Dropshipping can be so easy that once you’ve made a sale, your supplier will ship your products from their warehouse to your customer’s doorstep. Although it may sound easy, practically it is not an easy undertaking.

There are millions of stores in the world, but only a few makes more than $1,000 annually in sales. Why is this? The answer is not far fetched – Dropshipping business is competitive! – So how do you increase your leads? How do you boost your sales for maximum profit? Luckily, here are some top tips that will help greatly with these questions:

Provide Accurate Description of Your Product

One big mistake that most drop shippers do is to give a little information about their products. To boost sales and generate real leads, there is a need to provide an accurate description of your products. Say you have attracted a customer’s attention to your product, the next thing the customer will likely check is the description. If the description is not right, the customer may be discouraged from ordering the product. Ensure to review, edit, and be specific about all the details related to the product.

Create Unique Content for Social Media Sharing

Proper marketing that will increase leads can only come from creating custom and unique content, live product reviews. It’s the world of social media, – a unique post liked or shared by your customers, and their friends get to see your product-.  This means to drive traffic and increase leads; you need marketing. Some other marketing channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Ads, Google AdWords, email marketing.

Offer Your Customers Free Shipping

Free Shipping Stamp Shows No Charge Or Gratis To Deliver

You must have been in the position of a customer ordering for products before. Right? How does the word free shipping sounds? One of the most used strategies to improve sales is to offer free shipping on your items. No one will say no to a free shipping offer, this strategy entices customers, and they will be more willing to order for your services. Include the shipping cost in the product price, offer free shipping, and see how your sales increases.

Consider Selling What’s Trending

Sometimes you need to follow the trend and use it to your advantage. A trending product is an excellent opportunity for more sales. Always keep an eye out for products that are on the rise and capitalize on it. Luckily, dropshipping is a flexible business that you can switch products as you wish, as you are not bound by anything. When you see a trending product, consider adding it to your store and make more sales.

Be Open and Build a Trustworthy Brand

As a customer, wouldn’t you prefer buying from a brand you trust? It is generally known that customers are likely to buy and come back for more when they trust a brand. This tip is about establishing yourself in your niche, strengthening your brand position, and improving your reputation. Be open and build that trust that the potential customers need. With these, an increase in leads and sales is guaranteed.

Give Your Customers Amazing Offers

Don’t you think if a customer sees an amazing offer on your products, he’ll order and still call a friend to do so? An important dropshipping tip is to create an amazing offer that a customer cannot take his eyes off. Also, bundle deals can do the magic. Bundle deals allow you to increase your sales by using a discount to induce customers to buy more than they otherwise would have.

Sell Products That Induce Impulse Buying:

There is a price range that most customers won’t need to have a second thought or call a friend about. This range is $20 to around $70; it is the sweet spot in the price range of products that can induce impulse buying by the customers, leading to a boost in the number of your dropshipping sales.

Automate Your Website

To increase leads and boost sales, your website needs to be automated. Automated in the sense that most of the activities are done for you by the help of some tools. You only need to do some homework and setting things in place, while you just wait or go about other business. When you automate your website, social postings, targeting emails, the process of ordering and checking out all get easier, leading to more sales.

Have Multiple Suppliers

In dropshipping business, don’t hang out with just a supplier, they can disappoint, and you don’t want to disappoint your customers, do you? Disappointment often happens when you got your first order, but you couldn’t place the order with your supplier again as they don’t have the items in stock again. It can be quite difficult to get a new supplier at the last minute. Consider having multiple suppliers, and your sales don’t have any reason to decrease.

Your Customers Should Be The First

If they are not there, you can’t make sales. For them to be there, for your leads to increase and boost your sales, you need to put them as the first. Because the business is automated doesn’t mean you’ll stay away from it, you need to always check-in for any queries. Help them out until they happily receive their package. FAQ page is also suitable for this purpose. It helps customers find answers instantly and create trust with your brand.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips to increase your leads and boost sales in your dropshipping business. The dropshipping and ecommerce market space is a very competitive one. To be successful, it is vital that you stand out. By using the tips above, you can increase your leads, boost sales, and make maximum profit from your dropshipping business.

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Shopify dropshipping business is highly lucrative and easy to start up. There are many online stores today and few of them are smiling to the bank. The dropshipping business is highly competitive, hence, the need to find a way to a step ahead of your competitors. Considering how competitive the dropshipping market is how do you scale the hurdles, rocket your sales and promote the growth of the business?

We have got you covered as we have compiled a list of marketing techniques, to boost sales in your Shopify dropshipping business.

Know Your Audience

In the Shopify dropshipping business, you have to know your audience before you can market your products to them. Before you commence your marketing time, take time to conduct market research. This research will enable you to figure out your audience, what they want and their user behavior. Once you have gathered enough information about them you can tailor your product marketing the way it will make you stand out from your competitors.

This includes the use of logos, providing them with high-quality products and the use of formal or informal tone in relating to them.

Establish Good Customer Relationship

It is common knowledge that happy customers are key to a successful business. Treat your customers the way you want to be treated and you will make them loyal to you.

When customers are unhappy because you sold a poor quality product to them or you were unable to resolve an issue, they will become disappointed and frustrated. Because of this bad experience, the relationship between you both will turn sour. This will lead them to write a negative review about you that will deter prospective customers from patronizing you. Treat customers rightly so that you will build a strong and healthy relationship with them.

Run Social Media Ads

The social media sphere boasts billions of users. This humongous social media populace has made this platform a highly effective channel for Shopify dropshipping entrepreneurs to spread the word about their brand and increase leads.

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, customize your ads depending on your budget, goal or demography. Social media marketing allows you to expose your products to a bigger audience and increase traffic to your Shopify dropshipping store to rocket sales.

Encourage Customer Reviews

On a Shopify dropshipping store, prospective customers have grown the habit of reading customer reviews before making a purchase. Customer reviews are similar to a recommendation from a friend. The more positive the reviews are the more reliable the seller is made to appear.

After customers complete a purchase on your Shopify dropshipping store, encourage them to drop a positive review. The product review will allow new customers to see what the product is all about and what they stand to gain from buying it. It encourages them to complete a purchase.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a marketing and economical technique that drives traffic to your Shopify dropshipping store. Apart from social media, a blog offers you a unique way to build a customer base and generate more traffic and sales to your Shopify store.

The more visible the blog is to your audience the better and more effective it becomes in realizing its purpose. This is where SEO comes in. Search engine optimization is a set of processes that optimizes a blog content to make it more visible on search engines. The better the search engine ranking of the blog, the bigger the organic traffic it drives to the Shopify dropshipping store.

Make Your Shopify Dropshipping Store User-Friendly

One of the reasons why many Shopify dropshipping dealers fail to drive up sales is because the store is not designed to be easily navigated by customers. When your store is missing certain vital links or pages, it may become unfriendly and difficult to navigate.

Before you launch your Shopify dropshipping store, take a look at the stores of your competitors. Examine the layouts, images, and format of the product listings. This will give you an idea of how to customize yours to encourage new customers to complete a purchase.

Offer Great Customer Service

One of the ways of differentiating yourself from your competitors is to provide a unique and excellent customer service to your customers.

Professionally responding to customers’ inquiries sets you apart and endears you to the customers’ hearts. Make them feel valued and appreciated. Present the customer service in a way that tells the customers that their satisfaction comes first before any other thing.

Integrate Video Marketing

According to insivia, more than half of global digital marketers have said that video marketing is highly effective compared to other marketing techniques.  Use of video enhances engagement, which is vital to make the prospective buyer take an interest in what you have to sell. The video should be engaging and bare the features and benefits of the product to the customer.

Offer Amazing Deals

Though this may sound like a loss to you in terms of generated profits it is gainful for you in the long run. Online shoppers are shopping in stores that offer discount prices. Use this strategy to get them to shop on your Shopify dropshipping store after which you will jack up the price.

Be Honest

Nothing makes online shoppers stay away from a store than dishonesty from the seller’s part. Ensure that the products sold possess the features described on the product description page. This way, they will see you as a reliable seller and will come back more often to buy from you.

There you have it! Above are some marketing tips to double sales in your Shopify dropshipping business. These techniques described above guarantees that you are armed in ensuring that you drive up sales in your Shopify dropshipping business.

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