Amazon dropshipping has come to stay, and there’s a possibility of making a good income from it. However, there are quite good numbers of people currently into Amazon dropshipping these days, and many are still joining the already competitive market. With several people becoming drop shippers every day, it will be really difficult to make headway- if one is not very smart and equipped with the right tools to excel in the ever-competitive dropshipping business.

To be successful in Amazon dropshipping business, one needs to work hard and work smartly. Below are some essential steps that can help in building a successful Amazon dropshipping business:

Create an Amazon Seller Account

Well, this is the first step in starting any dropshipping business. To start an Amazon dropshipping business you need to create an Amazon seller account. Generally, there are two types of accounts in Amazon dropshipping: The individual account, and the professional account. Sellers that are new to Amazon dropshipping can create an individual account. Professional sellers, on the other hand, need to pay a monthly fee of $40.

Have a Solid Plan

How does one build a successful business without a good and solid plan? What’s a business without a plan?  Dropshipping business needs detailed planning to succeed. With the website and product in place, another important thing is to develop an effective business plan to work with. A business plan that captures everything from reaching out to the audience, getting suppliers and products, partners, and competitions.

Choose the Right Niche

Do what you love most!  When choosing a niche in dropshipping business, a good way to choose is choosing what you love, what you are actually interested in. Some people do make mistakes of diving into anything or niche they see with the mindset of figuring it out as they go. However, this is not advisable. Though it may work for some, it is vital to choose a niche that you are knowledgeable about and can easily answer customers’ questions. While selecting the right niche, it is also essential to consider and seek some factors such as attractive profits and low shipping costs, which are very important.

Craft a Well Detailed Title and Product Descriptions

In dropshipping business, once you find the items you want to dropship, then it’s time to list them on the Amazon marketplace. While listing, it is important to craft a well detailed SEO-Optimized Amazon titles and descriptions. Long and detailed descriptions are known to be rich in keywords and always rank better on Amazon. Also, all other details like the refund policy should be clearly stated.

Aim for a High Seller Rating

In Amazon dropshipping business, having a 95% or higher seller rating improves the likelihood that you’ll appear in organic searches. Appearing in organic searches translates to high turnover. Also, it’s essential to have a high seller rating as customers will be more likely to trust drop shippers with high ratings. High seller rating gives a seller an edge over those with lower ratings.

Research the Competition

These days the dropshipping business is known to be a competitive one. Therefore there’s a need to research in order to beat others in the race. Most profitable niches definitely have individuals and professionals doing so well in the niches. To beat them or get up to their level, you need to work hard and up your game too seriously. Research on some of the things other people in the niche are doing, try, and incorporate it into yours as well. Be smarter about yours. With good research can a seller be successful in the competitive Amazon dropshipping business.

Choose Your Supplier

Choosing suppliers for your dropshipping business is another step that needs to be handled with care. Working with the right supplier can really help your business in becoming a successful one. It is essential to be at the back of mind that a wrong choice of supplier can be the end of a business. Diligent work should be done when choosing a supplier. Consider factors such as reputation and how effective communication is with the supplier. In addition, a supplier can disappoint; they might not have that same product you want to get again. It is wise to consider having multiple suppliers to avoid disappointing your customers.

Market Your Business

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business. Every business needs marketing. Therefore, proper and effective marketing is essential for a dropshipping business. With a competitive market like a dropshipping business, all other competitors are marketing, so why won’t you? To build a successful dropshipping business, it is vital to engage in marketing. Marketing can be in the form of Facebook advertising, SEO, email marketing, and other social media marketing.

Be On The Look Out For Trends.

Trends!  What’s in vogue currently?  Or what are the products making people go crazy?  A seller that wants to build a successful Amazon dropshipping business must be able to know this and act on it. If a particular product is trending, then it is best to find and put it on listings. If you want those crazy sales, you have to work for it, and if people are not looking for what a drop shipper sells, then it is a dead business.

There you have it! Above are a couple of essential tips for building a successful Amazon dropshipping business. Building a successful Amazon dropshipping business requires a lot of effort and consistency. By following the tips above, you can establish a reputation for your Amazon dropshipping business.

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Amazon is one of the biggest and most recognizable brands in the world. It is also an innovative brand that has adopted different strategies to improve sales and become a household name worldwide. It is not surprising, therefore, that it has become one of the biggest platforms for dropshippers.

Dropshipping on Amazon is an awesome opportunity for anyone to benefit from the incredible benefits of dropshipping, leveraging on Amazon. Are you interested in this opportunity? Do you want to start dropshipping on Amazon but have no idea of how to start? We will briefly discuss everything you need to know to get started.

What Does Dropshipping On Amazon Entail?

Dropshipping general involves listing your products on your website without holding any physical inventory. When orders are placed, your supplier ships directly to your buyer. With Amazon, things are a little different. The company has a policy that explicitly states that ‘purchasing products from an online retailer and having that retailer ship directly to customers is not allowed.

What you can legitimately do is to use the ‘Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. This allows you to purchase items from retailers and have Amazon fulfil the order. We will get into how you can do that but let’s look at the major benefits first.

Benefits of Amazon Dropshipping

It is possible that you already understand the benefits dropshipping offers but it is important we briefly discuss them here. The major benefits of Amazon dropshipping include:

Fast Shipping Time: Customers generally want their purchases at their doorsteps as early as possible. Amazon can do this better than most marketing channels. Dropshipping on Amazon will help you get your orders to your customers faster and improves customer satisfaction.

Large Potential Customers: One of the biggest benefits of leveraging on Amazon is a large customer base. As at the last reported period, the company had 310 million active users. With such a channel, you can reach several people who are interested in your products.

No Warehouse Cost: This is one of the biggest benefits of the dropshipping business model. You don’t have to own or run a website as Amazon has you completely covered. This also means that your running cost will be minimal and there is zero risk of incurring losses due to damages.

Lower Ad Spend: While you can run ads on Amazon to promote your products, the platform is friendly to dropshippers who don’t have so much to spend on ads. The Amazon marketplace receives serious organic traffic and you can align your business to benefit from this by optimizing your page. You also set your ad cost.

Top-Notch Suppliers: Some of the world best suppliers can be found on Amazon. Dropshipping on the channel gives you access to these top-notch suppliers from around the world. This means you can easily sell some of the best products from Europe, Asia, America and other recognized markets. The phrase ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ also improves the legitimacy of your products.

Downsides to Amazon Dropshipping

Since we have discussed some of the benefits of dropshipping with Amazon, it is only fair that we talk about the downsides. The only major issue with Amazon dropshipping is the fact that it only works via the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program. This means that dropshippers cannot purchase from other retailers and have the retailer ship directly to the customer. Everything must go through Amazon.

How Do You Start Dropshipping With Amazon?

Getting started with Amazon dropshipping shouldn’t be a big deal. Here is how you can go about it:

Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform: Shopify is an excellent option to consider. It allows dropshippers to add Amazon as a sales channel to simplify order management.

Sell the right products: Amazon has a list of eligible stores as well as the sort of products that are restricted on the platform. You have to sell products in approved Amazon niches and play by their rules to qualify as a seller.

Create Amazon Seller Account: While it will attract monthly subscription and a few additional fees, owning a professional seller account is important to dropship on Amazon. It shouldn’t take you long to create the account once you are entering the right information on Amazon Seller Central.

Get Approved In Your Product Category: Depending on the niche you apply for, you may need approval before starting your Amazon store. The requirements are not often too strict and you can easily get approved when you do your homework well.

Set up Your Amazon Account on Shopify: Connecting your Amazon seller account to your e-commerce store is the next important step after approval. It is very easy to do on Shopify. Just click on Sales Channels and select Amazon, which will normally be first on the list. Add channel and connect to Amazon.

Create Product Listing: You can create product listing by following the steps: click create listing> select product> this product is made by another brand. You can search for the product, once found, click select and publish to get the process completed. It is important that you let Shopify track inventory levels so that your customers don’t order products that are out of stock.

Promote Your Amazon Store: While you can benefit meaningfully from Amazon organic traffic, your store will perform better when you promote it. Amazon ads are not too expensive and can meaningfully boost your sales.

Dropshipping on Amazon can be very rewarding. It is quite different from regular dropshipping and you have to get it right to succeed. This guide contains basic information on how you can dropship on the platform. It should get you started but never relent on getting more information to succeed with dropshipping on Amazon.

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Dropshipping on Amazon isn’t nearly as easy as it’s made out to be. Well, it is always the same with every business. It isn’t always smooth and rosy; the market is highly competitive, and when several charges from storage- to shipping – to handling set in, sellers might find it challenging.

However, it is essential to know that even as competitive as an Amazon dropshipping is, few drop shippers are still able to make a lucrative amount of profit from it. With the right mindset, tools, and some secret, dropshipping can be a great and dependable source of income for people. Below are some secrets that are worth knowing about Amazon dropshipping:

Find and Focus On A Niche

One secret most people don’t know is not to delve into any niche. To be successful in Amazon dropshipping business, there’s the need to choose a niche one is very good at carefully. If you choose a niche you have very good at, and understand the products, the chances of success get higher. Try and look at your personal experience and think of the items you’re good at finding deals for or what intimate products would people prefer to buy online instead of going to a store?

Optimize Your Listings and Improve Labeling

This is another big secret; there are so much that better pictures, better keywords, better titles, and better descriptions can do. Also improve on the packaging and labeling, and make them look professional.

Getting More Reviews

Many positive reviews translate to a trustworthy and reputable business. If customers see many positive reviews, they will be convinced to a large extent that the business is trustworthy, and are likely to buy from you. By advertising, you can let your family and friends know of your Amazon dropshipping for a start; they can help by buying and leaving a positive review. Also, online forums specific to your niche and social media can be targeted to get more customers and positive reviews. Which will help your dropshipping name greatly.

Ensure Great Customer Service

Customers are always first and right. One great success secret about dropshipping business is customer service. Efficient customer service can do a great deal in business. It can set you aside in your niche when customers feel they are valued and important to your business. They tend to stay and come back for more of your services. If the customer service is not top notch, evaluate and revive it to see remarkable changes and success in your dropshipping business.

Test your Products

If you want to do right by your customers, why don’t you have a test of your products first? The secret is a drop shipper should be able to know or have some knowledge about what they are selling. If they don’t, how do they ensure their customers are getting the right thing for their money? If you want to be responsible to your customers, then you need to know what your products look like, so if they have a question about it, you would be able to provide the right answer. Products samples are good examples used in knowing details about products.

Sell What’s Trending

Another secret about success in Amazon dropshipping business is following up with the trends. Yes!  What are those trending products? Those are the products a good drop shipper needs to capitalize on and take advantage of. They provide a great avenue to make more. In dropshipping business, it is vital to always keep an eye out for products that are on the rise and trending. Luckily, the dropshipping business is flexible, and it allows switching to any trending products as you wish.

Find the Right and Quality Suppliers

One factor that can determine the rise or fall of the dropshipping business is the supplier. A good one can help the business, while a bad one can hurt, and the bad ones are usually everywhere. Quality dropship suppliers with high-margin products are hard to find. Quality suppliers manufacture the products themselves or buy directly from the manufacturers, meaning a drop shipper gets quality products and with less unnecessary middlemen charges.

Find a Chance to talk face-to-face

Yes! Finding the time to have a chat with people in every line of dropshipping business is another way to grow and learn. Trade shows are a great place to start. With trade shows, one can connect with legitimate wholesalers and manufacturers to do business with. Examples of the trade shows are ASD, and Canton Fair.

Make It Official

To be successful in Amazon dropshipping business, there’s a need for your business to get an official label. This can be made possible by getting a tax ID or EIN number. In dropshipping business, real and reputable wholesalers don’t sell to small unofficial businesses. These legal requirements make it easy to know a genuine supplier from a fake one.

Automate It

The drop shippers who rely on manual processes will definitely get outsmarted or outsold by other drop shippers. Automation in dropshipping business helps in every way to reduce the stress and effort while still yielding maximum results. A dropshipping software like auto lister can source items from different e-commerce platforms and dropship Amazon products. It is important to know that to be successful in dropshipping business, you must automate as many tasks as possible. By doing so, you don’t waste your time, or have to hire employees, as your business grows.

For every successful business, there is a hard work and secret behind it; and there you have it! The secret to success in dropshipping on Amazon. By making use of these top secretes, you can achieve lots of success in your Amazon dropshipping business.

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Amazon is a giant e-commerce platform that is offering drop shippers the ground to of selling their products worldwide. Associating with the popular name, Amazon is one thing and knowing how best to make the best use of this platform is another. Let us look at the techniques you can employ to start dropshipping on Amazon.

Choose a Niche

Before you start dropshipping on Amazon, you have to choose a product to sell. Extensive research on Amazon for the products that are selling most is essential to choosing a niche for your dropshipping business. Keep an eye peeled out for products that are highly sought-after on Amazon.

It will be best if you do not go for a product that has been sold by top brands. Reason being that it will be difficult to compete with them especially as you are just starting in the dropshipping business.

Go for the products that are mostly searched as the more they are searched generally by users, the higher the chances of them coming across your product.

Have Inventory Available

The ability to deliver bought products to customers as you are starting your dropshipping on Amazon plays a key role in determining how far you go. Customers’ satisfaction is paramount, which is partly guaranteed when  you have an inventory of products available for a timely delivery. This is done by ensuring that each of the products is in stock.

Late delivery can have a huge negative impact on your market reputation. It could lead to bad reviews and ratings. This, in turn, could turn potential buyers off from having any dealings with you. To avert this from happening, you have to ensure that your inventory is up-to-date.

Offer Quality Products

One of the huge mistakes e-commerce beginners make is competing for price. Many put every aspect of the brand at risk by locking horns with top brands for price. It is only top and well-established brands that can afford to engage in the price competition and still come out unscathed.

When dropshipping on Amazon, you should place great emphasis on quality. Offering top quality products to buyers is a great way to build your reputation. Being reputable and trustworthy is one great way to attract buyers and build a loyal follower base. Always ensure that the products listed on your store on Amazon are of great quality to satisfy your customers.

Evaluate Buyers’ Expectations

Buyers on Amazon places a huge emphasis on the quality of the product you have to offer. They expect the quality of the product delivered to match up with its list features listed on the auction listings. Due to this, it is important not to offer them a product that does not conform to the features you had promised.

Find a supplier that will not switch inventory without letting you know. Make it known to them you will not want them to deliver an item that varies with the features on the item’s listing on Amazon.

Find a Supplier

Just before you start listing products on Amazon, you have to make sure there is a supplier at hand that will be willing to supply you with the items. You can search for suppliers online or ask around from business associates to find the right supplier. They should have an inventory of the product you are dealing in and the capacity to deliver them to the consumers.

Failure to find a supplier that meets these requirements will not bode well for your e-commerce business. Finding a supplier that will support your goals is vital to ensure your dropshipping success.

Start an Ad Campaign

Now that you have secured a niche and a supplier, you need customers looking to purchase. Every other effort to set up e-commerce counts for nothing with customers. A great way of attracting prospective buyers is running an ad campaign on social media.

The social media today poses so much benefit for entrepreneurs that they utilize it in building their brands. Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram has a huge audience can lure to their website to purchase sold items on Amazon. Doing this will allow you to increase sales and customer base.

Consider Low Shipping Costs

Notwithstanding that, it is your supplier that will bear the responsibility of shouldering the costs of the shipping, it can repel prospective buyers from buying from you. High shipping costs means a high price of the items. Find an item that is of top quality and still has a cheap shipping cost. This will even give you the option to offer free shipping and take care of the cost to attract more sales.

Regulate the Pricing

After you have found a product to sell and is making great sales, you may be tempted to up the price. Do not get greedy to overprice your products and scare buyers away. At the same time, do not offer too low prices for the products. Buyers might think that the under-priced products that are yet to get reviews and are too cheap to match up to the promising features. Therefore, finding the right price when dropshipping on Amazon is essential to making sales.

There you have it! Above are some insightful tips for dropshipping on Amazon. Amazon is a known name amongst online shoppers in the world. As a dropshipper, you would want to make the best use of this platform without wasting any time. These tips above you will enable you to run a smooth dropshipping business on Amazon.

For more information about droshipping on Amazon, contact us today at Fulfillman. We are a reputable company with several years of experience in providing Drop Shipping services, Warehouse fulfillment, China sourcing, Third Party Logistics, and more. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We guarantee you excellent services.