Undoubtedly we buy the things that attract us. Often we decide to purchase a product when we find the product visually appealing. That’s why focusing on your product image is vital if you want to generate more sales. Product images are meant to serve a purpose; they attract potential buyers and stimulate them into buying a product. The products on your ecommerce website should be able to arouse positive emotions in your visitors as happy visitors can become potential buyers. It can be tempting to go through the easiest way to take photographs of your product.

Many e-commerce store owners are usually overwhelmed with a long list of priorities, so they assume spending time on getting a perfect product photograph editing photos may be a waste of time. However, it’s advisable to get a professional photographer if you don’t have a flair for photographs. If you’re interested in taking the shots yourself, here are eight amazing tips to improve e-commerce product photography:

Use High-Quality Product Images

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a product online, but you could zoom in on the image, you all understand how frustrating it can be; it can even make you slow down on your purchasing decision. The truth is, high-quality images can influence your customer’s purchasing decisions; they would buy the product with a clearer image. So you should focus on taking quality product photos with good lighting to make the product more visually appealing.

Use a White Background

If you observe, you’ll notice that most e-commerce product photographs are taken on a white background. Even some online marketplaces such as Google Shopping require that products on their marketplace are taken on a white background. Why is this so? This is because white background creates a central focus around the product, minimizes distractions, and emanates a sense of consistency.

Additionally, it serves aesthetic purposes by giving your product a cleaner and professional look. You can use a shooting tent or curved backdrop to get rid of the shadows and remove sharp angles, which can make the product look too bright.

Don’t Neglect the Lighting

If you’re a fan of selfies, you’ll probably understand the importance of lighting when taking photographs; this also works with product photography. Lighting can enhance your product and make it attractive to website visitors; lighting can give you that product photo that can generate sales.

Most products look better when taken under a natural light setting, and it even produces better results when the light is evenly distributed around the product. You can also employ artificial lighting methods such as backdrop with reflectors and umbrellas or a DIY lightbox; try with or without flash and use the one with the best result.

Mind the Shadows

After putting in efforts to minimize the background distractions, you wouldn’t want the product’s shadow to be a distraction. It’s better to try a Mirror Effect if you want the image to look more polished. If you don’t want shadow overcast on the product image, you can use a flash diffuser. Having a softer shadow look with a polished result should be the goal.

Use a Support Platform

Depending on the product, using a support platform to display the product can make it look more “catchy.” For instance, if the product is flat, you can use a stand or a placid display ornament to support and lift it. For clothing items, jewelry, or hair extensions, you can use a mannequin to give customers an idea of what the product would look like on them.

Take Multiple Shots from Different Angles

Although products may vary in size, shape, color, and form, generally, it’s vital to take multiple shots from different angles. For instance, if it’s a TV you sell, customers would want to see how flat it is and the several ports on the TV. You can experiment with the different to see which angle would capture your customers’ attention the most. It’s okay to mix things up and track the results to know which product image performs produces better results. Track your customer engagement levels would help you determine the best photo to use as your “featured image.”

Use a Comprehensive Product Description

Having gone through the hassle of taking multiple product photos, you’ll need to provide information about the product. Even though pictures may give customers an idea of what they want, it won’t just hurt to add descriptions of the product. If you’re not particular about what to write, you can check the descriptions of similar products on online marketplaces to give you an idea. Product information can help customers decide if they want to buy or not.

Be Consistent

Even though it’s okay to try a few different photo formats, consistency is vital. Having a central product photo style that links the products together looks better than the images looking like you randomly picked them from the internet. Avoid excess pixelated images, loud backgrounds, and too many different shapes. Products images should stimulate positive impressions rather than critical thoughts when they come across the product.


There you have it! Above are some amazing tips to improve e-commerce product photography. Online customers are not able to feel or experience the products themselves. It’s the product’s appearance that attracts them they would want to buy. So you should prioritize product images and create photos that can attract sales.

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Great product images have the power to influence your website visitors to click the right buttons to order your products. On the flip side, your conversion rate will stay low if your product images are not on point. We don’t want that for you. That’s why we offer you the following product photography tips to increase your conversion rate and help show potential customers what your brand is all about.

Know Your Audience

Humans are easily affected by visuals because we tend to process what we see faster than we hear. Interestingly the way we process these visuals differ from person to person. You’d need to factor that into your product photography. Who are the products for, and what kinds of visuals influence them the most? Is the product a male-oriented one? Is it targeted at millennials, Gen X or Gen Z? Knowing your audience’s likes or dislikes will help you get the right product images that click with them.

Try to Capture the Right Context

Here’s an illustration to put things in perspective. If you are selling health and fitness products, you’d be better off with a product image that includes a fit model than you would with just the products themselves. It might cost an extra dollar to get a model to be part of the photo, but people will imagine themselves looking as fit as the model if they use the product. Naturally, they will want to get the product as soon as they can.

The Right Background is Key

It would be best to have the right environment to make that product image good enough to arrest some attention. Try taking your product photos against backgrounds that are as natural as they are captivating. You might want to try the popular white background that allows for contrast and clarity. You might also choose to experiment with a background that serves to reinforce the context of the product.

Provide Different Viewing Angles.

Nothing promotes your product better than showing the different angles to it. So when taking your product photos, aim for shots that show every aspect of the product. That way, the customer can ascertain the size of the product. Providing different angles also lets your site visitors envision what using the product will feel like since they already have a complete view of its size, branding and other key details. One great way to do that is to take close-up shots at a short distance so that the finer details of the products are revealed.

 Pay Attention to the Lighting

The lighting of the photo is just as important as the product you are taking photos of. While there are lots of studio lights that you might, nothing quite beats natural light. Aim to use it as much as you can when taking product photos. If possible, you should aim for the brightest part of the day and the location that offers the best natural light.

Capture All The Options You Stock

You want your site visitors to get an idea of all the products that you stock. That is why you want to take as many product photos as possible. Capture all the options of the product that you have to offer. For example, if you have a product that comes in different colors, you should try to capture all of those colors so that your visitors can choose which suits them the most.

Factor In The SEO Angle.

Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website ranks high on internet searches. A well-rounded SEO practice will increase your conversion rates.SEO requires metadata and captions for the photos of the products you put on your site. You’d need to include top-notch metadata that improves your SEO practices.

Use Social Media

We live in a digital age, and one of the biggest tools there is social media. Social media, among other things, is a photo-oriented platform that allows you to get traction for your website using different channels. You can do this by allowing your product photo to be shared. It is one of the best ways to get your products out there and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Get Professionals

You could go the DIY route with your product photos, but it is highly unlikely that your work can beat a seasoned product photographer. So it might be a great idea to let professionals handle your product photography. That way, you are assured of product images guaranteed to sell your products in the best light.


Believe it or not, your product photos are linked to your conversion rates. If people are not impressed by what they see, they are less likely to want to order. Use the tips we just described to create product photos that make site visitors want to order your products.

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Product imagery is a crucial part of both online and offline advertising. It involves the visual techniques that business owners use to showcase products on their store. Using high-quality product photography helps showcase your products in an attractive way that draws attention and entices potential buyers to purchase the products.

Few years ago, product photography was seen as a task that involved paying top dollar for professional photographers who had all the high tech equipment.  Nowadays, things have changed drastically. The competition for the market visibility and attention of potential customers has never been tougher in human history than it is today.

Displaying your products using high-quality images can be the charming difference between no sales at all and a high rate of conversion. In this article we are going to delve deep into some essential tips to take high-quality product photos.

Choose a Great Location

Location is unarguably the most crucial rule in photography of any kind. You must find a location that well lit up, clean and appropriate backdrop for the image that you want to create. This does not mean that you have seek out a professional studio (especially when you don’t have the budget for it).

If you are lucky to have some stunning outdoor landscapes in your surroundings such as Mountains, Flowers or a beach, they can also come in handy as perfect locations for your product photography. Just look at the spaces you have around you and make the best of them.

Select the Perfect Background

To create eye catching images of your products, you should select a well-lit and with good back drop. As a rule of thumb you should use a white or light backdrop, as they are very easy to remove when editing and putting final touches on your images. If you must use colored backdrops, ensure that the colors are well coordinated with the products in order to create a well-organized image. You can invest in a few elegant wallpapers if you can afford it.


Excellent lighting remains a crucial factor in taking excellent pictures of your products. Lighting can literally make or break the visual story that you are trying to create.  Lighting equipment can be quite expensive. However you can improvise with a few house hold items such as cardboards, curtains, candles and the good old Natural Lighting.

Furthermore, you can draw your curtains to simulate a darker or silhouette type of backdrop. Hunting torch lights at a close distance can also provide a good flash-effect.  Also, never forget to clean your camera lenses. A bit of dirt on your lens can make significant on the lighting of your images.


Focus is another really crucial and easy method to grab the user’s attention towards your product rather than items in the background. It is really easy to execute this on a camera. Most cameras have this feature built-in. Usually, you just need to know the right button to tap. You can have a look at your device’s manual for simple tips on how get this done.

Don’t Move the Camera

This is a really basic rule. You really don’t want your pictures looking blurry and unclear. It is the number one mistake that photography beginners make. However, if you have shaky hands you can simply get a tripod. If you’re using a smartphone, you should consider getting a selfie stick. You can also check out marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to source for affordable camera holders. The importance of a steady camera cannot be stressed enough.

Adjust Your Camera Modes

This seems quite straight forward but some people still can’t get around it. Most smartphones have different camera modes and settings built in. Each of them are designed to take pictures in different conditions. You should take time out to experiment and test them all.

For example you can turn off your flash, turn on the HDR (High Dynamic Range) option. There is also the options to choose between the Portrait or Landscape modes all of which can really make a difference in your images.

Edit Your Pictures Properly

Picture editing is no longer as complicated as it used to be years ago. Almost all smartphones and cameras contain built-in editing functions that are ready to use. You can take it a step further by downloading some photo editing apps such as Vivo, Flickr or SnapSeed. They are all available on your IOS Appstore and Android Playstore.

When you edit your pictures you should look out for key features such as Cropping, Color tones, and Picture resolution. You should optimize all of these towards the platform that you wish to post them on. For example, Pictures you want to advertise on your website should be optimized to a larger resolution for PC display, while those you want to have on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter should have relatively smaller resolutions to enable users view them easily without having to zoom or scroll. Take time out to find out the recommended picture resolution for each of these platforms.

More is More

The phrase “less is more,” is usually thrown around a lot, but when it comes to product photography it doesn’t exactly apply. The more amazing pictures of your products that shoppers can see, the more closely you are able to draw them towards making that final buying decision.

Another reason you should take as many pictures possible is that each extra shot you take increases your chances of arriving that that one perfect shot that every photo-artist so desires. The hack to this is to ensure that you delete all unused pictures so you can create space for more shots another day.


There you have it! Above are some essential tips to take high-quality product photos. Having high-quality website images and stunning product photography is enough to convince your customers to click the “order button”. Whatever you do, ensure to find creative ways to find a balance between making your pictures eye-catching and getting them to look professional.

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When it comes to selling online, pictures are king. No matter how well you describe an item, buyers are majorly influenced by pictures. This makes product photography critical to your success as an online entrepreneur.

There are several important things to know about product photography. In this post, we will make things simpler by discussing things you should avoid and things you should do. Irrespective of what you are selling, these are five dos and don’ts of product photography:

Do What Works For You

This is a golden rule for individuals who have been selling online and has found what works for them when it comes to photography. If you haven’t done that, you have to keep trying until you find the perfect formula. You may find out that your pictures are better with a specific camera, or they are brighter when you take them outdoors. You don’t want to be just like everyone else. Stick to what works for you and what brings the best result for your business.

Do Check Out Others Photos

As much as originality is important, you can learn a lot by checking out what is working for other people. Consider some of the biggest players in your niche. What are they doing differently? By observing with keen interest, you can note a few things you can change to make your photos better. This doesn’t mean you should copy others. Copying is rude and will eventually shrink your creativity. Just get ideas from the best and improve your shots.

Do Use the Necessary Equipment and Accessories  

A good camera handled the right way will get you good product photographs that will sell your products. A poor camera will produce a poor photograph, no matter how good you are as a photographer. It is also important that you use a tripod or a mount. Even if you have very steady hands, using a tripod will make taking photos easier for you. It will also enhance the quality of the photo as it eliminates the chances of losing sharpness.

Do Take Advantage of Image Editing

A simple edit is important to enhance your product photos. It can be a little adjustment of brightness or highlight. There may also be some dust or something that needs to be removed. Don’t assume that a picture is perfect just the way it is. Try a few minor edits and compare the copies with the original image. You will always notice a little enhancement. That little enhancement can make all the difference by arousing customer’s interest in a product.

Do Take a Variety of Pictures for Each Product

It is very hard to convince customers with a single image of a product. Even two to three images can hardly sell a product online. You should take multiple photos of a particular product in different positions. A minimum of five images is required to convince most people. You should take a lot more than five and choose the best ones. The images shouldn’t be too similar. You should have the main image, a scale image to show relative size, and a variety of others to show details.

Don’t Use Your Smartphone Camera

There are actually lots of smartphones on the market with incredible cameras. Those cameras may be great at taking wonderful images, but you should depend on them for product photography. The images may look great on your smartphone, but they are never of the right quality for your website. Invest in a standard photography camera. It doesn’t even have to be too expensive.

Don’t Depend On the Built-In Flash

The built-in or direct flash in your camera may be great, but they are not just reliable for product photography if you want the best photo quality for your website. The direct flashes are the most unflattering light for products, and you really need to up your game when you need quality images to sell your products online.

Don’t Use a Distracting Background

The background of your images can also play a huge role in convincing potentials customers to either buy or abandon your products. A bright, uncluttered background is always good for product photography. Avoid distractions in the background. It is better if your product is the only thing on the image.

Don’t Use Filters or Over Edit

Earlier, we emphasized the importance of editing your product photos. However, it is important that you don’t take it too far. Adding filters is a no-no. Try to keep the image as original as possible, even with your light editing. You want the image to look as close to what they look in real life as possible.

Don’t Add Graphics/Watermarks

This has been a debatable topic for a while. Some feel it is important to protect their photos from being copied, and they believe the best way to do that is by adding watermarks. The disadvantages of adding graphics and watermarks far outweigh the advantages. They cause distractions and may appear too salesy.

Product photography is essential to business success when you are selling online. High-quality and professional product photos will get you more sales. You don’t have to pay someone to shoot them. Following the tips here, you can do better and discover what works for you in due time.

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Do you want to take a creative approach to promote the growth of your online store? You should consider integrating the use of product pictures in your marketing campaign. A picture they say is worth a thousand words. Using product images, you can show your products and convey their essence to your audience.

Product photography requires showcasing your products in an attractive way to entice potential buyers to purchase them. How can you shoot beautiful images of your products and make the most of product images? Continue reading and find out below.

Natural Light

To shoot product images you need light. Natural light is suitable when you are on a shoestring budget to afford studio lighting. Natural light is much easier to manipulate to obtain the desired image quality you want.

If the light is too bright and harsh you can place a white cloth or cardboard over the window to diffuse the light. Shoot the product photograph at the time of the day when the sunlight is brightest. Note that you should never shoot under direct sunlight as this can create a photo with harsh shadows. This isn’t good if you want to create a high-quality product photo.

Studio Lights

An alternative to natural lights in your product photography is artificial lights. To get artificial light you will need lightbox setups to project the light needed in a studio for photography. To achieve softer shadows, consider placing white cardboard or white cloth over the light setup.

Studio lighting gives you greater control of you have lots of products to shoot over several hours. Manipulate the light angles until you have the right setup to capture a top-quality photo of your products.

A Tripod

If you want to capture an image of a product that is professional looking and stable, you need a tripod. It is easy to have blurry photos when you take snapshots with a phone or camera in hand. A tripod saves you from having blurry product photos that may end up doing little to improving sales. It brings consistency, focuses on the product photograph.

If you are on a tight budget there are decent tripods you can get on the cheap. You can search for them online. You can still go for the costly ones as they bring an impressive dimension to your photo.

Choose the Right Camera

When taking a product photograph, you have to be sure that the camera you are using has the features to give you what you want. Smartphone cameras have evolved significantly over the years that they can serve as an alternative to professional cameras.

A Samsung or iPhone smartphone camera can get the job done. These devices come with impressive cameras that often makes it difficult to tell smartphone and professional camera images apart. As long as you have a light background, place the smartphone, and snap away.

Photo Editing Software

Professional photographers these days make use of photo editing tools to fine-tune images to appear more attractive. There are tools you can use to edit your product images to look more professional and appealing to the eyes.

Photo editing tools like Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator, and more can be used to enhance the aesthetics of product images. Go for one that is easy to use.

Clean Up the Products

For your product photos to be hugely appealing, you have to a snapshot of them clean. Dirt on your camera lens can produce poor quality images of your products portraying in an amateur light. Buy some wipes you can use to clean up your products and camera lens solution you can be able to capture high-quality images of your products.

Be Creative

Be daring enough to experiment with ways of shooting images of your products. Your product photos have to be portrayed in imaginative and creative ways to pique your audience’s interest. As a non-professional, you may be afraid to try out new ways to photograph your products. Brace yourself and get creative with your camera.

Take Lots of Images

Take as many shots of your products as possible. You should not just stop at one. For example, if you are shooting clothing photos, take one where the cloth is spread against a white background and another on a mannequin. Lastly, you can have a person model the cloth for you while you take shots of them in different poses and angles.

Product images are essential in the promotion and growth of a brand. These tips above when implemented will make your store appear more presentable. They will make your product images appear professional and look like you have spent thousands of dollars taking them. Apply them today and see your brand witness significant growth and development.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember that’s just a picture, how about a stunning, great photo? What’s it worth?  Well, I’ll leave you to answer that. Product photography isn’t as simple as pointing and shooting; there are a lot of techniques and tools needed to produce excellent images for your product. Here’s a complete guide to product photography. 


Talking about the main tool with which the shots are taken. You most definitely need the best camera for your product photography. Well, for those that are new to product photography or with limited resources, smartphones with excellent cameras can do the trick. Whichever type of cameras you want to use, the idea is to make sure you invest in great camera for excellent and high-quality photos.

An example is a DSLR camera, which is known as a professional camera. They’re high-end cameras, and they produce the best resolution. It has many features that can help you get the best output possible and also enhancing the pictures. To take excellent photos that will represent your product, you need the best cameras out there.

Use a Tripod

When taking your photo photography, there’s a need for photo consistency, and this is what a tripod can do for you.  While there’s no harm in taking these shots by yourself without a tripod, you’ll agree with us that hands can be shaky, and proper focus on the object can not be attained when the hands are shaky.

The results of a camera not stabilized is not always good, as they can sometimes come out as blurry images.  Tripod, however, is a tool that can stabilize your camera to ensure the best photos are taken with consistency and preciseness.

Shoot a Variety of Images

When you shoot not just one, but a variety of images, your customers get to know what exactly your products look like from all possible angles. For instance, if you have a clothing store, and you’re preparing an item of particular clothing for a shooting.

Consider capturing the clothing alone, then have the clothing modeled on a person. The person can now pose for the pictures to be taken from different angles. This way,  your customers get to know how the back or sides look, and not just the front.

Get a Backdrop

White background has been generally known to give the best results in photo photography. To ensure that you have the best results, you need to get a backdrop. A white backdrop can do a lot for your photos on making them look attractive and professional.

When you take your product photography shots with a white backdrop, there’s a tendency of a significant reduction in the amount of editing you’ll have to do later on. Getting a backdrop is not hard, as you can easily get a basic poster card, or buy an already setup backdrop like Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio.

Know Your Tools

Well, maybe you’re just starting product photography, or you’re an expert. Some tools are needed in photo photography to get that perfect photo. Here are some of these tools.

  • Tape: is used in keeping things in place while they’re being photographed.
  • Pencil and Paper: You can use them to jot down anything you want to be remembered later.
  • Clamps: are used in holding equipment like the backdrop
  • Fishing Line: If you’re into jewelry, you’ll need this tool for holding tiny items up, and keeping them steady.
  • Scissors: you can use scissors for getting rid of loose fabric threads or for cutting the fishing line.
  • Safety Pins: used in ensuring clothing fitness.
  • Iron or Clothes Steamer: Of course, you’ll need to steam or iron your dress before taking the photo.
  • Memory Card: Remember, you’ll be taking hundreds of photos, especially if you have a lot of products. You must have a reserve memory card in place for storing your photos. 

Lifestyle Product Shoot

Lifestyle images bring your products to life. Sometimes some products need more than a white background; they need to be photographed along with other objects for them to pass the best message to your customers. Lifestyle product shoot is another form of product shooting entirely.

It allows you to play around with the photo. When taking a lifestyle photo of a product, you can feature them alongside some other subjects. This way, a potential customer can imagine themselves in the picture.

Product Photo Lighting

Lighting is one of the things that separate a professionally created photo and amateur photography. It is so important in photography that good lighting will improve the quality of your photos than anything else. It is key to creating high-quality product photos, by determining the darkness or brightness of photos, establishing tone, highlighting the textures and colors. Before taking your product photos, make sure everything is in place about the lighting setup.

Take a Photo Editing Class

You’ll need the knowledge of photo editing at some point in your product photography career, except if you’re not planning on doing all the photography by yourself. Taking a basic photo editing class is not a bad idea. Remember, product photography is an investment; taking a photo editing class makes you a professional in the line, and you get to know all that could be done to have that perfect photo. 

There you have it! A proper guide, showing you most of the things you need to know about product photography. From getting the right set of tools to the lighting to exploring the lifestyle product shoot. Proper application of this guide will ensure great photos for your product photography.

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Product photography involves using a variety of methods to show your products off. These methods entice and catch your customers’ attention in order to purchase from your store. Product photography can be fun and exciting. Although, if not done with the right mindset and tools, it can be overwhelming at some point. As a beginner, when it comes to product photography, there are a lot of things you can learn to start and better your product photography. Here are some of the beginners’ tips that can help.

Get a Great Camera

Product photography is an investment, and the moment you start taking it as one, you begin to see value in your work. To make this investment worthwhile, you need the right set of tools. One important tool that cannot be overemphasized is a “great camera.” This means we aren’t just talking about a low budget phone camera, or low budget professional camera, though you’re still new, and anything that will take a nice photo will do.

To take excellent and high-quality photos, you need to invest in a great camera. Most professional cameras like a DSLR camera have many features that can help in taking and enhancing the pictures. While it is also good to use phone cameras like that of iPhone with high resolution as a beginner, a DSLR camera resolution is way higher.

Edit and Do Touch-Up

For better product photography, there’s a need for small edit and retouch. Product photography doesn’t end after the pictures are taken; it continues until the perfect representation of your product is made. To be better, you need to edit and retouch using editing software like Photoshop. After taking the photos, you’ll need the editing knowledge to add effects, enhance color, control lighting, or remove background from photos. You need to get the best representation of your products as photos for your customers.

Consider a Tripod

This is another important tool for your product photography. Sometimes, we don’t get to focus our camera properly when using the hands, and the results can easily end up as blurry images because the camera is not really focused. This tool – Tripods – can, however, stabilize your camera to ensure no blurry images. Tripods are stands that provide our shoots with stability, consistency, preciseness, and a more professional look. There are many good tripods out there, which you can get for a minimal budget as a beginner.

Ensure Your Product Is Prepared for the Shoot

Imagine you’re going for a photoshoot session with some of your friends, won’t you take some time to prepare? This applies to your product photography too, before taking those shots, you need to prepare your products properly for the shoot. For example, if your products are batch of garments, and they’ve all been delivered from the manufacturer, consider taking some time to ensure the garments are ready for the shoot. Steam and iron them before the shoot. Imagine how they’d look in the shot if they’re not properly ironed. Yuck! Also, you might want to frame your product in the shot, ensure to place it right, taking the right amount of frame.

Take a Photo Editing Class

While it is fun taking pictures, it can be frustrating if the outcome is not the perfect picture that you want. Small editing here and there may solve and enhance this issue, but what if you don’t even know how to edit? Now, that’s a problem. Product photography is an investment, and taking a photo editing class is a way of making your time and money worthwhile. There is so much you can learn by taking these classes, from small edits like saturation to correcting the flaws in your shots to controlling the lighting.

Sell the Story

There’s always a story behind every picture. Creating and telling this story in such a way that the picture and everything around them passes a powerful and clear message to your customers is the main task here. Newcomers in product photography often fail in this task. As a beginner, to ensure better product photography, there’s a need to be creative and capture as much of a tale in your shot as possible. 

Try Lifestyle Product Shoot

As a beginner, you shouldn’t be afraid to try out different forms of taking product photography. One of these forms is lifestyle product shots.  Even if you’re photographing inanimate subjects, it doesn’t mean you can’t play around with it. Lifestyle product shoot entails showing your product or subject in action, and featuring your product alongside some other subjects. With lifestyle product shoot, a potential consumer imagines themselves in the picture.

Pay Attention to Reflections

Not paying attention to reflections is one of the most common mistakes beginners in product photography make. When taking pictures of your products, you need to take note of the lightings, and ensure your image is not reflecting in the shot. Although specific reflections can be included as part of some images, either make use of the reflection and include it in the image, or remove the reflection altogether.

Product photography isn’t as simple as taking a selfie on your phone. It requires a lot of work, tools, and continuous learning, especially as a beginner in the line. Luckily, above are some of the tips you need to create better product photography. With these tips, you can create beautiful images that sell.

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High-quality photos have been known to retain visitors to a particular website, if they don’t like how the images look, chances are they’ll leave and not return. This shows how vital and beneficial your product photography can be. Fortunately, here are some tips that will help you in improving your product photography.


Planning before setting out is one of the most valuable and rewarding things one could do. Before starting your product photography, there’s a need for proper planning. What kind of images are you looking at to get as an output? Would it fit your brand?  All these and many other questions should make up your plans. Product photography is such an important investment that involves money and time; proper planning helps in getting it right.

Consider Using A Tripod

Well, you need not be a nerdy before you can use a tripod. Now, remember that experience of shaky hands when trying to take a photo? Well, this is where the tripod comes in. Basically, tripods are stands that are used in stabilizing your camera from shaky hands. Often when you take a photo with a phone and the hand gets shaky, the images tend to be a blur. However, with the use of a tripod, which essentially stabilizes your camera, there will be no blur images as they will look sharp, precise, and professional.

Take Product Photos as An Investment

 It’s just natural that excellent and high-quality photos attract people. This is why it is important to remember and take your product photos as an investment. It is not in anyone’s interest but yours. Good and high-quality images can do a lot for your business in terms of conversions. Whichever route you take in getting high-quality images to your website, whether you take them by yourself or a photographer did it, you’re investing time and money. You need to make it count!

Take A Photo Editing Class

Taking a basic photo editing class is not a bad idea. Remember, product photography is an investment; you need every shot you can throw at it to be successful. Taking a basic photo editing class is one of the ways to ensure this investment is worthwhile. Although you may not need to make much editing, product editing needs to be minimal; however, it’s a must-have skill for someone into photos photography.

Small edits like saturation and correcting photos flaws are not out of line. Sometimes, attempting to make the edits by yourself without the necessary knowledge can be frustrating; this is why you can improve by learning the basics at least. Fortunately, you don’t even need to worry about the costs of taking these classes, as there are several videos on YouTube which you can learn with.

Take Multiple Shots from Different Angles

Yes! Taking multiple shots from different angles can help you in many ways. One is -allowing your customers to know how exactly your product looks like from different angles. Another is – giving you different options when you want to edit. If you take multiple shots from different angles of your product, it tends to get easy and faster when there’s a need for an edit, as you don’t need to start taking another shot entirely again. The idea is to take multiple shots, from which you can easily choose the best one or a few out of all.

Lighting Is Key

What’s a photo without lighting? Lighting is very super important when it comes to photography. It is key to creating high-quality catchy product photos. It says a lot about a photo. Some of the things lighting does are highlighting textures and colors, determining the darkness or brightness of photos, establishing the tone, and atmosphere of photos. To improve your product photography, you need to be able to understand how lighting works.

Shoot for Small Edits

There’s a big difference between doing little touch-up editing on your photos and whole editing work. To improve on your product photography, you need to start shooting for just small edit to make a perfect photo. Some people do think they can just shoot anyhow and go for editing later.

However, this can result in a whole lot of time-wasting. Much energy should have been used towards creating good shots, then doing small edits later. Editing your product photos should be about enhancing them, not completely changing them.

Know Your Products Style

Basically, taking photos of your product can come in two forms. Product only photos and lifestyle photos. If you’re using an e-commerce store, the product only photos might be the best for you. They involve taking multiple angles shot of your products on a neutral background. The other form – Lifestyle photos show your products in action. It involves a setting that features your product alongside some complementary subjects.

This style allows creativity, as consumers can imagine themselves with your products. Therefore, if you are selling through social media or blog posts, you can improve your product photography by creating lifestyle photos. What’s more? You can combine the two, that’s what businesses do these days.

There you have it! Reports have shown that over 90% of consumers cite images as a major factor when buying online. Being a major consideration for people when buying online, shows the necessity of showing off your products with a great photography. The above tips are what you need to improve and show off!

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Do you know that website visitors, customers, and shoppers are more fascinated with a store that contains high-quality imagery and beautiful product photography? It is often said that the perceived value of a product is most times judged based on how it is shown. The same rule goes for a brand. The credibility of your business and the apparent value of your products are often judged by the quality of your imagery and product photography.

Furthermore, displaying your products using high-quality images can be the charming difference between no sales at all and a high rate of conversion. This, therefore, means that having high-quality pictures of a product can go a long way in raking in profits for a product, company or brand.  Having high-quality website images and stunning product photography is enough to convince your customers to click the “order button”. In this post we will be taking a look at the benefits of product photography.

What is Product Photography?

Product photography offer sellers the opportunity to showcases their products using images. The product photos will help make the products attractive so that they entice potential buyers to purchase specific products. Product images not only tell the buyer of the quality of your product but also show transparency and trust.

Product photography has become a major part of advertising for brands including catalogues, brochures, magazine ads, billboards, online ads and company websites when selling products direct to consumer. A good product image will engage buyers and convert that engagement to profit.

Benefits of Product Photography

The quality of a product photo reflects your brand image, creating the infamous first impression.  The quality visuals will enhance every buyer touchpoint.

They Build Your Brand:

If your goal is to form long-term relationships with your customers, then quality photos are one of the most important tools to achieve that. Putting up product photos shows professionalism, value, quality, diversity and innovation.

Promotes Silent Communication Between You And Consumers:

A quality photo tells consumers what you are offering is trusted. It tells a lot about what you are offering. Use photos to show important information about your products.

Sets The Right Expectations For Potential Buyers:

In addition, product photography tells potential buyers the size, length and quality of the product. Do not add unnecessary filters as it will only tarnish your brand in the long run.

Keeps You ahead of Competitions

It keeps you ahead of the competition, especially when you are not the manufacturer or sole distributor of a product. When you have quality visuals, you show consumers that your products are more detailed and better than those sold by your competitors.

Types of Product Photography

The different types of product photography include:

Simple Studio Product Shots

This is just showing the product clearly to tell the shopper what the product is made of and what it looks like.

Product Grouping

This is a way to include the multiple variations of a product by putting them together in a photo. It could be different shades of lipstick or different colours of hats.

In-Context/Lifestyle Action Photos

This shows your product being used in its intended environment, in a manner they were designed for or alongside complementing products. Lifestyle action photos tell a story and give a lot more creative freedom. For example, you want to advertise running shoes. You can take a photo of a track athlete outdoors, taking a morning jog.

Photography Guidelines

During the shoot, make sure you document as much as possible. Things like the distance between the camera and product, angles, and lighting setup will help you build consistency over time. Consistency is vital when building and maintaining a brand. However, ensure that you take not of the following:

  • Colour Palette
  • Saturation
  • Focal Length
  • Shadows
  • Composition
  • Location and Context

Are You On A Budget? Don’t Worry, We Got You Covered!

Now the problem is that not every store owner can afford a professional photography studio session, especially for businesses that are just starting up. So here are some DIY product photography tips that will help you take compelling product photos without blowing your budget.

What You Need:

A Camera:  You can get a reasonably priced professional camera (DSLR) to take photos. A phone with a good camera can also do the trick but you need to make sure the lighting, exposure and styling need to be good. Photo editing in post-processing would make the product photos come out much better.

A Tripod: This will allow you to set up the camera in a position to get the best angle for the photo.

A White Background: A pure white background tends to give life to the photo and makes the product the centre of attraction.

White Bounce Cards Made Of Foam Board: Foam board brighten up the photo and removes shadows from the background.

A Shooting Table: A small table to place the product.

Tape: To secure the board but clamps can also work in this scenario.

The Right Room: A room where you can get as much natural lighting as possible. This could be traded for a light tent.

Lights:  You can opt for natural light provided by the outdoors or a well-lit room or you can use artificial lighting that can be gotten from candles, bulbs or a fireplace.

Also, remember that the editing process is also required to make the photos stand out. Just try not to overdo it so as not to be seen as selling below low-quality products. You can check out Pixar, Canva, Snapseed and Motor.

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