China has the enviable position of being the world leader when it comes to manufacturing. This explains why hordes of businesses across the world source their products from there. Many of these businesses have not stepped foot in China, so they rely on local sourcing agents to do their business. You are probably reading this because you are looking to transact business in China, but you need a heads up on the best sourcing agents to do business with. This article will compare Fulfillman vs. LeelineSourcing Agent, two of the leading sourcing agents in China. Hopefully, at the end of the article, you will be able to make the right decision.


Fulfillman turned up in your search because of its revolutionary role in China’s dropshipping space. Established less than a decade ago when dropshipping in China was more of a struggle than a business, Fulfillman has grown to become one of China’s most sought-after dropshipping platform.

The best part about them is that they keep getting better by the day. As a major sourcing company, they have managed to align their services to the ever-changing demands of the dropshipping business. Let’s look at some of the things that make Fulfillman such fantastic sourcing agents:

One of the Best Dropshipping Software

The Fulfillman dropshipping software offers some of the best support for dropshippers. Designed for mobile and desktop platforms, their dropshipping software simplifies the process so that you can run your business more effectively.

Bespoke Product Sourcing and Quality Check

Fulfillman is renowned for implementing bespoke product sourcing using reliable local sourcing agents that conduct their business professionally. They also carry out quality checks that ensure that you receive only the best products from the best manufacturers.

Product Branding

Fulfillman also offers effective, premium product branding services at no extra charges.

Speedy Shipping Services

Speed is of the essence in business, especially when it comes to dropshipping.Fulfillman understands its importance, that is why they provide some of the fastest shipping services. This way, you get to receive your consignments in little or no time. So you can retain your customers and stay in business.

Straightforward Pricing

One problem with most sourcing agents is a lack of transparency in their pricing. With Fulfillman what you see is what you get. There are no hidden prices designed to rip you off. Their transparent pricing is one of the things that sets them apart from the pack.

Great Customer Support

Fulfillman understands that they would not be in business without their dropshippers. That is why they have continued to offer exceptional customer support over the years. It is safe to say that they have the best customer support service in the industry.

LeelineSourcing Agent

Leeline Sourcing has been in the sourcing industry for about a decade, and they have brought this experience to bear in their offerings to clients. This makes them a great sourcing company for small and medium-scale drop shippers. As one of the first companies in the dropshipping business, they have built a reputation for themselves that makes them the toast of merchants on eBay, Amazon Sellers, and Shopify.

The Leeline sourcing company understands your needs and demands. That is why they are have built a business model that serves those needs.For one, they offer you free services while you are working on getting the right supplier for you.

Product Sourcing

Leeline Sourcing has a team of experienced agents who help you get the right manufacturer at the best prices for you within 2 working days. The best part is that this service is free until you get the ideal supplier for your product. You also get services, such as OEM, ODM, packaging design, logo printing, labeling, product development negotiation, factory audit, Samples Consolidate, and more.

 Quality Inspection

LeelineSourcing also offers professional quality control process services that include detailed product photography and video product inspection. You also get the option of on-site inspection by their staff who go to the warehouses. They take care of the final inspection before the goods are sent to you.

FBA forwarding Service

With LeelinSourcing, you also get international FBA freight forwarding service worldwide by sea, air, or train. They also follow up on your shipment and customs clearance status in real-time until it gets to the final destination – the warehouse or your private address.

120 Days Money Back Guarantee

LeelineSourcing offers a full refund of their service fee within 120 days if you find their sourcing services subpar.

Contact And Production

After you have confirmed the sample and decided on a manufacturer, they negotiate on your behalf, after which the terms of the transaction are agreed on. This way, you needn’t worry about payment, delivery time, packaging, labeling, and Specify manufacturer’s quality assurance commitments.


Getting the right sourcing agent is a tricky business. Thankfully there are great sourcing agents like Fulfillman that have made the business safer for dropshippers. Going by their offerings and customer reviews, we would recommend Fulfillman as the better of the two sourcing agents.

Do you need professional help and guidance in your China sourcing? Contact us today at Fulfillman. We are a reputable service provider of China Sourcing services. We also provide Drop Shipping, Warehouse Fulfillment, Third Party Logistics, and many more. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you excellent services.