For some people, dropshipping may seem like the easiest online business. All they need to do is generate the sale, and their supplier handles the rest process while they make their money. However, dropshipping business isn’t as easy as it appears to be. Out of the millions of online stores, only a few make thousands of dollars in a year. The reason why this happens is that dropshipping business is a highly competitive one.

More sales and high lead conversion rates are important factors for succeeding in dropshipping business. So if you are planning on becoming successful with your dropshipping business, we’ve outlined 10 dropshipping tips to increase leads and boost your sales.

Optimize Your Website for Conversion

You would need lots of traffic to generate sales. You are not likely to make any sale with just a few visitors visiting your store. Ads and SEO strategies work effectively in increasing your website’s traffic.  Ads can increase your traffic within a short period, while SEO strategies gradually bring traffic. The more your website traffic, the more your conversion rate.

Give Detailed Product Description

Most drop shippers make the common mistake of giving out little information on their product pages. While attracting a customer to your product is vital, describing the product is crucial as well. Customers like to know what they are buying. Product descriptions describe how your product can benefit them which convinces them to buy the product. Wrong product descriptions can turn off potential customers. Accurate and detailed product descriptions boost sales.

Create Unique Social Media Content

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are great outlets to market your products to a wide range of audiences. Effective social media marketing has been proven over and over again to increase sales and generate more leads. Creating unique content is part of social media marketing strategies. Social media users constantly seek unique and engaging content. They are also likely to share unique content which increases your audience, increases engagement, and drives traffic to your store. More traffic means more sales.

Offer Free Product Shipping to Your Customers

If you ever ordered a product online before, you’d understand how exciting “free” offers sound. Successful drop shippers commonly use this strategy to generate more sales. This has successfully worked over and over again because free shipping lures customers to buy a product. To ensure you don’t make losses, you can add the shopping cost to the price of the product, and watch how your sales skyrockets.

Build a Prestigious Online Reputation

This tip is effective in increasing lead. Customers would generally want to buy products from a brand they trust. You can build an online reputation by selling high-quality products and remaining consistent. Customer-friendly policies and feedbacks are strategies that keep your customers coming back to buy more products. With a good online reputation, customers are also likely to recommend your brand to their friends and family. This can increase leads and generate more sales.

Provide Product Offers and Discount

With enticing product offers and discounts, you are guaranteed to sell more. Offers and discount attract customers to make purchases and refer other to people to buy as well. Discount bundle deals can make you sell more as customers buy more products from you.

Automate Your Website

Website automation can increase leads and generate more sales. It involves using online tools to perform activities rather than doing them yourself. Drop shippers lose sales sometimes because they forget one thing or the other. With automation, you hardly lose sales because the tools help you carry out your sales process. Automating your business can be in form of targeting emails, reminders, and schedules, posting content, and product ordering process.

Don’t Rely On One Supplier Alone

Drop shippers have little or no control over the outcome of a business. Suppliers handle the major part of the business. You can lose sales when you are unable to place an order with your supplier because the goods are out of stock. Additionally, when your supplier disappoints, you also disappoint your customer and lose that sale.  Having more than one supplier means that you always have a supplier to meet your order when one disappoints you. Having multiple suppliers limits your chances of disappointing customers and increases your chances of making more sales.

Sell Trending, Fast-Moving, and High Demand Products

Some products induce impulse buying than others. There products that customers can easily buy without thinking twice. Products within the price range of $20-$70 are easy to sell. Selling these kinds of products can boost your dropshipping business. You can also use trends to your advantage by selling trending products. Trending products sell fast which can boost sales.

Offer Great Customer Service

Customers largely contribute to the success of your dropshipping business. Automating your business doesn’t necessarily mean leaving customers on their own. With great customer service, you stand out among your competitors and get more returning customers. Giveaways, refunds, and FAQs are ways to offer great customer service.


There you have it! Above are some top dropshipping tips to increase leads and boost sales. Dropshipping is a very competitive business. You need to stand out to be successful. Apply these tips effectively and see how your lead conversion rate increase.

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Dropshipping can be so easy that once you’ve made a sale, your supplier will ship your products from their warehouse to your customer’s doorstep. Although it may sound easy, practically it is not an easy undertaking.

There are millions of stores in the world, but only a few makes more than $1,000 annually in sales. Why is this? The answer is not far fetched – Dropshipping business is competitive! – So how do you increase your leads? How do you boost your sales for maximum profit? Luckily, here are some top tips that will help greatly with these questions:

Provide Accurate Description of Your Product

One big mistake that most drop shippers do is to give a little information about their products. To boost sales and generate real leads, there is a need to provide an accurate description of your products. Say you have attracted a customer’s attention to your product, the next thing the customer will likely check is the description. If the description is not right, the customer may be discouraged from ordering the product. Ensure to review, edit, and be specific about all the details related to the product.

Create Unique Content for Social Media Sharing

Proper marketing that will increase leads can only come from creating custom and unique content, live product reviews. It’s the world of social media, – a unique post liked or shared by your customers, and their friends get to see your product-.  This means to drive traffic and increase leads; you need marketing. Some other marketing channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Ads, Google AdWords, email marketing.

Offer Your Customers Free Shipping

Free Shipping Stamp Shows No Charge Or Gratis To Deliver

You must have been in the position of a customer ordering for products before. Right? How does the word free shipping sounds? One of the most used strategies to improve sales is to offer free shipping on your items. No one will say no to a free shipping offer, this strategy entices customers, and they will be more willing to order for your services. Include the shipping cost in the product price, offer free shipping, and see how your sales increases.

Consider Selling What’s Trending

Sometimes you need to follow the trend and use it to your advantage. A trending product is an excellent opportunity for more sales. Always keep an eye out for products that are on the rise and capitalize on it. Luckily, dropshipping is a flexible business that you can switch products as you wish, as you are not bound by anything. When you see a trending product, consider adding it to your store and make more sales.

Be Open and Build a Trustworthy Brand

As a customer, wouldn’t you prefer buying from a brand you trust? It is generally known that customers are likely to buy and come back for more when they trust a brand. This tip is about establishing yourself in your niche, strengthening your brand position, and improving your reputation. Be open and build that trust that the potential customers need. With these, an increase in leads and sales is guaranteed.

Give Your Customers Amazing Offers

Don’t you think if a customer sees an amazing offer on your products, he’ll order and still call a friend to do so? An important dropshipping tip is to create an amazing offer that a customer cannot take his eyes off. Also, bundle deals can do the magic. Bundle deals allow you to increase your sales by using a discount to induce customers to buy more than they otherwise would have.

Sell Products That Induce Impulse Buying:

There is a price range that most customers won’t need to have a second thought or call a friend about. This range is $20 to around $70; it is the sweet spot in the price range of products that can induce impulse buying by the customers, leading to a boost in the number of your dropshipping sales.

Automate Your Website

To increase leads and boost sales, your website needs to be automated. Automated in the sense that most of the activities are done for you by the help of some tools. You only need to do some homework and setting things in place, while you just wait or go about other business. When you automate your website, social postings, targeting emails, the process of ordering and checking out all get easier, leading to more sales.

Have Multiple Suppliers

In dropshipping business, don’t hang out with just a supplier, they can disappoint, and you don’t want to disappoint your customers, do you? Disappointment often happens when you got your first order, but you couldn’t place the order with your supplier again as they don’t have the items in stock again. It can be quite difficult to get a new supplier at the last minute. Consider having multiple suppliers, and your sales don’t have any reason to decrease.

Your Customers Should Be The First

If they are not there, you can’t make sales. For them to be there, for your leads to increase and boost your sales, you need to put them as the first. Because the business is automated doesn’t mean you’ll stay away from it, you need to always check-in for any queries. Help them out until they happily receive their package. FAQ page is also suitable for this purpose. It helps customers find answers instantly and create trust with your brand.

There you have it! Above are some essential tips to increase your leads and boost sales in your dropshipping business. The dropshipping and ecommerce market space is a very competitive one. To be successful, it is vital that you stand out. By using the tips above, you can increase your leads, boost sales, and make maximum profit from your dropshipping business.

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