Wooden Cat Scratch Bed

You love your cats, but are you tired of your playful & restless felines scratching up your furniture or your clothes?

Do you find your cat sleeping in unusual or inconvenient places?
We have a solution for you. This cleverly designed & versatile Cat Scratcher/Bed unit is the perfect choice for your sleepy and playful feline, providing for them the comfortable designated scratching and rest spot they deserve.

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Product Description

The Wooden Cat Scratcher/Bed is a durable & attractive product, sturdily constructed & easy to assemble. The bed can be reset to 3 different angles for play, scratching, and rest purposes & comes with a handy tool for resetting. See also the product images for the positions the unit can be set to.
This product is made out of non-toxic & safe natural materials.
Don’t be surprised if your cat just wants to sleep the day away or take out all that nervous energy by having a good scratch on this toy, rather than on expensive items (or on you).

Additional characteristics:
2 available sizes to perfectly suit your cat. The smaller size is better suited to kittens and smaller adult cat breeds.
Made with recyclable durable non-toxic cardboard and adhesive, framed with a sturdy adjustable timber stand.
The unit can be altered and screwed to 3 different angles depending on your cat’s preferences – 0deg, 40deg & 70deg.
Easy assembly instructions are included – see also product images.

Product Design for: Cats

Type: Wooden Cat Scratcher/Bed

Material: Wood & Corrugated Cardboard

Item Type: Pet Beds




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