A target audience is a category of people that a particular product advertisement is aimed at. Like you won’t advertise cigarettes to non-smokers, or big cars to students are the same way you shouldn’t promote goods to wrong customers who are completely uninterested.

As a business person, finding your target audience is great for business as it assists you in establishing mutual trust and understanding, and directing your products to them, hoping for sales at the end of the discussion.

7 Tips to Find the Right Target Audience for Your Ecommerce Business

Here are some tips to find the right target audience for your ecommerce business:

Know Your Goods

What are you selling? As a business person, you can’t be looking for customers when you are still yet to establish what you are selling. Knowing your goods is the first step to identifying your target audience.

Who Are the Targets?

Not just sex, try demographics — age, gender, ethnicity, location, income, etc. Identifying the demographics of potential customers gives every business owner the structure and value they need to continue with the business procedures. Knowing and understanding your audience is strategic to achieve a sale and more sales in ecommerce.

This is true because the ecommerce industry works entirely differently from physical shops. For one thing, customers do not interact with business owners in person the way they do online. You are sending your money out to a person you have never met and probably would never meet; a lot of conversation and personal research would be carried out by both parties.

Furthermore, ensure to target only people who will benefit from your goods and not just people with cash that will boost your sale.

Always Do Research

Knowledge is power, even in businesses. One of the core reasons for doing more research is to get to know and understand your target and their pain points. There are several ways to do research, and they are; Surveys, Online forums, and Competitor research.

Look Out For Surveys and Customer Feedback

A Lot of successful business owners confessed to having gotten strategic tips from customers. This is why today, it is common for every business to record customer feedback after a successful sale. Usually, the data that was generated from these surveys and feedback is used by business owners to decide on what segment to improve, take out, or leave.

Take Note of Your Promoters

The moment after identifying your audience, check out for promoters of your brand. Most customers, after using a product they purchased online, tend to promote that product through word of mouth, YouTube videos, etc. These are some of the things you should be taking note of for successful growth. Some businesses offer a referral bonus to such promoters to help bring in more prospective target audiences, and this has worked for so many years now.

Know Your Competitors

In as much as the successful sale of goods, it is always advisable for ecommerce businesses to look out for their competitors. It is strategic, as well as enlightening. By keeping track of your competitors, you would have a way of knowing what goods to improve on or if the competitor is rebranding your interests and selling to the public.

Re-evaluate Your Marketing Efforts

At this stage, every prospective ecommerce seller must have gotten a better idea of finding their target audience. The next step is to recheck your business plan and consider a lot of options. Would your target audience benefit from the product you sell? Would they appreciate its existence? How often can your customers come back to you? Answering these questions and more helps any prospective ecommerce seller develop an excellent strategy for the business.


There you have it! Above are some insightful tips to find the right target audience for your ecommerce business. Every successful business sale was once a challenge for the owner. However, in today’s world, information is easily accessed, so business owners do not struggle as much as past owners did. That is why it is crucial to always carry out extensive research before venturing into ecommerce.

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Promoting a business requires acquiring knowledge about who you intend to provide services for or who you’re selling a product to. This process helps you expand your business to greater heights. In defining and reaching your ideal customers or target audience, you have to develop strategies that will ultimately separate your brand from others.

Who is the target audience? The target audience defines the particular group of people or consumers that should benefit from the products and services you offer.

Do some differences exist between the target audience and target market? Yes, the target audience is more of a derivative of a target market because the target market refers to the entire group of people a brand hopes to sell to. The target audience is the specific group of people the brand expects to sell to.

Now, let us run through steps that will guide you in knowing your audience, getting to them, and keeping them.

Educate Your Target Audience

A great step in reaching your ideal customers is to tell them why your product is good for them, not just showing them your products or telling them about your services. If, for example, you sell clothes and you want to advertise them online, telling your targeted audience that you sell clothes of a particular color will not get to them.

Still, when you tell them about the invention of the material used to make the clothes, such history naturally grabs their attention. You further tell them why the clothes are good for them and how the material will justify their pay.

Create Value for Yourself

In addition to educating your ideal customers, you have to let them know that you are an expert in what you do and what you sell. A lawyer that constantly reminds people through his e-space about their legal rights will be remembered when any of his target audience has a legal case.

Likewise, a shoe vendor that always talks about shoes and enlightening people about the differences between a good shoe and a bad shoe will quickly be remembered whenever a target customer needs that product because of the vendor’s expertise and the trust he has instilled in his customer’s minds.

Make it a Habit of Getting More Contacts

You have to be able to identify potential customers in an online platform or even a physical function, tell people what you do and what you sell, tell them how your products and services have benefitted people and how it will benefit them, with this, they will put you in mind. Furthermore, exchange contacts with them or make them follow you online to reach you when they need you.

You don’t expect business growth and reach a great audience if your advertisement is still within a particular group of people. You have to go beyond your nook, meet people online or offline, make contacts, and create a platform that will reach a reasonable audience.

Understand and Reach your Customers Through Demographic or Psychographic Study

You have to know what you’re selling and who will be needing your products or services. You should consider the gender that will require your products or services, it can be male or female, and it can also be the two genders. With this, you will be able to know where to go and to whom to go.

You also have to study what age group needs your products. This study will significantly decide your target audience and where and how to reach them, especially on social media.

Furthermore, you have to consider the lifestyle and behaviors of your target audience. This will make you know their activities and how to engage them. Your target audience’s location and values shouldn’t be overlooked, where they live and what they believe will simplify your market strategies. All these have a significant influence on people’s shopping conduct.

Identify and Analyze your Competitor

You have to know who you’re up against, check their website or blog to understand their segmentation tactics, and know their specific customers. You have to know how your competitors promote their business and in what language they communicate to their customers.

Create Online Channels to Facilitate Your Market

Some of the activities that you can do to reach your target audience quickly are to run Facebook adverts. This medium will help you reach many people as Facebook adverts can find many intending buyers. Another easy way to create an online channel to reach your target audience is by working with an influencer.

There are reputable influencers that can influence a specific niche. Using some of them will help you reach enough customers within the shortest period. Lastly, creating a referral contest and hashtag will connect many customers to you and you to them. With referral programs, customers will refer you to their families and friends who could be potential customers waiting to hear about your products.


To conclude, you have to critically define your market goals and extensively research your target audience to reach them. This will help to boost your sales and revenue. Contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent and top class Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives complete customer satisfaction. An amazing experience awaits you.