Winter Snow Toys Kit -Full Set


Imagine a whole yard full of snow penguins and little snowmen in cute designs, children will absolutely love getting to create little snow buddies.
You can make big snowmen, snowballs, and snow penguins. This Snow Toys Kit is a kid’s winter sports favorite!

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Product Description

This snow toys kit is made of tough high-impact material which is more durable and sturdy than other snowballs maker toys.
Children can play in the snow in winter and sand in other seasons. Best gift for kids at Christmas, birthday present and so on.
Not only a toy for the snow in winter but also toys for the beach in summer.
Snowball maker tools, more than others. You can make snowballs of different sizes to increase the fun of playing in the snow.
Package included:
Penguin kits
Heart kits
Duck kits



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