Dropshipping business seems like an easy way to do business online. You don’t have to invest a lot of capital or bother about meeting up with product orders. Besides, you can run the dropshipping business from wherever you are. However, just like every other business, dropshipping has its challenges as well.

In Dropshipping business, you are not totally in control of the business process, and you can’t influence the business outcome. Other agents control the order processing and packaging, which leaves you at the mercy of the agents. This is a leading problem with dropshipping business because when an order goes wrong, the business goes wrongs. The good news is that the challenges that come with dropshipping can be rectified. If you are considering starting a drop shipping online business, here are some challenges you may face and how to handle them.

Delayed Order Processing

It can become a problem when you place an order with your supplier, and he delays the order. You can handle this challenge by following up on the order if you don’t get feedback from your supplier after 24 hours. You need to know why your order hasn’t been processed and when it will be processed. This will increase customers’ trust level, especially if your business is still new.

Finding a Reputable Supplier

This is a leading challenge eCommerce store owners face. There are many suppliers out there, but it can be hard to get a consistent and reputable one that isn’t fraudulent. The best way to handle this challenge is to search for suppliers using dropshipping supplier catalogs. On this catalog, you will find a list for you to choose a supplier. Also, ensure that your supplier is someone who knows your niche and is on the same page with you in terms of supplier fees, scalability, and order minimums.

Shipping the Wrong Item to a Customer

Many online business owners have had this problem one time or the other. This problem indicates poor customer service, and it can tarnish your business’s reputation. Some eCommerce store owners have admitted that they lost customers because of this mistake. Regardless of how the business ends, the business owner takes the blame alone. As much as this mistake can leave a bad impression on your business, you can handle it and reduce the negative impression.

You can avoid this problem by knowing your drop shopper return policies. This will help you guide the customer on the action to take when the issue arises. You can also give the customer a discount on their next purchase as a way of apologizing to them.

Goods Out of Stock

This is a common challenge with dropshipping business. Most manufacturers and processing agents try as much as possible to update their eCommerce partners about available stocks, but at times the goods may be out of stock or no longer available.

You can overcome this challenge in several ways. You can inform your client. Contacting them through personal channels like a phone call works better in this case. Customers prefer being contacted personally about their orders. You can also suggest to your customer of you can deliver a similar product. Another way you can overcome this challenge is to get the product from another supplier.

Wrong Tracking Code

Wrong tracking code can be for another package, or it can be invalid. Human errors can happen sometimes, especially when your dropshipping company gives out a high number of tracking codes daily.  Handling this challenge is simple. The best way to deal with this minor challenge is to test-track the code before passing it to the customer.

Damaged Arrived Goods

You might get confused about what action to take when goods arrive in poor conditions. You shouldn’t worry yourself much about this problem because it’s not so difficult. The best and easiest way to handle damaged arrived goods is to replace them. Most times, manufacturers give warranties on products. When this happens, you only have to contact the manufacturer to replace the item. However, you should know the terms and conditions of the manufacturer before getting involved with the product.

Goods Shipped to the Wrong Address

Sometimes goods are shipped to invalid or wrong addresses. This happens especially when there are errors with the communication channels. Suppliers handle orders differently. While some prefer using emails, others will opt for a phone call. With a phone call, it’s easier to mix things up. Regardless you can avoid this problem by cross-checking every address before you send it to your supplier. Also, have proof of the shipping address. You won’t have to bear the cost of reshipping the product if the problem isn’t from you.


In Dropshipping business, problems are bound to arise because you are not in complete control of the process and outcome of the business. If you are interested in dropshipping business, don’t let the problems discourage you. The challenges may seem tough, but they are easy to handle.

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Customer service is the backbone of all successful businesses, this is an undeniable fact. Good customer service begets loyal customers who give positive reviews that in turn get you a lot of new customers. In dropshipping, the role of customer service cannot be overestimated. These customers identify with you, and not the supplier. Therefore even after delivery the drop shipper must still stay in contact the client.

Keeping your customers happy, willing to make a repurchase and invite others to your store should be your goal. High traffic is very essential for a successful dropshipping platform, this is a great way to gather and keep customers. Here are 10 customer service best practices for your dropshipping business.

Make Your Staff and Employees Your First Customer

When your customer service team and general staff are happy, they transfer these vibes to the customers and vice versa. This applies to dropshipping companies that have a customer service team. Train your staff especially your customer service team. Even If you are the sole customer service provider Endeavour to acquire exceptional customer service skills also. Be sure to Set customer service expectations for your customer service team.

Have Full Knowledge of the Fulfilment Process

A customer places an order then you tell your supplier who then ships the item to your customer, so you just sit back and relax? If you seek success the answer is NO. First, you must know your products inside out. Imagine what the outcome would be when an already frustrated client asks about a delayed order or returns and you are blank?

You won’t just be losing a customer potential referrals would be cut off as well as a negative feedback that mars your brand’s reputation. Save yourself all this stress and follow up with the fulfilment process from the supplier.

Take Responsibility

Yes, the supplier messed up, but the customer knows only you. Never shift the blame always take responsibility. Let your customer be assured you are in control of the situation. Your customer doesn’t know you are not the one fulfilling the orders, keep it that way. Try pacifying the customer while you work with the supplier to find solutions in case of delayed shipping or the return shipment.

Provide Swift Response to Customer Inquiries and Complaints

This is very essential in customer service. Address them by their name when responding. It keeps your already irritated customer a little calm, and potential customers are encouraged knowing you are readily available. You don’t want your customers waiting hours or days to get a response be it an enquiry or complaint. An “I am looking into the issue and would get back to you soon” does you a lot of good. Since a third party is involved swift responses ensures you save time by working on the problems as soon as possible with your supplier.

Follow Up On Feedbacks and After-Sales

Make your customers feel valued by contacting them after they give their feedbacks. Reply to their feedbacks and review. A thank you message after sales carries a lot of weight also. Don’t wait for issues to arise before taking action. These gestures make customers feel important and make them loyal.

Listen and Empathize With Your Client to Find Solutions

Listen to your customer, read and understand the context of their text perfectly before responding. Put yourselves in their shoes, empathizing with your customers is great but go one step further to find solutions. An ordinary apology and empathy are passive steps, advocacy one the other hand is taking actions and measures to calm an irate customer down.

Respond With Respect and Positivity

Its inevitable nerves get stepped on when dealing with frustrated customers, never let your emotions get the better of you. You are also frustrated by the situation when your supplier messes up. It’s important to not let your emotions overtake your desire to make a customer happy. For all the negativity you get always stay positive and let that show in your response. Address your customers with respect. All these turn furious buyers into faithful loyal customers.

Encourage Crystal Clear Communication

They should know this or that should be debunked. Leave no room for sentences or phrases that may seem offensive or sound uncaring from your path. Let your communication be clear and simple but professional. Avoid unrealistic expectations. Don’t over market a product or your services to something it’s not.

Handle Customer Returns Effectively

Effectively create a standard on customer returns. Work with your suppliers’ return policies to create your terms and conditions on returns. Make sure you can deliver at the time promised. Do not make promises vaguely, pay from your pocket if that is what it takes to not fail on your promise.


Answers to commonly asked questions should be found on your e-commerce website. Some questions are repeatedly asked frequently, collate these types of questions and provide adequate answers. Create a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, let it be easily accessible. This help saves valuable time.


Since dropshipping involves a third-party, customer service is very essential. These best practices help you in getting loyal customers and make their experience worthwhile. Positive reviews help build a strong customer base, your dropshipping store needs all the traffic it can get.

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Dropshipping is a line of business that has many perks. It enables you to make a healthy profit while avoiding the hassle of product handling, inventory management, storage costs, or raising a huge capital. The dilemma that most dropshippers face, however, is how to pick the best items for your store. Hardly any ecommerce business can thrive if you make the wrong product choices. This also applies to dropshipping. In order to be successful as a dropshipping business owner, selecting the right products for your store is crucial. Here are some tips on how to pick the best products for your dropshipping store.

Find Trending Products

The biggest mistake any business owner can make is to offer products that nobody really wants. To avoid this, you can employ some technical means to find products that are currently in vogue. You can do this with Google trends keyword search tools, Kickstarter, or Wish. These tools will provide insights to help you know products that people are currently searching for the most within a particular location.

What’s more, when you find trending products, you know that there are higher chances of selling them. Tools like Google Trends, Kickstarter, and more can be huge resources to dropshipping business owners searching for trending products. They will help you identify products that are in-demand and make sales with minimal marketing efforts. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter trends-table can also help you in this regard.

Target Specific Niche Products

One way for your brand to gain some reputation and command authority is to operate within a specific niche. Reputation and authority are key factors that can help make search engines rank your store higher, giving you great visibility. This is why it is important to focus more on particular niche products. While you intend to sell trending products through your store, you don’t have to sell products in all niches.

Furthermore, targeting a niche also provides you an opportunity to gain specialized knowledge about that market segment which will help you satisfy their needs better. You can use Google Trends to get some insights about Niches that are likely to be popular at a specific period of time.  Some prominent niches you can target include, Fashion, Tech, Sports, Cosmetics, Beauty Products, and more. Products under these niches are often in demand.

Conduct a Competitor Product Research

What items are your competitors currently selling? Another tip for choosing products for your dropshipping store is to conduct competitor product research. Before selecting items for your store, you should search for relevant competitors who sell similar items. When you do this, you should aim to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity that you can exploit to your advantage.  Here are some things to always remember when conducting a competitor product research:

  • Identify your competitors and the popular products sold by them.
  • Examine your competitor’s website as well as the overall customer experience
  • Identify your competitor’s market positioning.
  • Take a look at the product pricing.
  • Evaluate their shipping methods.
  • Review their social media marketing efforts.

Search Social Shopping Sites for Products That Sell

According to recent statistics, there are about 2.05 billion online shoppers. This goes to show that people are always looking to purchase one product or the other. In order to choose the right product for your store, you can look through different online shopping sites. Doing this will enable you to find products that are in demand or have the best recommendations.

Some shopping sites you can have a look at include Pinterest, Shopify, Etsy, Blomming, Daily Grommet, Lish, and so forth. When you go on the sites, you should look out for key indicators like the comment section, number of shares, likes, or recommendations depending on the sites’ user interface option. Researching products that buyers are purchasing on these social marketplaces and gives you a great idea of the items to add to your dropshipping store.

Find Products to Dropship on Online Communities

There are several seller communities that you can join online. In these communities, sellers often share their challenges or positive experiences about different products, niches, customers, online stores, and so forth. All of these can provide crucial information to help you make the best decisions for your own store. Examples of such communities include Dropshipping seller groups on Facebook, Reddit communities, Quora Forums, Tumblr, among others. Looking at these online communities can enlighten you more about what products to select for your store.


There you have it! Above are some essential tips on how to pick items for your dropshipping store. While dropshipping saves you the stress of product handling, inventory management, or running a warehouse, it is crucial that you have the right products in your store. You don’t want to sell products that are rarely or never in demand. The tips listed above, will help you select the right products for your store and maximize your chances of making a high volume of sales and ROI.

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Some people will laugh at the idea of starting a dropshipping business in 2021. There are ridiculous claims making rounds that dropshipping is becoming a thing of the past. Some will go ahead to tell you that it is impossible for new dropshipping brands to become successful because the market is saturated.

While it is obviously more challenging to start and grow a dropshipping business now than it was a few years ago, it is still very possible for new entrants to succeed. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating economic effects across the world has created a bigger market for intending dropshippers. You just need to know the right things to do and how to do them at the right time.

As stated above, starting and growing a dropshipping business is pretty hard now. Making costly mistakes will certainly end your dropshipping business as soon as you launch it. Here, we will discuss eight costly mistakes you must avoid if you want to start and dropshipping business and succeed with it:

Getting In With an Unrealistic Expectation

It is good to dream big. It is also good to always approach any business undertaking with a positive spirit. It is not wise, however, to have an unrealistic expectation when getting into dropshipping. There is no way you can start making hundreds of thousands of dollars within few weeks of launching your dropshipping business. If you have such expectations, you may be discouraged in the early days and quit before your business blossoms.

Failing To Do the Necessary Research before Launching

Some beginner dropshippers make the mistake of rushing too quickly into the dropshipping world without conducting the necessary market research. Because of that, they won’t have the right information they need to make the best decisions in the early days. Lack of market research will definitely lead to poor decisions in the early days of dropshipping. In most instances, this normally results in business failure. This is the major reason most new entrants fail in dropshipping and related ecommerce businesses.

Niching Down Too Much

Choosing a niche is important, not just in dropshipping but in virtually all sorts of businesses and human endeavors. However, there should be a limit to niching for someone who is just launching a dropshipping business, especially when it comes to naming your business and branding your store. Do not start in a manner that will make it impossible or extremely difficult for you to change your product offering at a later date. Always leave a ream for restrategizing and introducing new products, if there is a need for that.

Selling One-Off Products

This is a major issue that affects most beginner dropshippers. It is among the biggest contributor to most young dropshipping businesses, and many never learn from it. One-off products are those products that a buyer will buy and use for a long time without needing a new one.

A good example of one-off products is a phone-cover. When one buys a phone cover, the intention is always to use it for several years or even months. Even when there is a need for a new phone case, it is unlikely that the buyer will remember to return to your shop. Selling one-off products put you in a tricky position where you will need to find new customers regularly. This is not always sustainable.

Choosing the Wrong Supplier

There are few business decisions that can be compared to picking a supplier for your dropshipping business. This is very important because it will determine the experience you will have, as well as the experience your customers will have when they buy the products you list.

Your suppliers determine a lot of things about your dropshipping business – they determine the quality of the product that is shipped, the shipping method, the shipping time, the shipping cost, as well as how products can be returned. They also determine the quality of customer support you will get, and that will always affect your customers.

Publishing Vague Policies

It is common for beginner dropshippers to use the content of other dropshipping websites to create their own. While there is nothing seriously wrong with this, publishing generic or vague policies can land you in trouble. The truth is that some of the policies you may find on the websites of established brands may not suit your business. There are return policies, for instance, that you may not be able to afford. Create your own policies that you fully understand and can honor.

Not Optimizing Your Store

Dropshiping is nothing without a great dropshipping website. The best dropshipping websites are fully optimized. Your dropshipping website needs to be fully optimized from day one. You also need to improve your website from time to time. The essence is not just to improve the aesthetic appeal but to make the experience of shopping easy for your customers.

Competing On Price 

This is one of the worst mistakes inexperienced dropshippers make, and it can easily put one out of business. It is understandable that some people assume that lowering prices will get more people to buy from their stores, but how sustainable can this be. Never compete on price in the early days. Only experienced dropshippers who have established their brands and understand their business very well can know how to reduce prices without taking a major hit.

Bottom Line

Dropshipping can be very tough in the early days. Making mistakes at this point can ruin your chances of succeeding. Knowing the commonest mistakes and avoiding them always will take you a step closer to achieving success. Be careful to avoid the mistakes discussed here and put in your best efforts to grow your dropshipping business.

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In the early days, dropshipping was clearly an easy and rewarding business model. Today, it is still rewarding but has become quite tougher. Ecommerce entrepreneurs and dropshippers, specifically, have to do more to succeed. And one of the most important things to do is to build a brand. Building a brand for your dropshipping business goes beyond coming up with a mission statement, creating a logo, and other similar petty moves. Yes, these things are parts of branding, but you have to dig deeper if you want results. Here, we will discuss eight ways to build a brand for your dropshipping business.

Research Your Target Market Even Further

What do you want to dropship, and who do you intend to sell to? These are some of the most important questions you will have to answer before starting your dropshipping business. You will have to be more detailed with your answers if you want to brand your business appropriately and make it big in your niche. Take time to research the market you are going into, as well as the people you will soon be calling customers. Keep every piece of information you find handy as you will need them every step of your effort.

Decide On a Brand Voice

Consistency is one of the most important ingredients of good branding, and you need to start in the early days to lay the foundations. There is a great need for you to define your brand voice as early as possible. This is going to be the tone, the attitude, and the entirety of your communication style with your potential customers. Your brand voice will determine most other branding elements. It will determine the language and tone in your product description, as well as how you respond to messages from customers and engage them on socials and other platforms.

Make Your Business Name Memorable

This is where most people pay serious attention to their branding efforts. Almost anyone can tell you that a catchy name is important for any business undertaking. Here, we are going to advise that you go for a business name that is memorable. This doesn’t mean a catchy name is not good. Of course, catchy names will attract more customers, but it takes a memorable name to stick to the minds of the potential customers and make them identify your brand wherever it is mentioned. It is also best that your business name makes it fairly obvious what you are going to be dropshipping.

Get a Professionally Designed Logo

Creating a logo is not a big deal. Even kids in elementary schools can create good-looking logos. However, the problem is that you don’t really need a good-looking logo. Good look is important, but there are other details to pay attention to. Your logo should be distinctive and easy to recognize. Just like your business name, the logo needs to be memorable so that your customers will recognize your brand anywhere and anytime. This is why it is important to get a professional graphic designer to work on your logo. The money you will pay for it will be worth it.

Choose Your Color Design Carefully

When it comes to your dropshipping store, color selection is very important. Some erroneously assume that the color is just for aesthetic appeal. There is a psychological side to the use of color, and you need to know it and apply it while choosing your colors. Remember that this is part of your branding efforts and that you must get it right at this stage. If you are not so sure about colors and the roles they can play in your business and brand, speak with a knowledgeable individual while making the decisions.

Pick Your Fonts Carefully

This is one aspect of building dropshipping websites that people don’t take too seriously, and it affects user experience, which will directly affect branding in many negative ways. To avoid making things complicated and confusing for your website visitors, pick not more than two fonts: one for heading and the other for regular text. Of course, this has nothing to the font used in your logo.

Take Good Care Of Your Customers

When you get other things right and fall in this one, you can’t really have a successful business. The idea of branding is to improve the visibility of your dropshipping business and make it attractive to your potential customers. When the customers start coming, you need to take good care of them and their needs in order to keep them coming back. Make customer satisfaction your priority, and things will be a lot easier.

Share Your Story

Your story is an essential part of your branding efforts and must be treated as such.  Building a brand story is important. That is one of the keys to connecting with your customers. It is important to tell your brand story in a manner that builds trust. Tell your customers what you stand for and what you care about, among other things. Tell your story wildly to appeal to more potential customers and take your brand to the next level.

Branding is super-important for a dropshipping business. We have discussed some important ways to get started and build a brand for your business. We hope this piece helps you make the right decisions and succeed in dropshipping.

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What is Q4 Dropshipping?

Q4 dropshipping refers to dropshipping in the last quarter of the year. In other words, it is dropshipping in the last four months of the year. This dropshipping season starts in October and runs through December.

There are lots of reasons why dropshipping in the final quarter of the year is important and we shall find out in this post. Also, we will disclose to you some of the things to anticipate during this time.

Common Changes in Q4

There are certain changes that take place in the last quarter of the year. Dropshippers can capitalize on these changes to build their business and rake in profits. What are the changes that make Q4 so special for dropshippers? Let us find out below.

Increase in Sales

According to Statista, the percentage of e-commerce sales becomes higher each year towards its end. During the quarter 4, more people buy things on the internet instead of in brick and mortar stores. Due to the pandemic this year, people are expected not to queue up in retail stores in adherence to social distancing rule. Their shopping will be done online.

A Rise in Customer Service

During the quarter 4, e-commerce owners normally experience a spike in package processing as more products are bought from their store. Because of the increase in package processing, the delivery time may take longer than usual. It will to your own benefit to prepare for this particular occasion in establishing channels that ensures the orders are delivered to your customers when due.

Increased Marketing Costs

One of the common changes in Q4 is increased marketing costs on all advertising platforms. If this happens, do not worry. You will recover the money spent on marketing from the sales you will make. This is because people are more open to buying products online in the final quarter of the year.

Special Events to Prepare for In Q4

One of the things about dropshipping in Q4 is that there are events that present you with an opportunity to boost e-commerce sales. These special events include:

Halloween (October 31st)

Halloween is one of the events celebrated by Americans on the 31st of October every year. In preparation for the event, Americans spend billions of dollars purchasing costumes, candies, and decorations. This is a great time to witness a spike in your dropshipping sales.

Thanksgiving (November 26th)

Thanksgiving Day is popularly celebrated by Americans and Canadians. Thanksgiving Day is one of the busiest days where people spend so much time buying items for the celebration. According to a Business Insider report in 2019, US e-commerce saw $4 billion in sales on Thanksgiving.

Black Friday (November 27th)

Black Friday is that time of the year when e-commerce stores offer items on a discount. This has made it the biggest shopping event across the globe. E-commerce stores at this time of the year witness astronomical rise in sales. Based on a Forbes report, there were more than $7.2 billion in sales on e-commerce stores on Black Friday in 2019.

US Presidential Election

The US presidential election normally takes place in November every four years. It is an opportunity for dropshippers to make online sales of presidential election items like caps, custom shirts, bags, more.

Christmas (December 25th)

Christmas is that time of the year when dropshippers make huge sales. Around the world people in the spirit of Christmas shop for gifts for their loved ones ahead of Christmas. You can find lots of products you can offer on your dropshipping store to make sales.

Tips to Prepare Your Dropshipping Store For Q4

Here are some essential tips to prepare your dropshipping store for the last season of the year:

Utilize Email Marketing

Since marketing costs will skyrocket during Q4, you can cut costs by setting up an email marketing campaign. With email marketing, you will be able to make huge sales without breaking the bank.

Use Customer Service

During Q4, you are likely to have a delay in the shipping of products. Customers will want to know what is delaying the arrival of their ordered products and where they possibly are. Customer service will help you attend to such request and placate them. Hiring a virtual assistant for your customer service will be best as this will help you focus on other areas of the business.

Create Special Discounts

Q4 is a special opportunity to create discounts on your products and witness a rise in sales. Q4 is a time where people go online to shop. It is an opportunity for dropshippers to create special discounts and make more sales.

Monitor Order Fulfillments

This is an important metric that ensures your dropshipping business is not at risk. Check if you are having cancelations and backorders. Any of these can cause your seller account to be suspended at this bountiful time of the year.


There you have it! Above is all you need to know about Q4 dropshipping, common changes, special events, and how to prepare your dropshipping store for the last season of the year. From this article, it can be seen that there are lots of events that happen during the Q4 in the dropshipping industry. Take note of them as they will aid you to prepare better and make the most of the opportunities they present.

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When starting a dropshipping business, one of the most vital elements is finding a reliable product shipping strategy. Even though dropshipping allows you to make profits without maintaining an inventory, you still need to deliver excellent shipping experiences to your customers. In this article, we will be providing you with some essential product shipping tips to boost your dropshipping business.

Shipping Strategies for Dropshipping

There are a variety of shipping strategies available to dropshipping businesses. These include:

  • Offer free shipping and increase the prices of the products
  • Offer free shipping and have the shipping costs come out of your profits
  • Slightly increase the cost of your products while charging a low flat shipping rate
  • Charge your customer a flat shipping rate
  • Also, you can decide to pass on the exact shipping cost to your customer

Dropshipping business owners can choose to have different strategies for different products, for instance, free shipping, per-item shipping rates, tiered flat rates, or single flat shipping rates.

Some Shipping Tips to Boost Your Dropshipping Business

Below are some product shipping tips to boost your dropshipping or ecommerce business:

Work with a Reliable Supplier and Shipping Company

As mentioned earlier, delivering great shipping experiences to your customers is crucial to the success of your dropshipping business. Customers hate unnecessary delays. Once an order has been confirmed, you need to process how it will be shipped as soon as possible. This is why working with a reliable supplier or shipping company is important. With this, you can have the needed assurance that your supplier or the shipping company will deliver the products to customers in due time and in excellent condition.

Borrow a Leaf from Competitors

Another effective shipping tip to boost your dropshipping business is to borrow a leaf from your competitor’s shipping strategies. Take time to observe what your competitors are doing on their dropshipping or ecommerce stores, social media, and more. Note how their campaigns and promotions work for them. Having an idea of your competitor’s product shipping strategies can help you create an effective shipping strategy that will drive more sales.

Order Some Samples

Also, ordering samples of products you intend to sell in your dropshipping store will provide you with first-hand experience of what customers think about the product. You will also be able to examine the type of packaging and delivery time the supplier used. From here, you can make suitable changes to improve customer experience.

Analyze Average Shipping Time

Unfortunately, most suppliers don’t provide reliable information about the estimated shipping time of a product. Regardless, you can still estimate the average order processing time, as well as the time it takes to deliver a product. By analyzing the average shipping time, you can choose the right shipping strategy or dropshipping delivery method for your business.

Employ a Unique but Effective Shipping Model

One thing that can make your dropshipping business stand out and boost revenue is by employing a unique but effective shipping model. In fact, this can be the major selling point of your dropshipping business. When setting product prices, you can absorb the shipping costs to generate enough profit. Also, ensure that you take the effectiveness of delivery methods into account when choosing your dropshipping model.

Create Appealing Shipping Campaigns

Furthermore, appealing shipping campaigns can encourage buyers to make purchases. For instance, free shipping or single flat shipping rates can convince a customer that making the purchase now may look like an excellent idea. Besides, these shipping campaigns can improve marketing opportunities and help offset your own shipping costs. By creating an appealing shipping campaign, you can increase the prospect that a customer will place an order.

Inform Visitors about Your Appealing Shipping Campaigns

To improve the visibility of your shipping campaigns, you can post them on product pages or attach them to your mailing lists. However, it is important to ensure that both current and potential visitors have access to such information. This will help increase the conversion rate and boost revenue. Also, you can include head banners about your shipping campaigns on your online store. This can help lead both new and existing customers to the pages that contain information about your shipping strategy.

Prioritize Free Shipping for Loyal Customers and First Time Buyers

Recent studies have shown that a large number of customers consider shipping as an incentive to make a purchase on an online store. These customers want the best value for their bucks. Thus, you can use free shipping to entice first time buyers and visitors to your store. Likewise, you can reward your loyal customers by offering them free shipping.


There you have it! Above are some effective product shipping tips to boost your dropshipping business. For the success of your dropshipping business, it is important to optimize your shipping times, costs, and delivery methods. This ensures that you are able to deliver great customer experiences that will exceed their expectations. Remember, the ultimate goal here is to strengthen your dropshipping or ecommerce brand while establishing a loyal customer base. By following the insightful product shipping tips provided above, you can boost your dropshipping business.

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For the past 11 years, the US economy has been in an expansion period. This is the longest period of experiencing no recession in the history of the nation. As the saying goes, all good things will eventually come to an end. With the uncertainty brought to the US workforce by the COVID-19 pandemic, a potential recession may be looming. It is important that consumers, ecommerce business, dropshipping business, and other brick-and-mortar establishments across the nation take caution.

Furthermore, the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of jobs, thus, leaving millions of Americans unemployed. The current economic situation has also taken a huge toll on the stock market. Updates from Bloomberg Economics have indicated that there is a 100% chance for a recession to occur anytime from now or within the next 12 months. In this article, we will be providing you with a couple of tips to help owners of ecommerce and dropshipping businesses prepare for a potential recession.

What are the Possible Impacts of a Recession on Your Ecommerce or Dropshipping Business?

When recession strikes, ecommerce and dropshipping businesses are highly vulnerable to economic difficulties. In fact, these business models are often in a more difficult position to get through an economic downturn. Based on occurrences from past recessions, your ecommerce business may be affected in the following ways:

Reduction in Sales: As a result of personal financial hardship, consumers are likely to spend less money than usual.

Stern Competition: Ecommerce and dropshipping businesses within the same niche or market will need to compete harder to maintain sales.

Inflation: Inflation will occur as suppliers and retailers adjust pricing to make up for decreased sales from anxious consumers.

Decreased Interest Rates: Also, interest rates will decrease, thus, making it a difficult time to borrow money for general shopping or spending.

Tips to Prepare Your Ecommerce or Dropshipping Business for a Recession

Below are some insightful tips to help you strategize and cushion the effect of the recession on your business:

Focus on Your Best Selling Products

In a booming economy, ecommerce and dropshipping businesses tend to spread their advertising budget across various products. However, with a looming recession, it is advisable that you change this and concentrate more on your best-sellers. The idea is to conserve and get the best out of the little that you have during trying times. Focus on the products that are often in high demand by your customers. Consider halting other product marketing. By concentrating your marketing efforts on your best selling products, you can derive the best return for your efforts.

Improve Customer Value

As mentioned earlier, consumers are likely to spend less money than usual due to personal financial difficulty. How do you convince them to keep patronizing? – By offering value. Customers always want to get the best value for their bucks. A recession may be a great time to take a comprehensive look at your current customers and increase the value of products or services you offer to them.

Evaluate your current customer base, and think about ways you can encourage them to keep coming back, especially during difficult times. A great idea is to offer possible incentives like free shipping, extra fast delivery, discounts, commissions, points programs, and more. Doing these may help you earn more revenue without having to source for new customers.

Monitor Your Spending

What’s more, recession is brutal and very unforgiving! When it occurs, it may not be the best time to take financial risks. This is the time to monitor your spending. No need for any bold financial move or major business purchase. The financial stress that comes with recession is enough. It is important that you keep your spending in check. With this, you can prevent engaging in outrageous spending, which may likely affect you and your ecommerce or dropshipping business in the long run.

Optimize Your Costs

Another way to prepare for a possible recession is to optimize your cost. When the economy is booming, ecommerce and dropshipping businesses enjoy increased sales. Often times, this may lead to reckless spending or low operating margins. During the rapid business growth, inefficiencies like using larger boxes for packaging are often overlooked. This results in higher dimensional weights.

If there is a recession, issues like this should be spotted with and replaced with cost-effective practice solutions. Also, you can optimize your cost by keeping your ecommerce, and dropshipping order fulfillment costs relatively low.

Content is King – Create Informative and Engaging Contents

Also, having a well-thought-out content marketing strategy is crucial during a recession period. Creating engaging and informative content will position your brand as an industry leader. You can also establish authority in your niche and attract more customers to your business with proper content marketing.

Contents such as blog posts, videos, and newsletters can help drive organic traffic to your store and generate leads for your ecommerce business. Also, you can leverage SEO through content marketing. This will increase your store’s rankings in search engine results, which in turn drives more traffic to your store.

Keep Your Business in the Spotlight

Finally, you can keep your business in the spotlight by increasing your brand awareness endeavors. Brand awareness, during a recession period, may be a great way to combat the problem of dwindling sales. Remember that customers are hesitant to spend during this period. Increasing brand awareness will put your business at the forefront of both current and potential customers. This is the ideal way to secure a purchase.


There you have it! Above are some tips to prepare your ecommerce or dropshipping business for a potential recession. Just as you should take adequate measures to prepare for an adventure, you should also prepare your ecommerce business for a possible recession. Whether the recession hits within the next couple of months, next year, or whenever, applying the insightful tips provided above before it hits can help lessen the impact on your business.

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Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Building a successful dropshipping business is no easy mission. No doubt, you’re going to fail at some point. In fact, some of the big names you see today in the world of dropshipping have once failed, not once but multiple times.

However, if we critically look at it, these failures are just a way of laying the foundation for success and success stories. So, if you think you’ve failed or failing, here are some essential tips for building a successful dropshipping business after multiple failures.

Choose Your Niche Wisely

Yes! If you’ve failed severally, one of the things that might have caused it is the wrong choice of niches. This time around, you’d need to make a wise choice and choose your niche wisely.  It is one of the early steps of your dropshipping journey, and most people get it wrong.

When choosing a niche, choose one that you have a genuine interest and passion for, the one you know all there’s to know about. Also, choose a niche that’s focused and with potentially attractive profit. A useful tool that might help in choosing a niche is Google Trend.

Do a Robust Competition Research

Don’t just go into dropshipping business without thorough research.  The reason most people fail is the lack of research. So, if you’ve experienced failure multiple times, doing competition research carefully and diligently is one way to get it right.

With this research, you get to gain an insight into the whole market or niche you’re going to. You also get to have enough information about products, suppliers, shipping, costs and some other things.

Get a Reliable Supplier

The supplier holds a vital role in dropshipping business, and an unreliable one may lead to the permanent closure of the dropshipping business. As a dropshipper, if you want a successful dropshipping business, you need to get yourself a reliable one. They are basically in charge of producing products and shipping them to your customers, and you don’t want to ever disappoint your customers anymore, do you?

Plan for Acquiring Customers

If you don’t have a plan for generating leads and acquiring more customers yet, then it’s time for you to find one. While you may have a well-designed website with a good product, of what use are they without customers to buy them or low traffic of customers.  This is why you’d need a customer acquisition plan for a successful dropshipping business. You can leverage social media, ads campaigns, email marketing, content marketing, and many more.

Leverage Apps

Yea! It’s 2020. Automation is being used everywhere! Another good thing about dropshipping is the array of excellent apps that can actually improve your chances of success. The emergence of these tools has made things a whole lot easier in dropshipping, from product sourcing to selling to marketing. You can leverage these apps to simplify, automate, and grow your dropshipping business. Examples of these tools are – Google Trend, MailChimp, AdWords, AutoDS, and many more.

Spice Up Your Customer Support

It’s a pity some dropshippers don’t even know they are doing a bad job with their customer service. It doesn’t matter how good a website is in terms of functionality, or design – if the customer support system is not doing an efficient job, there’s going to be a problem with selling. Customer service is an essential part of the dropshipping business. Hence, you need to spice it up and offer the best customer support for your customer to have a successful business.

Increase the Effort in Marketing

It’s time you learned the art of marketing, the strategies, and other things associated with getting traffic and sales fast. Maybe you’re not doing it the right way before. If those methods aren’t working for you, feel free to try other methods. Your competitors are continually marketing too, which means you need to increase your marketing effort to be successful in your niche.

Do Something about that Shipping Time

Shipping happens to be one of the last and vital stages in the dropshipping process. Delayed shipping has caused a failure for some dropshipping business as it leads to loss of customers, which in turn leads to no sales or even total closure of the business. It could also cause bad reviews from customers who got their orders late, which could reduce your chances of getting new customers. This is why you need to avoid delayed shipping as much as possible this time around.

There you have it! Many people worry about the low success rate in dropshipping. Dropshippers tend to give up on dropshipping due to several failures encountered in the process. However, it is important to know that if you do it the right way and learn from these failures, you’ll have an improved shot at success. With the above tips, you really don’t have an excuse for failing again.

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Dropshipping, a business you could do on the side while still holding down a 9-5 job. Time is money, and in fact, it is the most precious resource on earth. Automation can turn a 30 minutes job to 30 seconds one. Automating your dropshipping business can buy you more time to spend on other important things, so you won’t spend the whole day on dropshipping only.

What is Automated Dropshipping?

As the name implies, automated dropshipping is the act of using technology (apps and software) to do some of the tasks that you’d usually have to do manually when running a dropshipping business. As mentioned earlier, the process involved in dropshipping can be quite many. However, automation minimizes the number of repetitive and time-consuming tasks you have to do. This way, you can focus on other important things.

Thanks to its popularity in the business world, dropshipping has many popular apps that you can use to automate your business.

What Automation Can Do for You

Saves Time

Time is obviously the most valuable asset we have today, and you don’t want to spend the whole 24 hours on dropshipping doing the same thing. Automation is like your helper with many hands; it does tasks faster than you can. When your business is automated, you don’t even have to be there. You could be somewhere else holidaying or pursuing other business interests.

Save Money

Imagine the number of hires you’d have to make to do all those tasks for you. But with automation, you don’t need to hire many people again, which, in turn, means more money stays in the pocket. Although some automation software costs money, it’s still small compared to what you’d pay extra staff or people.

Improve Accuracy

Humans are prone to mistakes. Automation software, less or no mistakes. Accuracy matters in dropshipping. Mistakes can be made when copying, pasting, or transferring customers’ details manually. However, automating allows this kind of information to be shared automatically with a high degree of accuracy.

Dropshipping Process Automation

You can virtually apply automation to every step in your dropshipping business. Here we’ll go through different types of automation you can utilize to streamline or simplify your processes.

Adding Products

Adding products can be made easy by the use of automation. Whatever platform you’re using for your dropshipping business, there are tools that can do a “one-click” import of products into your store, including their relevant details like description and images. Some of these tools are Oberlo, Spocket, Syncee, Modalyst, and many more. These tools let you import the best, high profit, and trending products into your store in a matter of minutes.

Product Pricing

This is another process in your dropshipping business that can be automated. You don’t want to be imputing your product pricing and mark-ups manually, do you? It’s really a time-waster. There are many apps, however, that can-do product pricing for your business on automation mode. There are many different tools out there like Prisync and DSM Tool to help you with product pricing.

Product Research

Product research is a process in the dropshipping business that involves the careful observation and analysis of products by their sell rate, sale price, trend, or competition. The process can be a time consuming one, but with a research tool, and a couple of clicks, you get to spot the best or winning products for your dropshipping store. Product research tools – Pexda, Dropship Spy, Ecomhunt, Alishark, Niche Scraper, SaleSource, Google Trend, Keyword Planner, and more.

Customer Orders

You can also automate the process of your customers’ orders. With the tools available for this process, you don’t have to do anything like placing orders again. Whenever the customers buy from your store, the orders are being automatically placed simultaneously with your supplier. Customer orders automation tools – Inventory source, AutoDS.

Order Tracking

Order tracking is an essential part of customer service. Your customers want to know the movement of their orders from the supplier. You can’t be checking for every customer and updating them every time. It can be time-wasting. Automation tools for tracking orders can instead simplify this process.

As soon as an order is placed, a link can be generated for your customer that allows them to track the movement of their products: order tracking tools – Inventory Source, Shipway, AfterShip, and more.

Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is a must for every business, especially dropshipping. However, you can’t be online 24/7 every day, can you? Instead of being online 24/7, attending to customers, some automation tools like chatbots can actually help a great deal. Tools like Zendesk and FreshDesk are great tools to automate customer service operations.

There you have it! The processes involved in Dropshipping business are many, from marketing to advertising to accounting, to customer service to product sourcing, supplier searching, product pricing, research, and many more. All these processes will take time, so it is wise to leverage automation tools to streamline the whole process.

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