Whether you’re considering performing orders in-house or are already carrying on order fulfillment internally, it’s crucial to understand some of the most common lapses you may face so you can fervently work toward evading them.

Understanding where you’re going wrong and what you can do to enhance order fulfillment will help you better manage order fulfillment and deliver improved customers experiences while still making a profit. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common problem with order fulfillment and how to solve them and explain what you need to do to avoid them altogether.

Not Finding the Right Products in the Locations

If a product is not where it should be in your store or warehouse, this means the selector needs to spend time trying to find it. This sets back the order fulfillment, which can lead to unsatisfied customers and bad reviews. On top of that, it also makes for a highly incapable warehouse operation. With a warehouse management system (WMS), every product is scanned into a location. This means that when a selector is looking for a product, it will always be absolutely where it should be.

Impaired or Incorrect Inventory

When a client waits weeks or months for a much-desired product, receiving the wrong goods or damaged goods can be annoying. Some ecommerce businesses intentionally send out slightly impaired inventory in the hopes a client won’t notice. Some examples of this are a book with a crumpled cover, a binder with floppy rings, and a lipstick tube with a dent. Be sure that they notice.

When clients receive a damaged or wrong item, it costs them money to replace the item. In worse cases, the client may likely not order from you again. Proper inventory management on the front end can stop many of these issues from becoming a reality. Keep your inventory safe, and ensure it is checked twice before sending. It is good you spend on quality packaging, and always pay for insurance.

International Shipping

International shipping usually takes anywhere from a week to multiple months. While international customers do not expect to get their items overnight but they might look elsewhere if they have to wait too long. Offer multiple shipping options to your international customers. You may be surprised to find out that many are willing to pay an exceptional premium to get their goods sooner. You might also want to consider negotiating a large quantity international shipping rate if you do a bulk volume of international business.

You Have Hard Copy Picking

In this type of operation, you are required to print the paper and it must be carried by the picker. This process not only takes lots of time is but is also extremely incompetent and leaves a large margin for error due to missing or unfulfilled orders. This can be solved easily by eliminating paper from your warehouse by using warehouse management software with a mobile app. The mobile app displaces the paper, a bit like how your smartphone replaced the handwritten letter. When you take out the chances for human error, you’re in a good position to make sure that you’re able to ship every order at the right time, without failing

Shipping Notifications

Shipping notifications can look like such a minor thing, especially if the item is expected to arrive in two or three days. Most clients expect to get them. Many customers stalk their goods, confirming their location multiple times a day. Because most sellers offer shipping notifications, your client will probably want them. If they don’t get a notification, they might think the item hasn’t shipped. That leads to several unnecessary calls to customer service.

Labor-Intensive Picking

The truth is If you have too many selectors working at the same time, you will probably be spending more money on labor than you are getting back in return. Overtime is beginning to crawl in and in situations the time limit for fulfillment is missed. The most effective method to decrease the number of selectors needed for a single time frame is to start using automation in your warehouse. Automation should boost the productivity of all your selectors, meaning that fewer of them are needed to carry out the same amount of orders.

Incompetent Customer Service

Where do clients go when their items are nowhere to be found, damaged, or delayed? Customer service. Incompetent customer service might be the worst fulfillment mistake you can make. If your customer service representatives cannot swiftly and adequately respond to customer concerns, why bother even employing them? You may as well set your money ablaze. Invest in good customer service representatives, even if it costs slightly more. They’ll be better qualified to address fulfillment issues, and you’ll have lesser furious customers on your hands.

Bottom Line

There you have it! These are just some different problems your warehouse may be facing, with plenty of ways to settle them. At the center of it all is being clever about your techniques and people, with the appropriate tools and software you will be able to successfully fulfill your orders.

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The holiday shipping season is already here; It’s a hectic time for ecommerce businesses trying to fulfill and deliver products. Although the holiday shipping season is guaranteed to be a crazy and frantic time of year for any online business, having the correct fulfillment plan in place may go a long way toward making sure that your order fulfillment process runs smoothly and efficiently – even during the chaos. Without further ado, here are nine fulfillment suggestions for a great holiday season for your business!

Maintain a Well-Stocked Inventory

It’s critical to keep your inventory stocked at all times, especially around the holidays. On the other hand, all holiday season stock should be prepared and kept well ahead of the peak shipping period. Maintain communication with your suppliers to know when they can deliver. Order ahead of time to ensure that you have the things you need before your holiday offers begin; this is also critical for warehouse operations efficiency since it leads to better worker staffing to fulfill tasks. Due to effective inventory management, quick order fulfillment is also achievable. Additionally, estimate the number of orders you received in the previous season and procure stock appropriately.

Provide a Reasonable and Easy Returns Policy

Too many times, online businesses become so engrossed in the holiday shipping and fulfillment process that they forget to create a smart, smooth return policy in preparation for the anticipated post-holiday demand; this is a major blunder. Instead, set a reasonable return policy well ahead of the holiday season and convey it to your visitors on your website and product pages. It’s also a good idea to provide prepaid return tags in all of your clients’ orders.

Have Sufficient Shipping Supplies

Consistently acquire enough shipping supplies far ahead of time, in addition to stocking your inventories well before the peak season shipping season. The last thing you want is for your company to run out of shipping supplies during the busiest shopping season, so always restock. It’s also not a bad idea to get what you think will be a spare to be safe.

Keep Communication Lines Open With Customers And Suppliers

It’s vital to have good communication with your clients, vendors, and transporters. If a shipment of orders is postponed due to bad weather or a shortage of shipping materials, notify affected consumers as soon as possible via mailings, social media updates, and blogs. Maintain constant communication with your suppliers and couriers, and discuss concerns such as shipment deadlines, late deliveries, and inventory levels to avoid miscommunications that could sabotage your Holiday shipment and fulfillment operations.

Be Aware of The Shipping Deadlines For The Holiday Season

It’s also critical to be aware of any holiday shipping dates to maintain track of your fulfillment process. Knowing them can guide you in better preparing your fulfillment strategy and planning ahead of time to make the most of your time and resources.

Enlist the Help of a Third Party To Handle Your Fulfillment

The order fulfillment process is time-consuming, costly, and demands a great deal of effort and meticulousness from your staff, as any other online retailer will tell you. Outsourcing the processes to third-party professionals, on the other hand, can enable you to minimize this pressure and spare your time to focus on sales, promotion, and recruiting temporary staff for the holidays, among other things.

Keep Up With The Latest Marketing Trends.

Your Holiday marketing campaign should start far in before the holiday rush. Launch your promotions earlier to make them known to your target audience through newsletters, digital marketing, blog articles, and paid to advertise.

Prepare Before Time

Once it concerns having a successful holiday shipping season, preparedness is the foundation for success compared to keeping a well-stocked inventory. Always run a stress test on your website ahead of time to ensure that it will be able to manage the influx of Holiday purchases. In summary, make sure your site performs smoothly and swiftly, has an easy-to-navigate layout, and has a seamless checkout experience. It’s also a smart option to remind your employees what’s required of them before the holidays, double and that your website has updated and precise information concerning your delivery and return policies.

Maintain a Top-Notch Customer Service

Customer service is crucial when dealing with the holiday shipping pressure. Integrating chatbots and including a FAQ area on your website are both brilliant ideas. Your customer support agent should also have the necessary training and knowledge to deal with any question that comes their way. You can accomplish this with a centralized system for your site, order processing, shipping trackers. Customer service concerns will be addressed swiftly and efficiently once these systems are linked together.


There you have it! Above are some insightful tips to handle order fulfillment during the holiday season. Often, it appears like everyone, but online retailers are having a good time over the holidays. Thankfully, enforcing the correct holiday shipping strategy and fulfillment plan can make sure that the busiest fulfillment and shipping period runs seamlessly and successfully.

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The success of an e-commerce business is highly dependent on the supply chain. Successful order fulfillment is very essential, and when there are no lapses in the delivery process, the customer is happy. However, order fulfillment can be challenging. For this reason, it is vital to find ways to ease past these challenges. Here are ten tips that can help in optimizing your order fulfillment process:

Have the Knowledge of the Process

For the benefit of the business, you have to understand everything about the order fulfillment process.  This understanding is vital because the order fulfillment process is complex and helps you to satisfy your customers. Understanding the order fulfillment process develops business and helps the business owner to satisfy customers.

Incorporate a Customer Support Service

Customer support service comes in if there are missing products during delivery. Because in an e-commerce business, there are tendencies of products getting missing during delivery or purchase. The customer support service will make a complaint to the brand about the missing product. In a situation where there is no customer support service, the customers will be helpless. Customer support services come in handy to satisfy customers.

Build Communication

Generally, communication is a vital tool in any business setting. In an e-commerce business, communication is most important because it is necessary to communicate with customers to satisfy their needs.

And there should be frequent communication with brand owners to establish long-lasting relationships. Communication influences the order fulfillment process because it gives confidence to customers.

Use a Flexible Warehouse Management System

Using a flexible warehouse management system is essential and instrumental for e-commerce business owners. Good warehouse management enables companies to increase their productivity and shipping due to smooth workflow.   E-commerce business requires tracking of shipped products, and a warehouse management system makes this tracking easy. Warehouse management systems enable business owners to have flexible order fulfillment processes.

Cost of Delivery

Firstly, delivery costs should be decent to keep customers and satisfy their purchase. Furthermore, the customers should be made aware of the delivery costs and the criteria to determine them. If a customer knows how a delivery cost is determined, the customer will trust the order fulfillment process. Delivery costs depend on the weight or the speed of arrival of the product. Enlightenment of delivery costs boosts the confidence of customers in the order fulfillment process.

Establish an Order Management System.

In every business, there is always competition. Competition is even way higher in an e-commerce business. The order management system will help a business owner have the edge over a competitor. The mismanagement of a business will fall quickly in no time. The order management system allows an e-commerce business owner to manage and monitor orders efficiently and appropriately.

The order management system helps in the order fulfillment process to satisfy customers and keep the business moving.

Have the Prudence to Return Products

In an e-commerce business, the effort to return a damaged product is called a “product return policy.” At some point in the business, there are possibilities of having a damaged product or losing a product. Regardless of the cost of a missing or damaged product, the business owner should find a replacement for the product. The return policy is like an insurance policy that will give confidence to customers. Return policy offers quality to the order fulfillment process.

Use the Services of Multiple Suppliers and the Right Shippers

There will be peak time in the e-commerce business where there will be mass orders for products. It will not be ideal to start giving excuses of having limited goods and not being able to get more from the suppliers. And if the suppliers disappoint, the customers will hold the business owners accountable without asking any questions. To ensure not to disappoint customers, business owners must use the right shippers.

Be Genuine

One of the things a customer hates is seeing different products from the description of the products. E-commerce business owners should be lenient and truthful when describing or giving the features of a product.

Stating a feature that is not part of the features of a product weakens the relationship with customers. You need to create trust in the order fulfillment process, and you can’t do that with lies.

Proper Packaging

E-commerce business greatly depends on proper packaging. Proper packaging ensures that products arrive safely to the customers. Proper packaging protects products from breakage, water damage, and other physical damage.

The first thing a customer will see is the product’s packaging, so proper packaging satisfies customers. As the saying goes, the first impression matters. Business owners should use proper packaging to give such an impression to customers.


To conclude, in e-commerce businesses, business owners need to create an efficient supply chain. To optimize the order fulfillment process, business owners need to work with the ten tips honestly.

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In the e-commerce business, the supply chain plays a huge role in determining its success. A successful order fulfillment means having a delivery performance that meets up with the orders with no delivery damage. When order delivery is made at the right time and without any lapses, the customer is bound to be happy. What with the mounting orders, delivery can become more arduous and challenging to manage. This eventually leads to poor delivery performance and bad customer experience. In this post, we will share with you 10 ways to guarantee successful order fulfillment and ensure the flourishing of your e-commerce business.

Know What the Process Entails

Before you commence the order fulfillment process, it will do you a whole lot of good to understand what it is all about. The process involves more than just shipping ordered products to their destinations. It is also a complex e-commerce system that has more to do with offering an excellent order fulfillment process and satisfying your customers. Understanding what the process allows you to leave your customers happy and build your business.

Establish Communication

In the flourishing of any business, communication with the customers is essential. During the delivery of a product, the customer would want to be kept abreast of its progress. When there is no communication, they are likely to get worried. Make efforts to build a connection with your customers. Communication influences and enhances their confidence in your order fulfillment process. Communication assures them that your supply chain is topnotch and can be highly leaned on.

Create Customer Support System

In an e-commerce business, there may be cases where there are missing products during delivery or purchased products. When such a case arises, the typical response the customer makes is to lay a complaint to the brand. When there is a lack of customer service, there will not be any room to receive customers’ complaints and this can be very bad for business. Having customer service representatives on-hand to receive and address order fulfillment issues is pivotal to having a happy and satisfied customer base.

Delivery Costs

As an e-commerce retailer, you should make efforts to enlighten the customers on the delivery costs and criteria employed to determine them. Different e-commerce businesses take on different criteria, such as the weight of the product, to arrive at a delivery cost. When your customers know how the delivery price is determined, they will develop stronger confidence in your order fulfillment process. Also, ensure that you keep the shipping price at a decent rate as to avoid not ending up in driving your customers away.

Build an Order Management System

As time goes on in an e-commerce business, the influx of orders starts getting overwhelming and when managed inappropriately could initiate the downfall of the business. Establishing a distributed order management business is important to have an edge over your competitors. This management system allows you to monitor and manage orders in real-time. It makes the location of the product ordered is easy and organizes the order fulfillment process.

Products Return Policy

The loss or damage of a product in an inventory of an e-commerce business is bound to happen at some time. When such happens, replacement should commence regardless of the cost. In the delivery of a product to a customer, there should be a return policy as insurance to any good damage or loss. This should be done to ensure your customers of a quality order fulfillment process.

Collaborate With the Right Shipper

If your delivery time suffers some lapses because of poor supply from your supplier, your e-commerce business is likely to suffer certain drastic consequences. If your supplier frequently underperforms, your customers are going to hold you responsible, not your shipper.

To avoid such, you should partner up with an established and reputable shipper. Ensure that they have an impressive track of records to avoid any order fulfillment issues.

Enhance Inventory Transparency

Transparency of the product inventory is highly important to keep an e-commerce business in the growth trajectory. It keeps you in the know of the happenings in the sales channels, the shortfalls so that you can take proactive actions towards shoring them up.

When you are updated on the stock of products, you will gain an edge of replenishing them to meet the demand. In the long run, you will have an enviable order fulfillment process and keep your customers satisfied.

Integrate an Order Notification System

Having a real-time order notification will help you make early product delivery, and satisfy your customers. In an e-commerce business, getting notified about a customer’s order placement gives you a head start to spot bottlenecks, establish a smooth network delivery process. It ensures that no delays are encountered, which may leave you with irate and unsatisfied customers that cannot wait to leave you.

Be Genuine

Ensure that the product delivered has the features described in the product’s description on the listing page. No customer wants to know that the product’s features specified on your e-commerce site are only a smokescreen to get it out of your inventory. It leads to a decline in relationship and trust.

There you have it! These are the top tips to establish a successful order fulfillment process vital for the growth of your e-commerce business. Establishing communication with customers, using a distributed order management system, creating customer service and more will help you create an excellent and successful order fulfillment process.

Do you need a reputable order fulfillment services company for your ecommerce business? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


For every business, whether established or a start-up, the building of its customer base is paramount for its growth. One way to build up a base of loyal customers and increase sales is to improve the experience of your customers. This is one thing that fulfillment centers will help you achieve. Utilizing the assistance of fulfillment centers is an efficient business strategy that a business can employ to form a wonderful relationship with its customers and stoke its growth.

There are varieties of ways that fulfillment centers can help you enhance customer experience, build a loyal customer base, boost sales and grow your brand. They include:

Deal with Market Fluctuations

The market is volatile and no business is invulnerable from experiencing its fluctuations. It can happen as time goes on at any particular time of the year. Fulfillment centers are well equipped to assist businesses, especially startups, in dealing with the drastic changes in the market. Most business organizations are not informed on how to handle the unexpected changes in the market leading them to run on fumes. This affects their capacity to meet up with demand and supply.

Fulfillment centers help businesses to take precautionary measures for any eventuality in the market. They ensure the sales is increased or maintained or that the customer experience of your customers is not disturbed during the market fluctuations.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Shipping wrong packages to a customer and making late deliveries are all part of the issues that deteriorate customer experience. These problems could arise from the inability of a company to handle the influx of orders. Giving access to a third-party expert to deliver packages to your customers aids you to avoid any hiccup in the process. Fulfillment centers do take a great time and care to ensure that nothing goes wrong in your supply chain. This, in turn, helps you build a satisfied and loyal customer base.

Allocates More Time to Your Business

Businesses need time to carry out their marketing campaign, engage with the customers, and ensuring that orders are fulfilled. Especially when it is a small or Startup Company, handling all these can prove too difficult most times without the efficiency and effectiveness of one of them becoming affected.

Outsourcing the order delivery aspect to a fulfillment center ensures that enough time is freed up for you to attend to other areas of your business. You will be guaranteed that your customers’ needs are met while you are not at it.

Take Care of Inventory

There is a lot of work in creating an inventory for a business. So much time and resources go into equipping the inventory with the right items, shipping out the right item and replacing an item returned by a customer. Setting up and managing an inventory by a small business may be a burden.

Fulfillment centers are known to have an inventory containing all the items you are offering and ensure that the items are up-to-date. They manage your inventory take care of the packaging and shipping, getting the load off your back, while you operate other areas of your business.

Saves Operating Costs

Fulfillment centers help you to decrease your company’s expenditure, saving up capital that you can be channeled into other areas of the business to encourage its growth. The capital freed up could be used to add more items to your inventory, run advertisement campaigns that ensure your customer base is built and the business is developed.

Saves Time

The supply chain could be suffering when you have do not have enough time devoted to it. This does not help in improving the customer experience, as their need will be poorly catered for. You can outsource the distribution to a third-party entity while you focus on running other logistics of your business. This way, you are ensuring that an efficient supply chain is maintained.

Reach Bigger Audience

A fulfillment center serves as a bridge between a business and its customers. Your customers can be at any part of the world. When you receive an order from them, a fulfillment center has the appropriate machinery in place to ensure that you reach out to them. You can go into new markets, reach out to a broader audience, grow your customer base and improve your business through a fulfillment center.

Enhance Customer Relationship

A better customer relationship is pivotal for any business that wants to boost sales and grow. When customers are satisfied with your service, they are likely to stick with you. This loyal customer will continuously purchase from you. They also will help in broadcasting your brand to new customers. A fulfillment center ensures that you form a great customer relationship with your customers to take your business to greater heights.

Impressive Turnarounds

Fulfillment centers ensure that there is a fast turnaround between when a customer orders for a product and when it is delivered. Having less time between when the product is ordered and when the customer gets them at their doorstep is one way to make them become satisfied with your services. In the long run, it makes you have a spike in sales and see your company reach great heights.

There you have it! Fulfillment centers enable you to run your business efficiently while you reach the height that you are aiming for.  Use the services of a fulfillment center today that suits the needs of your company.

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The supply chain of e-commerce businesses is a significant factor in determining their  success. According to the Supply Chain Council, successful order fulfillment can be described as “the percentage of orders meeting delivery performance with complete and accurate documentation and no delivery damage.” Orders are increasingly becoming more arduous and challenging to manage given the increasing growth of the business from multi-channels and market challenges.

A disorganized order fulfillment system can lead to delay in order delivery to the customer. This eventually leads to poor customer experience. E-Commerce that has such delivery system leaves its customers in frustration and the business suffers in return. This indicate how important it is for order fulfillment to be successful.

To have a flourishing e-commerce business means to have a successful order fulfillment towards your customers. Here are tips on how you can manage your supply chain effectively and make your order fulfillment more successful.

Establish a Working Demand Management System

Creating a good demand management system is vital to accomplish a successful order. The purpose of a demand management system is to equip the business with the ability to handle unprecedented demand rise and gives a forecast of demand from customers. Multi-channels through which customers make purchases are monitored. Data are captured and analyzed to equip the business of real-time information regarding the flow of demand in the supply chain. Data captured using this system is accurate and helps forestall any challenge in the future. This also gives room to maximize profit and growth of the business.

Do Not Back Out On Promises to Customers

Not being able to live up to expectations can have a devastating effect on your business. Customers typically want to earn every value of their money. You can ensure that you have your customers’ trust and loyalty by ensuring that the stocks in your inventory levels match the specifications. Also, ensure that there are stocks that match the customers’ needs available at all time in the inventory. To effectively, ensure that your customers are satisfied, use Available to Promise (ATP) inventory. This method guarantees that a particular stock is always available.

During delivery, ensure that the shipping notification is working effectively. Regardless of the specified time for the arrival of the product customers naturally want to keep tabs on its movement. When customers are not notified they are likely to fidget, make incessant calls to the customer care and this amount to a loss of money and time. What with such experience they are likely not deal with such e-commerce platform again.

Understand the Challenges

Customers have an ever-changing taste and options to select regarding how they shop and receive orders. Retailers that have a complex e-commerce system are likely to offer their customers unsatisfied user experience. The whole e-commerce fulfillment should take minimal time and swift as possible to accomplish. Retailers should design their e-commerce system to enhance user experience and making shopping and order receiving hugely convenient.

Build Communication

Communication with customers is essential for the flourishing of an e-commerce business. During the delivery of an order to a customer, it is important to keep them abreast with its progress. When there is no communication customers are likely to get worried, which affects their confidence in the e-commerce service. Communication reassures them of a good supply chain and boosts their confidence.

Use A Working Distributed Order Management System

A distributed order management system gives an e-commerce business a competitive edge over its competitors. This management system utilizes a central approach to managing the real-time inventory of retailers. After a customer orders a product, the retailer should be able to locate the product. The inventory becomes organized to ensure that there are delivery or shipping delays.

Flexibility is introduced as customers can buy products and return them when and however means. E-commerce businesses that have the DOM are not going to leave their customers with a poor customer’s experience.

Make Customer Service Available

There will cases of late delivery of purchased products, missing products during delivery or damaged goods. The only recourse customers normally take when they experience any of these is the call the customer service. E-Commerce, where there is no customer service to respond swiftly to customers’ inquiries, may not last long. Having customer service representatives on ground addresses order fulfillment issues and enhances the relationship with customers.

Lost or Damaged Goods Replacement

At some point in an e-commerce business, goods in the inventory are bound to be lost or damaged. Replacing the damaged or lost products should be done regardless of its cost. Better still; each item in the inventory should have a purchase shipping insurance to cushion any loss. Damaged products returned by customers should be replaced without any charge. This should be done to avoid having a horde of irate and unsatisfied customers at hand.

Delivery Costs

Shipping costs by retailers are usually determined to utilize two criteria; by price and weight of the product. E-commerce retailers should ensure that customers are enlightened on how the shipping price is determined. In addition, e-commerce businesses should make an effort to keep shipping costs as reasonable as possible.

There you have it! Above are some top secretes to successful order fulfillment. A successful order fulfillment system is key to retaining customers and boosting e-commerce growth. Given the increase of channels through which customers make orders, it has posed challenges to e-commerce businesses. Building communication with customers, keeping your promise, creating an order management system all ensure that at the end of the day, e-commerce business has a successful order fulfillment system.

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To run a successful ecommerce business, you have to get things right on the front-end as well as the back-end of your business operation. Many new retailers on the ecommerce space focus their attentions on giving the customers great shopping experience. They ensure that their sites look great and easy to navigate. They also take extra steps to ensure that customers find what they want quickly, pay for them as quickly as possible and get all the help they need. While this is very important, it is only one aspect of what makes buyers happy. The joy of any buyer will only be complete when the product is delivered how and where they want it. That is where fulfillment services companies come in.

Unless you are a supply chain and logistic expert like Amazon (unlikely), you may need the services of a fulfillment company to handle the delivery aspect of your business. Micromanaging may be viable at the early stage of your business but once you start getting more orders, it will be necessary to engage a fulfillment provider. Finding the best company to handle this aspect of your business can be hard. To help you achieve that, we will briefly discuss some helpful tips:

Look For Certified Companies

It is always better to work with companies that are certified by some relevant bodies for the services they provide. In the case of fulfillment services companies, the bodies that may certify a company include American Purchasing Society, the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA), and the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC). A company that is certified by any of these organizations can be trusted to perform well.

Consider Experienced Companies

Choosing an experienced company is also very important. Companies that have been operating in the sector for a while will most likely have the necessary software and hardware to handle the delivery aspect of your business in the best possible manner. An experienced fulfillment provider is also less prone to mistakes which will be a good thing for your business.

Consider the Distribution Network of the Company

This is one of the reasons you need to understand your customer base. It will be helpful to choose a fulfillment provider that has the right distribution network to handle your orders. If you sell to people within a particular state, you can choose a company that is very strong in that particular state or region. If most of your customers are overseas, you should consider only companies with global reach.

Choose Companies with Clear Terms and Conditions

It is important that you clearly understand the terms and conditions of any company you are dealing with. The agreement you will enter needs to clearly state what you will get and what you will pay. Read the fine prints carefully and clarify such points as minimum and maximum volume the company will handle at a time. You also need to know the service guarantee you get as their customer.

Avoid Companies That Will Try to Lock You In

You need to be careful to avoid being locked into an unfavorable contract. In fact, it is important that you avoid being locked into any kind of contract at all. There are great fulfillment services companies that allow you to cancel at any time and those are the companies you should work with.

Consider the Pricing Structure

Pricing is one important aspect you shouldn’t joke with since it will significantly influence your profitability. It is important that you understand the pricing structure proposed by a fulfillment services company before entering into agreement. Understand exactly how they will bill you. It is also important that you avoid large monthly and annual retainers. A low flat-rate pricing structure is always better.

Consider All Applicable Fees and Rules

Asides your regularly service cost, there are some extra fees that may apply to the services you will enjoy from your fulfillment services company. It is critical that you consider such fees and rules that apply. Some may charge for storage: choose companies that charge low rate for storage capacity and offer flexibility in terms of how long your goods can stay in their warehouse.

Consider the Possibility for Scaling

As a business owner, you should always plan for growth. You also have to consider this while choosing a fulfillment services company. You need a company that will accommodate your growth. This means that the company must have a warehouse with the capacity to accommodate increased volume from you. It is possible that your products may go viral and you don’t want to start looking for a bigger company when this happens. If you plan adding new lines of products, you also have to consider a company that can handle the new products perfectly.

Software and Automation

The whole point of ecommerce is to make buying and selling easier through technology. As you make things easier for your customers, your fulfillment provider should also make things easy for you. This will basically depend on their software. It is important that you work with a company that lets you send product orders automatically from your ecommerce platform. The software should also be able to automatically update inventory and statuses. You should be able to see what is happening with your orders. If you can test a demo account to see how things work, that will be great.

Consider Reviews from Their Past and Present Clients

It is also important that you consider the reputation of the company you are going to work with. One simple way to do this is to check the reviews from their past and present clients. It should not be hard to find helpful reviews on Google and Yelp.

Using the services of a product fulfillment company will definitely attract extra cost for your ecommerce business but the benefits it offers is often massive. It will make your business more efficient in terms of order delivery. The satisfaction of your customers should be your priority and that is what a fulfillment services company can help you achieve.

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