The modern business landscape is currently undergoing a digital revolution that the COVID-19 restrictions reinforce. The physical store business model is quickly being replaced by a virtual one even as businesses and service providers adapt to the changes. Thankfully, you can successfully run a business from your home if the current upheaval on the global business landscape affects you. A home-based business comes with a ton of benefits, but you need the right business idea. Here are some ideas that might help you arrive at the right home business.

Sell Products in Bulk From Your Home

You’d need some training on how to procure products in bulk to make this a viable business. The idea is to import products in bulk from their manufacturers at affordable prices, then retail them to customers. If you have a good mastery of how online stores work, you could opt to sell your products online.

Furthermore, if you happen to have enough space at home, then using a dedicated space in your home as a showroom, warehouse and sales point could work. What is crucial for you is to source the kind of products in high demand and work out the proper pricing to make them attractive to buyers.

Sell Homemade Products

There is an allure that handmade products have. These kinds of products make buyers feel that they are buying something unique. Selling homemade products allows you to make stuff better suited to people’s needs since you interact with them and know what works and what doesn’t. Plus, you can always scale whenever the need arises.

Start a Dropshipping Store

With dropshipping, you interact with a business partner(s) that produces, stores, and ships products for you. You only need to handle the marketing and customer service responsibilities. Starting a dropshipping store might require some due diligence on your: getting the right dropshipping supplier, sourcing the right products and handling fulfilment challenges, among other issues. However, once you have gotten the hang of it, the dropshipping business is one of the best ways to make money from the comfort of your home.

Start A Print-On-Demand Business

With the print on demand business, you get to sell a range of products, including blankets, pillows, shoes, books, and watches. It is a business model that requires you to get the right supplier and niche you want to serve. Once that is done, you can enjoy the flexibility that comes with printing stuff you like.

Provide Online Services

It is now possible to provide services without being physically present, all thanks to the internet. With the virtualization of the office space, companies now find it easier to contract the services of professionals on a freelance basis. So if you are good at graphic design, marketing or content writing, you might want to consider providing online services to interested parties. This business idea requires excellent planning and is often demanding, but it is a viable business once you have a skill that people want to learn.

Become An Online Tutor/Coach

Becoming an online tutor/coach is another great business that you could run from the comfort of your home. Similar to offering online services, you’d need to be a master in a particular area of expertise. The good thing is that there is always someone looking to learn something that you know. No matter how trivial it might seem to you.

Subjects that you tutor others about could be anything from mastering a language to knitting. Online tutoring is a low-investment business. All you need is some mastery of the subject, internet connectivity, time and the right tools.

Sell Product Based On Your Knowledge/Expertise

Did you know that you could sell you’re your expertise as a physical/digital product? If you don’t think that online tutoring/coaching is for you, you might want to try creating a product based on the knowledge or expertise you could have imparted to people online. Here are some examples of products that you could make off your expertise:

  • Online Courses
  • Designs
  • Digital templates
  • eBooks

There is also another line of products that you could explore: merchandise. You could sell merchandise (merch) that represents your brand or an idea you stand for. The trick with merchandise is that you’d need to create a community of sorts so people who buy this stuff will feel a sense of inclusion.

Acquire an Existing Ecommerce Business

If you don’t think that you are up for the task of building up an ecommerce business from scratch, you could buy one that is already functional. This way, you just walk in and start enjoying a business that is already in full swing.


There you have it! Above are some business ideas that let you work from home. You could easily make a ton of money from the comfort of your home once you can settle on a viable home business. We hope the ideas we describe in this article has provided some actionable insights for you.

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The population of people going digital is on the rise; also, the internet has assisted in boosting this trend. You might think that starting an ecommerce business is an easy task, but the fact is that competition is stiff. As a new entrepreneur, you will deal with administrative and tech duties, customer service, marketing, and a host of others. If you don’t put the right foundation in place, the cost of executing these processes can overwhelm you. Thus, ensure that you save on your business processes for a successful ecommerce business. Read on to find out the top tips to save costs for your ecommerce business.

Build a Good Website

A good website can be described as being fast loading, responsive, and user-friendly. Many new entrepreneurs underestimate the benefits offered by a good website. Saving cost on this task can be achieved by outsourcing your website development to an overseas-based web developer. Nevertheless, ensure that you hire a web developer familiar with your target audience’s behavior, thereby leading to a more effective website.

Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

Several popular ecommerce marketing platforms such as; Partnerships and Referrals, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Content Creation can be used for a strategic marketing plan. Digital advertising comes in different sizes and shapes, but none is as rewarding as social media marketing. You can save costs by using free marketing platforms. Social media platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram are great ways to build your brand. Several ecommerce businesses compile data from platforms like Google Analytics to identify target products and audiences.

Look out for Collaborators and Partners

Partnering with similar companies or brands can be a fantastic way to reduce marketing costs. For instance, if you are involved in clothes sales, reach out to influencers and offer them store credits for a post or a shout-out to help promote your brand. You could also collaborate with other accessories or clothing brands to feature each other’s items. Exploiting the customer base of people and similar brands can help enhance your products’ reach at a much-reduced cost.

Maintain Customer Loyalty

Another way to reduce cost is to sell your products to existing customers rather than push for more customers. In simple terms, ensure that you retain customer loyalty. If you aren’t sure how to do this, consider email marketing by starting a monthly newsletter to update your customers on your hottest products. Alternatively, create loyalty discounts and special campaigns for existing customers to continually interact with the site and show that you value their loyalty.

Turn to Effective Packaging

Although the packaging is part of branding, you must understand that over-packing a product can result in extra costs. It is a popular thing for ecommerce businesses to save cost by opting for the most affordable product. Oftentimes, they might decide to use an oversized box for packaging a small item. You can save costs by tracking the most popular products on your platform and opt for packaging that fits those items.

Go for Effective Delivery Services

Ecommerce businesses require an effective delivery service for your products. Most online business owners usually opt for the most popular delivery services. Nevertheless, this might not be best suited if you intend to reduce costs on your ecommerce business. Thus, research several delivery companies based on your company’s requirements. It can include customer reviews, delivery speed, price per item, and price per kilogram. The benefits are that it keeps your customers happy and reduces costs in the long run.

Negotiate with suppliers

Having a productive supplier-buyer relationship is an effective way to clinch discounts and opt for the latest products. Supplier prioritizes punctuality, bulk orders, and payment times. Generally, the costs will be reduced if you can draft a payment plan with your supplier. It could be a prepayment plan, thereby offering you access to discounts. Also, you could negotiate for freight fees if you’re sourcing goods from overseas. But always keep in mind that this depends on someone being a reliable buyer. Thus, ensure that you’re a trustworthy buyer through punctual payments and orders.

Pick the Best Payment Methods

You can save costs by looking for the best payment methods. Ecommerce websites offer several payment methods for their customers, including; third-party processors and transfers. As a new entrepreneur, consider the different perks and fees offered by each option. Discuss with your credit card merchants about the fees and waivers they can provide on fee reductions. Always keep in mind the popular payment platforms used by your customers and identify the channels that can help to save costs.


There you have it! Above are some important tips to save costs for your ecommerce business. Saving costs on your ecommerce business will enable you to divert the cash to other ventures. These eight top tips will enable you to save costs for your ecommerce business; thus, ensure that you apply these strategies for your ecommerce business.

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Are you looking for ways to reduce shipping costs for your small business? The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed several people to opt for online shopping. Due to this, many small businesses are currently engaged in ecommerce business to explore the massive opportunities on the internet and get the cash in this growing market.

Although an online business offers a plethora of options, it is limited by shipping cost, which is considered one of the most significant expenses of ecommerce stores and small businesses. In fact, a lot of shoppers are often hesitant to place the order once they see expensive shipping costs. This is why it is important to find a balance in the cost of shipping without hurting your business or profit. Read on to find out the top tips to reduce shipping costs for small businesses.

Negotiate Shipping Rates with Carriers

You have to understand that it is not only the giant retailers that have access to discounted shipping rates. Although the fact is that higher shipping volume translates to more volume discounts, but the reality is that small businesses can also benefit from negotiating lower rates and comparing prices.

For instance, if one carrier gives you their price rate, use it as leverage to fast-track your negotiations. Also, you can share your sales projections with several shipping companies if you are expecting an increase in your orders in the coming months due to demand or seasonality. Ensure that you obtain quotes from several carriers instead of opting for the first offer.

Prepay for Shipping to Reduce Total Costs

Several shipping companies enable you to prepay for shipping labels. You can purchase one set of shipping labels in the early stage and attach them to packages. This process will allow you to reduce shipping costs and also save time. Note that this strategy will enhance your bottom line to know your shipping costs before time. It is also beneficial if you can anticipate loads of orders of the exact dimensions and weight.

Repackage Your Orders to Precise Product Dimensions

Always understand that heavy and larger packages will increase your final costs if you’re not making payment for flat-rate shipping. Thus, ensure that you focus more on the package dimensions. Use boxes that best fit the product’s size that you’re shipping – otherwise, you will pay more for additional dimensional package weight. Even if it implies storing multiple sized-boxes, it could enable you to cut costs in the long run.

In other terms, the packaging for a set of products should best fit the products or at least be slightly larger than it. Another way is to eliminate the use of boxes and go for more cost-effective shipping merchants. For instance, if your business often ships less fragile, smaller items like clothing, opt for poly mailer bags or mailer envelopes.

Explore Third-Party Shipping Insurance

It is essential to have shipping insurance for your orders, depending on your business. If you intend to consider this, understand that most shipping companies usually overcharge on insurance. To determine if you require shipping insurance, consider the average worth of your shipments. It is better to opt for shipping insurance if the loss of one shipment could impact your bottom line. On the other hand, if your shipment or average product is a moderately low cost, the shipping insurance may not be essential.

Include Shipping Costs in the Upfront Price

Several online businesses won’t include the shipping price in the checkout section. Instead, they will integrate part or all of the shipping expenses into the upfront price. Also, experts believe that online shoppers prefer platforms that promote free shipping. This technique makes it easy to upgrade to free shipping without having to pay for the entire bill. If you decide to sell products set up by an affiliate or pursue dropshipping, then you can include the shipping costs into the price.

Consider Hybrid Services

Another effective way to reduce shipping costs for your small business is to use hybrid services like SmartPost by FedEx and SurePost by UPS. These services will pick your packages before transferring them to other big carriers like FedEx or UPS. The effect is that these packages end up at the closest delivery office and are delivered by local mailmen.

Reduce Small Business Shipping Costs with a Shipping Platform

The days of driving to the post office to get a package are overdue to the rise of several online shipping platforms. These platforms have made it easier to manage the shipping process effectively and streamline orders. Another thing is that they allow you to compare rates, resulting in the reduction of your shipping costs.

Get Discounted Shipping Rates

All shipping companies offer pricing discounts depending on the shipping volume, and the important thing is that you don’t have to ship massive orders per month to obtain these discounts. You can also negotiate volume discounts to gain the trust of a shipping carrier. The truth is that shipping more packages will translate to better rates.


Reducing shipping rates for small businesses will facilitate the expansion and growth of the business. Ensure that you apply these strategies to reduce the shipping rates and divert the resources into other essential things.

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Growing an online business is never easy without the presence of a target market that will most probably like to patronize your business. People may tell you that in business products is everything. That is true but in reality, having a community is stuff that legendary enterprises are made of. This is more like building a business brand around a society that values the kind of product you have, and it’s an excellent policy to making a good profit.

Acknowledging that human relations are crucial for business is why building a community around your business is the best way forward. There are minimal chances of a business owner meeting the people who buy commodities from them in digitalized markets. The only way they can interact effectively is by knowing the business and the products they sell. This can be achieved better when the brand is built around a community. The following tips will aid one to effectively grow an engaging community that will be best for business.

Take Your Time

Getting an active and engaging community is never easy for a business owner. That is why you have to give it time to continue to interact with your customers on your products and what you have for them. Through your efforts over time, your customers will get to be comfortable and confident with your products and hence, won’t shy away from engaging you. Potential customers will always detect when you’re desperate, and that devalues a brand. Therefore, you should take time and win your customers over.

Assemble the Right Team for the Job

Building a community is a personal engagement process that you can initiate from the team that you have. Therefore, you must get a team that shares your business’s vision and goal and understands that your brand centers around your customers. It would be best if you had people that are as passionate about the project you’re about to achieve as you. This is a motivating factor that will make your community trust you. It’s also vital you get individuals that understand the community, including their language and their culture.

Engage Customer Feedbacks through Visuals

Selling a product to customers is just the first phase of building a long-lasting relationship. You also need to hear from your customers to know their impressions of what your business looks like. Sometimes, you may need to use their feedback videos to do adverts and assure them that you’ve taken them as a big family. It will also need to assure them that you’re working on getting the very best version of your selling products. Please encourage them to post their videos on social media and tag the company’s handle to it. It will create an enormous sense of belonging for them concerning your brand.

Support the Community through a Cause Important to them

Nothing assures a community of the love that a business has for them, like community affairs. You can make an effort to involve yourself in the activities that the community is involved in. You can sponsor certain events that they do in the community that revolves around their way of life. This is one of the best methods of advertising your business and getting more customers than ever before.

Create a Strong Social Media Presence

Most of the time, you may not be opportune to be communicating with the majority of your business community. Having a good social media presence that will engage them will take care of that for you. You can sponsor Facebook campaigns with lots of discount prices for potential customers. This will keep their focus around your products even without you breaking any sweat.

For instance, if you’re in the food business, you can insert promo codes that your customers can use and win fantastic prices. This will drive them to buy your products even more.

Create a Website/Blog that will Enlighten Them

An excellent website or blog centered around your product will ensure that you build a solid community that will always engage in them. Display your products and enlighten them about what makes them unique without sounding desperate. This will surely increase their curiosity levels in exploring more products that you have.

Create a Mechanism for Organic Traffic from Search Engines and Digital Marketing

Ensure that you insert keywords on the type of product you have in your blog posts and even social media posts. Getting valuable information about SEO analysis is a good place to start. This will only ensure that people will get your business information at the first search on any search engines. It drives more individuals to engage you digitally.

Provide Excellent, 24 Hours Customer Service

Customer service is significant because it’s the best method of convincing your customers that you’re always there to help them at any time. Ensure that you have a means of hearing from them with agents on the ground to hear their complaints at any time. It only strengthens the community bond and confidence in your community.

Engage in Affiliate Partnership

This is a process where you pay incentives to your customers for making referrals of your business to potential customers. This method is effective and will drive more individuals to engage your products and persuade other people to come on board. Knowing that they can make money through this method will motivate them to market your business effectively.


Getting an online community presence for your business is not going to be easy, but it’s a magnificent process of getting the best patronage for your business. This will ensure that you get maximum profit at all times, even when you’re not fully stocked.

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As an e-commerce retailer, summertime comes with mixed feelings. On one hand, it is a great time to just soak up the sun and do lots of fun things. On the flip side, summertime comes with reduced revenue because everyone is out having fun and only a few of them have the time to make online purchases.

But do you know that you can rewrite that narrative? All you need to do is to prepare your e-commerce store for the summer to turn things in your favor. Here’s how to go about that.

Make Your Site More Mobile-Friendly

One of the major reasons for reduced e-commerce revenue during summertime is because fewer people take their computers on those fun-seeking forays during the summer. A mobile phone is handier and since people easily surf the web with their mobile devices, a laptop becomes unnecessary. Unfortunately, a lot of e-commerce retailers have not mastered the science of making their stores more mobile-friendly.

You don’t have to be in that club. Since people use their mobile devices more during summer, find ways to make your store compatible for purchases from a mobile device. That way, people can order whatever they want from your store regardless of their location. All they need is internet connectivity.

Leverage Summer Products

Summertime comes with its peculiarities and market demands. You can align your store’s offerings to incorporate some of the products that are in high demand during the summertime. Hence, launching products that are summer-oriented is one great way to get prepared for the market forces that hold sway during summer. Switching to products that sell during summer will keep your store “open” during the summer season.

Organize Contest Giveaways

During the summertime when conversions are low and whatnot, a contest giveaway can change all of that. Heck, you don’t even have to wait that long. You can get the giveaways done long before that. The thing with these giveaways is that they increase engagement and conversions while creating buzz about your products. You might have to partner with some affiliate marketers to get it right though.

Plan on a Summer Sale

Holding a summer sale is a great idea especially if you have some stock that you have not been able to get out of the store. A summer sale is a great way to boost sales and increase your income. It is also a great way to reward customers that have been loyal to you all year round. A summer sale allows you to clear stubborn stock, make some money and stay in the good books of your customers. That looks like a win-win situation.

Work On Your Content

You will be needing some kind of content to get your customers primed for your summer products and all the other good stuff you have lined up for your customers during the summer. The idea behind this kind of content is that it offers key insights that they need about getting the product, what benefits it offers, and so on. Generating this kind of content about your store’s offerings for summer also gives you a chance to enhance your SEO as you get to include new keywords.

To get the most of this content, you’d need to plan your content. A great way to go about planning your content is to get a detailed content calendar. That way your content generation for your ecommerce store is more productive and effective.

Use Chatbots

If you handled the tips above right, you’d need chatbots to handle the influx of questions that will be coming from old and new clients. A great chatbot strategy ensures that a significant aspect of your store’s customer service needs is met. Chatbots increase your efficiency as they can easily answer the common questions customers ask leaving fewer and more complicated questions for you to handle.

Invest in Your Visuals

One of the first things that clients notice about your store is the way it looks. In a season when most ecommerce retailers are struggling for the available clients, you must invest in the way your store looks to the visitors who find their way there. Find ways to improve your brand’s image. Ensure that your promotional materials are designed to arrest attention and compel the readers/viewers into some positive action. Invest as much as you can into your product photography because the more attractive the products are the more likely they are to be ordered.


A wise man once said that your success in any endeavor is down to your level of preparation. The summer season can be trying for the uninitiated ecommerce retailer. With some preparations, you could turn things around and get the best summer sales yet. Use the tips described in this article and get your ecommerce store ready for the summer.

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Engaging with a third-party logistics provider for your ecommerce business should be done with proper consideration. After it’s clear that a 3PL is the next step for your business, carefully considering what 3PL company is best suited for your company is very essential.

There are a lot of great 3PL companies however picking the one that meets the specific demands of your company is key. Before you embark on choosing a Third-party logistics provider, your needs should be clearly outlined. This would help simplify the shortlisting process of potential 3PLs. Read on to discover some important factors to consider when choosing a third-party logistics provider for your business.

Financial Stability

Top 3PL providers should be able to provide you with an honest picture of their financial situation. You don’t want to get distressed by the inability of a logistic provider fulfilling an order. Therefore, it’s important to have a proper insight into their financial situation. Having the company close down suddenly or unable to carry out fulfilment processes ultimately backfires on your ecommerce store. Therefore finding a partner with a solid payment history and financial stability is very an important factor to look out for.

Experience and Reputation

Furthermore, it’s better to work with a provider that has been in the industry long enough than one just starting. This is very important because they would be well equipped to handle the challenges better. While experience is great, looking out for their reputation is just as important if not more.

Check out their ratings and reviews properly. Look at the customers they have serviced and how many of them are long-term clients. The 3PL provider you settle upon would be the face of your business depending on how much you engage them. Considering they would be handling a substantial portion of your ecommerce business, you must choose a reputable one with good reviews.

Technology and IT Services

Today, technology is the order of the day, especially in logistics. The kind of IT services and level of advanced technological solutions they provide is an important factor to consider when choosing a logistics partner. Logistics sophistication is dependent on the right technology backing it up. Make sure the logistics provider you are considering has the latest technology and a great support IT team.


In addition, the type of services they offer must align with your ecommerce store requirements. Lookup a third-party logistics company that provides the specific needs of your ecommerce store. You should carefully note down your needs and evaluate which 3PL provider would work best for you. How rapid they respond to orders should be taken into consideration as well. Responsiveness, when an issue arises, is also another aspect to look out for. They must be able to provide prompt solutions in such situations.


The potential 3PL provider should be able to scale service up or down depending on your ecommerce business needs and order volume. Businesses are established to grow, how well your potential 3PL partner can accommodate both your current order volume and anticipated order volume is essential. 3PLs tend to be long time partners, so this factor ensures your choice of Third-party logistics provider is a perfect fit for your projected order volumes as well as your current one.

Some 3PL already have their minimum order volumes set when working with ecommerce stores. Therefore, make this a priority when choosing your logistics company to avoid searching for a new partner when your store expands. Always look for a provider that can still satisfy your business when demands skyrockets.

Customer Service

This is probably the most important tool used to hold on to customers and even get new customers in the ecommerce world. You should go for a third-party logistics company with great a customer service platform, as the company would be the face of your business. Look into how effective their customer service is, as well as how they handle situations such as returns. Returns processing is a very crucial part of the fulfilment order. Hence, it’s of great importance to be sure of how the company represents its clients in such situations.

Safety and Security

Finally, how well a 3PL company deals with the safety of its operations in terms of transportation and protection of goods and materials as well as their personnel gives an insight into their integrity and how the organization conducts itself. Make sure they comply with the ever-changing safety regulations in the industry. It’s crucial to have your data and financial information protected. This is also an important consideration to factorize.


There you have it. The complications involved in choosing the right 3PL partner would be considerable reduced by following the factors stated above. Above all, try to be proactive and pay attention to these details to make your ecommerce store bloom with the perfect third-party logistics provider for your business.

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The e-commerce industry is projected to hit $5 trillion in 2021. That is a lot of money! It is also a lot of opportunity for ecommerce businesses as it signifies money to be made. However, without a well-designed and optimized website, your e-commerce business will likely not get anywhere.

Furthermore, studies show that it takes website visitors as little as 0.05 seconds to decide whether they like a website or not. This statistic highlights the importance of great website design and how it can impact your business’s success or otherwise.

Since that has been established, how do you design your e-commerce website to ensure it attracts customers? This article will provide you with nine design tips and best practices that will enable your ecommerce website to soar in 2021.

Keep Your Sentences And Paragraphs Short

Reading text on our devices can be a hassle. For one, the screens are narrower and the texts tinier than on books. For this reason, it is advisable to keep sentences and paragraphs short. They are easier to read this way, and your website’s visitors will be grateful to you for that. Ideally, keep your sentence length under 20 words, and your paragraphs should not be more than six lines.

Use Vibrant, High-Quality Images

Another design tip that will put your ecommerce website in good standing in 2021 is to use vibrant images. Unlike physical stores, where customers can walk in and physically experience products, e-commerce stores can only rely on quality images to convince their customers. Therefore, endeavor to use high-resolution images they can zoom into and use to get a good feel of the product.

Ensure it Can Work With Mobile

Mobile phones make up a substantial amount of internet traffic these days. As a result, failure to cater to this demographic will mean you are leaving a lot of money on the table. If you want your ecommerce business to succeed in 2021, prioritize responsiveness in its design.

Provide Multiple Contact Channels

There are times when a potential customer might need to get in touch with you. If they can’t, then chances are that you will lose them to a competitor. To prevent this, provide multiple contact channels for your website visitors. In the event that they cannot reach you via one channel, they will simply try the next and the next until they do. Some contact points you should consider are:

  • Links to your social media pages
  • A Live Chat option
  • A contact page with a form, an active phone number, and a physical address.

Include Social Proof

Let’s say you want to buy a product and you have two stores to buy it from. Of the two stores, one has been vouched for by a friend, while you have no reviews about the other. Which would you likely patronize?

Most people will choose the former, and that is why social proof is important. When your ecommerce website has evidence of connecting with and satisfying customers, it will inspire confidence. As a result, interested visitors will be more likely to patronize you. Social proof can take any of the following forms:

  • Customer reviews
  • Press mentions
  • Awards
  • Testimonials

A note of caution: do not overdo it. Instead of filling your website up with several social evidence, use the most relevant.

Make Navigation Convenient

Another crucial tip for your ecommerce website is to make navigation convenient. Customers would prefer to locate what they want quickly, purchase it, and then go on with their day. Consequently, endeavor to make your site’s navigation intuitive so customers can easily progress to the most important action.

Add FAQs

Customers do not always want to come looking for you when they have a problem. This is why having an FAQ section where they can find solutions is important. Figure out the problems most visitors to your website face, then create FAQ content they can use to resolve them.

Remember to place the FAQ in a location where they can easily find it. This will boost their confidence in your service as they will be able to utilize it better. As an ecommerce website, common topics to create FAQ content include shipping, refund policies, and account management.

Embrace Simplicity

Simplicity is key, especially for an ecommerce website. While complex designs might look appealing, avoid them. Stick with easy and clean designs instead. Everything on your website should be deliberate and for a purpose. Avoid the temptation to embellish and provide too much information. This will do the opposite of what you want: chase customers away. Besides, a simple and minimally designed website will have faster load times. This will ensure visitors to your website stay long enough to buy something.

Avoid Ambiguous CTAs

Finally, your call-to-action should be clear and easily identifiable. You will gain nothing from being vague about what you want your customers to do. In fact, you will lose business this way. For this reason, ensure your CTAs stand out.


Every ecommerce store wants to sell, yet not all do. Some of these stores can remove the barrier they are facing by making some changes to their website’s design. If you belong to this club, the tips in this article – short sentences, social proof, etc. – will help you start making sales.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the various aspect of life. One of the areas its ravaging touch reached is online businesses. E-commerce businesses are facing their worst online recession for many years. Coronavirus has changed the way people buy things online, hence, the hard times that e-commerce businesses are facing.

As the world is searching for a panacea to this menacing pandemic, you can still keep your e-commerce afloat. But there are certain techniques that you must apply before this happens. Below are eight things to do for you to scale your e-commerce business during the pandemic.

Show Customers Your Worth

This COVID-19 period as much as it causing negative impacts on businesses has provided an opportunity to market their brands through ads. Many e-commerce businesses that focus only on the short-term are backing out from online marketing. This implies there is less competition, which you should capitalize on. Due to fewer e-commerce brands using digital marketing campaigns the cost is affordable. This you can use to share and remind your customers and prospective customers the potentials that you have.

Improve the Search Engine Optimization of Your Business

Due to the lockdown measures implemented in various places, there have been more people online than before. Search traffic has skyrocketed and will continue to be that way as people hunker down. They are glued to their computers searching for entertainment and products to buy. This presents an opportunity for you to make your e-commerce store more visible to the public.

Optimizing your online store for the search engines ensures that your store has good indexing on the search result pages of these search engines so that your business can be easily found. This is not the time for your business to go out of sight when the sun has come out.

Make Use of Your E-mail List

If you cannot afford paid advertising, you can still keep your business afloat using your e-mail list. Email marketing promises high returns at a low cost. Through email marketing, you can reach existing leads who have bought your product/services.

There are various email marketing automation tools you can use. These tools are easy to use and take little time to master the basic functionalities and get started with the email marketing campaign. Ensure that you show empathy while reaching out to your valuable customers with special offers.

Utilize Data Analytics

In the effective running of today’s businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar businesses, data analytics is highly essential. Data analytics offers e-commerce business information to discover new opportunities. It allows them to find a product that is in demand, analyze their website traffic, keywords, and optimize their businesses to the current trend.

During this coronavirus period as many people are in their homes, customer behaviors have changed. Data analytics will help you figure the new customer behavioral patterns. Gathering of data can be done using data analytic tools such as Google Analytics.


With your e-commerce business positioned to suit the current conditions of the coronavirus period, it is most likely that you will experience an increase in sales. Fortuitously, online sales allow you to automate a bulk of your business operations. This cuts your costs and saves you lots of time.

Set up an automation system to handle the order fulfillment, attend to customers’ complaints and questions, and more. For customer service conversations, you can use chatbots. Chatbots are capable of handling complex conversations and helping you strengthen relationships with your customers. They are configured to provide fast solutions.

Integrate App Development

More people are using a smartphone today and this number is expected to reach 3.8 billion in 2021. As people are sitting out this pandemic from their homes they will shop, read, watch movies, and order food online.

An app will enable them to accomplish these easily. Hire an app developer to capitalize on this potential and put your business on the right trajectory.

Make a Budget

Before you set out implementing techniques to scale your e-commerce business during the COVID-19 pandemic you have to have a budget. This gives you an idea of where to allocate money and scale your business effectively.

Improve Your E-commerce Site’s Landing Page

The landing page of your e-commerce plays a role in influencing the conversion rate. Optimize the landing page of your site to be easy on the eyes and allow for easy navigation. Doing this will enable you to experience improvement in conversion rates and the growth of your e-commerce business.

There you have it! Above are some of the things to do in order to scale your ecommerce business during COVID-19. The current pandemic situation has made it necessary for businesses to employ strategic techniques to stay functioning. These tips discussed when adhered to will ensure that you stay in business as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. You should note that while implementing these, recovery may take time.

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When starting a dropshipping business, one of the most vital elements is finding a reliable product shipping strategy. Even though dropshipping allows you to make profits without maintaining an inventory, you still need to deliver excellent shipping experiences to your customers. In this article, we will be providing you with some essential product shipping tips to boost your dropshipping business.

Shipping Strategies for Dropshipping

There are a variety of shipping strategies available to dropshipping businesses. These include:

  • Offer free shipping and increase the prices of the products
  • Offer free shipping and have the shipping costs come out of your profits
  • Slightly increase the cost of your products while charging a low flat shipping rate
  • Charge your customer a flat shipping rate
  • Also, you can decide to pass on the exact shipping cost to your customer

Dropshipping business owners can choose to have different strategies for different products, for instance, free shipping, per-item shipping rates, tiered flat rates, or single flat shipping rates.

Some Shipping Tips to Boost Your Dropshipping Business

Below are some product shipping tips to boost your dropshipping or ecommerce business:

Work with a Reliable Supplier and Shipping Company

As mentioned earlier, delivering great shipping experiences to your customers is crucial to the success of your dropshipping business. Customers hate unnecessary delays. Once an order has been confirmed, you need to process how it will be shipped as soon as possible. This is why working with a reliable supplier or shipping company is important. With this, you can have the needed assurance that your supplier or the shipping company will deliver the products to customers in due time and in excellent condition.

Borrow a Leaf from Competitors

Another effective shipping tip to boost your dropshipping business is to borrow a leaf from your competitor’s shipping strategies. Take time to observe what your competitors are doing on their dropshipping or ecommerce stores, social media, and more. Note how their campaigns and promotions work for them. Having an idea of your competitor’s product shipping strategies can help you create an effective shipping strategy that will drive more sales.

Order Some Samples

Also, ordering samples of products you intend to sell in your dropshipping store will provide you with first-hand experience of what customers think about the product. You will also be able to examine the type of packaging and delivery time the supplier used. From here, you can make suitable changes to improve customer experience.

Analyze Average Shipping Time

Unfortunately, most suppliers don’t provide reliable information about the estimated shipping time of a product. Regardless, you can still estimate the average order processing time, as well as the time it takes to deliver a product. By analyzing the average shipping time, you can choose the right shipping strategy or dropshipping delivery method for your business.

Employ a Unique but Effective Shipping Model

One thing that can make your dropshipping business stand out and boost revenue is by employing a unique but effective shipping model. In fact, this can be the major selling point of your dropshipping business. When setting product prices, you can absorb the shipping costs to generate enough profit. Also, ensure that you take the effectiveness of delivery methods into account when choosing your dropshipping model.

Create Appealing Shipping Campaigns

Furthermore, appealing shipping campaigns can encourage buyers to make purchases. For instance, free shipping or single flat shipping rates can convince a customer that making the purchase now may look like an excellent idea. Besides, these shipping campaigns can improve marketing opportunities and help offset your own shipping costs. By creating an appealing shipping campaign, you can increase the prospect that a customer will place an order.

Inform Visitors about Your Appealing Shipping Campaigns

To improve the visibility of your shipping campaigns, you can post them on product pages or attach them to your mailing lists. However, it is important to ensure that both current and potential visitors have access to such information. This will help increase the conversion rate and boost revenue. Also, you can include head banners about your shipping campaigns on your online store. This can help lead both new and existing customers to the pages that contain information about your shipping strategy.

Prioritize Free Shipping for Loyal Customers and First Time Buyers

Recent studies have shown that a large number of customers consider shipping as an incentive to make a purchase on an online store. These customers want the best value for their bucks. Thus, you can use free shipping to entice first time buyers and visitors to your store. Likewise, you can reward your loyal customers by offering them free shipping.


There you have it! Above are some effective product shipping tips to boost your dropshipping business. For the success of your dropshipping business, it is important to optimize your shipping times, costs, and delivery methods. This ensures that you are able to deliver great customer experiences that will exceed their expectations. Remember, the ultimate goal here is to strengthen your dropshipping or ecommerce brand while establishing a loyal customer base. By following the insightful product shipping tips provided above, you can boost your dropshipping business.

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For the past 11 years, the US economy has been in an expansion period. This is the longest period of experiencing no recession in the history of the nation. As the saying goes, all good things will eventually come to an end. With the uncertainty brought to the US workforce by the COVID-19 pandemic, a potential recession may be looming. It is important that consumers, ecommerce business, dropshipping business, and other brick-and-mortar establishments across the nation take caution.

Furthermore, the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of jobs, thus, leaving millions of Americans unemployed. The current economic situation has also taken a huge toll on the stock market. Updates from Bloomberg Economics have indicated that there is a 100% chance for a recession to occur anytime from now or within the next 12 months. In this article, we will be providing you with a couple of tips to help owners of ecommerce and dropshipping businesses prepare for a potential recession.

What are the Possible Impacts of a Recession on Your Ecommerce or Dropshipping Business?

When recession strikes, ecommerce and dropshipping businesses are highly vulnerable to economic difficulties. In fact, these business models are often in a more difficult position to get through an economic downturn. Based on occurrences from past recessions, your ecommerce business may be affected in the following ways:

Reduction in Sales: As a result of personal financial hardship, consumers are likely to spend less money than usual.

Stern Competition: Ecommerce and dropshipping businesses within the same niche or market will need to compete harder to maintain sales.

Inflation: Inflation will occur as suppliers and retailers adjust pricing to make up for decreased sales from anxious consumers.

Decreased Interest Rates: Also, interest rates will decrease, thus, making it a difficult time to borrow money for general shopping or spending.

Tips to Prepare Your Ecommerce or Dropshipping Business for a Recession

Below are some insightful tips to help you strategize and cushion the effect of the recession on your business:

Focus on Your Best Selling Products

In a booming economy, ecommerce and dropshipping businesses tend to spread their advertising budget across various products. However, with a looming recession, it is advisable that you change this and concentrate more on your best-sellers. The idea is to conserve and get the best out of the little that you have during trying times. Focus on the products that are often in high demand by your customers. Consider halting other product marketing. By concentrating your marketing efforts on your best selling products, you can derive the best return for your efforts.

Improve Customer Value

As mentioned earlier, consumers are likely to spend less money than usual due to personal financial difficulty. How do you convince them to keep patronizing? – By offering value. Customers always want to get the best value for their bucks. A recession may be a great time to take a comprehensive look at your current customers and increase the value of products or services you offer to them.

Evaluate your current customer base, and think about ways you can encourage them to keep coming back, especially during difficult times. A great idea is to offer possible incentives like free shipping, extra fast delivery, discounts, commissions, points programs, and more. Doing these may help you earn more revenue without having to source for new customers.

Monitor Your Spending

What’s more, recession is brutal and very unforgiving! When it occurs, it may not be the best time to take financial risks. This is the time to monitor your spending. No need for any bold financial move or major business purchase. The financial stress that comes with recession is enough. It is important that you keep your spending in check. With this, you can prevent engaging in outrageous spending, which may likely affect you and your ecommerce or dropshipping business in the long run.

Optimize Your Costs

Another way to prepare for a possible recession is to optimize your cost. When the economy is booming, ecommerce and dropshipping businesses enjoy increased sales. Often times, this may lead to reckless spending or low operating margins. During the rapid business growth, inefficiencies like using larger boxes for packaging are often overlooked. This results in higher dimensional weights.

If there is a recession, issues like this should be spotted with and replaced with cost-effective practice solutions. Also, you can optimize your cost by keeping your ecommerce, and dropshipping order fulfillment costs relatively low.

Content is King – Create Informative and Engaging Contents

Also, having a well-thought-out content marketing strategy is crucial during a recession period. Creating engaging and informative content will position your brand as an industry leader. You can also establish authority in your niche and attract more customers to your business with proper content marketing.

Contents such as blog posts, videos, and newsletters can help drive organic traffic to your store and generate leads for your ecommerce business. Also, you can leverage SEO through content marketing. This will increase your store’s rankings in search engine results, which in turn drives more traffic to your store.

Keep Your Business in the Spotlight

Finally, you can keep your business in the spotlight by increasing your brand awareness endeavors. Brand awareness, during a recession period, may be a great way to combat the problem of dwindling sales. Remember that customers are hesitant to spend during this period. Increasing brand awareness will put your business at the forefront of both current and potential customers. This is the ideal way to secure a purchase.


There you have it! Above are some tips to prepare your ecommerce or dropshipping business for a potential recession. Just as you should take adequate measures to prepare for an adventure, you should also prepare your ecommerce business for a possible recession. Whether the recession hits within the next couple of months, next year, or whenever, applying the insightful tips provided above before it hits can help lessen the impact on your business.

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