Wooden Handmade Kaleidoscope Kit


It will appeal to children of all ages, believe me, the whole family will want to immerse themselves in this creative process. After all, you can fill a kaleidoscope with anything. These can be flowers, shells, beads, or even small figurines of the building blocks. (Please scroll down, there are beautiful customer feedback pictures!!)

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Product Description

When you have a nice walk in nature, you can put in the lid the flowers, colorful leaves and any other things you will enjoy making magical view.
As the kaleidoscope fills, you can see more and more new drawings.
And the assembly process will help the child understand the device of the kaleidoscope and the principle of its operation.
The lid of the kaleidoscope is held on magnets, which makes it easy to change the filling.
-Wood, Acrylic plat.
Assembly is carried out without glue.



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