There is a horde of sourcing agents in China, including Fulfillman and Meeno Group today. Some are great, and others are less than that. Sadly you need a sourcing agent if you are involved in dropshipping business or sourcing products from China. That is why you need the right Chinese sourcing agent to facilitate the process for you. We understand how difficult that is. That is why we decided to review two of the leading sourcing agents in China – Fulfillman and Meeno Group. Hopefully, at the end of this Fulfillman vs Meeno Group comparison article, you should be able to determine which of them works for you.


Fulfillman is known for adapting its services to match the necessities of the global dropshipping industry. This simplistic yet constantly evolving approach to dropshipping has earned them the status of one of China’s leading sourcing agents. Let’s look at some of Fulfillman’s product sourcing services.

Great Customer Interaction

Fulfillman has an easily accessible and intuitive dropshipping platform that works on both desktop and mobile devices. You get to access all the information you need on the sales, sold items, pending orders, and the items in the inventory any time you want. All you need is to log in and check the dashboard.


Fulfillman is one of the best at branding packages, business flyers, and custom boxes. Their branding services are guaranteed to set your products apart from your competition in the market.

 Uninterrupted Customer Support

If you choose to work with Fulfillman, you are assured of 24/7 customer support that is competent and dependable. In addition, you needn’t worry about any challenges that might crop up because you will have uninterrupted access to answers and directions when you need them.

 Affordable Services

Fulfillman has a reputation for providing premium services at extremely unbeatable rates. Customers are offered 5-10% cheaper rates than what you’d get at some of the other sourcing agents in the industry. However, they have also managed to find a way to help their customers get premium products at the lowest prices possible.

 Prompt Delivery

The Fulfillman team understand that time is of the essence in the dropshipping business; that is why one of the cardinal points of their sourcing services is prompt delivery. Unfortunately, few sourcing agents in China can match Fulfillman’s delivery speed.

Third-Party Logistics

The secret behind the prompt delivery that Fulfillman is known for is its well-organized and trustworthy third-party logistics. Fulfillman offers a 3PL warehouse management system built to simplify the timely fulfilment of customer’s orders.

Product Sourcing

Fulfillman boasts of a team of expert sourcing agents who know the market like the back of their hands. So the Fulfillman brand easily offers great product sourcing services. In addition, their agents have a knack for sourcing the best products there are on the market.

Product Images

Besides having expert sourcing agents, Fulfillman also has a team of in-house graphic designers and photographers that are some of the best at producing quality images that enhance your inventory.

Meeno Group

Meeno Group is one of the major sourcing export agent companies in China, and they have been lauded as one of the best sourcing agents in the country. In less than a decade, they have created a reputation for providing complete yet flexible sourcing service in China.

Here are some of the reasons why some folks think the Meeno Group is a great sourcing agent in China.

One-Stop Sourcing Services

The Meeno Group offers a complete one-stop service for sourcing from China. Some of the services they offer to their foreign clients include quality inspection, product sourcing, branding, designing, warehouse storage, customs clearance and ship management.

Free Sourcing Consultancy

Should you choose to work with the Meeno Group and get a sourcing agent that provides free consulting about sourcing products in China.

Factory & Market Guide

The Meeno Group has a team of experienced and professional locals that can help you with product sourcing in China. Members of this team are great at evaluating factories, and they are expert market guides that can help you navigate the Chinese wholesale market.

Reliable Logistics

The Meeno Group prides itself on having self-support imports and exports. That way, they can help their customers to ship cargo to different parts of the world effectively. Meeno Group has various means of handling the logistic side of importing from China. Some of the methods they use include courier, air or sea.

Supports Small Businesses

With as low as $500, you could access China’s import markets via the Meeno Group. They seamlessly collaborate with importers and suppliers so that you can get just about anything you need regardless of the quantity, delivery timeframe and budget. They also offer some of the best commission rates in China.

Simplified Import Processes

They have a verified Chinese supplier database and a team of agents that make sourcing procedures simple and transparent to save you effort and costs. They also offer great payment options like Western Union and T/T.


Going by their offerings and the trajectory of their services, we would recommend Fulfillman as the better of the two sourcing agents. Meeno Group is great, but Fulfillman has the edge over them. Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


China has always been the go-to place of sorts for quality, affordable goods. That’s why most people do their dropshipping business there. However, you can’t have a successful dropshipping business without the right sourcing agent. That is why we will be looking at two of the best sourcing agents in China: Fulfillman and Amanda INTL Group.


Fulfillman is one of the most prominent players in the Chinese dropshipping space because of its revolutionary approach to product sourcing. The Fulfillman team recognizes the significance of innovation to the dropshipping business, so they keep getting better over the years. Indeed going by their popularity, it is difficult to believe that they have been in the business for only 5 years! Let’s take a look at why there is such a demand for their sourcing services

First-rate Dropshipping Software

This is probably their most significant selling point. Dropshipping is such a big deal because of the convenience that it affords online entrepreneurs. Much of that convenience comes from the software being used. And Fulfillman has one of the best software that there is in the dropshipping business. Its desktop and mobile platforms are easy on the eye and are just as intuitive as they are efficient.

Product Sourcing and Quality Checks

This should be a given, right? Well, you’d be surprised to know the number of sourcing agents who take this essential process for granted. Fulfillman has many seasoned and professional agents in China who have the right networks required to source the best products. What’s more, these guys also effect quality checks on the products so that you only get the best products from China.

Product Branding

Fulfillman understands how the right product branding can set your brand apart and generate client retention. That is why they offer product branding services that set your products apart from your competition. Interestingly, the excellent product branding they offer is on the house; you don’t pay for it.

Speedy Shipping Services

With Fulfillman you can get shipping services that deliver your products to you on time. No hassles or delays. Once you opt for Fulfillman sourcing services, you can rest assured that your goods are delivered to you ASAP.


Fulfillman offers sourcing services at the lowest rates. This makes it easy for drop shippers on a budget to still get the best services without having to drain their pockets. Better still, their pricing is as transparent, so you get to see what you are paying for.

 Customer Support 

What’s a business without a great customer support system? The Fulfillman team understands this, so they have built one of the best customer support services in the industry. Clients have 24/7 access to excellent, prompt support when it is needed.

Amanda International Group

With over 10years in the export business, the Amanda International Group is another China sourcing agent to be reckoned with. They have mastered the ability to integrate both domestic and international small commodity markets. As a key player in China’s import and export industry, they offer some of the best sourcing services and an evolving supply chain management system. Here’s what you should know about them.

Multilingual Agents

The Amanda Group understand that language can be a barrier when dealing with online entrepreneurs from all over the world. That is why they have a team of multilingual agents (over 500) that can speak a horde of languages between them.

A Great Sourcing Network

Amanda INTL Amanda INTL has a network of over 20,000 factories and 5,000 certified supplies all over China. This allows them to quickly get you the kind of goods that you need for your business. Regardless of the product standard (EU or USA) you are looking for, they can help source the products.

One-Stop Sourcing Solution

Theirs is a one-stop sourcing solution for a vast range of products. In addition to sourcing great products, they also help you with shipping and settlement services at the most competitive prices. That way, you can rest assured that you will get your premium products on time.

Free Quality Control

They have agents who check the goods before and during the production process to ensure that the quality is up to par and that they will be delivered on time. Their agents also look into the quantity of the product being loaded and the condition of the container.

Logistics and Warehousing

The Amanda INTL group has warehouses all over China.The smallest one has a capacity of 5~7 x 40ft HQ, while the largest one is about 5000 square meters and is over 10,000 Square Meters. So storage and quality checks of products are a lot easier.

They also have special rates with FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, and a network of forwarders, so moving your products takes less time.

Our Verdict

Although the Amanda INTL Group offers great dropshipping services, Fulfillman is your best China sourcing agent. They are constantly evolving so you will have a great time working with them. Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


One of the major hubs of international trade is China, the destination of choice for businesses worldwide that are looking to procure the products they need. This is where sourcing agents like Fulfillman and Jingsourcing Company come in. These sourcing agents are responsible for sourcing and buying products on behalf of their clients (international businesses looking to buy goods outside their reach).

Furthermore, sourcing agents offer a range of services, including supplier selection, price negotiations, quality control, shipping and logistics, and product testing, among others. There are a lot of sourcing agents in China that claim to be the best. That’s why we will be comparing Fulfillman vs. Jingsourcing Company sourcing agents so that you can make an informed decision.


Fulfillman is one of the leading sourcing agents in China’s trading space in particular and the global trade landscape. The secret behind Fulfillman’s reputation is simply their ability to adapt to the changes in the dropshipping world, adding new services when necessary and making drop shipping as easy as possible for everyone. Here are some of the services that have made Fulfillman one of the sought-after sourcing agents in China.

Easy Access

Fulfillman has a dropshipping platform that you can easily access on both desktop and mobile devices. The Fulfillman platform is user-friendly as it is captivating, so new users can easily affect transactions with minimal hassles. Better still, you can easily access all the information you need on the sales, sold items, pending orders, and the items in the inventory from the dashboard.

Regular Updates

This is a crucial element in the dropshipping business. Fulfillman has a system where information about a client’s purchase and fulfillment are stored in an Excel file. The information is also shared with the dropshipper while the transaction is ongoing. That way, last-minute changes are accounted for.


Fulfillman offers quality branding for your packages, business flyers, and custom boxes, among others. You needn’t worry about contracting someone else to do branding services for you. Fulfillman has mastered the art of providing premium branding that distinguishes you from your competition.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

With the Fulfillman dropshipping platform, buyers are guaranteed round-the-clock customer support that is just as efficient as it is reliable. This allows you to get answers and directions to any issue that may crop up in the course of the drop shipping transaction.

Highly Affordable Packages

Fulfillman offers some of the most affordable rates out there. You are sure to get prices at 5-10% cheaper than what is offered on most ecommerce platforms. The best part is that the low prices are for high-grade products, not knock-offs.

Prompt Delivery

Fulfillman provides one of the best delivery services based on their understanding of the importance of prompt delivery to businesses.

Third-Party Logistics

With Fulfillman, you are guaranteed efficient and reliable third-party logistics. You get to enjoy a 3PL warehouse management system built to facilitate the efficient and timely fulfillment of orders.

Product Sourcing

Fulfillman also offers product sourcing services. They source the cheapest, premium products for you so that you could focus on other aspects of your business.

Product Images

Fulfillman has a team of in-house graphic designers and photographers who can develop quality images that can enhance your inventory.

Jingsourcing Company

Jingsourcing is another reputable sourcing agent in China. They offer a range of business models that you can easily customize to meet your peculiar business needs. To help your dropshipping business, they offer four service plans, namely: Free, Basic, Pro, and Extra. The free services are free, while the Pro services are about the same as the Basic plan. On the other hand, the Extra services are quoted case by case. Here are some of the services you can access across these plans.

Product Sourcing and Follow Up

Jingsourcing agents help you search for suppliers and the most competitive prices in China based on your product. They also help you coordinate with factories to ensure that the products are made according to your specifications.

Product Sample

Jingsourcing agent also you collect product samples from various suppliers which they vet before shipping to you. They can also help you customize your samples with your logos and any other specifications you have.

Consulting on Import, Export, Compliance

They offer free consulting for any knowledge related to import, export, compliance, certifications, etc.

Free/Lifestyle Photography

Jingsourcing offers five white background photos of each product for free. They also have in-house designers, and that can help you make lifestyle photos by applying low-cost solutions.

Free Warehouse

They offer free warehouse services in China for 1-2 months. They then charge a $10/CBM/month warehouse fee after this period.

Quality Inspection

 They randomly inspect some  20-30%  of the cartons of your products. They also offer one by one product inspection services.The inspection can be done at the suppliers’ factory or their warehouse.

Great Shipping & Logistics

Jingsourcing ships products from China to your address or Amazon warehouses. They are responsible for all the import & export processes, whether courier service, sea freight, or air freight. You are also sure of a very competitive shipping price.


Although there are many sourcing agents in China, Fulfillman stands head above the shoulders of its competition. If it came down to a choice between Fulfillman and Jingsourcing Company, we recommend that you opt for Fulfillman.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Dropshipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China Sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


China has the enviable position of being the world leader when it comes to manufacturing. This explains why hordes of businesses across the world source their products from there. Many of these businesses have not stepped foot in China, so they rely on local sourcing agents to do their business. You are probably reading this because you are looking to transact business in China, but you need a heads up on the best sourcing agents to do business with. This article will compare Fulfillman vs. LeelineSourcing Agent, two of the leading sourcing agents in China. Hopefully, at the end of the article, you will be able to make the right decision.


Fulfillman turned up in your search because of its revolutionary role in China’s dropshipping space. Established less than a decade ago when dropshipping in China was more of a struggle than a business, Fulfillman has grown to become one of China’s most sought-after dropshipping platform.

The best part about them is that they keep getting better by the day. As a major sourcing company, they have managed to align their services to the ever-changing demands of the dropshipping business. Let’s look at some of the things that make Fulfillman such fantastic sourcing agents:

One of the Best Dropshipping Software

The Fulfillman dropshipping software offers some of the best support for dropshippers. Designed for mobile and desktop platforms, their dropshipping software simplifies the process so that you can run your business more effectively.

Bespoke Product Sourcing and Quality Check

Fulfillman is renowned for implementing bespoke product sourcing using reliable local sourcing agents that conduct their business professionally. They also carry out quality checks that ensure that you receive only the best products from the best manufacturers.

Product Branding

Fulfillman also offers effective, premium product branding services at no extra charges.

Speedy Shipping Services

Speed is of the essence in business, especially when it comes to dropshipping.Fulfillman understands its importance, that is why they provide some of the fastest shipping services. This way, you get to receive your consignments in little or no time. So you can retain your customers and stay in business.

Straightforward Pricing

One problem with most sourcing agents is a lack of transparency in their pricing. With Fulfillman what you see is what you get. There are no hidden prices designed to rip you off. Their transparent pricing is one of the things that sets them apart from the pack.

Great Customer Support

Fulfillman understands that they would not be in business without their dropshippers. That is why they have continued to offer exceptional customer support over the years. It is safe to say that they have the best customer support service in the industry.

LeelineSourcing Agent

Leeline Sourcing has been in the sourcing industry for about a decade, and they have brought this experience to bear in their offerings to clients. This makes them a great sourcing company for small and medium-scale drop shippers. As one of the first companies in the dropshipping business, they have built a reputation for themselves that makes them the toast of merchants on eBay, Amazon Sellers, and Shopify.

The Leeline sourcing company understands your needs and demands. That is why they are have built a business model that serves those needs.For one, they offer you free services while you are working on getting the right supplier for you.

Product Sourcing

Leeline Sourcing has a team of experienced agents who help you get the right manufacturer at the best prices for you within 2 working days. The best part is that this service is free until you get the ideal supplier for your product. You also get services, such as OEM, ODM, packaging design, logo printing, labeling, product development negotiation, factory audit, Samples Consolidate, and more.

 Quality Inspection

LeelineSourcing also offers professional quality control process services that include detailed product photography and video product inspection. You also get the option of on-site inspection by their staff who go to the warehouses. They take care of the final inspection before the goods are sent to you.

FBA forwarding Service

With LeelinSourcing, you also get international FBA freight forwarding service worldwide by sea, air, or train. They also follow up on your shipment and customs clearance status in real-time until it gets to the final destination – the warehouse or your private address.

120 Days Money Back Guarantee

LeelineSourcing offers a full refund of their service fee within 120 days if you find their sourcing services subpar.

Contact And Production

After you have confirmed the sample and decided on a manufacturer, they negotiate on your behalf, after which the terms of the transaction are agreed on. This way, you needn’t worry about payment, delivery time, packaging, labeling, and Specify manufacturer’s quality assurance commitments.


Getting the right sourcing agent is a tricky business. Thankfully there are great sourcing agents like Fulfillman that have made the business safer for dropshippers. Going by their offerings and customer reviews, we would recommend Fulfillman as the better of the two sourcing agents.

Do you need professional help and guidance in your China sourcing? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We are a reputable service provider of China Sourcing services. We also provide Drop Shipping, Warehouse Fulfillment, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you excellent services.


Sourcing is one of the key factors that determine success in dropshipping. China is also recognized as the best place to source products. Finding the right China sourcing agent, therefore, will be a major step towards meaningful dropshipping success. Fulfillman and EJET Sourcing are among the top China sourcing companies to work with.

However, the truth is that there are too many sourcing agents and companies in China. Finding a reliable one can be a real challenge if you don’t know where to look. But if you really know where to look, you will know that Fulfillman and EJET Sourcing are among the reliable ones.

Actually, Fulfillman and EJET are among the top China sourcing agent companies. They are both highly regarded by dropshippers, but one must certainly be better than the other. Read our Fulfillman vs. EJET Sourcing comparison article as we take a look at both companies and establish which is truly the best China sourcing company.


One of the first important things to know about Fulfillman is that it was launched to revolutionize China sourcing. In about five years of existence, the company has done so much for dropshippers that it has become the most popular platform for successful dropshippers.

Fulfillman was launched at a time that can be considered as a challenging period for dropshippers. From the very first day, the team was set out to address some of these challenges. So far, they have done so well, which is why most dropshippers are using Fulfillman.

Fulfillman is an ever-evolving China sourcing company. Most users will tell you that the company and its services keep getting better with time. Here are some of the reasons the company is attracting more dropshippers on a daily basis:

Excellent Software for Dropshipping

Fulfillman has one of the best software that supports dropshippers in their business. As stated earlier, the company entered the industry at a challenging time. One of the issues dropshippers were facing at that time was the challenge of mobile optimization. Fulfillman responded with the best desktop and mobile platforms for dropshipping.

Over the years, Fulfillman has improved its software in many ways. When you choose the company as your China sourcing agent, you can be sure of having excellent desktop and mobile platforms to run your business.

Product Sourcing and Quality Checks

Fulfillman performs the primary function of product sourcing in a manner that gives dropshippers peace of mind. The company has agents on the ground who will source from some of the best manufacturers in China. They don’t just stop at sourcing the products for your business; they carry out quality checks to ensure that your customers receive quality products.

Product Branding

Fulfillman understands the importance of branding and does that in the most effective way for their clients. The best thing about using Fulfillman is that branding is done without extra charges for the clients.

Fast Shipping Service

Fulfillman offers a fast shipping service to ensure that your customers get their products in time. This helps dropshippers to attract more loyal customers as online buyers are often thrilled to get their products in time.

Transparent Pricing

Dropshipping doesn’t have to be tricky. Fulfillman offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees at all, and this makes it easy for dropshippers to price their products properly.

Excellent Customer Support

Fulfillman is also loved by dropshippers because of the excellent customer support. The company actually has the best customer support service in the industry. This means dropshippers and their customers will get the best support when they need it.

EJET Sourcing

EJET sourcing is recognized as one of the top sourcing agencies in China. The company is recognized as one of the old-timers in the game, having been active in China sourcing for about 15 years. In the last few years, the company has done a lot to make its services dropshipping-friendly.

EJET Sourcing claims to have sourced over 25,000 products, and we can’t dispute that. The company has been around for several years and has built relationships with some big-time manufacturers in China. The company also has more than 100 experienced staff, who work hard to give you worry-free product sourcing and other services.

Services Provided by EJET Sourcing

EJET sourcing offers a one-stop China Sourcing agency service. They can be your all-in-one supplier for risk-free China sources. Here is a highlight of the service the company provides:

  • Sourcing and consulting
  • Travel arrangement
  • Buying service
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Custom product
  • Factory audit
  • Warehouse
  • Amazon FBA PREP Service
  • Financial Support


Fulfillman and EJET sourcing are among the best China sourcing companies you can work with. EJET Sourcing has been around for several years and has earned an enviable reputation. Fulfillman, on the other hand, has been around for a few years but has already revolutionized the industry in many interesting ways.

It is difficult to claim that one sourcing company is the best, but we believe that Fulfillman deserves that respect. EJET provides a great sourcing service, but Fulfillman provides exceptional all-round service that will make dropshipping easier and more profitable.

Do you need professional help and guidance in sourcing products from China? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We are a reputable service provider of China Sourcing services. We also provide Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, Warehouse Fulfillment, Product Photography, Private Label Dropshipping, and many more. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you outstanding and exceptional services.


A few years ago, AliExpress was the darling of dropshippers. The platform was the number one choice for dropshippers in the United States and other parts of the world. The reasons were obvious; it was one of the best in terms of sourcing quality and affordable products from China. It was also one of the easiest platforms to use, making it the hub of beginner dropshippers. Over the years, a lot has changed in the dropshipping world. While AliExpress remains a relevant and trusted platform, a lot of alternative platforms have sprung up. So many of them are so good that they are fast becoming more popular than AliExpress. One of the most popular ones is Fulfillman. But how exactly does Fullfillman compare with AliExpress, and which of them is better? Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences between Fulfillman and AliExpress Dropshipping.

First Things First: What Are the Similarities?

The first thing to keep in mind is that Fulfillman and AliExpress are both leading providers of dropshipping services. Both are high-quality platforms that allow dropshippers to import products to their online stores, receive orders from their customers, and initiate fulfillment according to the orders.

From the little explanation above, you should know that the two platforms are used for the same thing. This means they are worthy alternatives to each other. They have their differences, but both can be used for dropshipping, and according to their respective users, both appear to be great platforms. However, there are differences, which we will explore now.

Comparing Fulfillman and AliExpress Dropshipping

While Fulfillman and AliExpress are similar in some regards, there are key differences between the two when it comes to the things that matter most to dropshippers. These differences are keys to a reasonable comparison between the two. Being familiar with these differences will help you make an informed decision when choosing between the two, and we will discuss them right away:

Product Listing

When it comes to the volume of products listed, there are just a few dropshipping platforms that can be compared to AliExpress. The giant platform has billions of product listings and more than 8.7 million sellers as of 2019. Considering that it is one of the very first dropshipping platforms and its link to Alibaba, this is not a big surprise.

Fulfillman also has lots of product listings, but the numbers are nowhere near what you will find with AliExpress. In terms of the volume of available products, AliExpress is definitely the bigger platform between the two. When you consider the quality of the product and the ease of sorting through to import just what you need, Fulfillmam may turn out to be the better platform.

Cost of Purchasing Products

AliExpress dropshipping is more expensive than Fulfillman dropshipping. Registering and using any of the platforms doesn’t really cost significant money; the issue lies with the pricing of the listed products. The products on AliExpress are relatively more expensive than the ones you will find on Fulfillman.

There is one explanation for the price disparities between the products on the two dropshipping platforms under review. As mentioned earlier, there are millions of sellers on AliExpress, and many of them are middlemen who are trying to maximize profit after buying from manufacturers and promote their products on the platform. Contrary to that practice, Fulfillman is run by a team that is dedicated to sourcing quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Shipping Time and Cost

This is another major factor that will greatly influence how smoothly a dropshipping business will flourish. Consumers want to get the products they have ordered as early as possible. How fast this can happen will depend on the dropshipping platform being used. Fulfillman happens to be one of the fastest platforms when it comes to fulfilling orders.

In terms of the cost of shipping, it may appear that AliExpress is the more affordable option. Some sellers will even offer to ship some orders free. The problem is that this is normally absorbed by the price. Fulfillman delivery cost is also friendly. There are no hidden charges or deceptive pricing structure. Fulfillman is better in terms of time and cost of shipping.

Ease of Use

Dropshippers also need to consider the ease of using a platform before choosing it over options. Both Fulfillman and AliExpress are easy to use. In the early days of dropshipping, AliExpress captured the minds of beginners mostly because of how easy it was to use the platform.

Fulfillman happens to be an easy-to-use platform too. The company made a reasonable investment in its infrastructure, ensuring that users find it easy to set up their dropshipping business and scale it easily.


From what we have covered so far, it is safe to state that Fulfillman is the better platform for dropshipping between the two. AliExpress might have been a remarkable platform in the past, but a lot has changed over the years. Fulfillman, which was started in 2016, has become the favorite for most dropshippers

In addition to the differences highlighted in this post, Fulfillman performs better than AliExpress in terms of product quality check, product branding, and customer support. The platform actually has the most remarkable customer support system in the industry. Fulfillman is definitely one of the very best dropshipping platforms to use in 2021.

Contact us today at Fulfillman. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Drop Shipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.


Dropshipping has become one of the most popular business models in the world. It is one of the easiest ways to get into e-commerce, and the profit potentials are equally enticing. As more and more people join platforms like Fulfillman and CJ Dropship, the dropshipping industry, competition is becoming more serious, and only innovative entrepreneurs who understand the secrets to success in the industry succeed.

Fun fact: there are no big secrets in dropshipping, especially today. In the past, dropshipping was a little bit tougher to handle. These days, dropshippers just have to choose the right platforms, and everything can fall into place. This doesn’t mean dropshippers have nothing else to do to ensure success. What we are trying to say is that choosing the right platform plays a huge role in every dropshipping success story these days.

But how do you choose the right dropshipping platform since there are so many of them out there? The answer is simple; research all platforms and compare the best ones before making a decision. To help make the process simpler for you, we will compare two of the top platforms most dropshippers are using these days: Fulfillman and CJ Dropship.


Considering that this company was just formed in 2016, the achievements it has recorded is mind-blowing. In less than five years, Fulfillman has become one of the top dropshipping platforms in the world, offering all kinds of services that make dropshipping as simple as ABC for online entrepreneurs.

Fulfillman was launched at a challenging period for dropshippers. The team behind the company was smart enough to address some of the major problems dropshippers were facing, and their ingenuity was rewarded tremendously. They were able to attract several dropshippers. In their four years of operation, they have improved further, which is why dropshippers are continually moving to them. Here, we will summarize some of the qualities that make Fulfillman super-attractive.

Product Sourcing

Fulfillman is strategically located in China to source products directly from manufacturers. They have a large network that allows them to get the best goods at the best prices. The team takes the headache of sourcing away from their customers. They also check every product to ensure they are compliant with quality standards before purchasing on your behalf.

Product Branding

Fulfillman understands the need to have their clients’ products branded appropriately. They do that for clients in a manner that will set their products apart from similar products from direct competition. Fulfillman branding is done without extra charges for the clients. It can help any dropshipper promote brand awareness and enhance customer retention.

Fast Delivery

One of the best ways to keep customers satisfied is to deliver their products as fast as possible. Most consumers want to get their products soon after placing their orders. They will cling to dropshippers and e-commerce brands that make this happen. By choosing Fulfillman as your dropshipping platform, you will be able to please most customers. They use the fastest shipping methods to get products to the doorsteps of your customer without you breaking a sweat.


Despite being among the very best dropshipping platforms in terms of infrastructures and process, Fulfillman still offers the cheapest rates to its customers. Another major reason dropshippers love this platform is the fact that it is transparent. There are no hidden charges of any sort.

Customer Support 

This is another major reason Fulfillman users never think of leaving the platform for any other. In addition to delivering the best services, the company has the best customer support service in the industry. The team has several capable hands that are eager to help clients resolve any issue as quickly as possible. Support is available 24/7.

CJ Dropship

CJ Dropship is an all-in-one dropshipping solution provider. The company has some solid infrastructure that makes dropshipping smooth and easy for online entrepreneurs. The company prides itself as one of the best global dropshipping platforms for many reasons. They have warehouses in China, The United States, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia, and a few more under construction. Their robust infrastructure gives them an advantage over many other companies. Here are a few other strong points of the company.

Fast Processing and Shipping

For a company that has warehouses in different parts of the world, it is understandable that CJ Dropshipping processes and ships as fast as possible. Sourcing is pretty easy as they have agents, and they will ship as fast as possible.

Quality Check

Before shipping, CJ Dropship gets the right individuals to check products for quality compliance. This ensures that your buyers get the right quality of product at all times.

Affordable Dropshipping Solution

CJ Dropship is a big player in the industry, so it is understandable that its services are rendered at affordable rates. They also offer free personal agents for dropshippers; $0 start-up fee, $0 investment on inventory, $0 warehouse storage fee, and many other free goodies for its customers.

Curriculum Support

CJ Dropship tries to make starting dropshipping as easy as possible. It has a free course on YouTube that can help anyone to start dropshipping. They also provide popular product recommendations as well as regular Q&A to make the journey easy for beginner dropshippers.


Fulfillman and CJ Dropship are two wonderful dropshipping platforms that make things easy for online entrepreneurs. If we are to pick a winner between the two, it will be Fulfillman. While CJ Dropship offers features that make things easier for beginner dropshippers to find their ground, Fulfillman offers conducive infrastructure and processes for everyone. From beginners to experienced dropshippers, everyone will enjoy using Fulfillman. Excellent customer support also means problems and challenges can be handled easily. Looking at the reviews from Fulfillman users will convince you more about the company. The company receives nothing but praises from its users, who are mostly impressed by the reliability, efficiency, and ease of running their dropshipping businesses with Fulfillman. To let more about this amazing company, contact us straight away.

Contact us today at Fulfillman. We provide a wide range of services including Global Fulfillment, China Sourcing, Dropshipping, Third Party Logistics, and lots more. Our trusted experts will be happy to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.



Many people are drawn to dropshipping because of the freedom it offers. It is one of the easiest business models and can be very rewarding in the long run. Becoming a successful dropshipper may not be as easy as it used to be before, but the business model is still potent and profitable. The entrepreneur just has to realize that a lot has changed in the last few years and align their practices with what works now. Fulfillman and SourcinBox are among the two platforms used for dropshipping.

In terms of success in dropshipping currently, it is all about automation. There are different tools that can help dropshippers run their businesses better, and knowing the right ones to choose is what matters most. Among the companies making waves in the dropshipping industry are Fulfillman and SourcinBox. The two are recognized platforms used by many dropshippers, but they have notable differences dropshippers need to know about. Here, we will compare the two platforms to provide readers with adequate information to make informed decisions.


Established in 2016, Fulfillman is one of the new ecommerce platforms changing the game in dropshipping. Within a few years of operation, the company has established itself as one of the leading providers of dropshipping services to clients in different parts of the world. It is recognized for its holistic and efficient approach to dropshipping that makes business operations smooth and easy for dropshippers.

In under five years, Fulfillman has been able to attract so many dropshippers. We have noticed that many informed entrepreneurs are switching to Fulfillman for their dropshipping business, and the company continues to make necessary improvements to cater to their needs and that of their customers. Here are some of the major reasons Fulfillman is attracting more dropshippers:

Excellent Desktop and Mobile Platforms

Fulfillman entered the dropshipping industry when the need for mobile optimization became a critical issue. The company created one of the best platforms for both desktop and mobile users. Over the years, it has kept its platforms in excellent conditions to support all desktop and mobile users, making it easy for dropshippers to conduct businesses with any device of their choice.

Product Sourcing and Quality Checks

Fulfillman helps its customers to source products in China. The company is located in one of the most strategic industrial areas and have access to some of the best manufacturing companies in the country. They are able to source products at the best prices for their customers. In addition, they offer quality checks to ensure that the products meet the set standards.

Product Branding

Many dropshippers also prefer Fulfillman because of its product branding services that do not attract extra charges. Dropshippers who want to grow their brands understand the importance of product branding. Fulfillman happens to be the best in this regard.

Fast Shipping Services

Customers want to receive their products as early as possible after purchase. Fulfillman is one of the companies that make that possible in the shortest possible time. They use the fastest shipping method to get the product to the doorstep of your customers in the quickest time. This is beneficial for dropshippers in many ways.

Unsurpassed Customer Support

This is one factor that distinguishes Fulfillman from the other top-ranking dropshipping platforms. Over the years, it has distinguished itself as the ultimate champion when it comes to customer support. The team is available 24/7 to help dropshippers handle any problem that arises. This makes the experience of dealing with the company exciting and fulfilling.


SourcinBox is regarded as one of the top dropshipping agents offering a number of services for dropshippers. The agency boasts of offering a 100% free app that lets dropshippers access some of the most important services they need to run their business. Overall, it is an impressive agency that excels at the services it offers.

SourcinBox is a Chinese dropshipping agency with a difference. Over the years, it has attracted many dropshipper due to some important factors. Here are some of SourcinBox services and reasons it is loved by some businesses:

Sourcing and Quality Check

Just as the name suggests, SourcinBox is a good sourcing agency. They are strategically located in an industrial area where they can source quality products directly from manufacturers. They also check product quality to ensure they meet the necessary standard.

Purchasing and Warehousing

Like most Chinese sourcing agencies, SourcinBox will purchase and warehouse products for dropshippers pending shipping. The warehousing is also done free, which is normal in dropshipping.


SourcinBox is also involved in order fulfillment. They are also fast with their fulfillment services as orders are fulfilled within 24 hours of order placement.


We have tried to compare Fulfillman and SourcinBox in a fair manner. From the important information we have provided, you can tell that the two companies are different in some important ways. While Fulfillman is a complete dropshipping platform involved in all aspects of dropshipping, SourcinBox is a sourcing agency that offers extra services. For established dropshippers that have a standard to maintain, Fulfillman is the better company. In addition to the qualities mentioned above, it is involved in product photography, its packages are very affordable, and the team will keep you updated. Real ecommerce entrepreneurs will benefit more from the Fulfillman than SourcinBox.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Dropshipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


Dropshipping can be very profitable, and dropshipping can be fun at the same time. It all depends on getting it right with so many things from supply to order fulfillment. One of the major determinants of success is getting it right with your partners, including suppliers and fulfillment companies. Fulfillman and Zendrop are among the best dropshipping platforms used by many entrepreneurs.

At the moment, there are several dropshipping platforms that it will be difficult for most entrepreneurs to choose one. It is very important, however, that you choose carefully in order to make things easy for you and your customers.

Best Dropshipping Platforms

To be honest, it is hard to specifically point at any dropshipping platform and declare it as the best among the rest. Certainly, there are platforms that are much better than others, and there are some that have been so terrible that most of its users have jumped ships. It is better, however, to always compare platforms and choose one that beats the other in keys areas.

One of the platforms that are becoming very popular among dropshippers is Fulfillman. If you have been following trends closely, you will know that people are abandoning several other good platforms to join Fulfillman. This has prompted several comparisons, and we will try to compare Fulfillman and Zendrop right here.

Fulfillman and Zendrop

Fulfillman and Zendrop are both dropshipping companies that help ecommerce entrepreneurs from all over the world to automate different processes from sourcing to order fulfillment. The two platforms have good ratings, but there are differences you need to know about.

Before getting down to actual comparison, we will briefly discuss each company to give you an idea of what they do and what they stand for.


Fulfillman is a company that is located in the Zhejiang Province of China, involved in global fulfillment and dropshipping services. The key services offered by the company include full order dropshipping, china sourcing, Amazon FBA services, Crowdfunding fulfillment, product photography, as well as video marketing services.


Zendrop (previously called Silkroad) is a company that was founded as an alternative to Aliexpress and bigger ecommerce giants. It can best be described as an ecommerce solution for dropshippers with custom packaging and automated fulfillment. The company is also involved in private labeling.

Fulfillman vs. Zendrop: Which is Better?

From all indications, Fulfillman seems to be a better company than Zendrop. During its early days, Zendrop was hyped by some gurus as a top alternative dropshipping platform that can overtake some big shots in the industry. In some aspects, it lived up to the expectations and attracted many dropshippers. Some of its prominent features include auto fulfill orders, branded invoicing, and a free plan that will let users get up to 50 orders per month for free.

Besides the free plan, Zendrop offers a Pro Plan, where users can pay $49 per month and enjoy unlimited orders as well as several extra features and services. There is also a White Glove ‘Plus’ Plan that offers a lot more than the Pro plan, but the price is not stated. You will have to call them to know how much you will have to pay.

Coming back to Fulfillman, this is a complete dropshipping and order fulfillment solution. They can source your products, fulfill the items, ship the package through a private line, and keep you updated about the entire process. While sourcing your items, Fulfillman will quality-check to ensure that your customers are never disappointed with what they get.

Major Reasons to Choose Fulfillman over Zendrop

As we have tried to explain here, there are several wonderful things about Fulfillman that makes it the company of choice for most dropshippers. Here are the major reasons to choose it:

Fast Shipping

While Zendrop offers fast shipping, Fulfillman is definitely the best when you need your items to be delivered as fast as possible. They ship via private line directly from China, which is the fastest means of shipping overseas.

Worldwide Shipping

Zendrop is focused on US fulfillment, and this is a key area for international dropshippers. It is easier, faster, and more cost-effective to ship to international destinations with fulfillman. Your item can be shipped to any country in the world.

Efficient Branding

If you need your items to be properly branded before shipping, Fulfilman is the right company to work with. They can also take care of your logo, flyers, business cards, custom boxes, etc.

Transparent Pricing

This is where Fulfillman beats most competitors. The company’s pricing structure is very transparent. It is not like the beginner package offered by Zendrop where your orders are limited and more will attract some costs.

Efficient Communication

Fulfillman keeps open communication with users at all times. This makes it possible for issues to be resolved as soon as possible. You will get an immediate response to any question via Skype.

Convenient Return/Refund Policy

It is also easy for your customers to return products and get refunds when you are working with Fulfillman. As mentioned earlier, the company checks every item for quality compliance, which makes returns very rare.

Excellent Customer Service

Fulfillman has a solid customer support tradition that is better than what Zendrop and most other platforms offer. You can have peace of mind when dealing with them.


From all indications, Fulfillman is a better dropshipping platform than Zendrop. The reviews from verified users will collaborate with the points we have raised here. If you are considering picking one from the two, we will strongly recommend Fulfillman.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.


Chinabrands reviews for dropshipping, why exactly are people moving away from the platform? While some people will give you one thousand reasons dropshipping is no longer viable, thousands of people are still coming in and making waves with dropshipping. To be honest, dropshipping is still the best retail fulfillment method and ecommerce businesses still have a lot to benefit from it.

Dropshippers understand the need to use the best dropshipping platforms. The experience your customers get, to a large extent, depends on how their orders are handled. This, in turn, depends on the dropshipping platform you are using.

When it comes to platforms that provide popular product lines, chinabrands is one of the well-known ones. A few years ago, it was a very attractive platform. In recent years, however, people are moving from Chinabrands to Fulfillman and other platforms. This has a lot to do with Chinabrands reviews.

Why People and Leaving Chinabrands for Fulfillman

As hinted in the paragraph above, Chinabrands reviews are steadily becoming negative. Actually, it is on the verge of hitting the rocks. The platform has frustrated dropshippers and customers in the last two years to the extent that its rating has dropped to 2.0 on many review sites. In Trustpilot, for instance, bad (1-star) rating stands at 60%. When you see more than half of the users (or former users) saying that a platform is horrible, there is no need to argue positively on their behalf.

In comparison to Fulfillman, Chinabrands is actually a terrible service. Here are specific reasons dropshipers are dumping chinabrands:

Insufficient/Poor Product Stock

Customers are often frustrated when they pay for products only to find out that the product is out of stock. Chinabrands reviews is very poor when it comes to restocking. They will continue to display products that are out of stock, and when an order is placed, it may take weeks before the shipping is initiated. Again, they have been accused of putting up wrong descriptions, which confuse and deceive dropshippers. Overall, they can make dropshippers lose money and their customers.

Poor Quality and Broken Products

Poor Quality

Poor quality of products is a problem in many ecommerce websites, but it seems that Chinabrands is worse than most in this regard. There are several complaints about shoppers receiving broken or cheap products that are nothing compared to the pictures, specifications, and features of the products they saw before making the order. This practice erodes buyers’ confidence and can ruin an ecommerce store. Dropshippers who don’t want to drown with Chinabrands are leaving to protect their reputations.

Slow Delivery

Customers are often excited when they can get the products they have paid for as soon as possible. Chinabrands make this impossible in most instances. The company has become notorious for delayed shipping and late delivery. There are complaints about products remaining in facilities for weeks and sometimes more than a month before shipping. That is not what customers want, and it can affect business relationships in many ways.

High Cost of Shipping and Zero Transparency

High Cost of Shipping

It is becoming increasingly expensive to buy from Chinabrands due to the high cost of shipping. The products may be listed at affordable prices, but once you buy, you will be shocked at the cost of shipping to products to your doorstep. There are instances where postage costs far outweigh the cost/value of the product. Another major problem with Chinabrands is that there is no transparency in their fee system. Some dropshippers are shocked at the number of hidden charges they will be forced to pay after placing orders. Many times, the dropshipper ends up losing money and customers.

Problems with Cancelation and Refund

Canceling an order can be difficult, if not impossible, in many cases. There are cases of clients waiting for months to get their products shipped. When they decide to cancel the order, they are shocked to see that it won’t work. Even when products arrive in bad shape, getting a refund is impossible in most cases. It appears they are just set out to rip customers off.

Terrible Customer Support

Terrible Customer Support

For most people, this is the straw that breaks the Camel’s back when it comes to dealing with Chinabrands. The company sucks at customer support, and this makes dealing with them frustrating. The auto-response service is unhelpful and very frustrating. After-sale support is nothing to write home about. It is so slow that you will prefer you never bothered with it. Sometimes, emails are completely ignored.

Why Fulfillman is the Right Alternative

With several other dropshipping platforms, why move to Fulfillman from Chinabrands. Here are the most important factors dropshippers choose this platform:

  • The website security and privacy policies are excellent
  • Affordable shipping to overseas destinations
  • Pricing is transparent
  • You can be sure of fast, accurate delivery
  • Adequate product stocking and fast restocking
  • Excellent customer support.

Successful dropshippers use platforms that make transactions smooth for online store owners and their customers. Over the years, Chinabrands has proved to be terrible at this. It is no longer secret that dropshippers are abandoning it for better platforms. We also know that Fulfillman is one of the reliable platforms dropshippers are moving to. If you are considering the move? Do it with full confidence as it can easily turn things around for your business.

If you want to discover more about our services, contact us today at Fulfillman. We specialize in providing excellent Dropshipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our trusted experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that give complete client satisfaction.