Chinabrands reviews for dropshipping, why exactly are people moving away from the platform? While some people will give you one thousand reasons dropshipping is no longer viable, thousands of people are still coming in and making waves with dropshipping. To be honest, dropshipping is still the best retail fulfillment method and ecommerce businesses still have a lot to benefit from it.

Dropshippers understand the need to use the best dropshipping platforms. The experience your customers get, to a large extent, depends on how their orders are handled. This, in turn, depends on the dropshipping platform you are using.

When it comes to platforms that provide popular product lines, chinabrands is one of the well-known ones. A few years ago, it was a very attractive platform. In recent years, however, people are moving from Chinabrands to Fulfillman and other platforms. This has a lot to do with Chinabrands reviews.

Why People and Leaving Chinabrands for Fulfillman

As hinted in the paragraph above, Chinabrands reviews are steadily becoming negative. Actually, it is on the verge of hitting the rocks. The platform has frustrated dropshippers and customers in the last two years to the extent that its rating has dropped to 2.0 on many review sites. In Trustpilot, for instance, bad (1-star) rating stands at 60%. When you see more than half of the users (or former users) saying that a platform is horrible, there is no need to argue positively on their behalf.

In comparison to Fulfillman, Chinabrands is actually a terrible service. Here are specific reasons dropshipers are dumping chinabrands:

Insufficient/Poor Product Stock

Customers are often frustrated when they pay for products only to find out that the product is out of stock. Chinabrands reviews is very poor when it comes to restocking. They will continue to display products that are out of stock, and when an order is placed, it may take weeks before the shipping is initiated. Again, they have been accused of putting up wrong descriptions, which confuse and deceive dropshippers. Overall, they can make dropshippers lose money and their customers.

Poor Quality and Broken Products

Poor Quality

Poor quality of products is a problem in many ecommerce websites, but it seems that Chinabrands is worse than most in this regard. There are several complaints about shoppers receiving broken or cheap products that are nothing compared to the pictures, specifications, and features of the products they saw before making the order. This practice erodes buyers’ confidence and can ruin an ecommerce store. Dropshippers who don’t want to drown with Chinabrands are leaving to protect their reputations.

Slow Delivery

Customers are often excited when they can get the products they have paid for as soon as possible. Chinabrands make this impossible in most instances. The company has become notorious for delayed shipping and late delivery. There are complaints about products remaining in facilities for weeks and sometimes more than a month before shipping. That is not what customers want, and it can affect business relationships in many ways.

High Cost of Shipping and Zero Transparency

High Cost of Shipping

It is becoming increasingly expensive to buy from Chinabrands due to the high cost of shipping. The products may be listed at affordable prices, but once you buy, you will be shocked at the cost of shipping to products to your doorstep. There are instances where postage costs far outweigh the cost/value of the product. Another major problem with Chinabrands is that there is no transparency in their fee system. Some dropshippers are shocked at the number of hidden charges they will be forced to pay after placing orders. Many times, the dropshipper ends up losing money and customers.

Problems with Cancelation and Refund

Canceling an order can be difficult, if not impossible, in many cases. There are cases of clients waiting for months to get their products shipped. When they decide to cancel the order, they are shocked to see that it won’t work. Even when products arrive in bad shape, getting a refund is impossible in most cases. It appears they are just set out to rip customers off.

Terrible Customer Support

Terrible Customer Support

For most people, this is the straw that breaks the Camel’s back when it comes to dealing with Chinabrands. The company sucks at customer support, and this makes dealing with them frustrating. The auto-response service is unhelpful and very frustrating. After-sale support is nothing to write home about. It is so slow that you will prefer you never bothered with it. Sometimes, emails are completely ignored.

Why Fulfillman is the Right Alternative

With several other dropshipping platforms, why move to Fulfillman from Chinabrands. Here are the most important factors dropshippers choose this platform:

  • The website security and privacy policies are excellent
  • Affordable shipping to overseas destinations
  • Pricing is transparent
  • You can be sure of fast, accurate delivery
  • Adequate product stocking and fast restocking
  • Excellent customer support.

Successful dropshippers use platforms that make transactions smooth for online store owners and their customers. Over the years, Chinabrands has proved to be terrible at this. It is no longer secret that dropshippers are abandoning it for better platforms. We also know that Fulfillman is one of the reliable platforms dropshippers are moving to. If you are considering the move? Do it with full confidence as it can easily turn things around for your business.

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