Dropshipping Service

Getting Started


Step 1

Shop access

Step 1

You authorize us to see your orders

Please send access to your Shopify store to this email address: info@fulfillman.com 

(Please send FULL permission access: We need it in order to connect our apps).

And please enable your private apps:

1. Click Apps
2. Click App and sales channel settings
3. Click Enable app for your store
4. Click Enable private app development

We will install those apps: (Do not delete them!)



Step 2


Step 2

Fulfillman balance

You need to pay $200 for start to Fulfillman balance, this balance will used for purchase your products.

(After updating the prices we will tell you how much you need to pay more).

Payment Methods

🔥 Recommended 🔥 (No fees)

Send payment to: payoneer@fulfillman.com

How to sign up?

Credit & Debit Card via AirWallex integration

  (4.6% fees)

Paypal  (About 5% fees)

Send payment to: payment@fulfillman.com

(Please send payment for Service, Don’t select the shipping address!)

Write in Note:

For service / Your name / Store name.

Minimum to transfer: $500

How to use Wise?  

You can pay using Wire transfer / Credit card / Debit card.

Transfer to: USD Bank account:

Beneficiary Name: ZENG LI HUA

Beneficiary Bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Zhejiang Branch


Account No: 19648014040116468

Address: 181, Binwang Road, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China, 322000

Transfer name to: ZENG LI HUA

Recipient’s address: 

Country: China

City: Yiwu


Postal code: 322000

Write in note: For goods & your STORE NAME!

Wise does not support in Brazil!

(USD Only) – Minimum to transfer: $1000

Beneficiary Name: ZENG LI HUA

Beneficiary Bank: Zhejiang Yiwu Rural Commercial Bank


Account No: 201000266852602


Postal code: 322000

Transfer name to: ZENG LI HUA.

Write in note: For goods and your STORE NAME!

Step 3


Step 3

Store Information form

We need to get some information in order to connect your store.

Please fill this from:

Important remarks

Product Quality: IMPORTANT! 

Please note that in China there are many qualities of one product, in order to avoid complaints. We suggest shipping samples of your hot selling products to your address via DHL to ensure the products quality and check that it satisfies your satisfaction. As better the quality of the product the higher is the price.

Beginning of work

When we start working together (first 2 weeks) fulfillment may take a little longer, because setup progress, understanding your products and finding the right suppliers for you, So processing time may take 5-10 days. Please note.

Please note that Saturday-Sunday there is less activity in response due to the weekend.

Customer Portal – How to Sign up & Use

Customer Dashboard

Products SKU’s

After we connect your store we will scan your products with our software and we will set up SKU for all the products without sku or with wrong sku.

When you upload new products – Please make sure to add SKU and in the correct format: Examples:product-name-color / 45454-2445

If you use Dropified app for upload products it makes the SKU wrong look like that: 455;112:465 and this is the wrong format.

So please use Oberlo to upload new products to your store.


If you are interested in branding your packages with logo stickers and flyers the additional fees are:

Logo stickers + Flyers (1 side print) $0.20 per package.

Please let us know if you are interested in the branding service and provide us PDF files of your design. Flyer Size: 10X15 CM Logo Size: 10X2.5 Example Flyer File


If you’re trying to turn your store into a brand, custom branding packages bags will definitely make your store look like a real brand!

You can choose different types and colors of packaging bags

Processing and Shipping time

Processing time: 3-7 Business Days. (Saturday-Sunday days off)

ePacket – 10-30 Days Business Days.

Private Line – Faster shipping 7-20 Natural Days.

What countries can we Ship to?

(Countries that are not in the list we can find another way for shipping).

Note: If the customer didn’t take the package from the post office – The goods will be returned to the shipping company’s overseas warehouse, which is in their local area, and if the customer needs to re-deliver, they will be charged a fee of 10 US dollars. If there is no re-delivery, they will destroy the goods.

Remarks for Private Line Shipping:
About liquid transportation methods

Our Private Line is unable to transport sensitive products such as liquids cosmetics, and powder products. Customs stipulates that they cannot be transported and if found, all will be destroyed or returned. However, we have special transportation methods for such products. The transportation time is within 20-35 days, and there is no complete tracking information. At the same time, we do not make any commitment to provide tracking information for this mode of transportation.

About products below 50 grams

We have two kinds of transportation methods. The first method will deliver successful information, and timeliness is fast for about 7-15 days. The second method is economical transportation, the price is cheap, but it takes between 20-35 days. We do not make any commitment to provide delivery information and timeliness of such products.

Worldwide Shipping 🌏

In the quote we provided for you the default is shipping price for the USA, For all other countries there is an additional fee of $2 per order, But if your main selling country is not USA just let us know and we will check if we can give you a better price.

Setup for WooCommerce

If you selling on WoCommerce you need to install this plugin:

Shopify Checkout Settings

To avoid issues with delivery please change your checkout settings in Shopify to include phone numbers.

Return Policy

Our return policy is 30 days.

If your customer would like to return products please tell them to ship back to the return address below, we are not responsible for any shipping fees. After we receive the return we will refund the order in the excel.

Our return shipping address is:

Comprehensive building in front of Building 109, Honghua Community, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

zip code: 322000

Recipient: zeng li hua

Phone Number: 13566961583

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is 30 days after the customer got the product.

If a product arrives damaged for any reason or the customer didn’t receive the order for any reason, we will refund the order in the google sheet or resend the item.