If you are an e-commerce brand or you own an e-commerce store, you must have known about some e-commerce marketing strategies. However, the question is to which extent do you know them, or to which extent is their capabilities. Below are some essential tips to revolutionize your e-commerce strategy.

Know Your Target Audience

Like it or not, knowing your target audience remains a vital key to running a successful e-commerce business. This strategy allows you to have an idea about what your customers like, how much they earn.

When you know all there is know about your target audience, you will know what they like in terms of delivery, and customer service, and how to further improve on it, should you be lagging. Knowing your target audience is all about having ideas on how to satisfy their needs effectively.

Use the Power of Customer Feedback

Feedbacks serves as a tool with which one can use to improve their services. Remember, your customers’ opinion matters a lot; they are the one that buys from your store after all. Therefore, always ask the customers for feedback.  The fact is feedback is the only way to know if customers are enjoying your services.

If they like your services, you’d know, and if they don’t, it gives you the opportunity to make corrections and improvement. Ways of getting customers feedback are – posting surveys with questions about how good they think your services are, using a feedback box, which can be added to the site and following up via email as soon as customers received their products.  

Know Your Competition

You need to get to know your competition if you’re going to survive in this e-commerce business. There are no two ways about it, knowing your competition is as vital as knowing your customers. It would help if you did the spying work. Of course, it isn’t to steal their work, it is to know what’s that thing that they are doing, and you are not. If you can know this, you can now incorporate it into your own business in a more improved way.

Embrace Video Marketing

The fact is videos have been known to be more engaging and interactive. Reaching out to customers through engaging product videos would be more effective, and it helps you to strike the right chord with your customers.

When making videos for marketing, you can base the videos on things like your brand stories, the product videos, FAQs- or based on testimonials from some of your customers. You can also embed videos from social media sites like YouTube to your product page; it enhances the page and attracts more customers to your business.


This marvelous work of technology is starting to replace humans as regards conversation with customers. Remember, your customers want prompt answers to their questions or worries. But how do you keep up? Especially if you have customers from different parts of the world.

This is where Chatbots can come in to help you. They can easily identify and respond to customers’ needs. You don’t even need to use many resources on them. With just fewer resources, chatbots will be solving problems in lesser time with no need for human supervision.

Enhanced Payment Methods

Quick and secure payment gateways have been known to shoot up conversion rates and decrease cart abandonment. Your payment page or gateways are an essential part of your store, which needs to be as smooth and effective as possible. When payment gateways are smoother, the rate of customer engagement is higher.

There are numerous payment methods out there; getting them all is not a bad idea as it allows your customers the opportunity to choose their preferred method. Also, having multiple payment methods still wouldn’t be enough if they are not simplified as simple as possible for the customers.

Advanced Product Search

This is another tip to revolutionize your e-commerce strategy. If customers don’t find what they are looking for as quickly as possible, chances are they will exit. However, advanced product search work against this action by the customers. The idea behind this is to provide results based on previous explorations.

Also, voice search has become a growing trend in the digital world, reports have shown that 20% of Google search queries were made by voice, and this percentage will rise to 50% by 2020. This means it is now vital for you to optimize keywords and make it more conversational. Image search is another growing trend; e-commerce businesses can also integrate image search in their mobile apps and websites to improve customers’ experience further.

Personalize the Buying Experience for Customers

There’s a need to make your customers feel homely and welcomed to your store. If customers visit your store, and they feel like your store is built in such a way to helping them pick out the perfect product, chances are they will stay and keep coming back, which will, in turn, put you in an excellent position amongst the competition.

What are the ways by which you can personalize customers’ experience? You can use name personalization in your emails to them, or welcome them back to your store with a personalized name. You can also recommend products to them based on their previous purchases. This way, they feel special that you are concerned about their needs.

There you have it! Above are some great tips to revolutionize your e-commerce strategy! From having a good knowledge of your customers and competition to leveraging tools like feedbacks, chatbots, and advanced search tools. Your e-commerce strategies just got better!

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The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in recent times. This rapid growth in this industry has brought huge competition between the merchants. Only the wise and the best survive in a competitive market; this is why you have to keep up with the best of tips, tricks that can ensure fast growth. Here are ten e-commerce tips, tricks, and trends to ensure fast growth in E-commerce.

Video Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, using video for it is one of the best ways of making it a success. Who doesn’t love watching videos? The act of video marketing has been proven to work wonders and very effective in engaging customers. Therefore when marketing your product, ensure it’s a video-based thing. Also, by embedding the video from social media site like YouTube to your product page, it enhances the page and attracts more customers to your business.

Voice Search

Reports have shown that more than 20% of Google search queries were made by voice in lieu of text, and chances are this percentage will rise to about 50% by 2020. This is why you need to brace up and prepare for this new trend. Focus on tailoring your product descriptions to the words customers are likely to search with. The more polished up they are, the better they’ll sound when read aloud by virtual assistants like Alexa, and Siri.

Display Icons That Show Your Site Is Trustworthy

Nobody wants to do business with an unreliable person, not to talk of a website that looks sketchy. Displaying icons that show your site credibility is one good way of making fast growth in this competitive industry. One of the first things to do to ensure the credibility of your site is to make sure your website is secured. A website that’s not secured is a turn off already for customers. Also, you can display the security badges your website is using for your visitors to see.

Use Photos for Customers Testimonials

A visitor interested in one of your product will likely check the reviews page, and the testimonial page to see what other buyers need to say about they bought from you. It’s a great way to show proof of concept. However, a message from a nameless face or faceless person might not cut it. This is why you need to make this page much better by adding a photo and including the person’s full name and title when putting up their testimonies on your testimonial page.

Go mobile

Several reports have shown that over 40% of mobile users have bought something online. Another interesting fact is that over 63% of millennials shop on their phones. This says a lot about the need for your e-commerce website to ensure mobile functionality. It needs to be optimized for mobile devices and not just for computers only. With 63%  of millennial shopping on their phone, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re losing money, my friend.

Work Closely With Social

Social media is the heartbeat of your business. How it beats will determine how much sales you’ll be making. Social media gives you a glance into the lives of your customers, which can help you know ways to serve them well. Also, your customers are on various channel or market places to search for their favorite products; this shows the need to market your products and services on all available marketplaces or channels.

Upsell and Cross-sell

Upselling is the act of making or encouraging customers to spend more than they had initially intended, while cross-selling involves the technique of making customers spend more by purchasing a related product to what they bought already. To make crazy sales and ensure fast growth in this business, you need to upsell more and cross-sell more. If you sell shoes, you can upsell by giving them a discount for buying two pairs instead of one. You can cross-sell by selling socks along with the shoes.

Leverage AI-powered Chatbots

The visitors or customers want prompt and accurate answers to their questions. It gets more challenging to provide these answers when you’re offering your services to a different part of the world with a different timezone. This means you have to stay online 24/7, but is this possible? This is where AI-powered chatbot comes in to simplify things for you. They can answer countless customers at a time, with no need for human supervision.

Spice Up Promotions for The Holidays

The holiday period is a good time and a small window of opportunity to make massive sales.  People are looking to spend more money during this period, and luckily for you, chances are the shopping malls will be jam-packed already, people will find it more convenient to shop from home. It would help if you used this to your advantage by ramping up your promotions during this holiday period and giving your best offer.

Simplify Your Online Payment Method

Now, this stage usually the last stage of any buying process. Reaching the checkout page doesn’t mean the customers will complete the checkout unless this page gives a smooth and easy experience. Reports show that 70% of customers abandon their carts, and the reason is likely due to the hassle they encounter at this stage. Therefore, simplify your payment methods, offer a hassle-free checkout process, and make sure you have multiple payment gateways. 

There you go! As the world and the e-commerce industry evolve, you need to follow suit because the competition is quite huge. The above tips, tricks, and trends will help significantly in ensuring you stay atop of the competition and ensuring the growth of your business.

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