Waterproof Tile Décor Wallpaper

No more cracks or flaws on the wall with a boring tone. DIY transformation in SECONDS! Waterproof Tile Décor Wallpaper instantly brightens up your interior with vacation, laid-back sense of modern home style while protecting your wall or tiles from scratches or wearing. The easy application adopts a self-adhesive mechanism to eliminate the hassle of messy glue or tool. Works on any flat surface in a smooth finish without building up bubbles or folds. Indulge yourself in simple yet high-end aesthetics from Southern European countries to Mediterranean-style!
Effortless to put on clean with the waterproof property. Perfect décor or refurbishment for your kitchen tiles, bathroom, entryway floor, cabinets, and more!


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Product Description

FEATURES: EXQUISITE STYLE Fill your dwelling with the sunny romance of Spain, the abundance of warm colors of Italy, the marine freshness of Greece, and the spices of Morocco at an affordable cost.

EXTRA PROTECTION Hide flaws or damaged spots on tile or flooring to give your interior a new look and protection from scratches.

EASY TO USE Self-adhesive applicator to put on any smooth surface.

WATERPROOFSpecially processed surface with stain-proof waterproof properties.

PREMIUM QUALITY Durable and long-lasting against peeling and rolling up.

WIDE APPLICATION Perfect for glamming up kitchen tiles, bathroom, entryway floor, cabinets, and more!

SPECIFICATIONS: Size: Material: Durable PVC Pattern: Style 1 / Bright Mediterranean Style 2 / Soft Mediterranean Style 3 / Blue White Porcelain Style 4 / Italian Majolica Style 5 / Moroccan Classic Style 6 / Turkish Summer Style 7 / Blue Mediterranean Style 8 / Portuguese Times Style 9 / Gray Moroccan

PACKAGE CONTENT: Waterproof Tile Décor Wallpaper x 10pcs



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