Dropshipping has come to stay, and it isn’t doing otherwise anytime soon. A look at the increasing number of entrepreneurs joining the dropshipping business every day will reaffirm this. A business where you get the opportunity to make money online while you sit at home enjoying a cup of coffee. You only need a Pc and a working internet connection to start the business.

You don’t need to keep inventory, and you can even start dropshipping at little or no cost. This makes dropshipping popular among digital entrepreneurs. However, you’d need more than just a Pc and internet connection to get to really know about dropshipping platforms, especially because they are many out there.

This is why we’ve decided to write on a few of them. Fulfillman and Chinabrands are two popular dropshipping providers that many entrepreneurs use for their business. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.


Having spent over 13 years in the dropshipping and logistics industry, Fulfillman has grown to be one of the hottest and the leading providers of dropshipping services in the world. Fulfillman is where you get efficient and complete services for dropshippers.

Talk of excellent quality, reliable, and professional dropshipping services, they are so good at it. Thanks to their state of the art and high-grade machinery and technology that they use in ensuring dropshippers get the best services available. What’s more? Fulfillman also does third party logistics, warehouse fulfillment, product sourcing, and more.

There are several benefits you can get from using Fulfillman services; some of them are:

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

With Fulfillman, mobile and desktop access can’t get any better, as you can have a go at the Fulfillman website conveniently using both platforms. The designs are great, easy on the eyes, and the navigation buttons aren’t muddled up at all to cause any difficulty in navigation.

This, in turn, allows a good user-experience while using Fulfillman, and offers clients the opportunity to operate their business across various mediums.

24/7 Excellent Customer Support

A platform without excellent customer support could be very bad for business, especially when issues arise from your store. Fulfillman, however, has one of the best customer support. They have a great support team. A reliable and efficient team that’s ever ready to have a crack at, and solve any issue that concerns you.

Quick Delivery

No customer will be happy about late delivery. Quick delivery is needed in business, as it is known to spur the growth of any business. It does the same in the dropshipping business. Fulfillman offers one of the best, and the quickest delivery services, which will help you improve relationships with your customers.


A sweet icing on the cake. If you want a brand logo on your items, the good news is Fulfillman does this too. Brand logo on packages, custom boxes, business flyers, and more. Fulfillman’s branding will make your business or brand stand out from the competitors.


Some other benefits of Fulfillman include product sourcing, affordability, quick processing time, cheaper packages, product images, and more.


Chinabrands also happens to be one of the best dropshipping, and particularly wholesale platform in the dropshipping line of business. A B2B e-commerce website that facilitates the sale of manufactured products from enterprises to buyers.

Chinabrands provides services to a large number of global sellers across 200 countries and regions, with a good number of logistics channels. Some of their services include dropshipping, distribution, logistics services, international payment services, global product distribution warehouses.

Talk of global sales, Chinabrands can also be seen as a major e-commerce platform. Benefits of using Chinabrands include:

Global Dropshipping

As mentioned earlier, Chinabrands is doing good when it comes to global dropshipping. With more than a 100 logistics route to choose from, they can easily meet the needs of customers from different countries.

Cheap Price

Due to Chinabrands prowess in wholesale, it is also not difficult for dropshippers to buy things at a wholesale price from them.

Good Customer Service

Excellent customer support is no joke for any business. Chinabrands has good support. You can ask questions and get help from their online customer service column.

Despite these benefits, Chinabrands can be said to have low inventory due to the great variety of products and quantity of goods they are working with. Pricing also varies by warehouses largely due to the same reason. Also, if there is any issue, refunds or replacement could take time.


Fulfillman and Chinabrands may be two of the most used dropshipping platforms by dropshippers. However, from the look of things, the Fulfillman results sheet looks better with more outstanding features and benefits. 

Its whole process is easy, affordable, reliable, and efficient. There’s so much you could gain by using Fulfillman; you get to maximize your productivity, boost sales, and set your brand apart as one to reckon with in dropshipping business.

Contact us today at Fulfillman to know more about our services. We specialize in providing excellent Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and so forth. Our dedicated experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you get quality and excellent services that gives 100% client satisfaction.