Did you just design your online store but are finding it difficult to get your first dropshipping sale? Don’t panic; you’re not the only one with this issue. Unless you get lucky or you’re inherently gifted, securing your first few Dropshipping sales can require an insignificant effort. Arguably, it’s more difficult to go from 0 to 10 sales than going from 100 to 1000 sales. Here are some tips to get your first Dropshipping sale.

Try Out Affiliate Marketing

Since you are having difficulties getting your first sale, you can try seeking the help of affiliates to do your marketing for you. Since no one currently knows your brand, you need to offer an incentive that’ll thrill possible affiliates. Large cash incentives and gift offers can go a long way in bringing them to your side. You can go online and search for affiliate networks.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog can better your chances of getting your first Dropshipping sale. It essentially adds another method for possible customers to locate your online store. When searching for certain information, people might land on your blog, after which they will go through your store and might even end up purchasing a product! Additionally, having a blog on your online store will also definitely enhance your store’s SEO, which means people can discover your products on Google more easily.

Handle Your Inventory Levels

Most professional dropshippers would agree that managing the condition of inventory across several suppliers is the greatest threat you’ll face running a Dropshipping or ecommerce business. If you do not do this properly, you’ll consistently be informing clients that their order is out of stock which is not a good way to get your first Dropshipping sale.

Offer Discounts

The thing is everyone loves discounts. So what better way to get that first sale than offering discounts to your potential customers. For instance, you can try to offer a discount in your header while a customer is viewing the product. Or, you can offer customers a discount when they subscribe to your email newsletter.

Fulfil Orders Judiciously

Using numerous suppliers is a step in the right direction to get your first sale. It also betters the chances of you always have items in stock, offers geographical distinction for quicker delivery times, and stops you from depending on one source for your goods or products, this is an effective fall-back plan if your main supplier runs out of stock on special days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But with several options for filling an order, choosing the right supplier might sometimes be an issue.

Target the Right Audience

It can be very difficult to get your first sale if you target the wrong audience. For example, you could offer cat toys to dog owners a million times, and it won’t better your chance: they won’t buy a thing. Additionally, this just could annoy them. Thus, you should try and focus on people who want to buy your goods or products. If you know who they are, you can conveniently target them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Write an Efficient Return Policy

Before drafting your return policy, you’ll want to ensure that you comprehend and know-how all your suppliers handle returns. If they have a loose 45-day return policy, you can afford to be kind with your terms. A harsh return policy can drastically affect your chances of getting your first sale.

Offer Customer Support

Dropshipping allows you to sell similar products as everyone else. Besides the tips discussed above, offering great support is one of the most effective ways to help you stand out when Dropshipping. Although replying to customer inquiries and offering refunds does not detach you from the majority of the big brands, it can help you secure your first Dropshipping sale.

Focus On a Single Niche

Getting your first sale focusing on one niche is hard enough. Imagine how difficult it will be when your attention is divided. There are millions of sellers selling similar products with Dropshipping. So, if you want to make your goods alluring and make the first sale, the best way is to focus on a single niche

Sell Wholesale to Other Retailers

Selling to end-users is good, but selling wholesale might be just what you need to get your first sale. One of the major benefits of selling wholesale is the obvious boost in cash flow. There will be a lower profit, but with time, quantity can cover up for the difference. Furthermore, you’re enabling other organizations and resellers to promote your goods, broadcasting the word about your product as they buy it themselves.


These ten tips will help better your chances of getting your first dropshipping sale. However, as your business starts to expand, you’ll need to try out more prudent tactics to continue growing your business. Your first dropshipping sale can be a supernatural moment. You have worked hard for it, and once it takes place, it will increase your motivation to continue working on your business.

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