In this day and age, with the invention and proliferation of smartphones and other innovative technological devices, e-commerce has become easy and lucrative. E-commerce owners can now run their business, reaching a wide audience as they make their money. Within this e-commerce growth is dropshipping. Dropshipping on platforms like Fulfillman and Yakkyofy is the new form of e-commerce that online entrepreneurs are embracing.

These e-commerce or dropshipping platforms allows businesses to run their online store without having to bear the cost of managing an inventory or starting up with huge capital. It is easy to run and highly profitable. But to be able to run a dropshipping business, you have to have a dropshipping management tool. Fortunately, Fulfillman and Yakkyofy provides you with the needed tools. If you want to find more about these dropshipping platforms, continue reading this article.


Fulfillman is one of the most used dropshipping management tools. It comes with a wide selection of features designed to boost your e-commerce sales and help you achieve your business goals. Talk about product sourcing, fast shipping, shipment tracking features, and more, they are all available. It has been one of the most sought-after dropshipping management tools for various reasons including:

Fast Shipping of Products

With Fulfillman, the delivery of products does not take so much time. This dropshipping management platform ensures that your business is managed properly to boost its growth. Fulfillman helps to achieve this through fast shipment of ordered items to desired location.

Product Sourcing

Fulfillman liaises with various reliable suppliers, availing them to the dropshippers on their platform. If you are unsure of the products to source, Fulfillman can help you with it. Just a few clicks away, you will get the product that matches your description in your inventory.

User Friendliness

With Fulfillman, one does not need to worry if they will be able to use a dropshipping management tool. The features and navigation buttons are designed in a way that they are easy to access. One does not need to be tech-savvy before they can be able to use Fulfillman.

Automation of Order Fulfillment

With Fulfillman, the management of your dropshipping business becomes easy. There is an automation feature that allows you to automate the entire order fulfillment process. They come at no cost and it is easy to set up. This automation feature ensures that time and cost are saved in the order fulfillment.


Yakkyofy is a dropshipping management tool that enables dropshippers to easily, manage their business. With Yakkyofy, you can source products to sell at B2B prices, automate the management of the order fulfillment process. The features include:

Fast Shipping

Quick delivery of ordered goods is one of the amazing benefits Yakkyofy users stand to gain. Yakkyofy uses fast shipping services, Special Line, to deliver an item to the US, and most of the EU countries within 3 to 12 business days.

Personalized Products

With Yakkyofy, you can brand and personalize your products. In dropshipping, product branding is highly essential as this makes you unique and sets you apart from your competitors. Yakkyofy allows you to Dropship products with private labels and with customized cards.

Virtual Warehouse

Dropshippers do not have to worry about inventory management if they are dropshipping with Yakkyofy. Yakkyofy buys products in bulk and stores them in your virtual warehouse. This saves you the cost of managing an inventory and enables you to deliver items within a short time.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking is a great way to establish trust and a good relationship with your customers. Buyers would want to know that their products are being delivered safely. This is where tracking numbers come in. On the Yakkyofy dashboard, there orders tracking numbers that enable you to manage and follow all your deliveries.


Yakkyofy is one of the dropshipping management tools that will help you automate the dropshipping business and save costs. Just by a few clicks, you will be able to automate the whole order fulfillment process. This saves you time and cost associated with managing the order fulfillment process manually.

Product Sourcing

Do you not have the idea of the product to source and Dropship? With Yakkyofy, this problem is solved. Yakkyofy assists dropshippers to source in-demand products. What is more, these products are offered on B2B quotations, thanks to a new Image Recognition Technology.


One of the good features of Yakkyofy is that it is free. You do not need to pay to sign up. The pricing of the products on Yakkyofy is moderate. Amidst the great features of Yakkyofy, there are some flaws. The product list is not quite huge and the pricing is moderate.


There you have it! The above are some of the features of the Fulfillman and Yakkyofy dropshipping management tools. From the features, it can be seen the Fulfillman is a more useful dropshipping management tool. This implies that according to your dropshipping preferences, you can go for either tool. But all in all, Fulfillman comes out on top of the pair.

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