Volcanic Clay Coffee Sculpting Soap Bar


Slim & tone effortlessly yet effectively during shower time!

Volcanic Clay Coffee Sculpting Soap Bar infuses powerful skin-toning agents to your body to stimulate fat burn and fill up unsightly cellulite for smooth & slimming results.

Handcrafted for reducing subcutaneous fat, our Sculpting Soap Bar stimulates thermogenesis and lipid metabolism for slimming & toning effects. It has a tightening and smoothing effect on sagging skin and in the areas with fat concentration (the abdomen, hips, thighs, and inner arms).

Caffeine – a proven stimulant with a powerful Lipolytic Effect. Increases blood circulation, helps for the disposal of fat and water from the body, stimulates oxygen penetration in the skin for a glowing & smooth complexion.

Volcanic Ash Clay – reduces cellulite, acne skin, & blemishes. Composed of Sodium bentonite which removes impurities & tightens skin.

During shower/ bath time, your skin pores will relax and enlarge for achieving noticeable results. 100% safe on skin ingredients even on dry and sensitive skin.

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Product Description


SIGNIFICANT SLIMMING EFFECT: Visibly reduce in stubborn fats & cellulite for a toned silhouette.

FIRM LOOSE SKIN: Tighten & firm sagging and wrinkled skin while combating cellulite.

CAFFEINE BOOSTER: Facilitate oxygen penetration & blood circulation for accelerated fat disposal.

EXFOLIATE AND DEEP CLEAN: Deep pore cleansing to clear acne, clogged skin & blemishes with natural volcanic clay.

CLEAR SKIN: Fade dark spots & acne scars for a flawless complexion.

SAFE TO USE: 100% natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals. Safe even on sensitive skin.


Ingredients: Volcanic Clay, Caffeine, Glycerin, Olive Oil
Color: Black
Net Weight: 60g



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