Wisdom Dog Toys Slow Leakage Feeding Training

[Multi-function dog toy]
This is a puzzle toy specially designed to enhance pets’ intelligence; different from traditional recreational pet toys, this toy allows your dog to get food rewards while becoming more intelligent through his initiative. It cultivates him using the brain.

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Product Description

[The upgraded puzzle toy]
It can be played with difficulty level 1 alone or played with difficulty levels 1 and 2. The gameplay of level 1: add the dog kibbles into 8 barns around the toy, 6 flip-type barns, and 2 slide-type barns.
Guide the dog to flip or slide the lid of different barns on the food plate with his paw or nose, and he can get a food reward by playing with the toys gameplay of level 2: the dog needs to press the transparent granary cover first, and kibbles will leak out of the granary into 6 barns around the granary, and the dog needs to flip the lid to get the food.
[Convenient for adding dog food]
Twist the transparent granary cover counterclockwise• and open it up, directly add dog kibbles or treats to the granary. put the transparent cover back onto the granary and turn clockwise to tighten it.
The bottom of the toy is attached with 4 non-slip pads, which can prevent the dog from upsetting the toy in playing.
When the dog is alone at home, he can also play and eat, and the owner feels rest assured.
You can use this toy in any flat place to make your dog smarter anytime, anywhere.
[Easy to use]
Hold his paw to pedal the transparent cover, the falling treats quickly attract the dog’s attention. Now, cover those barns’ lids, and train the dog to search for the treats. After many repetitions, your dog will understand the correct way to use this product.
[Fun slow feeding utensil]
Not only does this product improve dogs’ intelligence, but also does it correct their bad eating habit, if your dog is eating too fast. It can be used this toy as a slow-feeding utensil.


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