Choosing a reliable private label manufacturer can give you enough time to focus on marketing, product development, and other vital business-related activities. Actually, there are several advantages to working with a private label company. However, finding the most suitable match can be sometimes difficult. In this article, we share tips on how to get started working with private label products and manufacturers.


Tips for Starting a Private Label Business

Now that you’ve made up your mind to start your own private label dropshipping business, congratulations! it’s going to be an entertaining and fascinating journey! Here are 4 tips to help you start a private label business.

Research Your Niche

This step is potentially the most essential step of starting a private label business. The secret to this stage is research – you have to find out which services or products are in demand and which are regularly out of stock.

When you begin your private label business on platforms like Amazon, make use of an efficient research application that monitors what costumers search for within.

Know Your Target Audience

Who’s your target client? Who’s most likely going to purchase your particular product? Being able to answer these questions will enable you to find out the kinds of products or services you will offer, and how you will market them. Costumers are your key to making profit – with a chosen target market, you can easily decide what product you will most likely sell.

Research Possible Competitors

What’ll make you stand out from the competitors in your niche is your ability to look at the competition and determine what their target is. Finding out where they are most likely lacking can help you to properly position your business. For example, if you notice that lots of your competitors have a firm business tone; having a homey tone can help set your brand apart.

Create Your Brand

When starting your private label business, you want a unique logo that emulates your brand. Your logo tells your customers who you are and where the product is from. You must utilise this logo in all of your correspondences, labels, and packages.


What to Look For in Private Label Manufacturers

After deciding what products you are going into, the next step is to search for an exceptional manufacturer. When choosing a private label manufacturer that specializes in producing the product you want, also look out for these 4 things:

Product Quality

This is the major aspect of picking a private label manufacturer. Make sure you get the samples from them and test the products before making a deal. Confirm the features like size, dimensions, color, and style of the product they offer.

Reliable Delivery

A dependable and efficient delivery system is the key to retaining customers, particularly in an e-commerce business. Try as much as you can to find out the production time ahead and ensure that your products are delivered promptly with extreme care because no one likes damaged goods.

Check for Ratings and Reviews

The right private label manufacturer should have glowing reviews, after shortlisting potential suppliers, ensure you look for their ratings and reviews. If the information is not available on their website, make sure that you get those details in-hand before agreeing to sign a contract or deal with them.

Negotiate Prices Based on Quantity

Shopping on different platforms is an effective way to observe quality and pricing. Get a quote from the manufacturers so that you can compare them to choose the most suitable price range for your private label business. Along with that ask prices for minimum volumes, discounts for bulk goods, their preferred payment option, and shipping costs.


How to Find a Reputable Private Label Company

The internet holds a lot of resources for linking you with private label manufacturers. Here are some places you can find the industry’s top private label manufacturers.


Where else will you begin your search if not on the world’s largest search engine? Search results will show the biggest players in your chosen niche or industry. You can also tailor your search terms to easily find private label manufacturers serving more niche markets or those with specialized credentials.

Trade Shows

Industry trade shows can be an awesome way to connect with some of the best private label manufacturers. This congregation provides a chance to cover a lot of ground in a small amount of time. Meeting each private label manufacturer’s agent in person also allows you to ask certain questions and get a better feel for the company’s heritage.

Online Communities

Industry-specific chat boards are also a magnificent way to collect information on independent private label manufacturers and learn about other people’s experiences working with them.



After you have decided what product you want to sell online and confirmed that the manufacturers will private label for you, you’ll need to talk to them for samples and estimates. With this, you’ll find out whose fees you can work with. You will also know how well the product can portray your idea and brand.

At Fulfillman, we offer dropshipping business owners the opportunity to private label their dropshipping products. Call us today to know more about our private label dropshipping services. Our experienced team will be available to speak with you and discuss your available options. An amazing experience awaits you.



The private label dropshipping space is a great business model with a lot of benefits to it. Once you have done your research on the market and gotten yourself a product, all that is required is to get a reliable supplier, and hey presto! You are in business.

Well, while there is relative ease with private dropshipping, there are also several mistakes that could frustrate your efforts. Read on to find out what they are.

Entering a Market that’s Too Broad

As a private label dropshipper, you want to steer clear of overpopulated markets, especially the mainstream ones. The reason is that these kinds of markets have preferred products which are the mainstays. So consumers in those markets are always loyal to them.

You might be able to break into the market during a recession when consumers need cheaper alternatives. By and large, markets that are too broad are too risky for private-label dropshipping. So you should avoid the mistake of going into them.

Instead, stick to the niche markets. Try to cultivate and promote a product that you can own and modify for your niche audience. That way, you can create your path and build a customer base devoted to your products.

Poor Business Relationships

It would be best if you had good business relationships with the other parties you do business with. You can’t afford to have a poor relationship with your supplier in particular. Having a bad business relationship with your supplier is one of the worst mistakes of a private-label dropshipper. You are in business because of your products, and the supplier provides these products. So technically, you can’t have a thriving business without a great working relationship with your supplier.

That does not mean that you won’t do your due diligence before getting in business with them. Ensure that you vet a supplier before going into business with them. Once you are in business, keep your communication with your suppliers as straightforward and as cordial as possible.


It is tough to handle the pricing aspect of private label dropshipping. You see, there will always be competition in the dropshipping business, and in most cases, pricing is weaponized. Everyone is constantly looking to make profits while setting pricing that makes them more attractive than their competition.

So, pricing is a double-edged sword that can cut you when you don’t balance it properly. Avoid the mistake of setting prices that are too high for your customer(all in the name of chasing profits) or prices that are too low to make any profits(because you are looking to undercut your competition).

Inadequate Market Research

Success in private label dropshipping depends on effective market research. You can’t have a thriving private label dropshipping business without adequate data about market openings, sales channel performance, product demands, and seasonal trends, among other things.

Sadly, some private label dropshippers do not conduct adequate research, particularly product research.

You need to know what works before joining the fray, and the only way to do that is to do adequate research. Thorough research will help you avoid saturated markets and many other pitfalls in the dropshipping business.

Poor Inventory Management

What is the point of having a customer base that can’t access your products because they are out of stock? It would be best if you manage your inventory in such a manner that your customer base can always count on getting the products from you.

Inventory management means that you should strike a balance with the way you stock your products. Too little means that you will lose your customers to the competition. With too much stock, you run the risk of taking losses if the prices drop.

Insufficient Product Promotion

Like with all kinds of business, you need enough product promotion to stay on top of your competition. As a private label droppshipper looking to make a killing from your products, you need to avoid the mistake of being carefree with your product promotion.

So what if you have a great product that meets people’s needs? So what if the pricing is excellent and unbeatable on the market? Without the right product promotion and outreach, no one gets to know what you have to offer, and that is a grave mistake. All the investment and efforts put into the product goes to naught if the right people do not know about your product. Never take your product marketing, branding, or advertising for granted.

Unprofessional Customer Service

Dropshipping is primarily a virtual business. Trust is a big issue in in-person business models, and it is an even bigger issue when it comes to ecommerce. As a private dropshipper, avoid the mistake of having unprofessional customer service. Reason being that your customer service is the first point of contact with the outside world.

It is your customer service that customers contact when they have issues. So you want to ensure that you have a team that responds to problems promptly and in the most professional manner possible.


Being able to identify mistakes in any sphere of life reduces your chances of making those mistakes. We hope that you will be able to steer clear of the private label dropshipping mistakes described in this article.

Call us today to know more about our private label dropshipping services. Our dedicated representatives will be available to speak with you and discuss your available options. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and outstanding services that give 100% client satisfaction. A fantastic experience awaits you!


Private label dropshipping involves branding or customizing the products sold on your dropshipping store. For starters, this form of dropshipping can help increase your profit margin. This is because the operating costs reduce in the long run once you get it right.

Furthermore, private label dropshipping also increases customer retention rate and help your business build a loyal customer base. Although, this requires that you can provide products that meet your customers’ needs. And once you can sustain customer loyalty, you will enjoy market stability.

However, that’s just one part of the story. You can only enjoy the benefits of private label dropshipping provided that you can get it right. Read on to discover some essential tips to launch private label dropshipping successfully.

Get a Brand That Stands Out

Once you have decided to venture into private label drop shipping, the first step you should take would be to get a unique brand. Getting a brand that stands out is key to your success in private label dropshipping. You will need to create an identity that potential customers can relate to. Branding is important, so you want to invest some resources into getting the right brand identity. Get some professional help if need be.

Do Extensive Research

Here is where you decide on what line of products you want to deal in. The thing is, there are loads of options. The question is, how viable are they? Are they products that people are in dire need of and are willing to pay to get?

You will need some research to be able to answer these questions. You’ll need to carry out extensive research. Your research should be focused on what people need and the cost of the product(s). You also want to check out the competition (who they are and what they are doing right). You could enhance your research using online resources like Keyword Finder Tool to ascertain what people regularly search for.

Test Run Your Idea

Test running your venture will give you an idea of how profitable the venture will be when you launch it. You could start by tentatively selling your product without branding them. So how do potential customers know it’s your brand? Simple. Sell the products using customized bags. You don’t need to brand the products at this stage. A customized bag is enough to create awareness. It also reduces any loss that might occur if things don’t go as planned.

Get a Supplier That You Can Trust

The success of your private label dropshipping venture is hinged on this. This is because a lot depends on the supplier. First off, most dropping suppliers do not offer private label services because it is a lot trickier than regular dropshipping. Then there is the part about being able to verify the supplier and the services that they provide. You could get someone to physically visit the suppliers if you cant.

Insist On Samples

This gives you an idea of what you will be supplying to people. It allows you to verify the products’ quality while allowing you to gauge the supplier’s services. So in a way,  ordering samples is a great way to see how prepared you are for the launch.

Promote Your Brand

A few paragraphs back, we talked about how important your brand is and how you might need to get professional help to pick a brand, right? Well, promoting your brand will definitely require some professional help. You could get a marketing agency to help you with that, but most people opt for something different.

One great way to promote your brand is via the internet and social media in particular. And the best way to promote products on social media is via social media influencers. These are people who have a large following on social media and since they have the eyes and ears of huge followerships, getting them on board is a great strategy.

Try To Provide Fast Processing and Delivery Sevices

This is very important to your business. People want to get the products that they order as soon as possible. Ensure that you can process and deliver products by working with seasoned and reputable order fulfillment outfits and logistic companies. Work with only the best hands in the dropshipping business so that customers can get your products within a week.

Maintain Your Reputation

Once you have a reputation for fast processing and delivery time, you will get more customers hooked, and over time, your clientele will grow. But here is the difficult part: consistency. Your customer is king, and customer satisfaction is paramount to any successful business. Ensure that you provide premium private label drop shipping 24/7. You have a lot of competition, but you can retain loyal customers by being consistent with quality services.


Private label dropshipping is a great way to make loads of money, especially with the proliferation of online stores. It is a viable venture that might look daunting to the uninitiated. The truth is that anyone can master private label dropshipping. All that is needed is some guidance. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some guidance on launching your private label dropshipping venture successfully.

At Fulfillman, we help dropshipping business owners private label their products. Call us today to know more about our private label dropshipping services. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss your available options. We guarantee you quality and outstanding services that give complete client satisfaction. A fantastic experience awaits you!


If you have an online sales business, it is important you find effective methods through which you can make your goods stand out. By doing this, you will be giving your business a higher chance of success since your products will be distinguishable from others. One such method is to find private label products and manufacturers. This is what private label dropshipping is all about.

What are Private Label Products?

Private label products are goods manufactured by one company and then sold by another. The process involved is similar to the normal reselling of products. However, you have to build a collection of market products and suppliers. Also, the products will carry your business’s brand instead of the manufacturer’s.

To illustrate, imagine you are selling footwear manufactured by Chinese company Z on eBay. Keep in mind that these products are generic and unbranded. In addition, many of your competitors sell the same product.

Private labeling would involve you taking these products and imprinting your brand on them. Items such as your logo and brand name will be embossed on the products, and as a result, they will be associated with your brand.

You can even take things further: talk to the manufacturer and have them customize aspects of the product to be like no other. As a result, it would truly be your brand’s product.

In essence, private labeling is an effective method businesspeople use to add value to their products and offer more to their customers. It is also a viable way for a brand to distinguish itself and establish itself in the market.

Tips to Finding Private Label Products and Manufacturers

To indulge in private labeling, you will agree the first step is to locate a private label manufacturer. However, since most of the process will be done over the internet, it is important you do it right. Else, you might end up with products you detest or be duped.

So, the question: how do I find a reliable private label manufacturer? Read along to find out!

What is their Product Specialization?

The first thing you should look out for in a private label manufacturer is their product specialization. Ensure you find a manufacturer that produces your type of product. This is because different manufacturers have different areas of expertise; working with a manufacturer whose specialization is different from what you need will end disastrously.

To illustrate, if you want to diversify into earthen kitchenware products, it would be a mistake to contact a metal kitchenware products manufacturer.

How is their Communication?

If you are participating in private label dropshipping, you will most likely be transacting in bulk. This means that a small communication mistake like a misspelled letter can ruin an entire batch of products and dent your brand. Now, imagine what impact bigger communication issues will have.

Before you proceed to work with a private label manufacturer, ensure there is no communication problem. Make sure both sides can understand each other. Confirm their accessibility and how they approach mistakes.

A tip on proper communication: use simple and concise terms and bullet or numbered lists. Also, avoid the use of numbers whenever possible.

What is their Product Quality?

While your primary motivation for private label dropshipping is profit, the best way to accomplish it is to provide your customers with high-quality products. So, find out whether a potential manufacturer’s products are of sufficient quality or inferior before you work with them.

How is their Delivery?

Before you commit to a particular product manufacturer, confirm they are reliable with delivery schedules. Ask them. However, don’t stop there. Do your research and find out what prior customers say about them on that front. If you didn’t know, timely delivery could make or mar your business, especially in the ecommerce sphere. Do not take it lightly.

How is their Pricing?

If you can secure a great deal from the manufacturer, then your profit margins will be higher. As such, you should discuss with different manufacturers to get a competitive price. Keep in mind that you are not just purchasing and selling the products; you are also adding your brand and other features.

Do They Many Get Complaints about Defective Products?

Ensure that you confirm how often the manufacturer gets product defect complaints. While this information can be hard to come by, you can check online platforms for feedbacks from other sellers like you. Ensure you select manufacturers with a low or nonexistent track record of product defects.

Search Forums and Online Marketplaces

The best method through which you can get high-quality product manufacturers is by searching on forums and ecommerce websites, among others. So, start your search for a manufacturer in such places. Reddit, Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, are great places you should consider.

Another reason for using this method is that you will be able to easy what others are saying about them. As such, you will be able to weed out less than ideal manufacturers early in your process.

Google Search

You can also find private label manufacturers via a Google search, so explore that option, too. However, you might have to browse through a ton of information to find what you are looking for. If you can’t find a satisfactory answer, try varying your search terms.


With the tips mentioned above, you should find a private label manufacturer that works for you in no time. However, ensure they tick the boxes we have highlighted above. This way, you will be ensuring you get great service.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Private Label Dropshipping, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


Dropshipping may be one of the best business models out there, but you need to know and do the right things in order to succeed. With competitions getting tougher in different niches, dropshippers need to be bold and creative. One of the strategies many successful dropshippers are adopting is private label dropshipping.

Dropshipping has changed a lot over the years. Sticking to the old methods doesn’t work for anyone again. If you are interested in creating a dropshipping business that can stand the test of time, private label dropshipping is the way to go.

What Is Private Label Dropshipping?

In real sense, private labeling is when a manufacturer creates a product exclusively for a retailer. This means the retailer will sell the product under its own brand. It has been a common practice between big manufacturing firms and big international distributors and retail outlets.

In dropshipping, white labeling is when a product is packaged for a specific brand. In this case, the manufacturer doesn’t have to make the products exclusively for the dropshipper but will package them exclusively for the dropshipping brand. It can also be referred to as branding.

In private label dropshipping, products your customers will buy from your online store will be branded as yours. You don’t have to handle the inventory to achieve this. It works just like regular dropshipping, only that you may have to pay a little more for branding, depending on your supplier.

What Are The Advantages Of Private Labeling?

Firstly, it is important that we state here that many successful dropshippers are using private labeling as a strategy to grow their brand and conquer their respective niches and markets. Clearly, the strategy has many advantages. Here, we will concentrate on the most significant advantages:

Increased Margin

Private label products command higher prices in dropshipping. When your products are of the right quality and properly branded, you can price more competitively and enjoy an increased profit margin. Many retailers reportedly earn as much as 25 – 30% higher gross margins on private labels compared to manufacturer’s brands.

Customer Loyalty

With white labeling dropshipping, it is easier to build customer loyalty. People love to buy from brands they can identify with, and once you are able to make them love your brand, your private label products will sell better.

Lower Marketing Costs

It may appear like private label dropshipping attracts more costs, but the fact is that it actually reduces operating costs in the long run. After a while, your private label products will begin to sell themselves. This means you will spend less on advertising campaigns.

Greater Market Stability

When you are able to get your customers to love your private label products, you can be sure of improved market stability. Many consumers choose products because of quality, consistency, and affordability. Once your products meet their needs, they will likely continue to buy even during economic downturns.

What Are Possible Disadvantages Of Private Label Dropshipping?

While there are several positive things about Private label dropshipping, there are possible downsides you need to be aware of. Here are the most notorious ones:

Minimum Orders

Some manufacturers insist that dropshippers place a minimum order that may be beyond their reach when they want private label products. This can force some to order more than necessary.

Dead Inventory

This is a problem that is mostly experienced by new entrants. The retailer may order a line of private label products that customers do not like, and clearing the inventor will become a big problem.

How to Dropship Private Label

Private label dropshipping is not hard to start and run. Here are the critical steps you need to take if this is the part you want to go:

Find a Dropshipping Supplier

This is the most important aspect of the journey. You need to find a supplier or dropshipping platform that will agree to source and handle private labeling for you. Fulfillman is one of the best platforms for this.

Define Your Brand Identity

This is a critical step that can determine your success or otherwise. Branding is very important, and you need to define your brand identity carefully. It will determine how your audience will perceive you and how well your products will sell.

Improve Your Brand Awareness

This is the final foundation stage of private label dropshipping. Here, you find the best way to boost brand awareness and become a darling to your customers. Among other things, make sure you include SEO, social media, and quality content in your strategy.

Using Fulfillman for Private Label Dropshipping

As hinted earlier, Fulfillman is one of the best platforms you can use for private label dropshipping. The company offers the best branding services in the industry. When you choose Fulfillman, they will deliver the ultimate private label dropshipping experience through:

  • Branding flyers that can help boost your sales
  • Custom branding packages that will give your stock the ultimate look of a real brand
  • Logo stickers that can unify your brand and give it a professional look
  • Gift cards for your customers to boost loyalty
  • And many more.

Working with Fulfillman will give you an edge over others who are also involved in private label dropshipping, but using other suppliers.

Final Words

Dropshipping is changing at an unprecedented pace. Online store owners who can’t adapt to the changing climate will be pushed out. It is important that you stay ahead of trends and use the best strategies to build your business. Private label dropshipping is the real deal now, and choosing Fulfillman as your supplier will give you an edge over your competition.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.