There’s a business saying of “Buy low, sell high.” As a business person or prospective business owner, you should always abide by this rule if you hope to make a lot of profit from your sale. In this post, we will help you understand why buying wholesale remains a great idea for your business. Read on to discover more.

What is Wholesale Purchase?

Generally, wholesale purchase is when businesses or individuals buy products at a discount in bulk, only to resell at a higher price to either consumers or other firms. Usually, most companies work with one or two particular wholesale distributors to enhance the purchase and make it more efficient and reliable. In the product supply chain, wholesale purchase is just a step.

What is Wholesale Pricing?

Any amount a company or a business owner pays to a wholesaler, distributor, or manufacturer for a product is the wholesale price. Now, the pricing of these goods is called wholesale pricing. A great benefit of wholesale pricing is obtaining lower wholesale prices per product through large volume purchases. However, a disadvantage is that most goods are not sold on time, and they end up going bad.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale

Once you have a solid and reliable network of supplies, you would enjoy a bonus in wholesale purchase. However, generally, wholesale purchase enhances cost reduction in goods. Below are some of its wholesale purchase benefits.

  • Lower cost
  • Online processes
  • Greater variety
  • Greater coverage
  • Lesser frequent purchases
  • Better product selection
  • Ability to scale up

Eight Things to Know About How to Buy Wholesale

There are processes to everything in life, just as there are processes to buying wholesale items. However, it is pretty easy to get along with, below are eight essential things about a wholesale purchase.

Decide On a Niche/Product

This should be the first thing you do as a retailer, decide on what product category you want to dive into before you can purchase it. These days, most retailers have a problem deciding what to venture into and overstocking their shops and businesses. Nothing is wrong with having a little bit of everything, but what happens when significant items go bad due to lack of sales? You lose out. It is best to select a particular niche or bitches your budget can afford, then work with them.

Perform Market Research

In America, the wholesale market is growing at 1.2% annually, contributing to e-commerce growth. As a retailer, you need to have a vigorous marketing plan with a clear target audience before deciding on wholesale. The moment you go in, you will be competing against thousands of different brands. Performing market research first is one of the safest steps to take before making a wholesale purchase.

Where/How to Find Wholesaler

A regular person would not know how to go about this, but as a retailer/business owner, not knowing how to find a wholesaler is the first step to failure; however, don’t despair; that’s why this section was created. There are multiple ways you can go about finding a wholesaler. Examples include:

  • Commerce local chamber is one of these places.
  • If you’re at an event with other business owners, crowdsourcing is another excellent way to get information on what wholesalers to keep an out for.
  • For businesses manufacturing overseas, an online marketplace that provides a series of retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers can suffice, places like; eBay, Etsy, etc.
Establish a Professional Brand Image Upfront

Most retailers and suppliers do not have a professional brand image, which isn’t good for business. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to look and act the part. Having the right professional image to work with makes suppliers motivated to work with you. Also, ensure to set up your account with a good bank for the online transaction.

Browse A Wholesale Directory

A wholesale directory is simply any website that offers vital information on wholesale suppliers, what they sell, and how to get in touch with them. This makes the process easier. Get in touch with a distributor and start building a relationship.

Note that a hard supplier to reach is a great supplier for you because their goods are always in demand. However, it could also mean that their customer service is down and bad, hence conduct your private research before deciding.

Obtain Your Reseller’s Permit Or Licensing Agreement

Without your reseller permit, you cannot sell any goods legally. This permit shows the general public and also suppliers that you are a real business. The same applies to a license agreement. However, a licensing agreement is used by the supplier to control the amount and type of market a product is sold in. Without these means of identification, authentic suppliers would not supply goods to you, and you can also forget about the wholesale goods.

Attend Trade Shows And Relevant Events

As a retailer and business owner, going for these shows is a great way to boost your business while keeping an ear on the ground for important details that would benefit you and your business. This is one of the many ways to get your business started.

At events like these, many suppliers display their goods to the general public to develop more sales relationships. Be a part of this, and while at it, search for wholesalers that offer low minimum order quality (MOQ) who also want to work with new business owners.

Choose a Reliable Wholesaler

What is the point of working with wholesalers you cannot rely on? This is why you should read reviews about past users. You don’t need a wholesaler who cannot deliver on time and in the exact quantities you need or a wholesaler that keeps increasing the price and every new meeting point. Neither do you need wholesalers who show up with damaged goods. So as a retailer, always keep a lookout for the reliability of a wholesaler before making a purchase.


Deciding how to buy wholesale goods is a vital step to profit and increase inventories. However, getting the right products is also crucial. This is why it is advisable to spend time on intensive research to ensure you are on the right track to uplifting your business and sales. We hope this article was able to guide and answer most of the questions you might have had.

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