It’s a known fact that dropshippers need a sourcing agent to get their purchased goods from China for their dropshipping business. Since there are over a million sourcing agents companies in China, choosing the right one might pose difficulties. The penalty of entrusting your dropshipping business to the hands of inexperienced and unreliable China sourcing agents will be upsetting. Therefore, this article will juxtapose two of the leading sourcing agent companies in China – Fulfillman and YaChina Sourcing Agent. Continue reading to determine the best sourcing agent in China to work with among these two companies.


Fulfillman has an unbeatable reputation for providing the best sourcing services for dropshippers that products from China. Let’s dive into some of the reasons why dropshippers prefer their sourcing services to any other sourcing agent.

Leading Dropshipping Software that Simplifies the Process

Fulfillman has the desire to make dropshipping processes easy for their customers. They have one of the best dropshipping software that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on both desktop and mobile devices. With the app, you can carry out your dropshipping business transactions with little or no stress.

Competitive and Pocket-Friendly Rates

Sometimes, Fulfillman offers as much as 5-10% off the prices that are obtainable on other e-commerce or dropshipping platforms. This allows customers to receive great sourcing services at inexpensive rates.

Swift Shipping Services

Swift shipping services are important in every dropshipping business. Noone No one delays when their goods are to be delivered. Note that the Fulfillman Company offers swift shipping services that can deliver your goods quickly.

Round-the-Clock Customer Services and Support

The Fulfillman Company also provides 24/7 customers services and support so that customers can get replies to any questions they have. They also ensure that customers have access to excellent, and prompt support whenever they need them.

Product Branding

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition in the dropshipping space? Then, you need product branding. Fulfillman offers you premium and excellent product branding. Moreover, the product branding services come at a budget friendly price!

Products Quality Control Checks and Evaluation

Fulfillman takes strict quality control checks, to ensure that they are involved with nothing but the top and best products. This allows them to evaluate the products before shipment to ensure you get quality goods.

YaChina Sourcing Agent

YaChina Sourcing Agent is a China sourcing agent company based in the most famous and largest trading city in China, the Yiwu Market. They are likewise one of the most professional sourcing agent partners in China. Let’s get to know some of the services they offer.


YaChina’s team of amazing consultants will work with you one-on-one at your site to create exceptional branding and marketing themes to make your business noticeable in all the right ways. They will help you polish your business’ public face to perfection.


YaChina understands that many entrepreneurs don’t have time to pick up a marketing degree. Meanwhile, YaChina has some marketing programs like content marketing, social media marketing, conversion ratios, etc., that will give you the basics to get the word out there about your business.

Selective Suppliers

YaChina doesn’t just work with any suppliers. They work with quality ones. There are thousands of sellers, direct vendors, and manufacturers in Yiwu Market. It takes over 150 days to visit all the wholesale stalls with only a 1-minute stay at each stall, and that can be quite stressful for you. But with YaChina’s experience, they will help you identify the one with the best quality and value within the shortest time.

On-Time Services

The YaChina Sourcing Agent is also aware that building your business makes might make your schedule crazy. For that reason, their consultants help you to maintain a flexible schedule to meet your needs within your timeframe.


Final Thoughts

Well, the ball is in your court! Since two of the leading sourcing agents in China have been compared, you’ll realize that choosing Fulfillman is highly profitable for your dropshipping business considering the services they offer. They have an unranked record in the dropshipping industry. The excellent record of their services has made them a force to reckon with when it comes to sourcing products from China.

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