According to statistics from Semrush, top marketers were 414% more likely to report success when they documented their marketing strategy. Having a documented marketing strategy directly impacts your success, whether you’re a startup in the dropshipping business or not.

Essentially, these strategies will help you create an organized plan to cater to your customers’ needs, decide your product pricing and marketing budget, and act as a guide for your dropshipping business to drive leads and sales. Continue reading for 7 top effective marketing strategies that you can use to grow your dropshipping business in 2023 and beyond.

Focus On Retargeting Customers

98% of visitors to your dropshipping site won’t make a purchase on their first visit. Instead of just hoping for sales from the remaining 2%, and focusing your marketing efforts on gaining new traffic, you should be retarget those visitors who have been on your site. After they have been retargeted, they should have a 70% better chance of becoming potential customers on your site.

Utilize Email Marketing as a Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is another top marketing strategy that offers a great return on investment. Email marketing should form a major part of any online business marketing strategy because it can be used to retain customers, inspire new customers to make a purchase, highlight special offers and promotions, and lots more. Start by sending out a regular email newsletter and a welcome offer to new subscribers straight away. This is one fast way to get them to become customers. With the right email marketing tool, you can create custom email lists based on your customers’ past actions. This allows you to send relevant updates and special offers to the right customers.

Develop a Clear Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing is also one of the most effective ways to promote your dropshipping store. However, social media is a highly competitive space and you need to create your social media marketing strategy wisely. Start by choosing the best channels for your dropshipping business, and focus on them.

It’s best to start small, focus on two or three channels, and give these channels the ultimate attention they deserve. For dropshipping, visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest work well to highlight your products. Also post short video content on social media. This will help your brand build up more credibility and trust.

Know How To Recover Abandoned Carts

Being able to turn abandoned carts into sales will make a significant difference to your dropshipping revenue. Many factors could cause customers to abandon their carts. This could include having too many steps during your checkout process, not offering enough information, or having delivery costs that are too high.

Optimizing the checkout process with short, simple steps and clearly offering all the information your customers need will make a huge difference. Also, ensure to make use of abandoned cart notifications. Things like push notifications, automated abandoned cart emails, and SMS notifications should be part of your marketing strategy. They will help you recover carts and make more sales.

Leverage on Upselling and Cross-Marketing

The cost of acquiring new customers and generating sales is a lot higher than upselling to existing customers. There’s also a better chance of selling to people who trust your brand. Upselling and cross-marketing will help you to make the most of every dropshipping transaction. These operations encourage impulse buys, which can boost your revenue in a big way. To do upselling or cross-selling for your dropshipping store, offer recommended products to customers before they check out.

For instance, if a customer adds a fridge to their cart, have a surround refrigerator and fridge mount appear as recommended products. You can also offer a “customers who bought this product also like” section to get potential customers. The customer has already made the decision to buy, so there’s a high chance that they’ll be happy to increase their purchase.

Attract More Customers with Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a vital marketing strategy that can make a huge difference to your dropshipping store. Not only do paid ads make your products more visible, they allow you to target a very specific audience of potential customers. You can run Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and TikTok ads that are customized to your audience, goals, and budget. A great ad strategy is to run them with a discount code. This gives your audience more of a reason to visit your store and make a purchase.

Take Away

Getting dropshipping the right way requires a lot of dedication and the right marketing strategy. There are so many dropshipping businesses that fail because they aren’t able to market their stores properly. It just takes a little know-how of these strategies and execution to see results. Follow the 7 top marketing strategies that have been listed above, and you will be on the right path for setting your dropshipping business up for success.

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