Windmill Interactive Multifunctional Catnip Toy

Get your cat the play time they’ve been dreaming of with Whirl Play Windmill Catnip Toy!
Ever so often cats mark their territory which can cause valuable things to get ruined and destroyed.
Divert your cat’s attention by letting them play with this whirling interactive toy.
WhirlPlay helps your cat release their overflowing energy and aggression positively.
It’s complete with multiple activities that your cat will never get bored of.

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Product Description

Why this is the toy your cats have been dreaming of?
Increased Cat Activity – Cats tend to get lazy and overweight, this kitten teasing toy not only distracts your cat it also helps increase their physical movement. WhirlPlay keeps your cat healthy and active all day.
Improves Hunting Skills – A cat being a naturally curious predator will be enticed by the balls placed inside. WhirlPlay is designed with a paw tunnel that serves as an entry for the cat to reach for the balls like prey.
Relieves Boredom – This interactive kitten toy is designed with layers of entertainment to keep your cat amused. Remember to hide the toy once in a while to keep them interested in WhirlPlay.
Mental Stimulation – Keeping your cats mentally stimulated makes them happier and cognitively healthy. With WhirlPlay occupying their attention, they become less destructive and aggressive.
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